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Premium Tempered Glass Coffee Table,Clear Coffee Table, Small Modern Coffee Table for Living Room,Match Well with Rug (40x20x14)

Premium Tempered Glass Coffee Table,Clear Coffee Table, Small Modern Coffee Table for Living Room,Match Well with Rug (40x20x14)


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Rincian Produk

  • 🍻Durable Glass Coffee Table: The small coffee table is of made of thick tempered glass. The strong and durable glass top will support many heavy things,even people,long-lasting and durable.
  • 🍻Match Rug Perfectly: This coffee table decor is match well with most living room furniture,especially your beautiful carpet.
  • 🍻Easy Maintenance:This galss table is water resistent,which easy to clean,no deed to worry about stains.
  • 🍻No Assemble Needed: This modern coffee table don't need to assemble.Just put it to anywhere you like,then it's a beautiful scenery.
  • 🍻Enjoy Your Graffiti-You or your kids can enjoy your graffiti on this glass coffee table,just try it.
Product Dimensions40 x 20 x 14 inches (101.6 x 50.8 x 35.6 cm)
Item Weight54 pounds (24.3 kg)
Room TypeLiving Room
Frame MaterialGlass


Premium Tempered Glass Coffee Table,Clear Coffee Table, Small Modern Coffee Table for Living Room,Match Well with Rug (40x20x14)

pertanyaan & jawaban pelanggan

  • Question: Is this made out of tempered glass or acrylic ?

    Answer: It's made of tempered glass,the acrylic one is out of stock now.
  • Question: Does it’s surface easy to get Scratches?

    Answer: No. Glass does not scratch easily. But it can get scratched.
  • Question: Love the option for Expert Assembly for $49, what a bargain, isn`t it ?

    Answer: This table comes already out together
  • Question: what is the weight on this glass table?

    Answer: The weight of the table is:54lbs,weight capacity is:200lbs.
  • Question: How is this packaged? I get that it's tempered, but was it protected?

    Answer: Yes it is very welll protected

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wi•• ••da

August 16, 2021

Lo•• ••er

August 15, 2021

Beautiful table!

Modern, simple and clean design. Very well made and beautiful. Worth every penny!!

Pa•• ••la

August 11, 2021

Came broken

Not happy at all!! Received my package with table cracked and I tried to return and it says I have to pay for the return shipping after spending 200 on a piece of glass!! Pissed do not recommend!!!

Am•• ••er

August 7, 2021

Highly Recommend

Literally my best adult purchase. Arrived super fast and well packaged, not a single scratch! Super happy with my purchase

Me•• ••

August 2, 2021


These tables are beyond perfect. I’m so happy for them!!! I ordered the side table and the coffee table!!! Just wow!!! They were packages perfectly and safely.

Ma•• ••z

August 2, 2021


This table is quality and looks so good in my living room. Size is good and glass thickness too. Feels sturdy.

Ca•• ••n

July 29, 2021

Love love love

Great size, very durable and classy

Br•• ••y

July 21, 2021

It’s one piece of tempered glass it’s very sturdy

My table came intact(shipped via FedEx) there was a wooden frame inside of the box it will not break..there was no damage.. it’s so sturdy it’s true what they say..that you can literally stand on it it won’t BREAK it’s tempered glass.! Really shows off my new area rug which is sports..

jl•• ••s

July 14, 2021

My New Favorite

This is a beautiful piece of all glass furniture that is stunning to all guests.

Be•• ••M.

July 4, 2021

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27 Coffee Tables Ready To Stylishly Fill That Empty Space In Your Living Room

Ottoman Marrakech is an Etsy seller that deals in — you guessed it — all sorts of handmade ottomans! There's square ones, circular ones, and embroidered ones so take a look if you're not quite sold on this one.

FYI: The pouf doesn't come poufed up (if you will). You'll need to fill it with shredded foam, pillow stuffing, or whatever else you have lying around. I have one of these and filled it up with spare linens/blankets I only use during winter and it worked just as well!

Promising review: "BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Just Splendid! Great craftsmanship and care was taken to make this beautiful pouf. Sturdy and 100% genuine leather. I filled it with almost 20 pounds of shredded memory foam from Amazon and some old memory foam I had from a queen topper. Great service, shipping was fast, and it looks fabulous! Over-the-moon happy!" — Yasmeen Oyapero

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Clear acrylic furniture is prized for its style, as well as its ability to be a strong presence in a room while maintaining a light and airy quality. In fact, acrylic furnishings have become ideal pieces for small interiors. An acrylic coffee table craze has emerged in recent years, as these see-through finds are perfect for the center of a room where space is tight. Not only do they appear to take up little to no space, they allow patterns on colorful rugs to show through.


Today we highlight acrylic coffee table finds, from narrow, barely-there pieces to unique selections that can’t help but dazzle. When choosing an acrylic coffee table, consider the space you have. If the room is tiny, go for a smaller piece, or try combining two end tables to create a modular item that can be disassembled at a moment’s notice. If your space is larger, there is freedom to select a more substantial coffee table to suit your needs. Enjoy perusing the clear acrylic options below!

Bent Acrylic Coffee Tables

One of today’s most popular acrylic coffee table designs features a “u” shape, with soft bent edges rather than sharp angles. As mentioned in a previous Decoist post, the Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table is perfect for compact rooms and can be moved with ease to create more space if necessary. [from CB2]

CB2 Peekaboo Coffee Table.png

The “u”-shaped style has many variations, including the version seen below. Note the table’s edges, which are even more rounded than the Peekaboo selection above. [from user Suzie]


For a thicker take on the bent acrylic table, check out the Waterfall Cocktail Table. This solid piece manages to be both hefty and light at the same time! [from Acrylic Decor, Inc.]


If you admire rounded edges but long for a table that is anything but narrow, check out the Curve Acrylic Coffee Table, handmade and constructed of clear cast acrylic. [from Ralphmarks]


Square Acrylic Coffee Tables

If your space has an open layout or a larger floor plan, a square-shaped coffee table may be the perfect modern statement. The straight lines on the Avino Cocktail Table below give this piece a sharp, icy quality. Add solid legs, and the effect is crystalline. A glass top (sold separately) contributes to the shine. The piece is available in clear (shown below), as well as a variety of colorful options. [from HStudio]


For a similar look, try the Acrylic Table with Glass, available for purchase at Wisteria. L-shaped legs are secured to the piece on the outside of the corners, calling attention to the contemporary square top. Yet this table is rooted in the past, as it was inspired by a piece from the 1930s. [image from Houzz]


This next table from Acrylic Innovations has both angular gloss and a tailored look, thanks to neatly-tapered legs that evoke the form of antique furnishings:


For a contemporary look, choose a table with metal legs, as shown in the image below. An acrylic top is a transparent contrast to the silver x-shaped base:


 Long Acrylic Coffee Tables

Longer coffee tables have the advantage of a narrow physique and the substance of an eye-catching centerpiece. The Milano Fine Leg Coffee Table is acrylic with a glass top and can be customized to fit the needs of your space. Defined legs and a prominent border add surprising dimension to this clear piece. [from innerspace]


Featured in a previous Decoist post, the Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table is equal parts functional furnishing and work of art! Designed by Alexandra Von Furstenberg, the table is inspired by her interest in emerald-cut diamonds. [from Alexandra Von Furstenberg]


The next piece from Acrylic Innovations is as solid as they come. A wonderful mix of traditional and modern, it combines the sturdiness of your favorite antique with the precision of cut crystal:


A similar model from Acrylic Innovation adds elegance without detracting from the amazing view outside:


Acrylic Side Tables as Coffee Tables

If modular style is your preference, try grouping 2-4 end tables together for a coffee table that can change shape at a moment’s notice. As featured in a previous Decoist post, the Gus Modern Acrylic I-Beam Table goes from couch-side statement to center stage gem when grouped with a handful of duplicates. The piece is stylishly constructed of three bonded acrylic panels. [from AllModern]


For further options, look to Alexandra Von Furstenberg and her unique collection of acrylic side tables. The M-16 Cube Acrylic End Table looks twice as nice with a partner. Purchase four and you have a cocktail table worth talking about! These pieces also come in shades of smoke, black and white.


For a geometric effect, set your sights on the Trillion Acrylic Side Table, also from Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Imagine the possibilities when these jewel-topped tables are ordered in multiples!


Ultra-thick 4 cm slabs give this next piece a powerful look, yet its small stature keeps the overall form svelte. Try ordering two of these Mitred Acrylic Side Tables and placing them side by side. [from Ralphmarks]


Dual-Purpose Acrylic Coffee Tables

There’s nothing like a table that can pull double duty! The Lucite trunk by Serge de Troyer is a coffee table and a trunk in one. Fill it with neatly-stacked books, turn it into a life-size display box that highlights large collectibles, or leave it empty for a pristine effect. For a table with a similar look, check out selections from Plexi-Craft. [image from Apartment Therapy]


For a table-meets-magazine rack effect, hunt for a design similar to the Magino Coffee Table, formerly at Design Within Reach. To get your hands on a more affordable version, try [image from Apartment Therapy]


If space is still an issue, choose an end table version of the piece and purchase two items. Place them together in the center of the room, and separate or move them as needed. [from Bella Modern]


For the grand finale, we feature one tank of a table with an acrylic base and a glass top. It’s a fish tank, to be exact! The Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Coffee Table arrives complete with lighting, decorative plants and blue glass gravel…everything but the fish! If the gravel and plants aren’t to your liking, fill the piece with the aquatic items of your choice. [from]


Epoxy coffee table - olive tree and clear epoxy

Clear Coffee Tables That Will Make Your Living Room Look Special

Having a coffee table in your living room is a wonderful idea no matter how you look at it. As long as the available space allows it, adding such a product into your home is both a matter of design and convenience. Whether it’s for remote controls, placing decor items, magazines, your cereal bowl, or just holding your regular cups of coffee when you have guests over, coffee tables are versatile. However, not knowing what to choose and what works with your current decor is troubling. And that’s where clear coffee tables come in.

Things to Consider When You Look for Clear Coffee Tables

The truth is that talking about the benefits of a clear coffee table is 50 percent a matter of personal taste. There are perks and drawbacks, but when you love the idea of a glass coffee table, we’re pretty sure nothing that changes your mind. And we’re not here to try and talk you out of it, but we do want to go over some of the main things that should be considered before you actually buy a clear coffee table:

  • Glass coffee tables are often considered to be more formal compared to those made from stainless steel or wood. If you have a very elegant living room decor, it doesn’t really make sense to go with another material except for glass, unless you order a custom-made table from the same type of wood and in the same color scheme as the other pieces of furniture in the room. I guess what we’re trying to say is that with glass, you can rarely go wrong.
  • There is also the matter of family. You need to consider the fact that glass coffee tables can easily get scratched, no matter how careful you are. If you have children that love to play with their toys on your coffee table, glass might not be your best friend. Also, clear coffee tables are a fingerprint magnet and more difficult to clean compared to a table made from, let’s say, manufactured wood. Contrary to popular belief, glass coffee tables aren’t unsuitable for families because they are fragile, as they can be very resistant. However, they are difficult to care for in certain situations.
  • When you have a room that feels stuffy and overwhelming because it has way too much furniture in it, a clear coffee table is a perfect item to get. When you opt for clear acrylic glass tables, you will make a cramped up room feel more open, which means that they also work in rooms that are really small.
  • There is also no doubt about the fact that glass coffee tables are modern, which makes them perfect for homes and apartments designed in the same fashion. They also work well in studio apartments.
  • Whether you want to buy a glass coffee table or one that’s made from another material, you have to consider the shape of the product. If you have a small room, you want to go with either a rectangular or an oval coffee table. Fans of square and round coffee tables should know these mostly work with larger seating configurations, especially big sofas.
  • If you have kids, look into tables that have as less corners as possible. We have included in the second part of this article a bunch of clear coffee tables with round corners that would be perfect for parents looking to eliminate as much furniture-related injury from their homes as possible.

Top 10 Best Clear Coffee Tables

Antwan Coffee Table with Storage

View in gallery

This perfect clear coffee table is what you would call a furniture piece for a modern decor. Being made from glass, it is the kind of coffee table that you could easily include in a variety of different house chromas, without having to worry if the colors mix and match. The table measures 17.72” H x 38.51” L x 38.51” W and could easily fit in smaller spaces if needed.

With a total weight of 65 pounds, this table won’t be that easy to move around. The base materials are acrylic plastic combined with stainless steel. The top is made from glass and there is also storage space underneath it. Note that the table requires full assembly when unboxed.

Alia Coffee Table

View in gallery

The Alia clear coffee table is yet another example of a stylish product that can easily fit into multiple room settings, making it a great choice for people who prefer glass over wood furniture. It makes it feel like the room has more space thanks to the tempered glass construction, which is a plus when space isn’t all that generous.

Another perk is that you can easily clean the table using a soft clean cloth to make sure you don’t scratch the surface (no worries, it’s not that easily scratchable anyway). The amazing design is based on an X-shaped support that’s also made from glass panels, staying true to the overall style of the table. Overall, the table measures 42 x 24 x 16 inches and weighs in at 72 pounds. It can support a total weight of 52 pounds, but doesn’t have under-the-table storage, which can be a dealbreaker for some people.

Janelle Coffee Table

View in gallery

When it comes to elegant clear coffee tables, there’s something about the Janellethat’s very appealing. It could be the bronze border and legs that make it seems like a luxurious piece of furniture, or it could be the modern design that one craves to see in a contemporary living room. What we’re dealing with here is a rectangular coffee table made from temperate glass with metal used as the base material.

Measuring 19” H x 42.25” L x 24” W and weighing a mere 40 pounds, this is surely a lighter option compared to some of the other models we have on today’s list, making it easier to move the coffee table around when needed. It’s also interesting to note that the design allows joining two or more tables without a gap. The bottom storage is also made from cleared glass, making the perfect spot for storing things you want out of the way, but still in sight.

Cassey Coffee Table

View in gallery

Glass coffee tables are usually designed to be minimalistic, but we rarely see a piece as basic as the Cassey table. And we don’t mean that in a bad way, because basic often translated into easy to match. This tempered glass coffee table is clear on all ends and is designed with modern aesthetics that have a certain visual appeal.

Measuring 15” H x 43” L x 24” W, this is one of the few clear coffee tables that doesn’t require assembly and is ready to use out of the box. It is the kind of product that can be used as a coffee table, but versatile enough to sit in the sorned or a balcony and serve even as a plant storage shelf.

Arviso Sled Coffee Table

View in gallery

The Arviso clear coffee table shares a lot of similarities with the aforementioned Cassey. With rounded corners and a three-side design, it is the kind of glass coffee table that fits into modern spaces and blends in really well with different kinds of furniture setups. It is made from a single sheet of tempered glass and comes with removable plastic feet which are designed to protect the floors from scratches.

Because it’s made from tempered glass, the single sheet of material doesn’t pose that big of a thread in case there are cracks in the surface that can lead to a total break of the product. The table measures 13.75” H x 39.50” L x 21.75” W, weighs a little under 60 pounds, and doesn’t include a bottom storage shelf.

Lupica Solid Coffee Table with Storage

View in gallery

Moving on to more different things, we have the Lupica coffee table which is a masterpiece in itself. It is the kind of unconventional product that combines a glass surface and sides with a bottom interior storage space made from wood. Like the previous two models, this one is also made from a single sheet of tempered glass and features elegant round corners which are safer overall.

Underneath the table, you can clearly see the bottom wooden drawer which is the perfect place to store the forever-lost remote control. Overall, the table measures 14” H x 43” L x 22” W, while the drawer interior is 4.5” H x 16” W x 12” D. We’re looking at the perfect clear coffee table for studio apartments.

Euphemia Coffee Table

View in gallery

Those of you that don’t mind having a gradient effect on your glass coffee table have to give the Euphemia a chance. From fully transparent to an almost melancholic shade of blue, this product is more than just a magazine and remote control support: it’s an eye-catcher! It follows the similar design patterns that some of the other coffee tables of today do as well, with a single glass sheet and rounded corners for added safety.

Because of its construction, this glass coffee table doesn’t require any assembly and is ready to use as soon as you unbox it. It measures 16.5” H x 47.2” L x 25.6” W and provides you with 15.8” of clearance underneath, which is always nice to consider as extra storage space (even if it doesn’t come with a storage shelf per se). It can support a total weight of 50 pounds, while the table itself measured 86 pounds.

Georgina Coffee Table

View in gallery

The moment we saw the Georginacoffee table, we imagined it being used as a pedestal for a fancy museum sculpture in a display of a contemporary artist trying to make it big. Even if the table doesn’t speak to you as it did to us, it is still a product that’s worth checking out because of its amazing design details and reliable construction.

Even if the tabletop is made from glass, the base is made from stainless steel and, you have to admit, these two materials look wonderful together. The black and silver finish is about as elegant as two modern furniture colors can get. It’s true that the crossed legs don’t allow for much under-the-table storage, but with a piece this beautiful, who cares anymore? It measures 18” H x 25.5” L x 47.3” W, and with 116 pounds in weight, this baby is pretty heavy.

Reinold Sled Coffee Table

View in gallery

The Reinoldis a completely clear coffee table, but it does bring forth wood and glass combines in such a way as to create one of the most unique coffee tables you’ll ever see. The top material is a combination of solid and manufactured wood available in a gray cement shade that’s almost an imitation of marble. The side legs are made from glass, adding to the modern design elements of the table.

Unlike other coffee tables, this one can support up to 110 pounds in weight, which is nothing short of impressive. Overall, the Reinold coffee table measures 16” H x 44” L x 22” W and weighs a total of 43 pounds.

Knutson Coffee Table with Storage

View in gallery

The Knutson coffee table is exactly what you would imagine a simple glass coffee table with a glass storage shelf underneath looks like. It is designed with rounded corners which are a must when you have children running around the living room all day, being constructed from a single sheet of tempered glass. Often called the “waterfall” design, this is something you’ll see replicated across many different furniture brands.

There is a convenient storage shelf located under the tabletop, while the full glass construction will grant you a view of whatever you store underneath. That means you might want to take advantage of the space and store that beautiful China bowl you received last Christmas. The table measures 14” H x 43” L x 22” W and has a total weight of 122 pounds.

Bottom Line

In the end, talking about the benefits of a clear coffee table seems a fit futile since it’s all a matter of personal taste. If you have never been a fan of glass furniture, we’re not going to try to convince you to invest in a coffee table like any of these ones above. However, when you feel like you want to keep your interior design as breathable and furniture-free as possible, or when you feel suffocated by the current design and you want a coffee table that doesn’t add additional visual load to the decor, glass coffee tables are clearly the way to go.


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