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Minecraft realms is a Minecraft feature that Mojang added to the game for players to rent a monthly private server to play with friends.

This article is here to teach you on what are the most helpful commands to guide you in getting started with your friends to have fun.

25. /setblock

/Setblock changes the blocks in front of you to another block type.

This command can be used in wanting to build things along with the /fill command. If you’re wanting to build some nice structures in your Realm server.

24. /fill

/fill command is a great way to fill a gap or hole in your structure with the specified block.

A quick optional way in wanting to put countless of blocks down rather than manually doing it by hand.

23. /kill

A command to kill any mobs or players on the server.

You can do this if you want to clear the surrounding area from an annoying Mob, or take revenge on your friend by doing /kill [playerName] or /kill @e[type=[mobID,distance=[value]

22. /replaceitem

The /replaceitem command allows you to replace any item, whether from a held item, within a chest, changing entities that hold items or replacing any item in the inventory slot.

It will replace anything of your choice as long as it is an item.

If for some reason you want all nearby skeletons to hold a potato rather than a bow, it’s possible:


/replaceitem entity @e[type=minecraft:skeleton] weapon.mainhand minecraft:potato

21. /clone

This command is used to clone anything you select in your Realm world. 

If a friend has built something amazing, and you both want to duplicate it, you can with the /clone command which would be perfect for the Job.

20. /title

You can use this command to add some fun aesthetics to the game, where a message can either pop up on all the players screen, or above the players hotbar slots.

Just something used to play around with your friends if you want to send messages on the realm server in a fashionable way.


/title DigMinecraft title {“text”:”The End is Near”, “bold”:true, “italic”:true, “color”:”red”}. /clear

19. /difficulty

This is to directly change the games difficulty as you can’t change the difficulty via options in-game on a realm server, as you would you need to disconnect and change the difficulty via Realm settings.

Thankfully there is a command to directly change via in-game using the /difficulty command.

18. /summon

The /summon command is to summon any mob entity that exist in the game, so if you’re wanting to mess around with your friends on a Realm server to fight multiple Enderdragons and Withers, you can rightfully do so by doing /summon [MobID].

17. /tellraw

/tellraw is a fancy way in modifying the aesthetics of the text font when you send in chat.

You can easily do this by doing:

/tellraw @a [“”,{“text”:”Hi everyone”,”color”:”green”,”bold”:true}]. If you don’t know how to do this command, going to minecraftjson.com will happily generate the command of your choice so you can send it on your Realms server chat.

16. /w, /msg, /tell

When you want to chat to your friend in your Realm server without your other friends reading it, by doing these commands that were specified will enable you to send a private message to them without anyone knowing.

15. /tm or /teammsg

If you have configured a team in your Realm server, you can do a team only chat.

Only being sent to people who are in your team that you created. Just by starting the message with /tm or /teammsg.

14. /team

/Team is a command that allows for team creation in your Realm world, meaning if you don’t want to damage a teammate, set a team name color, or chat with whoever is in your team privately, it is possible with this command.

13. /effect

/effect is used to give a potion effect to yourself or a friend in your realm servers. Any potion effect can be given, and you can make the potion time infinite by doing /effect give [playerName] [effectID] [time]

12. /enchant

/enchant is an instant way of getting your desired enchants for a favorite item without going through the grindy process of using the enchantment table.

If you’re aiming to fight your friends with full enchanted gear for PvP. Just do /enchant [playerName] [enchantID] [Value] while holding the item to enchant.

11. /give

/give is a command to give you or a player items on the spot without needing to change to creative mode.

Since you are the owner of the Realms, you can /give items to your friends without them being promoted to an operator so they won’t abuse the command behind your back. Just do /give [playerName] [ItemID] [amount]

10. /gamemode

If you are making a Minecraft Realms with your friends that has no set of rules in changing between game modes.

Doing /gamemode is a fast way to shift between, creative, survival, adventurer, and spectator mode.

9. /time

If you don’t have beds, nor do you feel of wanting to put in effort to run to your bed when night falls, doing /time set day is a convenient and faster way for the world to become day again for you and friends to explore without mobs bothering you. You can also do this for night time and noon.

8. /weather

Raining, or snowing, sometimes causes lag for players who don’t have a decent PC, and most of the time, it can be annoying to hear, no one likes rain. By doing /weather clear, we are able to change the weather.

7. /seed

This is a command that gives you the seed of the world you are currently spawned in.

It’s helpful for Minecraft realm owners, as they probably want to find a world that is suitable to their liking, saving a seed for remembrance to come back later, if wanted.

6. /tp or /teleport

Both commands function the same, and are a great use among players who would like to go meet their friends somewhere in the world instantly without wasting time to go and run to their location.

5. /locate

/locate is a great helpful command for you to know where specific Minecraft landmarks are located near you, as most of the time, you’re maybe lazy, or don’t have enough time to go doing long exploration with your friends, this is a convenient command to make things easy for you when playing with your friends. /locate [landmarkName]

4. /recipe

The /recipe command is used in order to give or take a player’s learnt recipe from the recipe book.

You can easily do: /recipe give [playername] * to learn every recipe that exist in Minecraft especially when you have friends or new players who are in your realm that don’t remember every single Minecraft recipe, giving them the ability to learn everything would help them craft items easier.

3. /gamerule

/gamerule is a command to make you to enable or disable the rules of Minecraft.

For example, not wanting to die and having your items scattered all around the ground at your death place is frustrating, by doing /gamerule keepInventory true, we are able to turn off the losing of inventory after death and being able to keep our items when we die.

2. /setworldspawn or /spawnpoint

The /setworldspawn command, in the name itself, is to create or change the default world spawn for everyone in the realm.

The /spawnspoint works the same, but specifically for the player itself just by doing /spawnspoint [playername].

1. /scoreboard

The /scoreboard command is a feature that enables you to modify the player scoreboard in your realm, which you can modify it to keep track of Players statistics like health.

For example, to make players health bars appear. You can also a create custom scoreboard windows on any side of the screen that can be modified to show different things.


/scoreboard objectives add Hearts health

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay list Hearts

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Minecraft Realms and Realms Plus

Minecraft Realms and Realms Plus are subscription-based services that let you play Minecraft online with friends and family on your own personal server and, depending on the service, give you access to a catalog of Minecraft content, including skins, worlds, and resource packs. You can subscribe to Minecraft Realms or Realms Plus with the latest Bedrock Engine-based version of Minecraft found on mobile, Xbox consoles, Windows 10 devices, VR devices, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

If you play Minecraft on a PC (using the Java Edition), a separate Minecraft Realms subscription service is available. To learn more or to manage your subscription, visit the Minecraft Realms FAQ on the Minecraft website.

Minecraft Realms FAQ

Note Only Minecraft and Minecraft for PC/Java support Realms. Legacy console editions such as Minecraft: Xbox One Edition do not support Realms.

Depending on the device you’re playing on, you can choose either a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription.

With a one-time purchase, you can create a one-month or a six-month Realm. These one-time purchases are non-refundable and will not renew automatically once they expire. With a recurring subscription, you’ll be charged automatically every 30 days, until you cancel the subscription.

If a recurring subscription is available, you can choose from two recurring monthly options:

  • Realms: A personal server that allows you to play with up to two additional players
  • Realms Plus: A personal server for up to 10 additional players and a catalog of Minecraft Marketplace content

Subscription costs vary depending on the region where you live.

You’ll need an Xbox gamertag to play Realms (you’ll also earn achievements and increase your gamerscore). The first time you use Realms, you'll be asked to sign in to the Xbox network through the Xbox app. If you already have an account, use that to sign in. If you don’t, you can easily create one using your existing email address. There’s no charge to create an account. To learn how to sign in using the Xbox app, see:

Note You’ll also need an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play Realms on an Xbox console, and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription when playing Realms on a Nintendo Switch.

How to subscribe to Minecraft Realms

  1. On your device, launch Minecraft and select Play from the main menu.
  2. If you’re signed in to an Xbox account, you can start a new Realms subscription by clicking the ”Create New” button. From there, you’ll have the option to choose a brand-new world (”Create New World”) or use an existing template from “My World Templates” or “Featured Templates” to create this world on Realms.
    • Alternatively, if you haven’t already used it, above your single player worlds, you may be given the option to try a free 30-day trial of Realms. Realms trials are not available on Nintendo Switch or Amazon Fire TV.
    • When creating your Realm, depending on your platform, you’ll have options to either make a one-time purchase (with a set duration of days) that does not automatically renew, or purchase a recurring monthly subscription. In both cases, the billing for your purchase will be handled through the device’s store.
  3. Complete the purchase on your device.

The next time you play Minecraft and are signed in to your Xbox account, your Realm subscription will appear above your single player worlds list.

How to invite other players to your Realm

  1. Select the Play button on the main menu.
  2. Select the pencil icon next to your Realm's name.
  3. Select Members. Your Xbox friends list is automatically available.
  4. To add someone already on your Xbox friends list, click the Invite button to the right of their name. To add someone new, first add them to your Xbox friends list. To do this, click Find Friends, which will take you to the Xbox app.
  5. In the Add Friend window, you can add a friend through your Facebook contacts (if you’re connected to Facebook), through your phone or device contacts, or directly by using their Xbox gamertag. Once you’ve added them, select the “close” box in the upper-right corner of the window (you'll need to do this twice to back out to the main menu).
  6. Once they've added you back as a friend, they'll appear on your Xbox friends list in Realms, and you can send them an invite to play.

You can also invite players with Realms invite links. These are custom URLs, unique to your Realm. When someone clicks on an invite link, they’ll be asked to sign in or sign up with their Xbox account, and then will immediately be added to the Realm’s whitelist. Only the newest version of your invite link will allow new players to join. When you refresh an invite link, anyone who’s previously joined will still be in the Realm whitelist and able to join the world, but no new players will be able to use that link to gain access.

How to join other players in a Realm

  1. Launch the game.
  2. On the top right of your window, you’ll see an envelope button. There you can find all your invites to different Realms and accept the ones you want.
  3. Once you've accepted an invitation to a Realm, click Play and the Realm will appear in your Friends tab under the Joinable Realms list.

How to cancel your subscription to Minecraft Realms

You can cancel your subscription from your app store's subscription settings. View your subscription from the settings menu in-game to find out which app store processed your purchase. From there you can also manage your subscription. If that doesn’t work, you can cancel your recurring payment by going to your settings in the app store where you made the purchase.

If you have a subscription with a Microsoft account (for Xbox), you can manage your subscription within Services & subscriptions while signed in to your account. From there, you can cancel your recurring subscription, which will take effect on your renewal date. As Windows 10 is a consumable subscription, you can view the details there, but you won’t be able to cancel or get a refund once purchased.

If you want to learn more or need help with canceling your subscription on other platforms, see:

If your Realm was created as a one-time purchase (i.e., one or six months), it will automatically expire after it has run out of days.

Troubleshooting problems with Minecraft Realms

If you're experiencing problems with Minecraft Realms, here are some topics to help.

Check the Xbox status page. If you see any services with alerts, expand the service, scroll down to Notifications, and sign in to receive a message when the service is up and running again.

If you’re having a hard time connecting, see the multiplayer connection issues troubleshooting guide on the Mojang website. If you've followed those steps and you keep having the problem, there may be a network connectivity problem between your network and the internet.

If you’re having problems setting up an Xbox/Microsoft account, find steps on how to set up your account here:

If you receive an error message while setting up a Realm, see:

We keep younger players safe online with child accounts. Players under 13 years old have online multiplayer disabled by default with Minecraft and won’t be able to join Realms or servers unless a parent changes their account settings to allow:

  • Creating and joining clubs
  • Joining multiplayer games

For help with changing these account settings, see:

Depending on your region and the service you’re trying to access, a parent or guardian’s permission may be required for a child to create a Microsoft account. This is in accordance with certain regulations that promote child safety along with greater visibility and management of data that’s stored about your child online. For more on these regulations, go to:

Did this resolve the issue?

Still need help?

Request a call, chat online, and more.

Contact times

Phone support

Monday to Friday: 6:00am-5:00pm PTSaturday to Sunday: 6:00am-5:00pm PT

Web chat

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours a day

Sours: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/games-apps/game-titles/minecraft-realms-overview
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Minecraft Realms guide - what is it, and how to set up your personal multiplayer server

Minecraft Realms are essentially your own private Minecraft servers, where you and your friends can safely hang out away from the dramas of the rest of the internet. However, what makes Minecraft Realms stand out from other private game options is that the worlds continue to exist even when their creators are offline. This means that other players on the guest list can call in whenever they like, to create stuff or work on a collaborative project at times that suit them.

You may have heard about Minecraft Realms, and wondered how they work or how to set one up in Minecraft. Coming up we're going to explain just that: exactly what the are and how they function, how much they cost, and how to invite friends in to enjoy the fun. 

Minecraft commands | Best Minecraft servers | Best Minecraft seeds | Best Minecraft mods | Best Minecraft shaders | Best Minecraft skins | Best Minecraft texture packs | Play Minecraft for free | Minecraft enchanting | Minecraft house | Minecraft Nether update | Minecraft Netherite | Minecraft Netherite tools | Minecraft Netherite armor

What are Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms are personal multiplayer servers that let you create a world in Minecraft and allows up to ten players of your choice to be online at the same time. You can either create a new world or add an existing world to Realms and new content is made available each month, including maps, mini-games, and character skins.

Your Realm will be online 24/7, so anyone that you've invited to join you will be able to play whenever they choose. And because you have full control over who can play on your Realm – you can revoke access at any time – it's a safe space for younger gamers to gather and play with friends without the worry of who they may be interacting with.

Minecraft Realms is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and various mobile devices, and you can access your Realm from any of these provided you have signed in with the same Minecraft account. Crossplay is also enabled, allowing you to invite friends no matter what platform they are playing on. The only thing you should be mindful of is which version you have if you're playing on PC – the Java Edition isn't compatible with most devices.

Another point to note is that Minecraft Realms doesn't currently support mods, aside from the packs that are included with the Realms Plus subscription (10-player Realms), so if that's something you care about, you may have to look for an alternative.

How much does Minecraft Realms cost?

The monthly subscription, Realms Plus will cost you $7.99/£6.69 for a maximum of 10 players per month. As well as getting your own private, always-online multiplayer server, you will also have access to over 50 Marketplace packs which includes maps, mini-games, and character skins. If you've never used Minecraft Realms Plus before, you may find you're entitled to a 30-day free trial.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit smaller, you can choose to create a Realm for a maximum of two players at $3.99/£3.29 per month. You'll get the same benefits of your Realm always being online but you won't have access to the Marketplace content. There's always the option to cancel later if you feel you're not getting much use from it.

How to set up Minecraft Realms

If you want to start from scratch and create a new world in Realms, go ahead and start setting up the world as you want it, with difficulty, mode (Survival, Creative), along with any other customisations you want to add. Once you're happy with your settings, you should look for the 'Create on Realms' button, just to the right of the default 'Create' option. You'll then be given the option of a 10-player Realm or a 2-player Realm. Once you've accepted the Terms and Conditions and finalised the transaction, you'll be able to access your new Realm – and Marketplace goodies if you selected the 10-player option – straight away.

Minecraft Realms is charged on a month-to-month basis so if you find that you and your friends don't get as much use out of it as you'd hoped, you can cancel at any time by visiting the subscription section of Microsoft's website.

How to invite friends to your Minecraft Realms

The good news is that friends that you want to invite to your Realm don't need to have the subscription to join and play with you. 

To invite friends to your Realm, click the Edit button next to your Realm world, then select 'Members'. You should see a list of friends that you have already invited and you'll have the option to invite more. It seems that the number of invites you can send out is almost limitless but the people that can play on your Realm simultaneously will be limited by your subscription type – so either two or ten players at a time.

This is also where you'll be able to 'uninvite' players if they've outstayed their welcome or haven't been active for a while.

How to change Minecraft Realms settings

You can change the settings on your current Realm world by clicking the 'Edit' button next to the name of the Realm. From there, you can make adjustments such as game mode, difficulty, change the name of the world or add cheats.

How to back up or replace your World in Minecraft Realms

You don't have to stick with the same World when using Minecraft Realms. If you want to start a completely new World or if you want to replace your current one with another, you can do that too. But you might want to back up your current World before doing so, otherwise you'll lose any progress you've made on it.

To back up your existing World on Minecraft Realms, click the 'Edit' button next to your Realm world and select 'Download World'. This will save the World to your device and you'll be able to play it locally or re-upload it again later if you change your mind.

To replace your current World on Minecraft Realms, again click 'Edit' next to your Realm world and select 'Replace World'. You will be then asked to confirm this action before being presented with a list of available worlds to replace it with. Once selected, the new world will be uploaded and you'll be ready to go.

Minecraft Realms Plus updates

If you've opted for the 10-player subscription to Realms Plus, you should keep an eye out for the monthly updates on the official website. New maps, character skins, and mini-games are constantly being added and as they're available for free with Realms Plus, it seems silly not to at least check out what's on offer.

Looking for more block building? Microsoft and Mojang release free Minecraft Education pack to help kids stuck in quarantine.

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/minecraft-realms/
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26, 2019Sleepless NightTsjo43Yes July 26, 2019Corrupted Tag CHESKIS and FabakiNo July 26, 2019MineBoatRacewarco311, MaxLoewe, christina_12Yes July 26, 2019UHC Ultimate Vertex CreationsYes June 28, 2019Knockback Madness Remastered Vertex CreationsYes June 28, 2019Makers Wars II MineMakers TeamYes June 28, 2019Dash Digger Dieuwt Yes June 28, 2019Hole in the Floor Remastered Vertex CreationsNo June 7, 2019Dance Floor Cavinator1 & CemreKYes June 7, 2019Bolt Vertex CreationsYes March 29, 2019Colorful Rotation 2 Vertex CreationsYes March 29, 2019Simple HockeyVertex CreationsYes March 29, 2019Trident Fishers CHESKIS Yes February 15, 2019WindmillVertex CreationsYes February 15, 2019Totem Clash HomiePinkGuyYT & Dank_Assassin Yes February 15, 2019Sheep Shuffle The_Artist123 Yes February 15, 2019Pixel PartyDutchCommander and Team Blocksanity Yes December 14, 2018Puzzle WarsAzerus TeamYes December 14, 2018Chromaticathe_suso_craft, adri2711 Yes December 14, 2018Heart RushVertex CreationsNo December 14, 2018Balloon Bash SirBenet Yes December 14, 2018Space Aces LegoBro, CdRCraft, ThatGreenGem Yes October 26, 2018The Crafting CubeVertex CreationsYes October 26, 2018TIX.TAXWector11211Yes September 28, 2018DreadnoughtVertex CreationsYes September 28, 2018Phantom Run iWacky Yes September 28, 2018Pirates Hide & Seek iWacky, ALEX_CY, It5meSam Yes September 28, 2018Spot the Difference NICO_THE_PR0 & ALEX_CY Yes September 28, 2018Four in a Line Kooleyy Yes August 24, 2018Capture Kings (more info) Vertex CreationsNo August 24, 2018Conveyor Crasher (more info) Dieuwt Yes July 19, 2018 Spread 2 (more info) RedstoneJunkiesYes May 11, 2018 Freezun (more info) Theticman, ChildOfStars, ChildOfMoon No May 11, 2018 Bow Blitz (more info) AngaBlue, Saundeh, OBLISION Yes April 20, 2018 PistonUp (more info) MineMakers Team Yes April 20, 2018 Easter Eggcitement (more info) Podcrash No April 20, 2018 Platforms (more info) Supersette, Chumbleweasel, PurpleCrystal02 No April 20, 2018 Sky Control (more info) Vertex CreationsYes April 20, 2018 Rogues (more info) Dieuwt Yes April 20, 2018 Minigame Blitz (more info) DarkPiep No April 20, 2018Plumber (more info) Wector11211Yes March 30, 2018 Easter Egg Factory (more info) JannisX11 No March 16, 2018 Barnyard Brawl (more info) ChainsawNinja, FancySmash No March 16, 2018 Palette Pellets (more info) Team Trailblaze No March 16, 2018 Party Parade (more info) Chromatis, Cxve No February 23, 2018Short Fuse (more info) Team Trailblaze Yes February 23, 2018Combat Cube (more info) ChromatisNo February 23, 2018Elemental Forces (more info) PingiPuck, _Wither31_, NotMitchu, Master_Nati No February 23, 2018River Rampage (more info) Vertex CreationsYes February 23, 2018Draughts (more info) federick90, marhjo, Aerh No January 26, 2018 Dodge (more info) Aerh, Avihay, Gamerrizz No January 26, 2018 Bombathon (more info, now Bombathon 2) Vertex CreationsYes December 15, 2017 Snowbound (more info) The Nice Elves No December 15, 2017 Sorcerer's Book 2 (more info) CmdBlockPL Team No December 15, 2017 Raft Clash (more info) SirBenet No November 10, 2017Tower Hour (more info) Pszemo No November 10, 2017Spread (more info) RedstoneJunkies TeamNo October 20, 2017Survivalists (more info) Team Trailblaze, dragonmaster95No October 6, 2017War of Wizards (more info) RedstoneJunkies TeamNo October 6, 2017Mirage Wars (more info, now Island Invaders) Vertex Creations and a bunch of crowsYes September 15, 2017 The Birthday Game RedstoneJunkies, PlagiatusNo September 15, 2017Sky Walker (more info) Kris Madas and iWacky Yes[4]September 15, 2017Crafty Monkeys (more info) MineMakers TeamYes August 25, 2017Magma Runner (more info) Rogue_BaronNo August 25, 2017PentaBlock (more info) Incarceron, Jbip, dragonmaster95No August 25, 2017Ninja Defense (more info) Rogue_BaronNo August 4, 2017Levitate (more info) 0SirAwesome, Luna No August 4, 2017Cantara (more info) JustThatHat and Infixes No August 4, 2017Diamond Defender 2 (more info) Xisuma, Pollieboy and Vilder50 No August 4, 2017Biome Run (more info) Supersette & PurpleCrystal02 No August 4, 2017Meteor Miners (more info) 123maarten123, likeabauws, YZEROgame No August 4, 2017Minecraft: The Island (more info) Blockception & Del ReyNo August 4, 2017Rod Run (more info) Theticman, ChildOfStars, ChildOfMoon No August 4, 2017Color Control (more info) Sybillian No July 14, 2017Color Drop (more info) MineMakers TeamYes July 14, 2017Fishing For Gold (more info) Kris Madas - iWacky & Wizzyz No June 30, 2017Simple Checkers (more info) Code__ Yes June 30, 2017Duel TNT (more info) ChainsawNinja No June 30, 2017Control (more info) Plagiatus, dragonmaster95, Etex, Tomhelduf No June 30, 2017Blast Off (more info) NeoMC and iWacky No June 30, 2017Shulker Rush (more info) MineMakers TeamNo June 30, 2017Space Wars (more info) Mapmakers From SpaceNo June 30, 2017Arena Rumble (more info) Team Trailblaze Yes April 14, 2017Fortress Frenzy 2 (more info) ChainsawNinja No April 14, 2017Chunk Runner (more info) NeoMC, FantomLX, and iWacky No March 31, 2017Monster Kids (more info) Moesh and Mojang No March 31, 2017Colorful Rotation (more info) CommanderRedstone, 7x2, Xeronsis, and Toddler No March 31, 2017Makers Party (more info) MineMakers TeamNo March 14, 2017Palette Slam (more info) Team Trailblaze No March 14, 2017Cublex (more info) Vilder50 and Pollieboy No March 14, 2017Sky Desert Challenge (more info) Code__ Yes February 8, 2017Elytron (more info) Theticman, ChildOfStars, ChildOfMoon Yes February 8, 201710 Minute Parkour (more info) FantomLX, iWacky, and Tiliba No January 20, 2017Battle of Gods (more info) McMakistein, Sqored, and EnrazeGamesNo January 20, 2017Highliner (more info) McDic and Kayan No December 16, 2016The Naughty List (more info) The Naughty Elves No December 16, 2016Ice Wars (more info) Team Noot No December 16, 2016Christmas Brawl (more info) MineMakers TeamNo December 16, 2016Logic&Elves (more info) Dwittyy No December 2, 2016 Hot Potato (more info) Team Cryus No November 18, 2016 Makers Punch (more info, now Makers Punch 2) MineMakers TeamYes November 5, 2016 Color Run (more info) Team CryusNo October 29, 2016Pumpkin Party (more info) Plagiatus, dragonmaster95, and Tomhelduf No October 29, 2016Trick or Treat (more info) CommanderRedstone, BREEZ90, gilly330, and PebbleNo October 10, 2016Valley of the Kings (more info) The Broken ButtonsYes September 16, 2016Makers Wars (more info) MineMakers TeamNo August 23, 2016Imperium (more info) Vilder50 and Pollieboy No August 16, 2016Ludo (more info) Plagiatus, dragonmaster95, and Vilder50 No August 16, 2016Wither's Challenge (more info) Xiantis
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