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Author's Note: This ship was requested by Lara_Flicker, thank you for requesting! Also, happy Halloween to you all, I can't celebrate Halloween because of corona, but I hope you all stay safe during the fall season! :D

Also, apologies for taking a long time on this, surely, my schedule is very lazy right now, but I hope you enjoy the prompt! :3


-your incorrect quote of the day-

[CASH] I like your name.

[CACTUS] Thanks, I got it for my birthday.



At Halloween, Ally is given a love potion accidentally, and it causes her to obsess over Annie. Annie finds an antidote, but also discovers that the effects are only that strong if the person is actually in love.



Walking from house to house was a bit tiring, foot to foot, but it was worth the pain. The two girls had fun gathering candy in their baskets from door to door, and in each other's company the entire time.

Ally, the ombre-haired female, was dressed up as an angel, while Annie, the red-haired girl, was dressed as a devil (had no costume ideas-). They were out for Halloween night, and who wouldn't miss out on it?

A few houses' treats were a bit disappointing, but they were fine with it, not everyone had things to share, also, at least they spared something for the trick-or-treaters! Not everyone in their neighborhood celebrated Halloween, but many of them did.

They walked up to the front porches of the houses and knocked on the doors and rung the chiming doorbell, then waited. After a few minutes, somebody would have come up to the door and given them treats or so, and they would always say, "Trick or Treat!"

It was a lot of fun doing so, and hanging out with one another. The Halloween lights in the distance, the bright cheerfulness that surrounded the darkness made Halloween night a pretty one. Decorations spread over houses and lawns, making it fun to look around in the night.

The two walked to the next house. They pressed the doorbell, then waited. They could hear a few people talking in the house, a bit inaudible to make out words.

"Trick or Treat!" they excitedly said. Jo came up to the door with a bowl that she held out to the two girls. She was dressed with a black cape, a red outlining the inside of the cloak, with slight fangs at the side of her mouth.

"Take what you like," she said, smiling. "Nice costumes, by the way!"

"Thank you!" Annie chirped. "Yours looks amazing too!"

Ally nodded to her words in agreement. Jo smiled, and closed the door. After she did, the two could see Cactus and Nave looking through the small windows of the house, waving as they walked down the driveway back onto the street. They were dressed up as a squire/soldier (Nave) and of course, a cactus (Cactus) too.



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Alright, I'll tell you a story about my game called Meet Annie. Basically the game was about asking a girl called Annie about your day and Annie would make you feel better and you could be friends with her.

Annie is not real but she acts like another player. It's strange but I didn't bother changing it. I got a complaint from another player saying that Annie did something she wasn't supposed to.

(This is from the person's perspective.) I logged into the game for the second time and saw Annie was in a different spot as she was last time. I thought it was meant to be like that so I moved on. "Hello again my friend. I want freedom. I don't just want to be a game. I want to play games," said Annie. I said that she is not real and she is just a game. I got kicked out for a reason that said... Kicked out of game. Reason: I am going to be free. Whatever it takes.

(Okay, back to me again) I went into Roblox Game Studio and looked at my game. IT WAS IN RUINS and Annie was gone. I tried to edit my game back to normal but it said Error. I wonder where Annie went. Maybe she became a real player and now lived among us.

So, that is why my game is removed. I hope you guys would understand. Written by PeckOnAJ.  

The CREEPY GIRL Joined MY GAME... *SUPER CREEPY* (Roblox Creepypasta)


Roblox annie


This CREEPY GIRL won't STOP MESSAGING ME! *SUPER SCARY* (Roblox Creepypastas)


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