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A chromatic celebration of individuality.
Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish. This Spring 2021 collection will launch 1st of March.

You can pre-order now to be the first to get it:]]


Spring 2021 LIneup


Vinylux 2021 Lineup

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Spring 2021 nail art

If your nail polish rotation is basically just three different shades on repeat, then we get it—we all know how easy it is to get stuck wearing the same thing in the same way. Once you find a color that captures your vibe and your style, it’s pretty much your go-to for the entire season (or, let's be real, your entire adult life). But it's 2021! If there were ever a time to fully shirk the trends of last year, it's right now. So, instead of reaching for your usual classic red nail polish, let's shake things up a bit, yeah?

And to help you stop being so damn predictable with your spring nail colors this year, we’ve rounded up the coolest colors for you to try out for spring 2021, from warm apricot to metallic violet. Feel free to give your standard French manicure or usual baby pinks a rest in favor of one of our 35 picks, below.

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Tangerine Orange

ella+mila Samba Collection Nail Polish in Cause I'm Happy


Meet the spring 2021 version of Halloween pumpkin orange: this tangerine nail polish. If you're also someone who judges spring nail colors based on how closely they resemble foods that you want to eat that season, you'll want to try this orange creamsicle shade.


Pastel Purple

OPI Nail Lacquer in You're Such a BudaPest


You don't have to be a purple person to like this bright lavender polish. If you love both rainbow colors and nail polishes that evoke the feeling of tranquility (but, like, not in a boring way), a pastel purple is a solid choice for your spring 2021 nails.


Neon Green With Iridescent Flecks

Cirque Colors Iridescent Nail Polish in Sour Punch


Didn't you hear? Green is going to be one of the biggest spring nail trends of 2021, so start stockpiling all the different shades. I'll bet you don't already have this sheer lime green with iridescent flakes, but I'll also bet that you now want it.


Bright Yellow

LaPierre Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in U-R-My Sunshine


This bright, fun, happy yellow shade is everything you want in a spring 2021 nail color. It's pretty much impossible to wear this and be in a bad mood. Nail hack: To really boost the color payoff, apply a coat of white polish as your base before layering this vibrant yellow on top.


Vibrant Orange

Nash + Pino Vegan Nail Lacquer in Single AF


This aptly named orange shade perfectly embodies the single life: It's fun, bright, and flirty. Funny, because those are also the three words I'd use to describe the best spring nail colors, too.


Pastel Lime Green

Suite Eleven Nail Lacquer in Quarter Water


This lime green nail polish is a must for all your St. Patrick's Day nail looks, yes, but it's also one you'll want to keep in rotation all season long. Lighter than slime but brighter than earthy forest green, this pastel hue was made for spring 2021.


Aqua Blue

D.I.D. Nail Paint in Surfboard


Maybe ocean-inspired blues and turquoises are better suited for summer nail trends, but this aqua blue leans a little more robin's egg blue. Translation: It works just as good for springtime nail polish.


Seafoam Green

Triple O Polish Nail Lacquer in Serer


Okay, I know I just said the thing about ocean colors and summer, but we need to make an exception for this seafoam green. The perfect combination of earth tones and pastels, this sage Easter shade needs to be your transition shade for spring to summer.



Nails Inc Kiss My Peach Duo Nail Set


This spring nail color is just...peachy. Sorry, had to. But actually, these two peach tones were practically made for warmer weather. Use each color in the set separately or mix and match them on your fingers. 


Deep Green

Smith and Cult Nail Lacquer in Darjeeling Darling


Okay, so you don't have to throw out all of your winter nail polishes—that green hue you wore all December long is the perfect spring 2021 nail color. Transitioning your forest green nail polish from the holidays into spring immediatelytakes it from festive to chic. 


Opaque White

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel in 510 Sure Thing


This white nail polish is crisp, clean, and fresh—aka everything you'd ever want in a spring nail color, especially in 2021. It's neutral, yet still eye-catching, and it's flattering on all skin tones.


Watermelon Pink

Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in 661 Bonheur


If watermelon sugar was a nail shade, this would be it. You don't need to wait until summer to bring out your neon colors. This bright spring nail color is a fun transition from those moody shades of winter—it's bold enough to be show-stopping without being too agro.


Periwinkle Blue

Rooted Woman in Flow


You don’t need an added pearl finish to make a pale blue polish feel icy. This periwinkle blue shade still has all the frosty vibes of the early '00s but without all the extra glitter.



Essie Nail Color Polish in Spin The Bottle


One way to add dimension to a boringly neutral sheer spring nail color? Whipping up your own custom shade by layering different polishes. This semi-sheer nude from Essie is a great topper. Layer this over a mauve nail color to add a pretty and classic twist.


Sheer Beige

Deborah Lippmann Luxurious Nail Color in Naked


Pink nail polish not really your thing? Layer your spring nail polish with this sheer beige from Deborah Lippmann for more of a sandy-neutral base color. 


Creamy Sheer

Ella+Mila Love Collection Nail Polish in Tutu Cute


Like the tinted moisturizer of nail polishes, this sheer spring nail color offers a faint hint of color that's just enough to warm up a cool base shade without totally taking it over. 


Silver Sparkles

Butter London Glazen Nail Lacquer in Prism


If you already have your favorite pastel polish, layer on a coat of glitter polish to DIY a frosted finish. This spring 2021 nail color by Butter London shifts from pink to blue for an icy-pearl effect that still feels fresh, not retro.


Holographic Silver

ILNP Boutique Nail Lacquer in Mega


Most toppers require a million coats to achieve a truly opaque coverage, but you get the full pay-off of this holographic spring nail color after just one coat. So yes, the formula is as magical as it looks.


Multi-Hued Top Coat

Color Club Shine Shifter Nail Lacquer in Glow Get 'Em


The shimmer flecks in this sheer, iridescent top coatshift from white to blue to purplin this spring nail color—exactly how an icy finish should look.


Frosty Pink

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Follow the Petals


Frosty doesn’t necessarily mean cool-toned. While this spring 2021 nail color might appear like a ballerina pink in the bottle, it actually looks like a warmer salmon shade once applied. 


Shimmery Apricot

People of Color Nail Polish in Unicorn


Speaking of warm shades, this apricot spring nail color has a hint of shimmer with a purple reflect, which gives this otherwise super-warm shade a frosty coolness. 


Holographic Pink

Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in Totes 3D


Kinda pink, kinda rainbow, this iridescent polish from this fun nail polish brand adds a whole lotta interest to even the most subdued of spring nail colors. And that's basically the only level of interest we can handle in 2021, you feel?


Opaque Bubblegum Pink

NCLA Nail Polish in Not So Sweet


Sheers aren’t for everyone, so if opaque coverage is more your thing, try this baby-pink polish by NCLA finished with a frosty top coat. This spring nail color manages to complement multiple skin tones and undertones, thanks to its crisp, milky-white base.


Baby Pink

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish in Mayfair Lane


A little dustier version of the nail trend, this spring nail polish feels a bit more sophisticated than a true baby pink.


Cool Pastel Pink

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish in Cake Pop


This spring nail color has a slightly bluish undertone, which makes it feel a little cooler (I mean that both ways) than your usual Valentine's Day pink.


Pastel Yellow

China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners in Lemon Fizz


If you saw yellow and immediately thought, “Nope!” Fine, but don't write off the shade completely. This version of the spring 2021 nail color is lighter and softer, making it a little easier to pull off, especially on deeper skin tones.


Creamy Yellow

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Lacquer Polish in Zuma Beach Bum

Lemon Yellow

Londontown Lakur in Notting the Fancy


Or try this light lemon spring nail color that’ll brighten even the coldest of hearts. This is the pick-me-up you need after a long, colorless winter.


Powder Blue

OPI Nail Lacquer in Check Out The Old Geysirs


Can you bring back the frosted trend without including a baby-blue shade? The answer is no. Fully embrace this throwback trend with a shimmery, powder-blue polish like your mom’s favorite ’80s eyeshadow.


Baby Blue

Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer in Undaunted


If you were to take a flat white polish and add a teeny bit of blue, you’d get this pastel blue shade. A spring nail color this shade doesn’t need shimmer to feel frosty. 


Amethyst Purple

Côte No. 80


If you’re down to try a frosted look but don’t care for pastels, you can try out an amethyst spring nail color instead. There’s nothing baby about this darker purple, but the shimmery finish makes it feel soft and seasonal in an unexpected way.


Purple With Blue Shimmer

Pear Nova Lacquer in Rooftop 'Til You Drop


For something with more dimension, try a grape purple with a blue shimmery finish like this spring nail color from nail polish brand Pear Nova, which shifts from purple to blue.


Iridescent Purple

Orly Breathable Treatment + Color in You're a Gem
  1. 80s handwritten font
  2. Wood hand plane
  3. Westerns on metv

Here is the ultimate list of the most popular Shellac colors and its sister polish Vinylux colors used by nail technicians and loved by their clients.

I’ve selected 15 best Shellac colors and Vinylux colors for your perfect manicure and nail art palette.

What are the best Shellac colors?

Shellac, manufactured by CND, is the polish that revolutionized the nail industry in 2010.

It’s one of the first gel nail polishes that started the whole gel craze.

The main benefit of Shellac is that it usually stays on your nails for two weeks or more with no chips, according to CND.

And it looks really shiny and gorgeous!

It is also one of the highest quality and least toxic gel nail polishes on the market. It’s free of the 5 most harmful chemicals.

It’s pretty easy to remove Shellac without harming your nails because it’s soak off and doesn’t require filing.

Beautiful colors:

Shellac’s array of colors is huge. With new hues coming out every season.

While every color is gorgeous in its own right, there is a number of popular colors that are foolproof and are instant hits with nail salon clients and home hobbyists.

Shellac has a sister non-UV polish Vinylux that has gel-like qualities but air dries without a lamp. Vinylux has the same color palette as Shellac. The colors are absolutely identical.

Most popular Shellac Colors And CND Vinylux Colors

CND Vinylux Wildfire

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


CND Shellac and Vinylux Wildfire is a classic Ferrari red without shimmer.

There are so many shades of red on the market!

But Wildfire is the best one you can get!

And it complements any skin tone nicely.

It also looks good on any nail shape and length, even on very short nails.

This polish color is actually my firm favorite.

CND Wildfire adds a perfect pop of color when you dress up for a special occasion or for the holidays.

And it’s great for those who, like me, just love red nails.

Movie star manicure:

Red polish is a classic nail color associated with the old Hollywood glamour.

It’s bold and adventurous.

But you can wear it with a little black dress, an office suit or a t-shirt and jeans.

Red nail color is universal and livens up any outfit.

Classic red is so popular that I think it deserves the top spot on the list of 15 most popular Shellac colors and CND Vinylux colors.

CND Vinylux Negligee

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


This sheer light pink color with a slight blue shimmer is versatile.

I’d say CND Shellac and Vinylux Negligee is a pink-nude.

So it’s suitable for any season and any occasion.

But most people prefer to wear light pink polish in the summer.

So gorgeous!

Soft light pink is also a perfect wedding color.

It complements any style of gown.

It’s a great choice if you’re a guest too.

And, of course, CND Negligee looks amazing as the base color for a French manicure.

It’s so sheer that it may require three layers for better coverage.

It exists as a Shellac gel nail polish and as a Vinylux gel-like one.

CND Shellac Tropix

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


As the name suggests, CND Tropix is a perfect warm coral shade for the summer or for a tropical vacation.

Tropix exists in both Shellac and Vinylux collections.

It looks bold and beautiful.

Coral is such a pretty color!

No wonder it’s one of the hottest trends in recent years.

It’s one of the most popular Shellac colors for the warmer months.

A summer hit:

It’s an ideal match for a bathing suit, flip-flops or any summer frock.

CND Tropix also looks great together with gold glitter gel polish and with yellow or white polish.

For example, you can paint most of your nails coral, paint one nail on each hand white, and apply tropical-themed decals to the white nails.

It’s my second favorite color after Wildfire. One of the best Shellac colors ever!

And I wear it all year round. Not only in the summer.

CND Vinylux Field Fox

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


CND Field Fox is a beige color with mauve undertones that is made as a Shellac and as a Vinylux polish too.

Colors like that are also known as nudes.

This is a perfect neutral color for any time of day or any occasion.

It’s a beauty staple that never goes out of style.

And it looks especially good against darker skin tones.

How to choose a nude polish color?

In fact, when you choose a nude color for your nails, you shouldn’t match your natural skin color.

It’s more flattering and trendier to go a shade or two lighter or darker than your actual skin tone. CND Field Fox also matches any outfit.

And it’s a great low-key color if you can’t wear any bold hues because of an office dress code.

This nail polish is so classy!

A nude color just like Field Fox is one of the favorite colors of the women in the British Royal Family, who are limited in their choices by the royal protocol.

CND Vinylux Lobster Roll

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


CND Lobster Roll is another amazing looking shade of red. It comes as a Shellac polish and you can also find it as a Vinylux shade.

It’s a vibrant orange-red color, very bold and glamorous!

Bright red:

Close to coral, like CND Tropix, but more on the red side.

The color of this polish changes slightly under different light sources: from orange-red to a shade of salmon pink, to fuchsia.

Shellac Lobster Roll looks amazing against lighter skin tones.

It’s a perfect hue for a summer manicure or for a special occasion.

CND Shellac Pink Leggings

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


CND Pink Leggings is a classic vibrant hot pink, available under the Shellac and under the Vinylux brands

It’s a bright shade of fuchsia similar to the famous Barbie pink, but even bolder!

It’s perfect for summer and for wearing on a vacation.

Hot pink:

It’s actually the most popular summer nail color.

However, it also matches just about any outfit.

So you can wear it all year round if it suits your style.

Shellac and Vinylux Pink Leggings is a gorgeous girly color that will brighten up your day!

CND Vinylux Rose Bud

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


Pinks are a staple of any nail salon or a polish collection.

They are some of the most popular Shellac colors out there.

Shellac and Vinylux have a huge array of pinks.

Classy pink:

CND Rose Bud is a super cute soft shade of pink. Like the color of a delicate rose petal.

It’s not as bold as Pink Bikini.

Rose Bud a classic pink, a very feminine color that suits any style and occasion, and any skin tone.

It’s great for any special event, including weddings.

At the same time, you can wear it to work.

CND Rose Bud looks so lovely on nails!

CND Vinylux Masquerade

Most Popular Shellac Colors - The Ultimate List Of Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures


CND Shellac and Vinylux Masquerade is a deep rich shade of red, like the color of red wine, almost burgundy.

It makes your nails look glamorous. No matter what nail length you have.

A fall/winter hit:

CND Masquerade is a perfect choice for the fall and winter months, and especially for the holiday season, it feels festive.

But you can wear dark polish colors all year round. Deep red looks really elegant and classy.

In fact, I’m wearing this CND color right now, while I’m typing this article.

It’s one of the best Shellac and Vinylux colors on the market.

I also like to use burgundy polish for painting my toes.

CND Vinylux Rock Royalty

Creative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Rock Royalty, 0.5 Fluid Ounce


CND Rock Royalty is a deep regal purple color, like that of a nice ripe eggplant. It exists as a Shellac color and as a Vinylux shade.

It’s bold, daring and eye-catching.

It’s one of the most popular Shellac colors with salon clients for the fall and winter season.

Super glamorous:

A dark purple manicure is the epitome of glamour.

And it looks amazing against all skin tones.

CND Rock Royalty is a perfect match for an elegant outfit for a special occasion.

At the same time, it’s surprisingly versatile.

It’s even suitable for office wear.

CND Vinylux Indigo Frock

CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish, Indigo Frock, 0.5 OZ (15 mL)


CND Shellac and Vinylux Indigo Frock is super-popular with the salon clientele too.

It’s a shiny dark indigo shade of blue, close to black. A very strong and bold hue.

It would look nice with white stamping.

A winter hit:

This color is an amazing choice for the cooler months and, of course, for the holiday season.

CND Indigo Frock looks stunning under warm artificial lighting.

So it’s perfect for evening wear and for special occasions.

CND Shellac Peacock Plume

CND Shellac Nail Polish, Peacock Plume, 0.12 lb.


CND Shellac Peacock Plume is a deep shimmery shade of blue, but lighter than Shellac Indigo Frock.

Classic blue is actually Pantone’s color of the year.

So it’s bound to be one of the most popular Shellac colors this year.

Just like CND Indigo Frock, Peacock Plume is best for the cooler months, holiday season, and special occasions.

It’s a beautiful and elegant color.

CND Vinylux Rubble

Creative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Rubble, 0.5 Fluid Ounce


CND Shellac and Vinylux Rubble is an earthy brownish-gray tone.

It’s a deeper variation of nude. According to many nail technicians, it’s one of the most popular Shellac colors they use at their salons.

As a dark neutral color, Rubble is a great choice for the cooler months.

But it’s warmer than gray, and it looks amazing against darker skin tones.

Elegant minimalism:

CND Rubble doesn’t match a natural skin tone, but it’s very stylish and modern.

A nice polish color if you like minimalism.

And it’s so versatile! It doesn’t clash with any color in your wardrobe.

CND Shellac Bicycle Yellow

Generic HOT Sale CND Shellac UV LED Gel Nail Polish Base Top Coat 7.3ml 0.25oz Discount Bicycle Yellow 90513


CND Shellac Bicycle Yellow is a bright and cheery yellow polish.

This sunny hue is, of course, ideal for summer.

The yellow nail polish trend is expected to make a comeback this summer.

CND Bicycle Yellow has just the right tone, temperature, and brightness for not looking over the top, without being too acid or egg yolk-like.

How to wear it?

Yellow is a great color for nail art. And it matches any other colors.

You can paint some of your nails yellow, and paint your other nails blue, lilac, purple, red, black or fuchsia.

CND Vinulyx Cream Puff

Creative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Cream Puff, 0.5 Fluid Ounce


Cream Puff is CND’s opaque super-white color.

A common use for white nail polish is painting the tips of French manicure nails.

CND Shellac and Vinulyx Cream Puff is also one of the most popular Shellac colors for summer.

And of course, white is classy and never goes out of style. It matches any outfit and complements any skin tone.

A great base for nail art:

Like a white sheet of paper for drawing, Cream Puff is a great basic color for nail art, stamping, and nail decals.

And if you add some unicorn nail dust over the CND Cream Puff polish you’ll get an amazing holographic sheen on your nails.

You can also paint some of your nails white and add other colors to the rest of your fingers.

CND Shellac Black Pool

Creative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Black Pool, 0.5 Fluid Ounce


CND Vinylux Black Pool is a glossy classic black gel polish. You can find it as a Shellac color also manufactured by CND.

Black manicure has been a steady trend in recent years, originally brought to the runway by Gucci.

Some people think it’s a controversial trend, a rebellion, mostly popular with teenagers and Goths.

But if CND Black Pool matches your style or a monochrome outfit, then you won’t go unnoticed.

Rock star nails:

Some of the most notable wearers of black manicure were Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. So black nails are also associated with rock music.

In any case, it’s a fashion statement.

The best Shellac colors: how do you apply them?

Shellac is a gel polish, which requires a special application method for it to stay on your nails for two weeks or more.

How To Apply CND Shellac?

Shellac must be applied on top of a base coat and covered with a top coat.

The base and the top coat are also available under the Shellac brand from CND.

Each layer of Shellac, including the base and the top coat, must be cured in a UV lamp for about 1 minute (10 seconds for the base).

So the polish dries very quickly.

No need to wait for it to dry like you have to do when you paint your nails with ordinary nail polishes.

CND manufactures lamps for curing Shellac as well.

Base Coat

Shellac base coat application must be done after you’ve performed a manicure, removed any contaminants and prepared your nail plate by purifying it and removing oil and debris with CND’s ScrubFresh and a lint-free wipe.

Apply the base coat in one thin layer.

Color Polish: use most popular Shellac Colors

Two layers of Shellac color polish over the base are usually enough before you apply the top coat.

If you select a sheer color you can use three layers for a better look.

Nail art and embellishments:

You can add embellishments, decals, unicorn powder, glitter, and nail art on top of the second layer of colored Shellac polish. Apply the top coat after that.

Top Coat

After adding one thin layer of the top coat and drying it with the lamp you need to remove the top film with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, again using a lint-free wipe.

And you’re done!

Use only two coats of color polish and one layer of the special Vinylux top coat if you are applying Vinylux. No base coat or lamp needed with this polish. Simply air dry each layer.


Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scented Shellac and Gel Nail Polish Remover, Pack of 2

Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scented Shellac and Gel Nail Polish Remover, 16oz, Pack of 2


Shellac can be removed by wrapping each nail in a piece of foil that contains a cotton ball with acetone-based remover and waiting for 5 minutes for the polish to soak off.

Remove Vinylix by simply wiping it off with nail polish remover, no need to soak this polish off.

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CND Vinylux NUDE SHADES 2021

Introducing the CND™ Wild Romantics collection, inspired by freedom, love and nature. From golden yellows, jewel-toned violets, and sophisticated terracotta's, discover the beauty in serenity with the new collection. 


Available in CND™ SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, the earthy range brings uplifting comfort and a warm embrace. 

The Autumn collection includes:

Books & Beaujolais, a deep barn red

Wrapped in Linen, a classic neutral

Soft Flame, a sophisticated terracotta

Wooded Bliss, a rich, pink-toned mauve

Candlelight, a goldenrod yellow

Verbena Velvet, a jewel-toned violet

“This season, we are celebrating our inner spiritual freedom, bringing forth a deeper appreciation for the small moments of serenity we find in nature,” said CND™ Co-Founder, Jan Arnold. “Whether you’re taking a stroll in the countryside or sipping a glass of wine by the fire, this warm and earthy collection is inspired by the beauty in calmness.”

Take a moment to step back and appreciate all that is around you with #CNDWildRomantics.


CLICK HERE to download the Nail Art Guide.


Missed out on the Facebook Live? Simply click below, to see Jacki Clarke reveal the line-up of the six new Autumn colours.

CLICK HERE to download the CND Wild Romantics Social Media and Salon Assets.

CND Wild Romantics Collection


Colors cnd 2021 vinylux

These 7 Nail Polish Shades Will Dominate Winter 2021

'Tis the season for an overhaul of your nail polish selection, and while the next few months are traditionally reserved for all colors that are merry and bright, the experts had a few surprise predictions. Holiday celebrations might look a little different this year, but thanks to social media and video calls, your nails can remain as relevant and colorful as ever. If you're ready to welcome this season of chill with a new coat of color, take notes on these seven trending nail colors for winter 2020.

Glitter and green are sticking around, but Shelagh Wong, General Manager of Smith & Cult, told NYLON that this winter will come with celebratory colors, too. "After a year of being cautious with regards to parties and big events, we believe that there is a lot of pent-up celebratory energy ready to be unleashed," Wong said. "The market is ready to make its statement to the world and we’re seeing that bold eye looks and statement nails are all the rage."

Colors breaking from the usual winter nail norms was also noted by Samantha Birkett-Leigh, CND Education Ambassador. She noted that holiday polish doesn't have to be a dark shade, and there's been a continued interest in nature-inspired colorings, particularly stone and marble. "I very rarely get asked for your typical winter designs. I have seen a shift across social media during these last few years. Nail professionals and clients alike are much more up for something original, and seem to follow on trend fashion designers they are seeing during fashion week and in glossy magazines," she said.

As for what's trending this winter, scroll through the seven nail polish colors that will soon take over your Instagram Explore page.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Nylon’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Gray Blue

Expect to see an increase in shades inspired by a winter color palette, Darlene Sritapan, OPI North America Education & Capability Manager said. "Winter weather cools down and so does nail lacquer shades," she said. She pointed to gray blue as a perfect seasonal shade, noting that you can always have some fun with the color and add sparkles.

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Sparkles

Speaking of sparkles, glitter isn't going anywhere during winter 2020. "Glitter has become a fan favorite to layer on top of bold colors for a fool-proof way to create a design at home," Wong said. Depending on the polish, you can easily go with only glitter, or apply the polish as a top coat to a secondary color.

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Deep Tan

Winter signals a shift away from the fall season, but some colors, particularly shades of tan, are expected to stick around. "Deep, warm tan is exactly what you need to complement the earth tones that are so popular," KJ Miller, Mented Cosmetics Co-Founder and CEO said.

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Stone

Create a marble effect with stone-inspired shades, Birkett-Leigh suggested. White and gray remain popular polish options, and for those that don't feel quite up to the DIY nail art task, you can always use the colors as a standalone coat.

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Metallic

Like the use of glitter polish, metallic is expected to be a festive polish option for winter, Wong told NYLON. "We have seen a huge demand for our bold fall colors and we think that this will definitely carry over to the holidays, when our consumers usually rely on a bold lip, they will now use a bold nail color."

Winter 2020 Nail Color Trend: Red

No nail polish selection is truly complete without a statement-making shade of red, Sritapan noted. "Everyone needs a reliable red during the holidays. Red nails always make me feel ready to conquer my day," she said.

Winter 2020 Nail Colors: Green

A popular color during fall, green is expected to remain relevant throughout the winter. The shade has been spotted in multiplewinter polish collections, and celebs continue to sport the color. There are also multiple variations of the color, including peppermint-inspired shading, evergreen, and emerald.



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