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Soviet Army Uniforms of the Armed Forces of the USSR - items uniforms Soviet Army ( formerly known as the Workers ' and Peasants' Red Army and the Red Army ) of the USSR Supreme. In this category you will find some complete Soviet RKKA NKVD, Infantry, Artillery and Tank, Air Force WWII, Ameba Uniforms and separate components like Gimnasterka, M73 Jacket, Galife pants, Overcoat and others. The Uniforms are equipped with belt systems, bekts, hats and other accessories of Soviet soldier’s Uniform.

Soviet / Russian Soldier military uniform M69

  • Red army / soviet union army marshalls everyday military uniform
    Red army / soviet union army marshalls everyday military uniform Ussr army marshalls military uniform made for everyday use. jacket comes with shoulder boards, embroidery on the collar and sleeves and red piping on the sleeves. trousers with red stripes on the sides. visor hat is included. ..
  • Soviet / russian army colonel-general parade military uniform
    soviet army ground forces colonel-general uniform made for parade use. jacket comes with shoulder boards, embroidery on the collar and sleeves and red piping on the sleeves, trousers with red stripes on the sides. the visor hat and black tie are included. never used military uniform. ..
  • Soviet army MARSHAL's PARADE uniform with hat and epaulets M 45
    The ceremonial uniform of the Marshal of USSR of 1945.. the blue color. This uniform was approved in May 1945 for marshals, especially for the forthcoming Victory Day parade in Moscow on June 24, 1945. On the jacket is handmade embroidery. The color of the uniform is blue. The kit includes: a visor..
  • Soviet / russian army military uniform - gimnasterka jacket WWII
    Soviet army military uniform - gimnasterka (jacket) with shoulder boards CA. The M43 Gimnasterka Tunic was introduced as a uniform for the later years of the Great Patriotic War. By the order of Josef Stalin, the Red Army intended to invoke significant Russian Military Spirit by creating a uniform r..
  • Very rare genuine air forсe general of soviet union uniform
    soviet army generals aviation uniform is made of highest quality wool, consists of military jacket, trousers with blue piping, shirt, tie and hat. best quality gimp embroidery with 5% gold on sleeves, collar, shoulder boards and hat. buttons with ussr arms. new unused parade suit, size 52-54 (u..
  • Soviet fleet / russian naval Jacket submarine commander
    Original ussr military submarine commander jacket. sean connery "captain marko ramius" naval officer costume from the hunt for red october. (paramount, 1990). russian naval costume worn by sean connery as "captain marko ramius", with five gold button front closure and 3-star epaulettes. comes with o..
  • ☆ soviet / russian naval fleet admiral jacket ussr military suit ☆
    soviet naval fleet admiral military jacket. the item is like new, never used, made in ussr. comes with authentic admiral shoulder boards, patches on sleeves and one medal. Russian sizes 46, 48, 50 and 52 (US 36, 38, 40 and 42) come in blue, bigger sizes 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 (US 44 to..
  • WW2 Russian army military M43 GIMNASTERKA Tunic with belts system
    WW2 Russian M43 Gimnasterka Jacket. The set consists of the jacket with shoulder boards and belts system. Blouse - shirt is made of thick fabric is usually a direct stand collar.  January 15, 1943 by Order 25 for the soldiers and officers of the military tunic introduced a new sample. The unif..
  • Desert Uniform Russian Army kit for hot countries 50/4
    Desert Uniform Russian Army kit for hot countries 50/4(US 40 regular), 40" chest, 32" waist. Made for soldiers and officers who serve in hot countries. This military uniform is designed specifically for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia. Increased durability, improved thermal and mois..
  • Soviet / russian air force colonel-general parade uniform
    soviet aviation special air force parade colonel-general uniform. the jacket comes with shoulder boards, embroidery on the collar and sleeves and blue piping on the sleeves. trousers have blue stripes on the sides. the visor hat and black tie are included. never used military uniform. ..
  • Russian / soviet protection uniform kit m86
    soviet protecton nos uniform, used by stalkers in pripyat and area. can be used with gas mask for better protection. also may be used as anti-encephalitis and beekeeper protection suit. can be used as halloween costume, and on other holidays. never used, old stock (made in ussr 1986). ..
  • Soviet military warm vest - waistcoat telogreika
    Excellent Waistcoat of military style! Soft, beautiful, light, warm!  They are made from cotton and cotton wool. Perfect to keep you staying warm during. Also you can layer it under other jackets for added warmth. Vest You can use at any time of year for walks, hunting, fishing, tourism. &n..
  • Special Russian Navy uniform for sailors from the submarine
    Soviet navy suit kit, made for sailors serving in torpedo compartments on Russian submarines. Consists of jacket, trousers with suspenders (overalls), mask (with warm liner) and warm gloves. New condition black knight suit, unused military surplus from USSR. Size 50/52 (US size 40-42). ..
  • Liquidators khaki Chaes Uniform Russian Army Chernobyl gear
    Liquidators khaki Chaes Uniform Russian Army Chernobyl gear. This uniform is made in USSR with special treatment was made for Russian soldiers and liquidators for protection from radiation in Chernobyl Atomic Power Station CHAES biohazard and sandy winds in Afghanistan. Special design and khaki colo..
  • Russian Officer infantry USSR military uniform
    Russian Officer infantry USSR military uniform, made of semi-woolen fabrics. The uniform consists of the jacket with shoulder boards and trousers, red piping on the sleeves, trousers, and collar. New condition, never used. ..
  • M35 USSR NKVD Russian border guards Khaki Uniform
    M35 USSR NKVD Russian border guards Khaki Uniform. Used from 1939 to 1955 by border guard forces of the Soviet Army. Consist of the khaki jacket and khaki pants galife. You can optionally order additional items like boots. Like new condition, never used. ..
  • Lieutenant Infantry Soviet Army Khaki Uniform
    Lieutenant Infantry Soviet Army Khaki Uniform. On the form, there are distinctive signs. The military uniform consists of a jacket, collar tabs, and khaki galife trousers. This form was output in 1980th. Like-new condition, old stock. ..

Russian Army uniforms, Soviet and other military jackets, trousers and suits from Navy Fleet and Air Force Soldiers, Marines, Officers, Colonels, Generals and Admirals. Best prices on the web for top quality clothing for reenactment, collectors, etc. RKKA, NKVD, KGB suits and separate components like shirts, parade jackets, tunics and trousers. Red army uniforms are equipped with belts, hats, medals and other accessories of USSR Army surplus.

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73 Uniform

Obr 1969 / Obr 1973 Uniform

Two types of enlisted man's M73 uniforms. The summer version (Left) and the winter version (Right). Both have Motorized Rifle insignia sewn on.

TypeMilitary uniform
Place of originUSSR
In service1969 - 1990s
Used bySoviet Armed Forces and successor states
WarsSoviet–Afghan War, 1st Chechen War

The M69/M73 is a Soviet military uniform introduced in the late 1960s to replace the Gymnastyorka style uniforms, which had remained virtually unchanged since World War II. It was used by all branches of the Soviet Armed Forces aside from the Soviet Navy. Slightly modified in 1973, the uniform was produced in a wide variety of variants, and remained standard issue until finally replaced by the Afghanka uniform in 1988, though the uniform remained in use with second line units until after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Design Details[edit]

Technically, "M69" refers to the entire line of dress and field uniforms introduced by the Soviets with their 1969 uniform regulations, though typically "M69" is used to refer to the enlisted man's field uniform. The uniform was produced in two main versions - Summer weight, which is made from a lightweight cotton material, and was worn with the traditional Pilotka hat - and Winter weight, which is made from Wool Gaberdine, and worn with the Ushanka. The Summer uniform was worn from April to October, and the Winter uniform was worn during the intervening months. The only difference in cut between uniforms was the lack of knee reinforcements on the winter version.

Additionally, a 'tropical' or desert version of the uniform was produced for soldiers stationed in the southern regions of the USSR, made of a slightly different material. This version of the uniform also lacks the knee reinforcements, and features green felt insignia positions, similar to Shinel greatcoats. This uniform was worn with the Panamanka hat and seems to been discontinued after the mid-1970s, as examples today are rare. Another variant is a polyester-cotton blend version of the summer uniform, made from a similar material as the US OG-507 uniform. Some Pilotkas were also made from the same material. Again, these uniforms are rare today, with most examples that turn up being dated to the mid-1970s.

Officer's M69 field Uniforms were darker in color than enlisted man's summer uniforms, and have subdued green plastic buttons. They also feature branch-of-service colored piping on the trousers, and were worn with a subdued visor cap.

Originally the uniforms were made with green plastic buttons - in 1973 these were changed to polished brass.

The M69 featured a button-up tunic, doing away with the Gymnastyorka-type tunics which had been used by the Russian army for nearly a hundred years. One possible reason for the change was the likelihood of Chemical and Nuclear Weapons being used in a possible future war with the United States and NATO - If the Gymnastyorka, which was a pull-over design, became contaminated with chemical weapons or radioactive particles, it could not be removed without pulling it over the wearer's face, which would be highly undesirable.

The uniforms were worn with shoulder boards and collar tabs, which denoted rank and branch of service (see Military ranks of the Soviet Union). These were sewn on and in full color. While the insignia was supposed to be removed while in the field, in practice this was rarely done until the start of the Soviet-Afghan War in 1979. Additionally, like all Soviet uniforms, a Podvorotnichok was sewn into the collar and changed daily by the wearer. Soldiers could also wear awards on the uniform's chest while not in the field.


Following the Second World War, the Soviet Armed Forces continued to utilize the wartime M1943 Gymnastyorka uniform, until the introduction of the 1969 uniform regulations, which introduced replacements for virtually all the uniforms being used by the Soviet Armed Forces at that time, including a new Everyday/Field uniform. Although this uniform had no official name within the Soviet Military, today it is known in Military collecting circles as the M69, Obr69, or M1969, after the year of its introduction. A slight revision would come in 1973, when the uniform's green plastic buttons were changed to polished brass ones, which were more durable and had a sharper appearance.

Experience in Afghanistan showed that the M69 was not ideal for combat. It lacked deep pockets, featuring only two small pockets on the tunic and two on the trousers. The trousers themselves, which were breeches and were designed to be worn with tall Kirza jackboots, also became unpopular once more and more soldiers in Afghanistan began to acquire lace-up combat boots. As a result of these reports, a new, modern combat uniform - the Afghanka was developed. The earliest examples of the new uniform were issued to troops in Afghanistan starting in 1982, and by the late-1980s they were virtually standard among Soviet troops stationed there. However, the M69 remained standard issue to Soviet troops stationed elsewhere in the world. In 1988, the "M88" Afghanka became the standard everyday/combat uniform for both Enlisted men and Officers, replacing all versions of the M69. However, the M69 remained in widespread use and production up until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 - in particular the winter weight version. For a time it was common for soldiers to wear M69s while in garrison, and Afghankas while in the field. After 1991, M69s continued to be used by many of the Soviet Army's successors for several years. There is some photographic evidence of Russian troops wearing them during the First Chechen War in 1994, and some Chechen insurgents also wore them during the conflict. Today, M69s are popular collector's items.


  • Soviet Uniforms and Militaria 1917–1991 by Laszlo Bekesi The Crowood Press UK (June 30, 2011), ISBN 978-1847972606
  • Soviet and Mujahideen uniforms, clothing, and equipment in the Soviet Afghan War, 1979-1989. By Zammis Schein
  • Inside the Soviet Army Today. Osprey Elite Military History Series No. 12 by Stephen J Zaloga
  • Russia's War in Afghanistan by David Isby
  • Warsaw Pact Ground Forces by David Rottmman
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