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RWBY Conversations — Imagine Arthur “20 shot revolver that takes longer...

Imagine Arthur “20 shot revolver that takes longer than an indecisive politician to reload” Watts seriously feeling getting a Semblance would be a waste of time. Or just imagine Ironwood’s Semblance just being some passive crap because they probably...

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kuntasage-11 asked:

sdc is out of business. So does that mean The dust economy is crashing? If that's true then the rwby crew screw up BAD

itsclydebitches answered:

Yeah, it certainly appears that way. Not that I think the story is going to grapple with this (after all, this is the same team who hasn’t run into any dust shortage problems despite wandering the wilds of Remnant and then pitting themselves against the guy who gave them all their supplies since arriving in Atlas), but it should have a major impact on not just them, but the whole world. That’s one of the many reasons why fans boggled at Ruby’s choice to actively drop Atlas, destroying it and Mantle in the process. It’s not just a matter of obliterating an entire populace’s homes and material goods, or even destroying the technological center of the entire world – though these two things are bad enough – they also took out Remnant’s primary source for dust too. You know, the material that doesn’t just power much of their stuff, but is also a crucial resource for battle. And they’re at war. We watched Pietro and Maria BLOW UP A DUST MINE solely to tell the world a bunch of secrets that’s going to make little sense to them without more context and will absolutely cause grimm-summoning panic. I know people like to emphasize that Ironwood already had the embargo going but… that’s temporary. He could have done away with that at any time and, indeed, was actively planning to send his army out to assist the world when the Salem secret dropped, which one would assume includes the supplies needed to actually battle those grimm: like dust. Ruby? Her solution is permanent and comes with insanely huge downsides. This group is in no way strategic and their decisions are reckless at best, downright deadly at worst. Ironwood wanted to leave when Salem first arrived, keeping most of his people and nearly all of his resources safe (and, we now know, Salem didn’t care about Mantle at all). Ruby actively destroyed all their resources after Salem had been taken out of commission for a time. From blowing up the mine for an ill-thought out message to running off with the Staff so that Atlas crashed, she never even tried to avoid these pitfalls in her plans. It honestly confuses me when the story tries to blame Ozpin and Ironwood for needless sacrifices while actively ignoring the sacrifices Ruby keeps making when, in contrast… she absolutely did not need to do those things.

I joked to a friend about this on Discord a few weeks ago, but after we were talking about the fact that yeah, logically, Ruby’s plan just caused a massive economical/resource crisis, depending on the rules of Dust and how deadly it is to be around, and if that would directly impact the chance to re-settle Atlas and Mantle?

RWBY may have just caused Remnant’s version of the Chernobyl disaster.

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My top three ships for the character

Roman/Neo, Neo/Emerald, Neo/Hazel purely for the height dynamic and because I needed a third ship. 

My three least favorite ships for the character

Neo/Ruby, Neo/Yang and Neo/Cinder.

My biggest criticism for the character

She is so goddamn boring in Volume 8. Also it’s kind of obvious that Neo only came back in V6 as fanservice. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear she’s dead by the end of Volume 9 or leaves the show. There’s just nowhere to take Neo’s character at this point and the last thing we need is more characters on the hero side so chalk me up as Anti Neo Redemption. 

My favorite thing about the character

She has one of the best fighting styles in the show when animated well and her Semblance effect is very pretty. She can also be very funny when not reduced to just rolling her eyes behind Cinder’s back. Smug assholes are a thing I like so Neo in her prime was a delight. 

A headcanon I have about them

She pegged Roman. 

What I would change about them if I was making a re-write

Let’s leave it at “A few things” and leave it there.

Oh Jesus Christ, I’m glad anons are off because I feel my Yang opinions would bring all the stalkers to the yard.

My top three ships for the character

Gauntlets and Greaves, Freezerburn… yeah that’s it. I don’t really ship Yang with anyone period, those were just the ones from the time when I did. I guess Elderburn just to fill out the list.  

My three least favorite ships for the character

Enabler, Bumblebee, Dragonslayer. 

My biggest criticism for the character

Yang’s PTSD feels like it got written out of the show after Volume 6′s finale (like seriously I’ve rewatched the Solitas Arc specifically to see and no, her triggers are just gone after Adam’s death) and I kinda wish more people would talk about that. She’s also very clearly the writer’s pet favorite (Miles and Eddy have point blank said as much that Yang’s their favorite RWBY girl) and it’s that favoritism that’s likely led to her being boring after Volume 5. 

My favorite thing about the character

The Yellow Trailer was pretty cool. V2 Yang is best Yang in general between her awesome alt outfit, her entrance at Junior’s club and the Neo fight.

A headcanon I have about them

Her real Semblance is being able to psychoanalyse someone and learn their secret weaknesses or pressure points so that they get thrown off their game. It gets stronger the wider the power-gap is between Yang and her target.

What I would change about them if I was making a re-write

I’d make Bees Schnees canon and I’d set all of her post-Beacon outfits on fire in a dumpster. She deserves better character design. And abs.

btw “you never liked RWBY” is such a weird thing to say to someone who’s put up with it for eight years.

All eight volumes comes to a little longer than 26 hours total.

Acting like someone would intentionally consume twenty-six hours of media over the span of eight years *just to be mean to the fans* is honestly one of the most laughable ideas I’ve ever heard.

Maybe - just maybe - we used to watch RWBY because (don’t laugh) we liked it. And there’s a possibility - a chance - that we criticize it now because (and I know this is hard to believe) we stopped liking it for a reason.

“You never liked RWBY, you just attack it for no reason” is a pretty blatantly illogical excuse to invalidate our opinions (which is pretty sus since some of the opinions some of us post are about the overwhelming amounts of racism, ableism, sexism and classism propagated by the show and writers and perpetuated by the simps) and deny that our criticism is criticism, so you don’t have to listen to it.

And the funniest thing is… you DON’T have to listen to it! like lol nobody is forcing you to read our posts. There’s this handy little thing called a ‘filter’ option, where you can choose to not see posts that contain tags such as ‘rwde,’ ‘rwby criticism,’ ‘rwby hate,’ ‘rwby bashing,’ ‘anti rwby,’ etc.. There’s also a thing called a ‘block’ button, that lets you block specific users who post opinions you don’t agree with. And, finally, there’s a handy feature called ‘scrolling,’ which allows you to ignore things you don’t want to see.

Nobody is forcing you to read our opinions. So it seems sus that you’re all trying so hard to find us and attack us for having some that you don’t like.

Also, attacking random people who post criticism of a web series isn’t going to get you special attention from RT, so there’s probably a faster way to lick their boots. Just saying.

If I “never liked RWBY” like some of my anons liked to insist, I sure wasted a lot of fucking money on the long con:

* I bought the McFarlane figurines for CRME, Ren, Jaune and V4 Ruby alongside a figurine I got at a ComicCon years ago.

* I own the Miwa manga, the Ruby/Weiss anthologies and After The Fall.

* Countless shirts across the years, some as late as last year when the UK store was closing because it had good designs.

* Several periods of First to watch the series.

* I backed the Kickstarter for the Combat Ready boardgame (still buried in my room under a pile of books).

* I own Grimm Eclipse on two separate platforms.

* I have Volumes 1-6 on Blu Ray, and I’ve considered finding a cheap copy of V7 just to round it out.

Like I’ve put a lot of cash into RWBY. I definitely did love the show for a long-ass time. I don’t get why some people just refuse to accept that people can just… fall out of a show. It has to be “You never loved it, this whole thing was a lie.” Is it that hard for them to accept that people can just… stop liking a show?

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Atlesian scientist (formerly)

Servant of Salem

Powers / Skills

High intelligence

Technological expertise
Multi-chambered revolver


Assist Salem in her goals.

Take revenge on James Ironwood and Atlas. (succeeded)
Destroy Mantle. (succeeded)



Assisted mass murder

Type of Villain

Sophisticated Scientist

I'm not particularly fond of failure.
~ Arthur Watts
James Ironwood never recognized my genius. After everything I gave him, he still disgraced me. I simply wish to return the favor.
~ Arthur Watts on his motivation.
You never appreciated my genius, James! You just stood atop it and called yourself a giant!
~ Arthur Watts to James Ironwood.

Doctor Arthur Watts was a major antagonist in the American animated web series RWBY. He was a disgraced Atlesian scientist who faked his own death in the "Paladin Incident" and became an associate of Salem and part of her inner circle. He served as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Tyrian Callows) of Volume 7, as well as the archenemy of James Ironwood.

During the city of Atlas' final moments before its collapse, Watts stormed Central Command with Cinder Fall and Neopolitan, taking it over and causing citywide chaos. However, to ensure he wouldn't inform Salem that she had not only used the Relic of Knowledge's last question, but had again tried to kill Ruby, he is locked inside the Central Command which Cinder sets ablaze, leaving him to burn alive.

He was voiced by Christopher R. Sabat, who also voiced Vegeta and King Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z.


Watts is a man with short black and gray hair. He also has a mustache and green eyes. He wears a gray overcoat with yellow linings, a yellow dress shirt and a black necktie. His pants are the same color as his overcoat. His yellow-buttoned undercoat and fingerless gloves match his cordovan shoes, under which he wears yellow socks. While in Atlas he wears a blue and purple overcoat with a white furry collar.



Not much is known about Watts' past or how he joined Salem's faction, except that he was a scientist in Atlas working on the same research team as Pietro Polendina. At some point, he was acquainted with Jacques Schnee as well. At a later point he was disgraced and faked his death, eventually ending up in Salem's servitude.

Volume 4

In "The Next Step", Watts attends a meeting at Salem's Domain with fellow associates Tyrian, Cinder and Hazel. Watts belittles Cinder for her "failure" at Beacon and loss to Ruby Rose. However, Salem arrives and chastises him for his needless "malignance". Watts is assigned to take over Cinder's duties while she recovers and meet with the group's informant in Mistral; to which he complies.

In "No Safe Haven", Watts is seen drinking tea and meeting with Salem's informant, who's revealed to be the headmaster of Haven Academy, Leonardo Lionheart.

Volume 5

In "Welcome to Haven", Watts eavesdrops on Lionheart's conversation with Qrow Branwen and Team RNJR. He then contacts Lionheart after they leave and tells him he needs to work on his improvisational skills.

In "Dread in the Air", Watts escorts Lionheart to a secret room to speak with Salem via Seer, and the latter informs her that Qrow arrived at Haven with Team RNJR and told them the Spring Maiden is with Raven Branwen's tribe. Salem praises her servant for retrieving this information and instructs Cinder and her team to meet with Watts and convince Raven to cooperate with them. She also instructs Watts to make a new scorpion tail for Tyrian, who lost it during his confrontation with Qrow and Team RNJR. Impressed, Watts tells Lionheart that it seems Qrow was right when he said that the children weren't pushovers.

In "Rest and Resolutions", Watts arrives at the Branwen Tribe campground with Cinder, Emerald and Mercury.

In "A Perfect Storm", Watts meets with Raven and offers her a chance of "forgiveness" from Salem if she has Vernal open the chamber to the Relic of Knowledge. He also states that her time to decide is short as the White Fang plans to attack Haven soon. However, to his annoyance, Raven demands the death of Qrow in exchange for having Vernal open the chamber for them, and Cinder eagerly agrees. Watts angrily tells Cinder he knows she's doing this to get revenge on Ruby, and warns her that if their plan falls to pieces over her grudge with a child, he won't be the one taking the blame.

Volume 6

In "So That's How it is", Watts attends a meeting called by Salem, who chooses to leave Cinder behind after her failure at Haven Academy. Hazel then informs her the Ozpin has reincarnated, causing her to send Watts and the others away before unleashing her rage.

Volume 7

In "A New Approach", Watts is seen walking through the streets of Mantle, he and Tyrian have a brief argument about how one hideout makes them susceptible to discovery and that they need to stay mobile. He reassures Tyrian by telling him the security in Mantle is outdated and that he wrote the code, allowing him to hack the security cameras, and allowing he and Tyrian to walk freely.

In "Pomp and Circumstance", Watts arrives at the Schnee Manor. There, he proposes to Jacques that he has a plan to help him win the election as well as help his company.

In "A Night Off", Watts and Tyrian sabotaged Robyn Hill's victory party. Working from the shadows, Watts hacked into the building, cutting the power, and altering the security camera footage to make it as if Penny was massacring Robyn's supporters and not Tyrian. He even placed more votes to Jacques' name. Shortly after Tyrian made his escape, Watts resumed power to the building, and uploaded the fixed footage of Penny.

In "Cordially Invited", Watts is seen standing on top of a building overlooking Mantle as he shuts down the city's power. As the rain turns into snow, Watts discards his umbrella into the city streets as he disappears.

In "As Above, So Below", Watts and Tyrian watch the people of Mantle run amok and loot the dust stores.

In "Out in the Open", Watts and Tyrian watch Ironwood and Robyn Hill expose them for the recent murders and for the rigged election. On his scroll, Watts looks at the schematics for the Amity Colosseum, and is dumbfounded how Ironwood had gotten that knowledge past him. Infuriated, Tyrian yells out that the Grimm should have destroyed their enemies, not made them friends. Watts decides to go to Amity Colosseum to sabotage it. While sending Tyrian to create more chaos in the Grimm attack. In Amity Colosseum, Watts talks to himself about how unfinished Ironwood's project is, only to find out that it was a trap set by the general himself. Using his hacking rings, Watts transforms the arena. Evading Ironwood's gunshots, Watts makes his way to one of the levitating platforms, and draws his revolver.

In "Gravity", during their battle, Watts uses his rings to manipulate the colosseum's terrain to attack and evade Ironwood. Ironwood gives chase to the disgraced Atlesian scientist and eventually catches up to him. The two engage in hand to hand combat, Watts uses the wall to jump over Ironwood and to resume the chase. Watts uses the hard light shields to make a bridge allowing him to cross to the next platform. He uses his rings to create a lava wall, thinking he either killed or simply evaded Ironwood, Watts smirks with satisfaction. Only to be shot in the shoulder by the general himself.

Watts retaliates by shooting general Ironwood in the leg with ice dust, and jumps up to the platform above them. Ironwood frees himself and launches himself up to where Watts is. Ironwood charges at Watts, the two proceed to fall back to the main platform. Watts angrily claims Ironwood never appreciated his work, and that he chose Pietro over him. Ironwood gains the upper hand in their fight and pins Watts to one of the metal beams. However, the tables quickly turn as Watts man handles Ironwood and traps his left arm into a hard light shield.

Ironwood begins to pull his arm out, in a mocking tone, Watts tells him that he shouldn't do that, not unless he wants to add more metal to his body. Proving Watts wrong, Ironwood frees himself and charges at Watts. He is grabbed by the collar of his shirt and is dragged towards the edge of the floating platform. Ironwood angrily claims he is willing to sacrifice everything to stop Salem, to which Watts retorts he hopes he does. After their battle, it is unknown if Watts survived.

In "The Enemy of Trust", Watts is revealed to have survived his encounter with Ironwood and is seen sitting in what is presumed to be a prison cell. Looking defeated he gazes up at the sky turning violet and his hopes seem to rekindle.

Volume 8

In "Refuge", while listening to Robyn reprimand Jacques for all the horrible misdeeds he and Watts took part in, Watts calmly, but sarcastically tells Qrow, Robyn, and Jacques that they’re all stuck in this together. Shortly after, two Atlesian military guards arrive at Watts' cell. Watts makes another sarcastic remark towards the two. He is then knocked unconscious and dragged out of his cell.

In "Strings", Watts is reluctantly helping Ironwood, attempting to hack into Penny's mainframe, calling her "Polendina's magical science project". When Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Nora, Penny, and May sneak into military compound. Watts notices that someone is using Pietro Polendina's access codes. Later, when the Ace-Ops have found Penny, the five engage in combat. The four operatives struggle to keep up with Penny's new Maiden powers. Watts then suggests instead of arresting Penny, they take one of her swords. The Ace-Ops are successful in retrieving one of the many swords from Penny.

In "Fault", Watts is thrown back into his cell by Harriet and Marrow. The Atlesian scientist angrily glares at his captors, then brushes himself off.

In "Amity", Arthur Watts manages to hack Penny while she is pushing Amity Arena into broadcast position by replacing a chip in one of Penny's swords with a chip of his own that has a red cursive uppercase "W" on it (his emblem). This causes her to push Amity out of broadcasting range and later fall from orbit.

In "Midnight", Arthur Watts informs Salem and Tyrian (via scroll) that he has managed to hack Penny Polendina (who has the Winter Maiden powers) while in captivity.

In "Dark", Arthur Watts is busted out of his hard light dust prison by Cinder Fall, who then takes his hand, helps him get up, and flies away with him.

In "Ultimatum", Watts and Cinder from afar watch as Monstra's remain dissipate into smoke. Watts asks his colleague is anyone survived to which Cinder coldly gives him a simple no. He reassures himself that Salem will return, but in the meantime must devise a plan of action. Cinder tells him the plan hasn't changed, planning on finding Penny Polendina, ripping the Maiden powers from her, and Watts is going to bring her to Cinder. Watts tells his associate he had planted a virus in her not that he could telepathically tell her what to do. He then explains once she's located the vault, she'll destroy herself, and their problem with Penny will have been dealt with. This enrages Cinder, using her Grimm arm to grapple Watts by his shirt collar. Watts tells Cinder he doesn't work for her, but the Fall Maiden quickly retorts Salem isn't with them. She then dangles him over the edge of a building, going into detail about how he's going to kill him and steal the Maiden powers for herself. Unexpectedly, Watts bursts into a fit of laughter, agreeing with what Cinder told him. He then berates the Maiden, listing all of her failures due to her grudge against Ruby, and her obsession with ultimate power. He angrily tells she needs to be smart and worthy for such power, and that all's she's ever been in a migraine. Cinder throws Watts back onto the roof, she walks over to the edge, and beings to cry.

Later, Watts, and Cinder watch General Ironwood's ultimatum for Penny and her friends to help him or watch Mantle become a smoldering ruin. A message from Neo pops up onto Cinder's scroll, Watts asks Cinder who's contacted them.

In "Risk", Watts and Cinder rendezvous with Neo, listening in on Ironwood's plan for Ruby to bring Penny to the vault.

In "Worthy", Watts is about to explain to Neo her grudge against Ruby is not important at the moment, only for him to be cut off by Cinder. Cinder apologizes to the vengeful mute and asks for the Lamp. With reluctant silence, Neo gives the Maiden the Lamp and asks it the final question. Watts, Cinder, and Neo become fully aware of Team RWBY's plan to save the Kingdom of Atlas, and of Emerald's betrayal. The three manage to sneak into the Atlas Military compound and being slaughtering the faculty in the control room. After the three mass murder the unarmed workers, Watts stays behind to hack into the Kingdom's systems. Before Cinder and Neo go to find Ruby, she tells him he deserves this.

In "The Final Word", While Qrow and Robyn deal with the Ace-Ops, Watts is able to hack into the bomb, triggering it to detonate. However, Vine sacrifices himself to save the lives of his colleagues and to prevent the city from becoming a crater. Later, after Salem reconstitutes herself and reunites with Cinder in the vault. After Cinder lies to Salem, she asks the Maiden what did she create to replace Team RWBY's creation. Cinder tells Salem she created more fires around Atlas. Watts' makes an effort to break the glass with a chair, but his efforts are in vain, sealing his fate.

Other Media

RWBY: Amity Arena

Watts appears as a Legendary unit in RWBY: Amity Arena. He is a ground melee unit that can hack into enemy structures, including turrets, and disable them for a brief period of time.


Watts. Do you find such malignance necessary?
~ Salem commenting on Watts' personality.

Watts is formal and speaks in a refined accent. However, he is also arrogant and condescending, even to his allies. However, he is humble enough to admit to not taking credit for something he didn't achieve by himself, as when Salem initially thought he found out where the Spring Maiden is, he reveals it was by Qrow when he spoke to Leonardo.

Watts states that he has a low opinion of failure, which apparently extends to Cinder Fall after she was defeated by Ruby Rose. He criticizes and belittles Cinder and enjoys provoking her, especially since she cannot talk back. He also looks down upon her underlings, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. Salem chastises him for his needless "malignance". However, he avoids speaking out of line in Salem's presence.

Arthur also has a tendency to become overly excited about new topics of study. Case in point, when he and Lionheart were reporting to Salem about the location of the Spring Maiden, Arthur showed immense interest in the Seer Grimm.

However, beneath his refined and proper image lies a streak of callousness and cruelty, as he masterminded the events of both the Fall of Beacon and the attack on Mantle and Atlas, showing no sense of concern for being involved with the deaths of innocents. As more of his backstory is revealed, it is implied that his heinous actions and motivations are not relatively out of loyalty to Salem but rather out of petty jealousy of Pietro Poldenina for the latter's success as well as resentment towards James Ironwood for looking down on him, making his actions disproportionate to his motivations compared to his peers, such as Tyrian who is completely loyal to Salem, and Hazel who suffered a personal loss under Ozpin.

Powers and Abilities

Watts possesses a genius intellect and expertise in technology and computer systems, and is responsible for creating Mantle's entire security network back when he was still an Atlesian scientist. He was able to develop a virus that allowed Cinder to hack into the CCT tower and rig the Vytal Festival tournament, as well as Roman to hijack Atlas' Atlesian Knight-200s that were stationed in Vale. He also created a new stinger for Tyrian Callows after his old one had been cut off by Ruby Rose.

He uses special rings on his fingers that can let him hack into systems around him, so long as he has the code of the cyber security he wants to infiltrate, allowing him to be mobile and making it difficult to track him down. The rings can also generate hard-light Dust shields to defend him and makeshift platforms to walk across long gaps.

Watts also has some decent skill in combat and uses a 20-shot double-barrel revolver as his weapon of choice.



  • Watts alludes to Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes, and has been described by CRWBY as "If Dr. Watson worked for Moriarty instead of Sherlock Holmes".
  • A "watt" is a unit of power used to express the rate of energy transfer which is generally correlated to electricity in modernized society. As a result, it invokes the colors associated with electricity especially shades of yellow, blue, and white seen in lightning.
  • He is the only character thus far with a customized Scroll, as opposed to the standard version other characters use.
  • Watts' emblem is a W symbol that appears on his customized personal Scroll and as a hologram in "Welcome To Haven" when Watts speaks to Leonardo Lionheart.
  • In the Japanese dubbed version, Watts is voiced by Tooru Ookawa.
  • Although unconfirmed, it is possible based on the fact that he is often given important assignments and the fact that he speaks as if he is the superior to the other members of Salem's Faction, it is likely that he is her second-in-command.


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RWBY Volume 7 Arthur Watts Cosplay Costume

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We have listed measurements for both men's and women's sizes in this guide. If you are doing Cross Cosplay, please make sure you send us the correct measurements.

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Upper Arm Circumference

Measured around the fullest part of your arm.

Neck to Crotch Area

Measure from the shoulder to the crotch area.


Measure end of inner thigh to ankle.

Thigh Circumference

Measure the fullest part of the thigh.

Calf Circumference

Measure the fullest part of the calf.

RWBY - Ironwood vs Watts! (Full Fight Clip) [1080p]

What Is Arthur Watts Semblance?

I know this is long but bare with me!!

We know Arthur Watts as a formal yet condescending member of Salem’s inner circle. He’s been referred to as a Doctor by Salem and a disgraced Atlesian scientist by Cinder, who also told him to “go tinker with [his] machines.” This leads me to think he was most likely a well-known and talented doctor/scientist before was recruited to Salem’s team to use his abilities to destroy humanity. But with everything we know about Watts, we have never seen or heard of his semblance.

First of all, a watt is a unit of power having to do with energy transfer, and electricity. Electricity also appears in the same colors that are portrayed in Watts outfit color scheme; yellow, blue, and white. This leads to my first theory for his semblance: Electricity

I don’t believe his semblance is anything like Nora’s, (the ability to produce and channel electrical energy into her muscles, giving her enhanced strength.) But it could be something along the lines of Watts having the ability to create electricity and transfer it into another being; living or not. Which leads me to my second theory.

If he does have the ability to create and transfer electricity, he would most likely transfer his power into machines, robots, or tech he has build himself. We finally see one of Watts creations in Volume 6 Chapter 9 “Lost,” its Tyrians new prosthetic tail. The technology and craftsmanship seems very advanced because of Tyrians range of motion and the venom stored in the stinger of the tail.

We’ve seen Atlesian prosthetics before, for example, the mechanical part of Ironwoods body and Yang’s new arm. Even with the technology and dust available it must take a great mind to be able to produce such advanced creations. So if Watts has a genius mind and all of the information he learned at his time working in Atlas (as an expert in his field if he is in fact a doctor), Tyrians new tail could be nothing compared to the nefarious machinery he is creating for Salem.

His ability to create such technology wouldn’t require a semblance (he isn’t a forgemaster from Castlevania)... or would it? Could his semblance enhance his skills as a scientist? Does his semblance amplify every creation he produces, or supplies them with a tremendous replenishing power source?

We can also speculate if he was the one that aided Cinder during her attack on Beacon. Arthur Watts signature W appears on Cinders scroll when she hacked the CCT towers in order to rig the tournament. A virus was also used by Roman once he gained control of an Atlesian airship, turning all of Ironwoods robots against him. If he is the W behind the virus, then he also knows a lot about the programming side of his work. (But then again, it could be Whitley behind the W...XD) The virus is also portrayed as a rook when Cinder uses her scroll, so it could just be speculation.

So what is Arthur Watts semblance?

I have a few ideas but I want to hear what everyone has to say about this, so comment your theories below!

ALSO, who is Arthur Watts’s character based on? Could it be Vincinni Watts, from The Atlantis Movie? Or maybe Nikola Tesla? He could also be King Midas from Greek Mythology? Who knowsssss let’s talk about it!

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Arthur rwby


RWBY Volume 8 but only when Watts speaks


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