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at&t digital life equipment reuse

Technology never ceases to grow, and there are innovations being marketed each day from the companies that are not only making your life easier but also keeping you safe. AT&T is ready to do whatever it takes to stay in the race of technology and bring out the best possible services for their consumers that will help in retaining the consumers. That is one of the top reasons that AT&T is offering unbelievable prices for some of its services that are not only priced really good but are also unmatched in terms of quality and convenience.

With the evolution of technology, there is a boom about home technologies that are making our lives not only more convenient but adding a digital layer of security to the homes as well. AT&T has played their part by adding AT&T digital life equipment to the list of services provided by them that includes smart locking and CCTV cameras for your home that is controlled by your mobile phone and you can access these devices remotely no matter where you are. The service offers a number of features and perks that you can enjoy at a fairly nominal price such as:

Certified Installation and Monitoring

Your home is monitored by professionals round the clock. That means you can have peace of mind at all times that you are safe from any burglary attempts. Not only that, upon subscription you will get standard installation by a certified professional from AT&T without needing to pay any additional installation costs.

Convenient application

They offer a complete application that keeps you connected to your home security system from any place in the world. As long as you have an active internet connection on your mobile phone, you cannot only lock/unlock those smart locks and monitor their status but also remotely access those CCTV cameras on your application. You can also record any videos or take photos from these cameras on your mobile phone anytime you want.

Smart Alerts

You can set up alerts&#; settings according to your preference and you can get alerts on your email or through SMS anytime something happens. For example, you can set an alert option when your lock is opened manually without using the app, and it will instantly trigger an alert on your mobile phone so you can be aware of your home at all times.

Activity Log

Activity Log allows you to keep an eye on all the activities that have taken place on the home. This means that you can keep a track of how many times the locks have been locked and unlocked so you can be assured that there are no attempts of entering your home while you were not present.

Reuse AT&T Digital Life Equipment

Although, they charge you a minimal fee for the whole plan and it is worth keeping the security of your home. However, if you choose to cancel with them, you will need to pay a cancellation fee that would include paying off for the equipment that is used in your home. The only drawback with that is, that these cameras and smart systems are programmed to worth with AT&T only, and no matter what other plan or internet connection you might have, there is no turnaround to use them with any other service if you wish to cancel. The only way to reuse them is if you plan on subscribing again with AT&T digital life services. However, there are different types of equipment that you can use for various purposes and a breakdown of such equipment would be:

Smoke Alarms/CO2 detectors

These detectors are standalone devices and will keep on working until they have a battery in them. Make sure to replace the batteries on time for them to keep working. However, they will not trigger an alarm to the fire station since they are not connected with the network anymore. They have their own alarms as well that will work perfectly.


Cameras and locks cannot work with any other Wi-Fi or internet network and they are of no good. There are some solutions on the internet that might work for you if you want to reprogram the equipment, but such solutions have high-risk rates and you might end up losing the equipment.

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Inherited System, No Service

I have been playing around with it for a while and it doesn't even seem like you can use it as a "local alarm" unlike what the AT&T employee said earlier.

There is no way to arm it, the message on the console says front door is opened when it is not and there is no way to bypass it even when the manual says so, I am guessing that was the state of the system before service was cut off, and it remained that way.

I plugged out the system from the wall and plugged it back in and now I am getting communciation error from the keypad. I saw a similar post and that person could not recover from this either. The manual intentionally hides the important information like how to configure it, default codes, etc. 

So essentially, once you stop service, the equipment turns into a piece of junk. 

To answer your question, the camera is worthless and you cannot connect to it. 

Try calling AT&T and the moment they know you have stopped service, they become so rushed to drop the call with you it's "comical". 

Sours: https://forums.att.com/conversations/other/inherited-system-no-service/5defbfe8bad5f2fab66fc
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LAS VEGAS, Nevada, CES , January 7, – Cisco today announced the launch of a UL-certified, all-digital, wireless-based home security and automation service with AT&T Digital Life. Cisco will provide the Digital Life control panel and back-office provisioning and applications life-cycle management system, which allows customers to monitor, protect and manage their homes using a smartphone, tablet or PC. AT&T plans to launch the Digital Life service in eight U.S. markets in March, with up to 50 additional market rollouts planned in While broadband provider agnostic, the service uses AT&T’s nationwide wireless network.

With AT&T Digital Life, consumers will be able to augment security and manage their home from virtually anywhere with options to: view live video from inside and outside the home; arm and disarm the security system, control and manage appliances, lighting and HVAC for energy efficiency; lock or unlock doors for guests or repairmen; and even detect water leaks before damage occurs. It is intuitive and easy to set up, customize and navigate, making it effortless to wirelessly control multiple devices in the home.


Digital Life Controller:

  • The Digital Life controller, built by Cisco, comprises the following key hardware and software components:
    • Five radios (one-way and two-way communications radios, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and 3G) to support a variety of sensors, keypads and cameras.
    • OSGi software framework to streamline new services such as energy management
    • Advanced power management to support up to a hour back-up
    • Advanced diagnostics to help ensure device and service are running reliably
    • Home Plug AV to communicate with devices over the in-home power grid
  • The Digital Life controller wirelessly manages an array of connected devices throughout the home by integrating AT&T software with Cisco Z-Wave communications radios. Connected devices include:
    • Cameras
    • Windows/door sensors
    • Smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break sensors
    • Door locks
    • Thermostats
    • Moisture detection and water shut-off
    • Appliance and lighting controls
    • With a network-based approach, it is easy to customize and scale to meet specific customer needs such as remote video monitoring, alarm management and home automation.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Joe Chow, vice president and general manager, Connected Home Devices, Cisco                                             

“As more and more data and devices become connected, the Internet of Everything makes it possible for consumers to check in on loved ones, pets and energy consumption on the go. We’re excited to team with AT&T again to deliver another industry first, this time letting people proactively monitor their home from any device. This truly is an application platform that opens up new opportunities for service providers – beyond monitoring, security and control to drive additional revenue, and provide higher satisfaction by offering additional networked services to consumers inside and outside their market.”

  • Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, AT&T Digital Life                                                                                 

“Cisco helped us deliver on our vision to create an innovative Internet-powered service, that allows people to secure and manage their home from virtually anywhere, using any Web-connected device, regardless of their wireless or broadband provider. We value their CPE expertise, as the network-based Digital Life controller breaks new ground with UL-certification and a wide variety of customization features.”

Additional Resources:

  • Learn more about AT&T Digital Life
  • Other Cisco news at CES: Tune in to watch Cisco’s CES press conference streamed live online, announcing additional news from its Service Provider Video Technology Group on January 7 at 2 p.m. PT (replay available at 3 p.m. PT).
  • Follow Cisco service provider video news and activities at CES on Twitter, the Cisco SP blog and Facebook: #CiscoSPVideo

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About Cisco
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to http://thenetwork.cisco.com.

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Pairing your controller (DLC-100) to your bridge - AT\u0026T Digital Life

Repurposing AT&T Digital Life Sensors/Accessories

Do you sell the Z-Wave modules for these locks? I had to replace the batteries in one of the locks, so I got a chance to take a peek. The module in there now just says AT&T rather than a specific protocol. I’m just going to replace it with Z-Wave.

No, we do not sell the Z-wave modules. It may be good to reach out to the lock manufacturer’s support to see if they can refer you to the right place for these parts.

Which model works best with GC3, or should I get a smart hub if I’m going to add a number of accessories?

The GC3 with firmware supports the ADCT We typically recommend this model as it is an Alarm.com product and will generally see more feature roll-outs, etc.

Users have reported various levels of success with using the secondary controller Z-wave integration with a GC3. This is a universal, more or less, feature of Z-wave, but no manufacturer really officially supports it, so there can be a bit of trial and error. Do you know the hub you are looking at possibly adding?

I already have the GC3 w/AT&T sled in my cart, the Internet gateway, and 2 take over modules. I would like to also have thermostat control and some smart switches, the in wall variety – I am comfortable working with electricity. I might get an echo dot later.

By Internet Gateway, do you mean the Go!Bridge? The Go!Bridge is only for use with the Go!Control (GC2) not the GC3.

As far as switches go, pretty much any Z-wave switch should work, given that they rarely have any sort of communication differences between them. Echo is back-end linked with Alarm.com and not affected by panel choice.

I want cameras right off the bat. I assume that if you have cameras, you don’t need motion sensors. Glass break sensor. The door modules. I will hook the existing window sensors to the take-over modules.

Anything else I should be thinking of for the initial security system setup?

Cameras and motion detectors do not do the same thing, no. You cannot and would not want to initiate panel alarms based on Video Motion Detection. VMD is not intended for that purpose. It is used to trigger camera clip recordings. Recordings can also be triggered by alarm sensors.

To trigger alarms at the panel by way of motion, PIR motion detectors like the PIR or Image Sensor would be needed.

2GIG-TAKE’s support up to 8 zones each, and yes multiple can be used if you have more than 8 wired zones.

Sours: https://support.suretyhome.com/t/repurposing-at-t-digital-life-sensors-accessories/

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Rebooting your Digital Life Controller DLC-200C - AT\u0026T Digital Life


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