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Fallout 4: The Original Soundtrack&#;s Most Iconic Songs, Ranked

One of the many beloved aspects of Fallout 4is the colorful and iconic original soundtrack. Composed by the talented Inon Zur, each song serves a critical role in telling Fallout 4's story, providing ambiance to certain locations or making the combat much more visceral and intense.

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There are certain songs that players have left an impact on the fanbase. Either due to the frequency they play, what was happening when they triggered, or for how much players enjoyed them. These are arguably the most iconic songs in the game’s wonderful soundtrack.

10 Welcome To Far Harbor

Far Harbor had a different feel & tone than the rest of the game and the song “Welcome To Far Harbor” definitely helped set that mood. As players are traveling by boat to the foggy shores of this mysterious place, this song let players know deep & dark secrets are afoot.

It isn’t very long, lasting a little more than a minute, but having those somber violin notes, the eerie ambiance in the background, the slow piano, and the haunting voice at the end made it a memorable song.

9 Wandering, The Glowing Sea Parts 1 & 2

The Glowing Sea is easily the most dangerous place for players to tread in the main game. The area is thick with radiation and a variety of powerful mutated monsters. Both “Wandering, The Glowing Sea Parts 1 & 2” will play as players explore this irradiated world.

It was a memorable experience made more so by the deep and dark notes of this song as players looked around this hellish waste. If radiation had a theme song, it would probably be this chilling piece.

8 Imagine Utopia

For players who explored the Institute, they’d often be accompanied by the song “Imagine Utopia.” This futuristic piece seemed out of place compared to the other songs on the soundtrack because it seemed upbeat.

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With electronic tones and beats, it provided soothing music that was a nice relief from the chaotic combat music and darker environmental ambience. Something about the song suggested not everything was sunshine and roses, but it was still calming nonetheless.

7 Covert Action

Players aligned with the Railroad would be greeted with the song “Covert Action” whenever they spoke to the underground operatives or explored their secret base. The song was like listening to the soundtrack of a James Bondfilm.

The blending of horns and electronic sounds are appropriate for a faction of humans & Synths working side by side to oppose the Institute. For players who enjoyed stealth and acting as special operatives, this was a fun song to do it with.

6 Honor & Steel

Many players gravitated towards the Brotherhood of Steel to gain access to their Power Armor centric technologies. When players step aboard the Prydwen, they're often greeted by the militaristic notes of “Honor & Steel.”

With booming trumpets, trombones, the tapping of drums players no doubt felt like warriors on a military campaign to rid the world of evil. With this faction, players were soldiers and this was the thundering soundtrack they marched to.

5 Still Standing

While other factions may be more popular, it’s likely every player initially started out as a member of the Minutemen. Even going so far as to populate Sanctuary and give the Minutemen a home. The song “Still Standing” would play whenever the player was in the presence of Minutemen and would often play in either Sanctuary or The Castle.

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As a result, it’s perhaps the most iconic faction theme song that plays in the game. With the flutes, drums, and bagpipes, it was a song that hinted at survival, revolution, and hope.

4 Science Secrecy

Without spoiling anything, “Science Secrecy” was a very memorable song that played during an important death in the storyline if the player sided with the Institute. As players are wrestling with the mixed emotions of that moment, this haunting song plays in the background.

It has the Institute ambiance mixed with can only be described as regret, loneliness, and loss in musical form. It was a sublime and somber moment with a song that matched it perfectly.

3 Time To Die

Considering most of the game involves combat, it’s not hard to imagine that most players will recognize “Time To Die” almost instantly. This is by far one of the more common songs to play when an enemy turns hostile in the player’s presence.

Whether it’s fighting off Mole Rats or going toe-to-toe with a group of Raiders, players would have these dark and grating notes. It may have gotten old after a while, but it will bring up memories of interesting fights for many players.

2 Dominant Species

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, players are convinced that when Legendary enemies appear in battle, the song “Dominant Species” will start playing. In fact, ask any player what they think of when this song plays and it’ll often be going face to face with a Legendary Deathclaw or an Assaultron Dominator.

It’s a very memorable song with thundering drums, booming French Horns, and hair-raising violins. This was an action-packed song for those epic moments. This was also the common combat music during many of the game’s trailers and at the E3 demonstration.

1 Main Theme

Could it be anything else? The “Main Theme” is by far the most iconic song in the entire Original Soundtrack composed by Inon Zur. As the main title screen pans around to show the various items in the Red Rocket garage, this song would play. While players started a new game or loaded an old save, this song would play, hinting at what was to come. There were even some notes of it used in the intro cinematic, further ingraining the song into player’s minds. It’s the first song on the official soundtrack for a reason.

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Fallout 4: The Top 10 Music & Audio Mods So Far

When you've been frozen for a few hundred years following a nuclear holocaust, only to be let out to explore the ravaged wasteland, you're going to need some good audio to accompany you on your trek.

Thankfully, the Fallout 4modding community has done a bang-up job of providing a ton of audio-related mods that can tweak your sound experience for the better. Here are 10 of the best so far, in no particular order.

10 50 Atom Cats Pippod Tracks

The 50's-inspired soundtrack of the Fallout games has been a signature staple of the series for quite some time. The undeniable charm of these historic treasures continues to stand the test of time, providing an excellent backdrop for mowing down scores of wasteland horrors.

50 Atom Cats Pippod Tracks features exactly 50 tunes from the classic era of radio pop music, including tracks from Joe Turner, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, just to name a few. They meld perfectly with Fallout 4's existing soundtrack to expand upon it.

9 Fallout Suite - Soundtrack Extension

If you lean more on the ambient side of the musical scale, you might be interested in Fallout Suite - Soundtrack Extension, instead. This mod features nineteen individually recorded and mastered tracks performed with the same feel as the Fallout 4 soundtrack.

With about hours of music added to the existing soundtrack, you'll be able to traverse the Commonwealth with more musical variety beyond the standard tracks included with the vanilla game. The mod triggers many of these songs at key points throughout the game, including weather phenomena and time of day.

8 Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape

There's more to audio than the right kind of music. To sell the notion of a war-torn wasteland, Fallout 4 requires a good set of environmental sounds to go with the visuals.

Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape does exactly that. It creates subtle sound effects such as wind passing through leaves, chirping birds and creaking wood effects to give off the haunting, isolating feel of travel on foot.

7 Commonwealth Warfare - Explosions

When it's time to light the fires, you'd best do so with the right explosion effects waiting in the wings. Commonwealth Warfare - Explosions adds a ton of extra punch to the game's in-game explosive sequences, making them far more dramatic than the original.

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Certain effects such as the Fat Man nuke explosion are appropriately realistic this time around, with a slight impact delay as the sound travels, before thudding your computer speakers with a muffled low-end rumble that is far more ominous and realistic than the original.

6 You Talk Too Much

Fallout 4's NPCs aren't scripted in a particularly realistic fashion, which means many of them pipe up the moment you so much as cross their eye-line. This is particularly irritating, especially in groups of several huddle together.

You Talk Too Much realizes the silliness of this trigger system, and works to expand it in order to reduce NPC chatter across the board, without sacrificing anything in terms of dialogue options or story. In also quest-friendly, and guaranteed not to break your travels.

5 Quieter Settlements

Beggars can't be choosers, but how's a guy supposed to get any sleep with all that racket taking place across your settlement? Hammering and jabbering are just a few annoyances, not to mention those nerve-fraying power generators.

Luckily, Quieter Settlements is here to put a stop to all of that by tweaking the sounds for generators, turrets, fusion generators and builders, to name just a few. This creates a far more peaceful settlement without the need to scour the wasteland for a clean pair of earplugs!

4 Realistic Weapon Sounds

The weapon sounds in Fallout 4 aren't bad, but there's always room for improvement. Realistic Weapon Sounds does exactly as its name suggests by overhauling the various weapons in the game for a more accurate depiction.

Reverb, ambiance and volume have all been given a ground-up treatment, allowing for far more immersive and engaging combat with realistic effects that add a ton of immersion to the game.

3 Classic Fallout Ambient Music

Diehard long-term Fallout fans will enjoy the opportunity to inject songs from the original two games in the franchise into Fallout 4.Classic Fallout Ambient Music is not a replacer mod. Rather, it pairs up the classic soundtracks with the Fallout 4 album to create a mix of tunes for your next play through.

24 tracks have been added to the game, and are programmed to trigger during specific scenes and events. Hopefully this adds a bit more nostalgia into your gaming experience.

2 Radiant Birds

Birds are an integral way of drawing you into the environmental soundscape of Fallout 4, which is why Radiant Birds is such a great mod. When paired with other environmental audio mods, it can make the Commonwealth feel simultaneously alive, and haunting at the same time.

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Crows are spooky and ominous, especially when traversing through the shattered woodland areas, and seagulls dot the waterways to give a faint glimmer of hope at the last bastion of activity in a world gone relatively silent. Alternatively, you may simply be a bird person who doesn't mind the constant cackling and cawing of buzzards waiting in earnest for you to drop dead, so they can pluck your eyeballs out of your skull!

1 P.A.M.S. - Power Armor Movement Sounds

If the original power armor sound effects were too light for your tastes, then you're not alone. After all, you're essentially piloting a bipedal vehicle. The sound effects should reflect that.

Luckily, we have Power Armor Movement Sounds, an overhaul of the power armor sound effects that makes each step feel that much more heavy and impactful on the ground. No more shuffling around like a bit of semi-loose metal plating. You'll be concerned about the stability of the floor underneath of you, which is how it should be! It doesn't drastically overhaul anything else about the power armor, but this mod alone can really change the way you feel when you finally slip into one.

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I got into a fight, and long after said fight the battle music is still playing. I've tried waiting, fast traveling, turning radio on/off, saving and quitting, etc.
I cannot get the battle music to stop, does anyone know how to fix this?

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Fallout 4 Fight theme - Epic (Extended) HD

Fallout 4 OST

|  #  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  D  |  E  |  F  |  G  |  H  |  I  |  J  |  K  |  L  |  M  |  N  |  O  |  P  |  Q  |  R  |  S  |  T  |  U  |  V  |  W  |  X  |  Y  |  Z  |

Album name: Fallout 4 OST
Number of Files: 65
Total Filesize: MB
Date added: Sep 8th,
Released on: PS4   Windows   Xbox One   


1.Fallout 4 Main Theme MBget_app


2.The Commonwealth MBget_app


3.Of Green and Grey MBget_app


4.Portal to the Past MBget_app


5.Standoff MBget_app


6.Combat Ready MBget_app


7.Deeper and Darker MBget_app


8.Wandering - The Blasted Forest, P MBget_app


9.Brightness Calling MBget_app


Of the People, for the People MBget_app


Hope Remains MBget_app


Wandering - The Blasted Forest, P MBget_app


Predator and Prey MBget_app


War in the Wastes MBget_app


Time to Die MBget_app


Uninvited MBget_app


Wandering - The City, Pt. 1 MBget_app


Rebuild, Renew MBget_app


Concrete Mysteries MBget_app


Tread Carefully MBget_app


The Infiltrator MBget_app


No Quarter MBget_app


Wandering - The City, Pt. 2 MBget_app


The Vigilant MBget_app


The Warlord MBget_app


Red Brick, Broken MBget_app


Lonely Walls MBget_app


Wandering - The City, Pt. 3 MBget_app


Regrouped, Reloaded MBget_app


V.A.T.S. or Die MBget_app


Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 1 MBget_app


Darkness Falls MBget_app


War of Wills MBget_app


Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 2 MBget_app


Only One Survives MBget_app


A Critical Chance MBget_app


Dust & Danger MBget_app


Liberty Lives MBget_app


Lost Boston MBget_app


Wandering- The Foothills, Pt. 3 MBget_app


Honor & Steel MBget_app


We Are Unstoppable MBget_app


Dominant Species MBget_app


Explore and Discover MBget_app


Wandering - The Glowing Sea, Pt. MBget_app


The Stars My Solace MBget_app


Imagine Utopia MBget_app


Lone Wandering MBget_app


Wandering - The Glowing Sea, Pt. MBget_app


The Last Mariner MBget_app


Echoes of the Dead MBget_app


Enough Is Enough MBget_app


Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 1 MBget_app


Humanity's Hope MBget_app


Endless Ocean, Endless Dreams MBget_app


No Voices, No Cries MBget_app


Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 2 MBget_app


Covert Action MBget_app


Rise and Prevail MBget_app


No More Sails MBget_app


Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 3 MBget_app


In This Together MBget_app


Still Standing MBget_app


Science & Secrecy MBget_app


Fallout 4 Main Theme ('Spinner' M MBget_app

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4 music fallout battle

Music of the Fallout series

Clockwise from upper left: 16" transcription disc, 10" 78 rpm shellac record, 12" vinyl LP record, 8-track tape cartridge , compact disc, 10" 78 rpm vinyl record, reel to reel magnetic tape, 7 inch vinyl 45 rpm EP.
The Falloutseries sources licensed music originally released on wide variety of audio formats. All formats are sized to scale. The song titles are noted with subscript captions. Click on the format to load the appropriate article.

The music soundtrack of the Fallout series is composed of both licensed music from the mid-century's Jazz Age to the Space Age, as well as original scores by Mark Morgan, Matt Gruber, Devin Townsend, and Inon Zur. The series also features original songs and covers commissioned for the games as diegetic music heard in the world of Fallout.

Much of the licensed music used in the Fallout series includes popular hits recorded in the s and 50s in accordance with its atompunkretrofuturistic setting influenced by the post-warculture of s United States in a post-apocalyptic version of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd centuries. However with the introduction of 's Fallout: New Vegas, the Fallout series has also featured licensed recordings from each of nine consecutive decades from the s to the s.


Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout was composed by Mark Morgan as an ambient album and includes samples and remixes from other works. The score was released on CD by Interplay Productions in A selection of tracks was released to fans for free on May 10, as part of the Vault Archives album.[1][2]

1."Metallic Monks"
2."Desert Wind"
3."A Trader's Life"
4."The Vault of the Future"
5."Industrial Junk"
6."Moribund World"
7."Vats of Goo"
8."City of the Dead"
9."Second Chance"
"Underground Troubles"
"City of Lost Angels"
"Followers' Credo"
"Radiation Storm"
"Acolytes of a New God"
"Flame of the Ancient World"
"Khans of New California"

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout features an additional licensed song by the Ink Spots used in the game's introduction and end credits. The song was later reprised in the soundtracks for Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Fallout 2[edit]

Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout 2 was composed by Mark Morgan as an ambient album and includes samples and remixes from other works as well as previous tracks from Fallout. The score was released on CD by Interplay Productions in A selection of tracks was released to fans for free on May 10, as part of the Vault Archives album.[1][2]

1."A Trader's Life"
2."Moribund World"
3."Khans of New California"
4."Desert Wind"
5."Vats of Goo"
6."City of Lost Angels"
7."Industrial Junk"
8."Underground Troubles"
9."City of the Dead"
"Follower's Credo"
"Beyond the Canyon"
"Dream Town"
"Biggest Little City in the World"
"My Chrysalis Highwayman"
"Many Contrasts"
"All-Clear Signal"
"California Revisited"
"Gold Slouch"

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout 2 features an additional licensed song by Louis Armstrong used in the game's introduction and end credits. The game also references more modern songs such as a poster prop, also found in the first game, featuring a cropped picture of Maynard James Keenan taken from the liner notes of the rock band Tool's debut album Undertow. Various non-player characters may quote lyrics from Elton John's song "Rocket Man" or Tina Turner's song "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)", a reference to the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome which heavily inspired the Fallout series.

Additional Fallout entries[edit]

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel[edit]

The game, also known as Fallout Tactics, features 20 ambient tracks composed by Inon Zur. An official download was released by GOG.com upon purchasing the game. It is the only Fallout title to not feature a licensed s-inspired track.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel[edit]

The game features a number of s-inspired background tracks by Matt Gruber (credited for "Additional Ambient Music") as well as more heavy metal inspired background tracks by Devin Townsend (credited for "Ambient and Battle Music"). The main menu theme, "A Nuclear Blast", was composed by Craig Stuart Garfinkle with sung lyrics as a pastiche of a s nuclear-themed novelty song. An official score album has not been released.

In addition, the game features licensed tracks from modern day heavy metal bands mostly used as non-diegetic battle music.

Van Buren[edit]

Game development on the Van Buren project was cancelled in prior to release. In , a short video of a tech demo created by Black Isle Studios in was hosted by No Mutants Allowed.[5] The video features a cover of the song "Dream a Little Dream of Me" recorded by The Beautiful South in

A download of the tech demo included several ambient tracks from the compilation album Funeral Songs.[6][7]

Fallout Online[edit]

Also known as Project V13, game development on the title was cancelled by In , a teaser trailer was released on the now-defunct Fallout Online website featuring a song by Ma Rainey, "Slave to the Blues" recorded in [8][9]

#TitleArtistRecording dateLength
01"Slave to the Blues"Ma Rainey

Fallout Shelter[edit]

A spin-off of the Fallout series, the vault-building simulation mobile game was released just ahead of the announcement and release of 's Fallout 4. The game uses edited portions of the Fallout 3's Vault PA system instrumental tracks as part of the background incidental music in the rooms and in the user-interface. It also uses a portion of "Pistol Packin' Mama" and the Nuka-World theme song featured in the Fallout 4 soundtrack.

Fallout 3[edit]

Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout 3 was composed by Inon Zur as an orchestral album. The score was officially released on the iTunes digital store.[10]

The Fallout 3 score was also released several times as a vinyl LP. In coinciding with the release of Fallout 4, a track picture disc version of the Fallout 3 score was released through Hot Topic.[11] It was reissued as a single LP in through ThinkGeek.[12] In addition, record label Spacelab9 released a complete track box set for the Fallout 3 score.[13][14][15] In , this was reissued as a 10th Anniversary Ultimate Edition which also included the licensed music LP Galaxy News Radio - Radio Selections from the Fallout 3 Soundtrack.[16][17]

1."Main Title"
2."New World, New Order"
4."Price of Honor"
6."Unwelcome Guest"
8."Never Surrender"
9."Metal on Metal"
"Think Fast, Shoot Faster"
"Chance to Hit"
"Clues in the Darkness"
"No Way Out But Through"
"Out of Service"
"The Ferals"
"Gotta Start Somewhere"
"Old Lands, New Frontiers"
"Pieces of the Past"
"City of Ruin"
"Wandering the Wastes"
"Ashes and Sand"
"What Remains"
"Place of Refuge"
"The Smallest Hope"
"The Caravans"
"A Stranger in Town"

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout 3 also features a licensed soundtrack largely from the 40s and 50s which is broadcast as diegetic music on the in-game radio stations: Galaxy News Radio, Enclave Radio, and the Vault PA System. According to the game's credits, the radio features songs from Decca (Geffen), Columbia (Brunswick), King (De Luxe), and RCA Victor Records. Several songs were licensed from Soundies Inc. which had digitized songs from transcription discs made available to the public for the first time. The Ink Spots song "Maybe" was reprised from the release of Fallout.

Portions of the licensed Fallout 3 soundtrack have been released on official compilation albums. A 5-song sampler CD of the licensed soundtrack and the score was given as a pre-order bonus for Fallout 3 at GameStop retailers.[18][19] The CD was styled as a 45 rpm record from the game's radio station, Galaxy News Radio. In , a song sampler LP Galaxy News Radio - Radio Selections from the Fallout 3 Soundtrack was released by Spacelab9 with Googie-inspired cover art also styled after Galaxy News Radio; it was released as a standalone LP or bundled with the 10th Anniversary Fallout 3 score boxset.[16][20] Three songs were not publicly issued on vinyl before.[nb 3] Due to licensing restrictions, the LP features the later version of Billie Holiday's "Easy Living" released under Decca Records with the Bob Haggart orchestra instead of the in-game version of Billie Holiday's "Easy Living" released under Brunswick Records with the Teddy Wilson orchestra.

Galaxy News Radio

Enclave Radio

The game features an additional radio station that plays fife and drum instrumental arrangements of American patriotic songs, most of which are in the public domain. The specific arrangements were licensed from Sound Ideas which issued the album Time Marches On - Military Marches, Ceremonial, Band Music SI-S1 in [66][67] and under its subsidiary Westar Music as Proud & Spirited - Military/Marches WSR in [68][69][70]

Selections marked with † are public domain compositions arranged by Rick Rhodes and Danny Pelfrey. Selections marked with ‡ are public domain compositions arranged by Craig Riley (Sound Ideas) or Kelly Richmond (Westar Music). Selections marked with * are original compositions composed by Rick Rhodes and Danny Pelfrey and not derived from a pre-existing public domain patriotic song.

Vault PA System

The game also features a radio station which is primarily accessible during the introductory level of the game. Among its announcements, it also plays instrumental jazz songs licensed from Sound Ideas which issued the album Frank's Place SI-N4 in [72][67] and under its subsidiary Westar Music as Jazz - Effortless & Refined WSR in , composed by Jason Nyberg.[73][69][74] The tracks have been retitled and reissued multiple times with different authorship credits between the CD and digital reissues under Sound Ideas and its subsidiaries and licensees.[nb 21] Some songs are more popularly known by their titles from a digital album, Jazz Band Serenades, retitled and re-authored by the Essential Jazz Masters, though the album was issued after the game's release in [80]

Portions of the jazz instrumental tracks heard in Vault were also used in the user-interface and background music of the vault-building simulator Fallout Shelter, a spin-off of the Fallout series. Additional tracks from the same album can be heard in Vault-Tec Radio from 's Fallout 76.

filename Frank's Place (Sound Ideas, ) Jazz - Effortless & Refined (Westar Music, ) Jazz Band Serenades (Hot Ideas, ) Length
mus_vault_01 "Basie's Up" "Making Waves" "Here Come the Cats!"
mus_vault_02 "Frank's Place" "Consortium of Cool" "And All the While I'm Loving You"
mus_vault_03 "Benny" "Licorice Stick" "Smoothing the Whole Thing Over"
mus_vault_04 "Be-Bop Shop" "Music to Burn" "Jump for Joy"
mus_vault_05 "Hefti" "Sublime Swing" "Slow Summer Swing"
mus_vault_06 "Solitary Refinement" "Meridian" "Just One of Those Things"

Original songs and covers[edit]

Certain songs may be optionally unlocked by completing an in-game task. Upon completion, a character named Agatha will perform select violin solos on her eponymously named Agatha's Station. According to the credits, the classical music violin performances were recorded for the game by Heather MacArthur.

Promotional only[edit]

Certain songs were used in promotional material, but were not used in the game itself. The Fallout 3 cinematic trailer presented at E3 on July 15[81] featured the Bob Crosby song "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" which was omitted from the rest of the Bob Crosby songs used in the final game. "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" would later be included with the other Bob Crosby songs in 's Fallout 4 and 's Fallout 76.

Warner Chappell Production Music provided the opening track for the live-action portion of the trailer, "Picnic Prattle" composed by Cyril Watters.[82][nb 22] The rest of the E3 gameplay demonstration featured instrumental songs from Enclave Radio.[85][86]

Fallout: New Vegas[edit]

Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout: New Vegas was composed by Inon Zur as an orchestral album. The game also reprises several Mark Morgan score pieces from the Fallout 1 and 2 soundtracks as listed above.[87] The score was officially released on the iTunes digital store.[88]

1."Main Title"&#;
2."The Doctor is In"&#;
3."Howdy Partner"&#;
4."Wasteland Justice"&#;
5."Mutant Massacre"&#;
6."No Rest for These Bones"&#;
7."Industrial De-Evolution"&#;
8."Not My Vault"&#;
9."Primm and Proper"&#;
"Knock On My Cazador"&#;
"Jacobstown Ladder"&#;
"CCC Doesn't Work for Free"&#;
"Marcus Needs a Favor"&#;
"Mountaintop Movement"&#;
"Beneath the Streets"&#;
"Garden of Evil"&#;
"The Courier Walks Softly"&#;
"Under the Stars"&#;
"TCB in Freeside"&#;
"Out of Business"&#;
"Subterranean Meltdown"&#;
"Rubble of the Forgotten"&#;
"The Gangs of Las Vegas"&#;
"Junkies in the Trunk"&#;
"Boys and Ghouls"&#;
"The Two Headed Bear"&#;
"Battle for the City"&#;
"Rocket to Repconn"&#;
"Thorn in my Side"&#;
"Blood and the Bull"&#;
"Hail Caesar"&#;
"Righteous Republic"&#;
"The Viper's Sting"&#;
"Monsters of the Mojave"&#;
"Dam Nation"&#;
"Begin Again"Stephanie Dowling & Justin Bell
"Home on the Wastes"Josh Sawyer & Nathaniel Chapman
"New Vegas Valley"Josh Sawyer & James Melilli
"Streets of New Reno"Josh Sawyer & Nathaniel Chapman

Note: Tracks are not part of the orchestral score composed by Inon Zur and function in the game as diegetic music. Due to licensing restrictions, the album omits an additional song "Cobwebs and Rainbows". They are covered more fully below.

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout: New Vegas also features a licensed soundtrack which is broadcast as diegetic music on the in-game radio stations. The songs cover the gamut from country-western and the 60s Rat Pack-era to more modern music recorded during the s, s, s, and s. According to the game's credits, the radio features songs from Columbia Records, Capitol Records, Decca Records (Geffen), Dominion Entertainment (K-tel)[nb 23], and RCA Victor Records. Several songs were licensed from Soundies Inc. which had digitized songs from transcription discs made available to the public for the first time. The game also features Bing Crosby's "Something's Gotta Give" then-recently digitized in from previously lost tapes.[90][91] The game also uses a re-recording of "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" making it the only Ink Spots song used in the Fallout series that is not the original version released on Decca Records.

Note: The in-game radio stations Radio New Vegas(♠), Mojave Music Radio(♦), and Black Mountain Radio(♣) have separate setlists and host commentary, but also share certain songs as so noted.

N.B.:The end credits for the game also list "Hangover Heart" by Hank Thompson licensed from Soundies Inc.; the track was removed from the final version of the game.-

Mysterious Broadcast

The game also features an additional radio station tied to the downloadable content Old World Blues. It features an original song "Begin Again" performed by the character Vera Keyes (see below for further details), as well as Peggy Lee's "Why Don't You Do Right?", Gerhard Trede's "Slow Bounce" and "Manhattan" reprised from the main game's radio station as well as several jazz instrumental tracks previously heard in the main game's casino lobbies.

Additional licensed tracks

Additional classical music songs may play on completion of certain in-game quests or in the casino lobbies including Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto for Two Violins - Largo ma non tanto, Léo Delibes' Flower Duet, Felix Mendelssohn's "Spring Song", Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 - Andante, Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto No. 10 - 1 and 3 Allegro, The Four Seasons - "Winter"- Largo, and Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries".

Original songs and covers[edit]

Certain songs may be optionally unlocked by completing an in-game task. The player may recruit the singer characters Bruce Isaac and The Lonesome Drifter to perform at one of the casinos. The Lonesome Drifter sings music based on traditional folk songs with lyrics modified to have in-universe references. Bruce Isaac sings a cover of the song "Cobwebs and Rainbows" by Dick Walter with lyrics modified to have in-universe references. It is notably the first original cover of a pre-existing modern song used in the Fallout series. The singing voice for all of the original song covers and the modified song lyrics were provided by developer Josh Sawyer with instrumental accompaniment by other game developers, except for "Cobwebs and Rainbows" which uses a pre-existing instrumental written by composer Dick Walter.[]

The downloadable content Dead Money features two musician characters, Dean Domino and Vera Keyes. Dean Domino can perform the song "Saw Her Yesterday", a retitled and unedited clip of Bing Crosby's "Something's Gotta Give", previously featured on the main game's radio station. Additional song titles are mentioned, but are unplayable. Vera Keyes sings an original composition, "Begin Again", which serves as the "theme song" of the downloadable content. The song was produced by various members of the Obsidian developer staff: Vera Keyes is voiced by art intern Stephanie Dowling (née Stephanie DeBrule, original credit) with music by Justin Bell, sound designer. Chris Avellone, creative lead, and Mikey Dowling, audio producer, wrote the lyrics.

The song "Begin Again" was featured again on the Mysterious Broadcast radio tied to the downloadable content Old World Blues. The Bethesda blog released an official download in followed by official sheet music for the song in [][][]

Four of the five original song recordings, with the exception of "Cobwebs and Rainbows", were provided on the official iTunes digital release of the Fallout: New Vegas score.[88]

Title Base composition In-game character Performer Length
"Begin Again" original compositionVera Keyes Stephanie Dowling & Justin Bell
"Home on the Wastes" "Home on the Range" (traditional) The Lonesome Drifter Josh Sawyer & Nathaniel Chapman
"New Vegas Valley" "Red River Valley" (traditional) The Lonesome Drifter Josh Sawyer & James Melilli
"Streets of New Reno" "Streets of Laredo" (traditional) The Lonesome Drifter Josh Sawyer & Nathaniel Chapman
"Cobwebs and Rainbows" (Green Clouds and Dust Whirls)[nb 54]"Cobwebs and Rainbows" ()[nb 55]Bruce Isaac Josh Sawyer & Dick Walter

Promotional only[edit]

Certain songs were used in promotional material, but were not used in the game itself. The song "Orange Colored Sky" by Nat King Cole was featured in a television commercial promoting Fallout: New Vegas in [] The song was not included in the final game, but would be featured in 's Fallout 4 and 's Fallout 76.

Fallout 4[edit]

Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout 4 was composed by Inon Zur as an orchestral album. The score was officially released on the iTunes digital store.[]

The Fallout 4 score was also released several times as a vinyl LP. In , a 8-track picture disc version of the Fallout 4 score was released through GameStop and ThinkGeek.[][] In addition, record label Spacelab9 released a complete track box set for the Fallout 4 score.[][]

An additional digital EP was officially released on iTunes in featuring the original covers sung by Lynda Carter in the game, covered more fully below.[]

1."Fallout 4 Main Theme"
2."The Commonwealth"
3."Of Green and Grey"
4."Portal to the Past"
6."Combat Ready"
7."Deeper and Darker"
8."Wandering - The Blasted Forest, Pt. 1"
9."Brightness Calling"
"Of the People, for the People"
"Hope Remains"
"Wandering - The Blasted Forest, Pt. 2"
"Predator and Prey"
"War in the Wastes"
"Time to Die"
"Wandering - The City, Pt. 1"
"Rebuild, Renew"
"Concrete Mysteries"
"Tread Carefully"
"The Infiltrator"
"No Quarter"
"Wandering - The City, Pt. 2"
"The Vigilant"
"The Warlord"
"Red Brick, Broken"
"Lonely Walls"
"Wandering - The City, Pt. 3"
"Regrouped, Reloaded"
"V.A.T.S. or Die"
"Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 1"
"Darkness Falls"
"War of Wills"
"Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 2"
"Only One Survives"
"A Critical Chance"
"Dust & Danger"
"Liberty Lives"
"Lost Boston"
"Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 3"
"Honor & Steel"
"We Are Unstoppable"
"Dominant Species"
"Explore and Discover"
"Wandering - The Glowing Sea, Pt. 1"
"The Stars My Solace"
"Imagine Utopia"
"Lone Wandering"
"Wandering - The Glowing Sea, Pt. 2"
"The Last Mariner"
"Echoes of the Dead"
"Enough is Enough"
"Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 1"
"Humanity's Hope"
"Endless Ocean, Endless Dreams"
"No Voices, No Cries"
"Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 2"
"Covert Action"
"Rise and Prevail"
"No More Sails"
"Wandering - The Coast, Pt.3"
"In This Together"
"Still Standing"
"Science & Secrecy"
"Fallout 4 Main Theme ('Spinner Mix')"

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout 4 also features a licensed soundtrack which is broadcast as diegetic music on the in-game radio stations. According to the game's credits, the radio features songs from Decca (Geffen), Columbia (Brunswick), King (De Luxe), Capitol, Dot, Sun, Laurie and RCA Victor Records. Comparing the credits from the previous games, several songs previously licensed from Soundies Inc., which had digitized songs from transcription discs to make them available to the public for the first time, are now licensed from The Orchard following the dissolution of Soundies Inc.[]

The licensed soundtrack reprises nearly all the songs featured on Fallout 3's main radio station with the exception of the songs credited to APM Music. It additionally features the songs "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" and "Orange Colored Sky", previously only used in promotional material for previous Fallout games. Part 2 of "Butcher Pete" was also newly added along with the pre-existing Part 1. A number of atomic and nuclear themed novelty songs were added to the soundtrack when audio director Mark Lampert was shown and become interested in "a pocket of music that [he] hadn't heard before" and as a s commentary of "there's almost a naiveté to the lyrics in these songs – as if these were children playing with something [atomic weapons] they didn't understand."[]

Lynda Carter also provides original songs for the character Magnolia which can be optionally unlocked and added to the game's main radio station, Diamond City Radio. In total in addition to 5 songs from Magnolia, 25 songs are new to the Fallout series radio with 12 songs being reprised.

Diamond City Radio

Note: Tracks which have been reprised from 's Fallout 3 are marked with ▲. Please refer to the Fallout 3 section for their annotations. Tracks which were previously used only in promotional material are marked with ⁋.

N.B.: Five additional songs by the character Magnolia can be optionally unlocked and added to the radio by performing an in-game task. They are covered more fully below.

Radio Freedom

The Radio Freedom station features a total of 11 songs played on the fiddle or violin in the style of United States colonial era music. The titles and the performer(s) are not known.

Settlement Recruitment Beacon

The player can build an optional radio station antenna which broadcasts the same music used in Enclave Radio in Fallout 3.

Classical Radio


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The Classical Radio station features around 30 instrumental pieces of classical music by various composers.

Original songs and covers[edit]

Certain songs may be optionally unlocked by completing an in-game task. Upon completion the character Magnolia can have her songs added to the Diamond City Radio setlist. Actress and singer Lynda Carter provided the voice for Magnolia in addition to writing the songs along with songwriter John Barlow Jarvis and guitarist Kerry Marx. Session players from Nashville included director/drummer Paul Leim and horn player "Blue Lou" Marini.[] The 5 songs were officially released as a digital EP on the iTunes digital store.[]

1."I'm the One You're Looking for"
2."Baby It's Just You"
3."Good Neighbor"
4."Man Enough"
5."Train Train"

Raider Radio

The game also features an additional radio station tied to the downloadable content Nuka-World. It features original songs performed by the character RedEye who also hosts the radio station. Musician Andrew W.K. wrote and performed the songs in addition to voicing the character. He described working on character as, "When I pictured RedEye, I kind of imagined myself being more filthy and ravaged than ever - like I would be after not sleeping for two months and drinking nothing but radioactive cola. That's actually pretty close to how I actually felt during the voiceover recording sessions for the game. I was drinking super intense custom energy drinks and I hadn't slept in days. I think it worked great as a method for getting into character - I was totally fried and sizzling!"[]

01"One Last Score"
02"Baby, Quite Raidin' My Heart"
03"Gimme What You Got"
04"The Legend of Atlas (Part 1)"
05"The Legend of Atlas (Part 2)"
06"The Legend of RedEye"
07"The Legend of RedEye's Name"

The Nuka World downloadable content also features the titular theme song and jingle which plays over the theme park's loudspeaker systems on repeat. It was produced by COPILOT Music and Sound and officially released as a digital single on the iTunes digital store.[][]

1."Nuka-World Theme Song (From Fallout 4: Nuka World)"

Promotional only[edit]

Certain songs were used in promotional material, but were not used in the game itself. During E3 , the promotional trailer for the downloadable content the Contraptions Workshop featured Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" instrumental.[][]

The promotional trailer for the virtual reality version of Fallout 4 (Fallout 4 VR) shown at E3 featured "Mr. Sandman".[][] The song would later be used in 's Fallout 76.

Fallout 76[edit]

Original score[edit]

The original score for Fallout 76 was composed by Inon Zur as an orchestral album. The score was officially released on the Apple Music digital store.[]

Portions of Fallout 76 score were also released as a vinyl record and CD. In , French retailer Micromania offered a pre-order bonus track LP featuring 5 songs from the Fallout 76 score and 5 songs from the Fallout 4 score.[][] A 5-track sampler CD was also offered at various game retailers.

Two additional singles of the covers of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and "Ring of Fire" by Spank were also officially released on Apple Music, covered more fully below.[][]

1."Main Theme"
2."Reclamation Day"
3."You Must Rebuild"
4."Invisible Ghosts"
5."Find Me There"
6."The Mole Miners"
8."You Can't Hide Forever"
9."Wandering Appalachia, Pt. I"
"Burn Away the Mist"
"The Wind and the Reeds"
"The Savage Divide"
"Pest Control"
"Facing Myths"
"Wandering Appalachia, Pt. II"
"Gather Around the C.A.M.P. Fire"
"The Grafton Damned"
"Out There in Appalachia"
"The Power Plant"
"We Are One"
"This Is Your Death"
"Wandering Appalachia, Pt. III"
"Lit Only by the Stars"
"The Excavator"
"We Hold the Line Here"
"Wandering Appalachia, Pt. IV"
"Nightfall in the Mire"
"A Light Up Ahead"
"Crags and Cliffs"
"Landscape Lament"
"Hesitation Is Discouraged"
"Wandering in Appalachia, Pt. V"
"Ash Heap Lullaby"
"Three Minutes"
"Scorched Earth"
"Wandering in Appalachia, Pt. VI"
"Our Way of Life Will Endure"

Another score installment was added with the early downloadable content Wastelanders. The score was officially released on the Apple Music digital store.[]

1."Wastelanders Main Theme"
2."Wayward Souls"
3."Strength in Numbers"
5."Wandering Appalachia: Part 7"
6."Stay Clear of the Space Station"
7."Appalachia Has Changed"
8."What Kind of Future"
9."Stick Together"
"The Crater"
"Whisper a Story"
"All That Glitters"
"Wandering Appalachia: Part 8"
"Follow Me"
"Appalachian Retrospective"

An additional score installment was added for the late downloadable content Steel Dawn. The score was officially released on the Apple Music digital store.[]

1."Steel Dawn Main Theme"
4."Dawn Patrol"
5."Into the Unknown"
6."Darkness into Light"
8."In Our Midst"
"Lying in Wait"
"A New Dawn"
"Uncertain Rest"
"Something Lurking"

Licensed soundtrack[edit]

Fallout 76 also features a licensed soundtrack which is broadcast as diegetic music on the in-game radio stations. Many songs are themed towards the game's setting in Appalachia with country and bluegrass songs as well as songs relating to the coal mining industry. According to the game's credits, the radio features songs from Decca (Geffen), Columbia, King (De Luxe), Capitol, Dot, MGM, Cadence, and RCA Victor Records. Comparing the credits from the previous games, only "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" was licensed from Soundies Inc., which had prior to going defunct had digitized songs from transcription discs to make them available to the public for the first time, and is co-credited in the credits with The Orchard. An additional song, "Headin' Down the Wrong Highway" was taken from the same album of Johnny Bond songs also used for Fallout: New Vegas.[] The song is credited as licensed from Bloodshot Records which had formerly partnered with Soundies Inc. to preserve music from transcription discs.[][]

In addition to the customary songs from the 40s and 50s, the game features many more songs from the s as well as including songs from the s. For the main station, Appalachia Radio, 36 songs are new to the Fallout series. 11 songs were reprised from previous games (6 originally from the radio of Fallout 3, 5 from the radio of Fallout 4). Two additional covers of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and "Ring of Fire" were added to the radio in subsequent updates, covered more fully below.

Appalachia Radio

Note: Tracks which were originally reprised from 's Fallout 3 are marked with ▲. Tracks which have been newly reprised from 's Fallout 4 are marked with a ■. Please refer to the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 sections for their respective annotations. Tracks which were previously used only in promotional material are marked with ⁋.

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_the_Fallout_series
Fallout 4 OST - #43 Dominant Species

fallout 4 ost

I wanted the background music to feel more post-apocalyptic when I was exploring, and something downright APOCALYPTIC when it came to fighting.

Dark Ambient and Electronic Industrial background music A soundtrack designed from the ground up to enhance your wasteland experience Inspired heavily from Fallout 1 2 and other post apocalyptic videogames and movies.

If you want to use any of my music for any other project, please contact me first.

Perfect for survival mode, hardcore mods or any player who wants to make their game feel more dark and foreboding.

This music pack contains hours of original music composed by myself especially for Fallout.

The mod replaces all of the vanilla background music and adds some extra tracks for exploration, dungeon and battle.

Download the main mod file, and then choose your battle pack (1) Heavy Industrial Metal (2) Less Heavy Cinematic (3) Electronic SciFi.

INSTALLATION NOTES This mod does not affect existing savegame files and will not change any radio stations or radio music at all.

You can addactivate and deactivateuninstall this mod at any point in your playthrough.

Download the main mod file, then download and activate ONE of the four battle packs after installing the music mod.

Fallout 4 Ost Free To Download

Feel free to download ALL four of the battle music packs and switch between them by activating one at a time.

BATTLE MUSIC PACKS (choose one) Digital Nightmare - Unleashed (1) Heavy Industrial Metal combat tracks, in my signature style.

With extra added industrial, just in case BATTLE OPTION 1 Digital Nightmare - Rapid Eye Movement (2) Cinematic Battle music featuring strings, horns and war drums.

With a bit of industrial sprinkled on top.

OPTION 2 Digital Nightmare - Parasomnia (3) Electro-Industrial Sci-Fi sounding battle music relying heavily on Synth.

BATTLE OPTION 3 UPDATE Digital Nightmare - Mega Pack (4) A huge pack of battle music containing 62 different battle tracks seperated into low and high threat encounters.

There are 34 music tracks that play when fighting less threatening creatures and goons, and 28 more intense tracks that only play when fighting legendary enemies or boss monsters I hope that the sheer size of this battle pack means that there will be enough diversity in the music to keep everyone happy Feedback is always welcome (as this is a brand new idea and needs testing thoroughly) Digital Nightmare Features (v) NUMEROUS (depends on pack) IndustrialCinematic Battle Tracks 16 Different Dungeon Music Tracks 24 Dark Ambient Soundscapes for Exploration 13 Dark Ambient Tribal Rhythms for Public areas 5 Special Fallout Faction Themes 1 Main Menu Track, Which is based on the Fallout Theme Dark music interludes and Short Soundscapes For Exploratio n What mods do you recommend with Digital Nightmare Let everyone know in the comments section.

fallout 4 ost

A big thank you to everyone in the Nexus community for all of your support and encouragement Example music tracks (click these) Location, Settlement Exploration Combat and Battle Music Rapid Eye Movement Alt.

Combat Pack Videos showing some of the main music tracks: With special thanks to HomicidalGrouse for the video, great job:) Please note: Sorry, you dont have permission to upload this mod or anything contained within it to any other website, or use any of the music for your personal projects or videos.

If you want me to provide music for one of your projects then you must contact me, NeptuneUK, via message or email.

Thanks. Copy the Archive and ESP files into Fallout4Data Folder.

If you download and install a battle pack it MUST be loaded after the main music ESP.

Apart from that, the ESP files can be anywhere in the load order.

Dont use any other music mods or conflicts and possible crashes may occur.

Digital Nightmare began as a collection of music I composed for Fallout, originally just for FO3, and due to many, many requests (and upon hearing of the release of survival mode) the mod is now making its debut on Fallout 4 It will be improved and updated as time goes on.

The mod existed initially because I found that even though it was a great soundtrack, Fallout 3 sounded far too mellow for my tastes.

fallout 4 ostread more
Sours: https://falloutost.peatix.com/

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