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Motorcycle Seat and Cushion Reviews

Our Bums Feel Great After Weeks of Testing the Best Motorcycle Seats, Saddles and Cushions

Aftermarket seats for a motorcycle can literally be the difference between pleasure and pain. It doesn’t take long for us to get uncomfortable on a bike so we are avid aftermarket seat guys here at wBW.

As always when we test cushions or seats we’re in the saddle, on the road and really putting them through their paces weeks at a time. Any seat can be comfortable for a week or two but as time goes on you really understand the nature of a seat. The other thing to note is that it goes without saying that cushions are highly personally so read our reviews, but more importantly try to test some out yourself. You know where you normally feel pain after sitting for a while, you know how hard or soft you like your seat to me. That matters.

There are few things to think about when it comes to price. Custom made seats are awesome but they aren’t cheap. Removable cushions are reasonably priced and have lots of options (shapes, sized, materials, cushion material).

There is a huge selection of aftermarket motorcycle seats, cushions and seat pads and we couldn’t get to all of them. We continue to add new reviews so come back and check it out.

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Best Motorcycle Seats, Saddles and Cushions

Best Seat Covers
Best Seat Cushions
Best Seat Covers


Recent Reviews

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More Specialty Motorcycle Seat Information

Sheepskin Seat Covers: Sheepskin seat covers available at The Good Wool Store. GelSeat has sheepskin seat covers and other sheepskin products. Alaska Leather is the “home of the Alaska sheepskin butt pad”.

Motorcycle Saddle Cushions: The Butt Buffer is a polymer insert or pad that is claimed to reduce butt burn, lower back pain and fatigue; see the wBWReview of the Butt Buffer seat pad. Airhawk motorcycle cushions for chronic butt burn; expensive, but worth every penny. The Bead Rider custom beaded seat covers.  Alaska Leather is home of the “sheepskin butt pad”. The Pro Pad is made of a special polymer and comes in various sizes to fit different motorcycle seats.

Custom Motorcycle Seats:KonTour Seat makes nice-looking custom made or rebuilt saddles, using a “6 layer, air cooled, infinitely adjustable, damped, temperature regulated and breathable composite”.Russell Day-Long Saddles.  Corbin Saddles.  Sargent Saddles. Mayer saddles appears to be back in business; but both Mayer brothers have websites; try Rick Mayer or Bill Mayer, your choice I guess. How about modifying your own saddle with help from Dynamic Systems, Inc., foam and related products? Rich’s Custom Seats.

Motorcycle Seat Rain Cover: See the wBWreview of the Wraptor motorcycle seat rain cover, which protects the motorcycle seat and handlebars

Used Motorcycle Seats and Saddles: Try RL Motorcycle Saddles – they have saddles of all types for many motorcycles and also sell Airhawk cushions.

Owner Comments and Feedback

From “N.C.”:  “I have personally used several seats. Corbin – good quality, firm. I liked it a lot, my wife was less impressed (she wanted something softer). So I kept the Corbin on my Sportbike, ’cause I found it well shaped and could move around easily.

I did need one adjustment, and Corbin made it free after I called / emailed to explain what I wanted and shipped the seat back. After the rework (to make it less sloped forward), it was fine. NOTE: My bike had aftermarket front forks, so it was over an inch shorter than stock – likely contributing to the seat forward slope.

Rick Mayer – I had good results from him. Leather dual seat for a sports-touring bike (Triumph Trophy). Leather quality good, workmanship good, comfort very good for both me and my wife.

SARGENT: their off-the-shelf seat is fine, and their custom work looks good but I’ve never been on one.”

From “B.B.”:  “I found a simple solution for a comfortable seat for my 1993 Harley-Davidson FLHS Electra Glide Sport. I am a retired Motor Officer from northern New Jersey.

Unfortunately, my wife and riding partner passed away recently, so I decided to set up my motorcycle as a solo ride.

I was fortunate enough to attend the NYPD Motorcycle School in 1994, and then return for an instructor course that they hosted from Harley-Davidson and Northwestern University Traffic Institute the following year.

Each course was three weeks long, spending around six hours a day in the saddle. Despite the lengthy riding time, my butt never got sore or numb.

I purchased a Harley Police Motorcycle parts catalog for my year bike on EBay, using it to get the parts numbers needed.

I then found a used solo police motorcycle seat on EBay, and ordered a mounting kit through my Harley dealer (I also removed the rear passenger footboards, but that was just my personal preference).

The parts bolted right on and I added a used Motorola radio box, again from EBay, to complete the look (the radio box fits a container with three hot dogs from my favorite local hot dog place perfectly).

Luckily, my year motorcycle used springs on the seat, which made installation very easy. Others may have to add on an air cylinder for the seat (also usually available on EBay, sometimes as a set with the seat).

For those who wish to bring along a passenger, Mustang makes a seat for behind the police saddle that looks very comfortable. It is only for model year 1997 and later.

The Harley police seat is the most comfortable saddle I have tried, and makes riding a dream. This worked out great for me, and may be an option that others might wish to consider.”

From “T.B.”:  “I ordered rider and pillion seats for my 2007 R 1200 GS from Rick Mayer Cycles in April 2007 and waited four months for them to arrive.

With the seats, I ordered a cover tailored specifically for the two seats. What I received was bag-like affair that fit so poorly that it was never put to use.

A note provided with the order stated that the cover was backordered, would be shipped when available and that the provided cover was “temporary”.

Five months later I had yet to receive the cover and contacted Mayer to determine its status. The response was “Are you sure we did not send it to you?”  I responded in the negative and have yet to receive either a response or a cover.

I have since sold the motorcycle and am now requesting a refund to which I have yet to receive a response. And that is after 8 months.

With respect to the seats, they were quite comfortable; however, I was not greatly impressed with the quality.

The leather on one of the seats included a minor flaw and the manner with which the leather was stapled to the seat bases was quite crude. The quality certainly was not what I expected for over $1,000.

I am left with an impression of arrogance and an absolute absence of concern with customer service and Mayer will not have me as a repeat customer. I have ordered seats for my 2008 K 1200 GT from Sargent.”

From “K.W.”:  “I just had the seat for my 2003 Honda Silver Wing done (by Spencer’s Motorcycle Seat Mods) to great effect.

Before the mod I could not ride more than 30 minutes or so before my toes would go numb. Now, I can ride for hours.

As an added benefit I now sit in the seat rather than on top of it.

Where I used to have to lift my butt off of the seat on bumpy stretches of road (no shortage of those here in Vermont), I can now ride them out while maintaining much better control of the bike.

I asked for the more expensive “LD” option which set me back a whopping $90.00 to have the front and back of the seat done. Turn around time was ONE day!

About a week after I found (their) web site, Rider magazine did a write up of this new service. There is a link to the article on (Spencer’s) web page.”


Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides; Sit Longer Ride Farther

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Chances are, your stock motorcycle seat sucks. The cheaper alternative is a seat pad, but what’s the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides? In this post we give you some options to provide relief. 

Why Use a Motorcycle Seat Pad?

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, then you’re aware of how uncomfortable the seat can be, especially when you’ve been on the seat for a while. Most motorcycle manufacturers tend to focus on the build and mechanical-specific features of the bike rather than the comfort-ability of the rider (or passengerswhen your riding two up).

Because of that, most of the OEM seats on motorcycles are uncomfortable.

Can you just buy a new seat? Sure, but be ready unload some big  money.

That’s why you should consider purchasing a comfortable seat pad to place on your motorcycle if you’re planning on going for a long ride. It can be difficult to choose the best one for you, so here is a buying guide to help you decide.

Best Motorcycle Seat Pads for Long Rides

Motorcycle Seat Pad Buying Guide

If you’re just getting started, here’s a few things you’ll need to know about motorcycle seat pads. There are different types and they’re not all created equal. Of course everybody is different in their looking for comfort. Some swear by using a beaded seat but I can’t stand them.

Different Types of Motorcycle Seat Pads

Gel Seat Cushions

Gel seat cushions are simply a polymer based gel style cushion (similar to some office chair products) that are designed to relieve pressure points. Here’s a few pros and cons:

Pros of gel seats

Softer compared to foam or even wood beads, they can relieve pressure points or trouble spots for some riders. Next to using an air cushion, a lot of riders prefer using gel. 


Gel seat cushions do have a few issues to consider. After long periods of riding, they tend to flatten out (or crush) and don’t provide support. 

They can also be heavy and tend to retain heat. Gel is often incorporated into the seat itself by some manufacturers which is where gel works best rather than being a topper seat pad. 

Personally customized seat are great, but expensive. Plan on spending in the neighborhood of $1k for a rider/passenger seat combo. Motorcycle Seat Cushions are an inexpensive alternative.

Motorcycle Touring Tips

Sheep Skin

A lot of riders like and recommend sheepskin seat pads because of their ability to regulate body temperature. Which seems a bit counter intuitive, but if it works for sheep…

Sheep skin seat cushions are soft and because of the way they can regulate temperature in both the summer and winter months. They also provide reasonable air circulation while riding. Quality of course depends on how good the sheep skin.  


Budget friendly. Wool’s natural ability to absorb moisture wick it away from your skin. Can cut down on vibration and fatigue on long rides. 


At the risk of being vanity, they look terrible. Let’s face it, most motorcyclists won’t put anything on their bike that looks horrible. But if you’re strictly a function over style person, no worries!


Just about all stock motorcycle seats (I can’t think of any that don’t use it) use foam for cushioning the interior of the seat. The foam interior and vinyl together can make for a hard seat (specially in cold weather). You can purchase a foam seat topper for an extra layer, but then again that’s how we got here in the first place.

Foam is used primarily because it does conform to your body when you put your weight on it. There are different types of foam on the market such as memory and open cell foam. 

Each have their own pros and cons, but basic differences are that open foam is soft and absorbent while memory conforms to the body better. 


Seat pads made from foam tend to be more budget friendly. They can be comfortable depending on the type of foam interior. If you’re thinking of a foam cushion pay close attention to what kind of foam makes up the pad.


Foam can compress way too easy which means you lose support and puts your body right back where you started in the first place. Foam tends to be too hard (again, in the cold) and can add height to your motorcycle which can change your ‘feel’. 

Air or Inflatable Seat Cushion

These seats use a plastic or polymer on the inside of the seat that contains individual air chambers. Each chamber is connected so that air can pass between each one allowing ‘adjustments’ as the rider moves and shifts their weight. These pads were originally created to help wheel chair patients from becoming sore while sitting for long periods. 

The air chamber is surrounded by an outer covering of a breathable material with a non skid type rubber on the bottom of the outer covering.

The idea was then adapted for motorcyclists to help improve their rid. 


The air cel technology that these cushions utilize help to distribute your bodyweight evenly on the seat keeps the pressure equalized and painful areas starting. 


There really aren’t many. Some riders mention that in higher elevations that the seat loses a bit of air. This is an easy fix, you just pull off the road and blow it back up.

You can only travel only as far you or passengers butt will allow! For me it’s about and hour and a half to two hours.

Motorcycle Touring Tips

Beaded Cushion

Not much here. Generally the seat is made up of individual wood (or sometimes plastic) beads. Of course they are very stiff (it’s wood) but tend to be cooler in the summertime (1).


Very budget friendly. You can pick one up for under $20. They are cooler during hot weather. They fit most bikes without any problems.


Your sitting on wood. ‘Nuff said.

Benefits of Using Motorcycle Seat Pads

If you work in a job where footwear is important, then you make the investment in getting a good pair of shoes. The point is that if you’re on your feet all the time it’s worth the money. It’s the same with motorcycles; If you ride a motorcycle for long distances, then it’s worth spending the money for your comfort.

There are three basic benefits to using a seat pad:

  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Variety
  • Ride more, stop less
  • Blood flow
  • Posture support

We’ll take a brief look at each one.


Let’s face it;

The cost of retrofitting your motorcycle with a custom seat or saddle is pricey. In fact, you’d be lucky to get away with only paying around $700 or so. That’s about how much for me to get a “cheap” replacement for my GL1800 seat. Corbin and other custom seats may cost in excess of that and in fact you could pay over 1K for a custom seat.

With that in mind, using a motorcycle seat pad to ‘tide you over’ until you can afford something custom (and stay comfortable) makes sense.


By nature, motorcycles are more dangerous to operate than other types of vehicles, since they don’t offer the same protection for your body that cars and other vehicles do. That being said, you’ll need to focus on the road for the entirety of your trip in order to maintain safety and prevent an accident from occurring.

That being said, it can be dangerous to go on a long ride and not have a comfortable seat, since you can become irritable and focus more on how uncomfortable you are rather than focusing on the road. So having a comfortable seat pad for your motorcycle can make you safer on long rides.


Given that there are so many different bike styles, designs and different personal preferences from motorcyclists on the market, you have the ability to purchase a seat pad that works best for your specific circumstances. You can choose the right type, construction, shape, style, size, design and even the right color.

More Riding, Less Stopping

Theres nothing worse when your riding (either by yourself or with a group) and you feel like you’re constantly having to take a break. It feels like you’ll never get to your destination. The fact is, were ruled by our butt when riding long distances. If your comfortable you’ll be able to stay in saddle much longer and take breaks when you want to. Taking a break every one to two hours is recommended.

Good Seat Cushions Improve Blood Flow

It’s kind of a no brainer; When your sitting down you’re restricting blood flow. A good motorcycle cushion helps to prevent this from happening which in turn goes toward preventing potential medical issues.

Posture Support

Most riders tend to slump over while they ride. Sometimes this is bad habit and sometimes this is to relieve pressure on their pressure points. At the end of the day, it’s not good for your back. When your able to sit comfortable in your seat, you can maintain good riding posture: head up, back slightly arched and your core or stomach still.

In addition to deciding what kind of seat pad you want (air cushion, gel, beads etc) there are a few additional items to consider:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Shape and Size
  • Installation

Let’s break it down a bit.

Moisture Resistance

You’ll want to make sure that you find a motorcycle seat pad that’s able to resist the amount of moisture that it comes into contact with. More specifically to your circumstances, most people ride in warmer months, meaning that the temperature outside is warmer and causes you to sweat more.

Because of that, you’ll want a seat pad that can wick away this moisture and offer good air circulation as well as sufficient ventilation for warmer months. Aside from sweat, you’ll want a seat pad that can resist moisture from the rain, especially if you don’t have a garage. But you should technically be placing your bike under at least some type of storage location to protect it from damage.

Shape and Size

Seat pads come in a variety of different styles, designs and sizes in order to accommodate for the different types of bikes on the market. Because of that, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right size and shape seat pad to fit onto your bike in particular.

The size should be able to fit properly onto your bike, and it should offer adequate support for your body as well. Not only that, but you should also keep in mind the height of the seat pad overall, since some seats are thicker than others. Thicker seats may affect the distance that your body is from the ground, thus changing the way that your body fits on the bike.


Other than the seat’s construction itself, you should consider how easy it is to install the seat pad to the motorcycle. There are a variety of different ways that a seat pad can attach to a bike, so it’s important that you choose a pad that can be installed easily while still offering the protection and stability that you need (2).

How to keep a Motorcycle Seat Cool

The most tried and true way of keeping your motorcycle seat cool is to simply park in the shade. You can identify the new rider when they have a choice between parking in the shade or out in the open and they pick the open area!

Here are few ways to keep your motorcycle seat cool:

  • Park in the shade
  • Use a mesh seat cover
  • Place a jacket, towel or other rag on your seat
  • Wear long pants

Editors Choice: AirHawk R Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Pad

Editors Note: I own the Airhawk. You can read our full Airhawk R cruiser seat pad review here

Number one for a reason. The airhawk is recommended by motorcyclists that want a way to cut costs on purchasing a new seat but also want to improve their ride. Overall, its lightweight, durable and provides good ventilation for your posterior. 

Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad

There are three layers of knit polyester that offer a breathable mesh for riding on warmer days and keep air moving. The air cushion itself is made of individual cells or chambers that can help with pressure points (or any other problem areas you may have) while your riding.

The air chambers are connected so air can move from one chamber to the other to react to your body weight. so that the cell height can react differently to your body in different areas. The amount of air can be adjusted for hardness depending on how hard or soft you want the pad.

The Airhawk is easy to install and come with securement straps. You may not need them as the bottom of the outer cover is rubberized and won’t easily slide off of the motorcycle seat.


  • Available in three size options that offer the most customization
  • ​Provides for easy leg passage​
  • Promotes blood circulation with the interconnected air cells
  • Lightweight
  • Can be inflated by mouth, no special pump needed.


  • Can lose air at higher altitudes


Overall, each of these motorcycle seat pads are able to offer you a wide variety of different beneficial features for when you’re planning on riding for a long period of time. They all have the ability to be easily installed, and they all offer air ventilation that can help to reduce the amount of heat accumulation within the seat.

best motorcycle seat pad for long rides

But it can be difficult to choose the best seat pad if you’re not aware of the best overall beneficial features. Consequently, the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides is product #1: the Airhawk R Cruiser Motorcycle Seat. This seat presents an air cushion that can distribute your weight in order to reduce strain and provide pressure point support.

Furthermore, this seat offers an ergonomic design that features a cutout center to provide tailbone relief. Lastly, this seat is constructed using a durable polyurethane material as well as three layers of polyester knit fabric for optimal circulation. Given these features as well as the air

Recap of Choices

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Thinking of upgrading your motorcycle seat? Well, one thing you need to know is that by simply getting an aftermarket seat, it’s possible to transform your riding experience, for good. But with so many options available, you need to begin by understanding your goals so you can refine your search.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance

So don’t let that decision intimidate you. The key to finding the best motorcycle seat for long distance is to find one that significantly enhances your riding experience.

  • Are you simply buying the seat as a style statement or for functionality?
  • What’s your style of riding like?
  • Do you constantly expose your bike to harsh weather (or not)?
  • Do you often ride accompanied by a passenger?

Now, based on your riding habits, budget, and personal style, it’s much easier to settle on the seat that works best for you.

7 Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides 2021 – Comparison Table

Here now is a run-down of some popular aftermarket motorcycle seats. But first, we have a detailed table meant to help you get the lay of the land.

The Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance in 2021

1. Air Hawk Motorcycle Cushion FA-AH2MED Seat

A long motorcycle ride is very refreshing in a comfortable seat and quite a dread in a bad seat. Air Hawk Motorcycle cushion will enhance your current motorcycle seat.

The cushion is designed with features to give you comfort over long distances while ensuring that your body remains healthy.

Manufactured in the USA, it is an inflatable cushion made with polyurethane. The sides are mesh. The bottom has a non -skid material while the cover is stretchable.

The cushion pad is constructed using patented Air Cell Technology, multi-cell design and built-in stress relieving features.

While the cover has open-mesh panels and strong straps. It comes at a slightly higher price than other similar cushions.

The Cushion

The cushion is engineered with air cells that are joined together. The joined air cells work by redistributing weight to your entire butt. This is so that pressure is not concentrated on only some spots.

By doing this, none of your body parts will experience pressure and this will greatly reduce the risk of developing pressure related injuries.

Multi-Cell Technology

The multi-cell technology absorbs vibration and provides optimum comfort. While the stress relieving factors work by reducing pressure on the prostate, scrotum, and tailbone during riding.

The cushion’s open-mesh side panels encourage air ventilation and prevent heat build-up. In addition, the tapered design enhances the comfort of the legs.

The cushion will also not increase the height of the seat or prevent your legs from accessing the foot pegs.

The cushion has straps that are easy to install on your motorcycle seat. Inflating the pad is easy, you simply inflate the valve with your mouth.


  • Air hawk is a known brand
  • It is easy to store, simply deflate it.
  • It reduces chances of developing pressure related injuries
  • It is comfortable
  • It is easy to install
  • It does not increase the riding height of the motorcycle


  • It is a bit expensive though it is way cheaper than buying a replacement seat
  • It takes a little bit of time to get used to riding with a pad

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2. Mustang Motorcycle- One-Piece Wide Seat Vintage Touring 76641

Did you know that your motorcycle seat is the main component that determines your comfort when riding? Mustang Motorcycle- One-Piece Seat is a good option to consider if you want to replace your current motorcycle seat with a more comfortable and better supporting seat.

The One-Piece Straddle

It is a one-piece studded straddle having two sections, the driver seat part and passenger seat part. The front is 18 inches wide while the passenger seat is 12 inches wide.

Though it is more expensive than other brands in the market, the price difference is small.

Deeply Contoured

The driver seat is deeply contoured. In addition, the passenger seat supports the riders back by extending forward.

Also, the passenger seat has built-in support wings. The seat comes with a durable vinyl cover. Worth noting is that the seat is manufactured with rubber bumpers which help in minimizing vibration.

Besides that, it is easy to install it and fits right. It takes a couple of minutes to unscrew your old seat and replace it with this one.

The downside is that the product warranty information is not very clear.


  • Perfect for long distance travel
  • It is competitively priced
  • The seat is very comfortable
  • It is easy to install it
  • Beautifully designed


  • The product warranty information is not very clear.
  • Seat replacements are generally expensive and require a good budget

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3. Alaska Leather-Pillion Sheepskin Buttpad – Motorcycle Seat Pad

Comfort is of the essence when riding a motorcycle, especially over a long distance. Alaska Leather-Pillion motorcycle seat is made in Alaska USA and a perfect way to boost your current seat. It has many attributes and benefits.

Authentic Material

The pad is made from 100% sheepskin, with no synthetic additions, just the straps and the wool being dyed black. The sheepskin pad is made by being contoured to fit the seat dimensions and sheared to about 1″.

The underside is left uncovered to give the pad grip and avoid the pad from sliding on the motorcycle seat.

The Ability to Retain Warmth

Naturally, a sheep’s temperature is regulated by its skin. The skin retains warmth during winter and breathes during the winter. In addition, sheepskin repels moisture naturally.

Alaska Leather-Pillion motorcycle seat is 100% sheepskin. Therefore it is warm during winter and cool during the summer, and it repels moisture.

It comes with an adjustable elastic strap for fitting on your motorcycle seat. It is very easy to install the pad. Simply strap it onto the seat.

One hitch with this pad is that it is only designed to fit the rider’s section of the seat. You may need two pieces if you intend to cover the passenger’s side too. Also, it is thin.


  • Very affordable
  • Made from 100% genuine sheepskin
  • It is always the right temperature, it never heats up or gets too cold
  • It is very comfortable
  • Fits well


  • You may need to buy two pieces if you intend to pad the passenger section as well
  • The padding is thinner than other cushion pads in the market

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4. Air Seat Innovations-Motorcycle Cushion Seat Pad

Air Seat Innovations-Motorcycle cushions are designed to give comfortable riding experiences.

It is an air cushion. It is not made with foams or gel layers. It is designed with compressed air pockets which adjust to your shape. The patented air pocket technology, lets pressure be relieved from hotspots namely scrotum, tailbone and prostate area on your body.

Durable Neoprene

The pad is made from durable neoprene rubber and not polyurethane. Neoprene rubber is more durable than polyurethane plastic. It has a non-slip bottom lining for proper grip during rides.

The product comes in two parts, the pad, and the cushion cover. The cover is breathable and stretchable material, minimizing humidity and sweat.

Shock Absorbent Design

The pad also absorbs vibrations and shocks experienced from long rides due to road, engine or terrain.

The cushion is competitively priced with quite small price variations from other brands in the market.

Besides that, it is very easy to mount the pad. The valve is inflated using your mouth. Then the straps are easily mounted on the seat.

The pad fits many models of motorcycles including Harley’s, Sports Touring, among others.


  • It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is competitively priced
  • It is made from durable materials
  • It has a non-slip bottom
  • The design prevents pressure in hotspot areas in the body


  • It takes a little bit of time to get used to the pad. It has a different feel from the usual motorcycle seat.
  • One-size fits all

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5. Mustang Motorcycle Seats-Two-piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat 76191

Mustang Motorcycle Seats-Two-piece seats are made in the USA by Mustang which has a reputation for manufacturing durable and comfortable motorcycle seats. They are designed to improve the comfort levels of the motorcycle, making it perfect for long rides.

Two-piece Design

It is a two-piece, meaning each seat comes with two seats. One seat for the driver while the other seat is for the passenger. The seats are attached together.

It comes with a studded style featuring a studded skirt that has conchos and a braid made to extend below the seat edge. The cover is made from premium-quality vinyl. The seat is finished with braided edge trim.

Lumbar Support

The passenger seat provides lumbar support to the rider of the motorcycle by extending forward. The seat does not lower or raise the seat height.

It is easy to install the seat on your motorcycle, you simply unscrew the old seat and screw this one in its place.

Replacing a seat is generally quite expensive. If your budget is tight and your motorcycle seat is in good condition but uncomfortable, then you can consider the other option of buying pads/cushions.


  • Mustang is a popular brand
  • Excellent back support
  • It is competitively priced
  • It is durable
  • Very comfortable and ideal for long rides


  • It is quite expensive to buy

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6. Conformax Topper Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

Comfort by Conformax Topper is manufactured in the USA. The seat is made from a combination of gel and foam.

It is manufactured by placing a layer of gel on top of a layer of foam. The gel reshapes to suit the rider of the motorbike. The layer of foam provides support while also absorbing vibrations and shocks.

The cushions offer lumbar support and rear buttocks support in addition to bone protection of the hips and buttocks.

Classing & Ultra-Flex

They have two designs to suit your personal preferences, Classic and Ultra-flex design. They also have standard seats or Airmax seats.

Both models have airflow and ventilation, to give you comfortable and cool rides but the Air max seat has better airflow and ventilation than the standard model. They also have two types of fastenings, to choose from.

They have eleven sizes on offer to suit your needs and your motorcycle fittings.

Powerful Seat Cover

The seat cover is strong and can withstand long rides. In addition, the seat reduces heat buildup when the motorcycle is in the sun.

The seat is designed with a non-slip bottom to reduce sliding while on the motorcycle. Installing the cushion is easy and fast.

Many models are good, but the customer requires time to understand the features of the different models to be able to make a choice.


  • It is very comfortable over long distances
  • The cover is meshed providing excellent ventilation
  • Excellent back support
  • It is affordable
  • Multiple styles and various sizes to choose from


  • Too many choices can be confusing to a customer and requires time to make a choice

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7. Sargent-Motorcycle Seat World Sport Performance

Sargent-Motorcycle Seat is a perfect replacement seat for the OEM. Most OEM seats are associated with discomfort.

Awesome Design

The seat is made using state of the art technology. It uses a combination of superior materials plus computer design techniques and advanced digital modeling for superior comfort. The seat is of high-quality comfortable and lightweight.

The seats are gel-free, reducing the added weight that comes with gel cushions. The model fits Suzuki DR650S. The seat fits well on the motorcycle and has a good finish, look, and it is wider.

Firm & Shock-Absorbent

They are made from supercell atomic foam suspension, which offers firmness and absorbs shock and vibration. The shape of the seat distributes weight evenly across your buttocks, reducing the chance of pressure accumulating in few hotspot areas.

Making them ideal for long distance travel. The hand sewn cushion cover is made from marine-grade mildew resistant UV-stabilized CarbonFX vinyl.

They are easy to install on your motorcycle.

The cushions are much cheaper than other seats in the market.


  • CarbonFX Vinyl handmade cushion cover for durability
  • The cushion itself is made from SuperCell atomic form for boosting comfort during rides
  • The cushion eliminates forward slopes.
  • They are easy and fast to install on your motorcycle
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good customer reviews


  • It is not a one-size fit all but made for a particular brand of motorcycle

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The Buying Guide

Motorcycle seats come in different shapes and sizes. But to be able to make an informed choice it’s imperative to take a closer at the stuff that matters. We’re talking about craftsmanship, quality, and materials.

To do that, let’s understand the specific factors to look into based on the anatomy of a motorcycle seat.

Comfort Features

Always make sure the seat you’re going for comes with all the comfort features you need to enjoy the ride. In particular, you want to only settle for a seat with stress-relieving features for your prostate, scrotum, and tailbone.

Passenger Seat Support

Are you planning to carry a passenger on your bike? Look for a seat that’ designed to provide the appropriate lumbar support for them. In particular, you want something that’s deeply contoured and angled for that role.

Ease of Use

Who said you have to spend an entire day installing a new long distance seat? Some seats are designed to be extremely easy to use. Some even come with a quick release strap for simplified installation and removal.


Like with any other valued possession, it’s important to have the assurance against manufacturing flaws. So, always prioritize going for a motorcycle seat with warranty over one without.

Which One Is The Best?

The AirHawk motorcycle seat cushion is probably the best deal we’ve encountered so far. Not only is it affordably priced but also comes with a well-thought-out design. It has built-in stress-relieving features as well as open-mesh side panels for enhanced air ventilation.

Final Thoughts

We know all too well that investing in a good motorcycle takes lots of research. To this end, we hope that the analysis shared above will help you make a solid choice.

New Motorcycle Air Cushion - Why am I so Cheap?


  • Some pads can be difficult to strap on, so make sure you tighten down all the buckles and straps on the pad to prevent it from sliding around. Also be sure to look for seat pads that feature a non-slip grip material on the underside to add even more stability.
  • You may need to try out different seat pads to see which ones offer the most contouring, padded support for your body style.
  • Keep your seat pad clean by machine washing or wiping down with a damp cloth after long or heavy use.


Q: Are seat pads really necessary on a motorcycle?

A: You may not need a seat pad on short excursions or daily commutes, but if you’re planning an epic road trip or a multi-state tour, you will be super glad to have one. Regular motorcycle seats can create painful pressure points and decrease vital circulation and blood flow, making your road trip an excruciating experience for your back and spine.

Q: Does my clothing matter with a seat pad?

A: Not usually, but some leather pants can slide around on some seat pads. Of course, we never recommend wearing shorts while riding your motorcycle, whether with a seat pad or without, just from a safety standpoint.

Q: How do seat pads attach to the bike?

A: Most use simple straps and buckles you'll need to tighten down to keep the pad from moving or sliding while the bike is in motion. Also look for a pad with a grippy non-slip layer on the underside that will add an extra layer of stability and prevent sliding while underway.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to our top pick overall, we had to go with the Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Motorcycle Seat Cushion. It’s a generously padded option that promotes excellent comfort and airflow and is offered at a good price point.

If you’re looking for added comfort on a tighter budget, check out the MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector. It’s a sleek and streamlined design that provides just enough extra cushion to let you go farther and longer.


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Mustang Motorcycle Seats Buying Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I purchase a quality product from Mustang Motorcycle Seats?

  • Sales quantity. You can check the total sales quantity of the product from Mustang Motorcycle Seats.
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