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OpenCutList by L'Air du Bois

OpenCutList is a SketchUp Extension for automating the generation of a parts list, computing cutting diagrams, printing labels and generating cost and weight reports for woodworking projects.







Download and Install

The signed *.rbz package is available from the dist folder or from its official Trimble Extension Warehouse page:

Supported Languages

OpenCutList is available in French, English, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Czech and Dutch. Experimental versions of Arabic and Hebrew are also available, although without RTL interface. The interface language of OpenCutList can be selected independently of the language version of SketchUp. Translators or reviewers can join us on Transifex and actively participate in improving the quality of the translations.

Supported Units

In addition to the selected SketchUp unit, OpenCutList works with dimensions of solid wood, panels and dimensional lumber in fractional inches, even if the selected SketchUp units are metric and vice versa.


A few frequently asked questions are listed here.


A comprehensive guide to OpenCutList is not yet available.


There are a number of great videos on YouTube about using OpenCutList for woodworking projects.


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

Financial Contributors

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This code is under the GNU GPLv3 license.

Read the license.

Documentation for Developers

Read the documentation.


CutList for Sketchup Free


I used Ply… and it appeared in Board not Sheets - argh!

As I wrote and Steve showed in his screen shot.


You can add other Sheet words in the UI for the extension. I use ‘ply’ to keep it short.

Add appropriate words to the Sheet words field to get those objects to sort into the Sheet Materials section. I have words like panel, glass, ply, included. I do sometimes remove the word panel is the panels in a project are made from solid wood.

You can also add Part Words to that list so they get sorted into the right spot. Add pin, peg, screw, hinge, etc.

Remember to click on the Save Settings button after adding those words.

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OpenCutList ? The newest sketchup plugin added to the extension warehouse

OpenCutList is an useful sketchup plugin that is newly added to extension warehouse group. It can be used to automatically create the cut lists and cutting diagrams for any woodworking projects.

The plugin is compatible with SketchUp , SketchUp , SketchUp , SketchUp , SketchUp

This extension opts for the current selection or the complete scene when there is no selection and generates a list of parts containing quantities and sizes. The extension arranges the parts by material attributes with several sorting options.

The cut list can efficiently deal with Solid Woods, Sheet Goods and Dimensionals.

It is possible to directly print the "cut list" from the part list dialog or export it as a CSV file.

Cutting Diagrams are produced from Sheet Goods parts.

The development of this extension is connected with the Community Driven sharing platform project : L'Air du Bois. This extension is Open Source and accessible under GNU GPLv3 license on GitHub.

Caution : Update from the Extension Manager dialog in Sketchup do not work for You need to uninstall the older version first.

New from :
Cutting Diagrams for parts with material of type Sheet good.
New from :
New material type : Dimensional
Highlight a part in the model directly from part list.
New from :
Extension now supports resized components instances. It performs in a superior manner with Dynamic Components.

The extension is available in extension warehouse.

For online demonstration, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source L'Air du Bois

OpenCutList ? The newest sketchup plugin added to the extension warehouse
Exporting a timber frame cutlist from SketchUp


Cutlist extension sketchup


Tutorial - SketchUp CutList Plugin to Excel


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