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Thinking about getting a deer tattoo? Check out these amazing designs that are sure to inspire you!

deer tattoos

Majestic and impressive, the deer is known as the king of the forest. This glorious animal is a popular choice for tattoo designs.

In fact, deer tattoos have been going through something of a revival over the past few years, increasing in popularity as key elements in contemporary styles such as geometric and dotted tattoos.

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Deer as a cultural symbol

Deer feature prominently in the mythologies and beliefs of a number of cultures.

The impressive stature and appearance of this animal is bound to have something to do with it, as is the fact that throughout the entire history of humanity, deer have been living alongside us.

deer tattoos

In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual superiority. This is likely due to the way in which the stag’s antlers grow beyond its body, reaching into the sky and evoking notions of being closer to the heavens.

In Native American culture, the deer was believed to be a messenger and a representation of power, fertility, sensitivity, gentleness, and intuition.

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Deer hold high significance in Buddhism, due to the belief that Buddha was a golden deer in one of his former lives – spreading his wisdom in the animal form through talking to people.

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Perhaps for this reason, in several Tibetan legends deer appear to help people solve problems. Since deer are believed to be calm and timid animals, their presence is supposed to indicate purity and safety.

deer and mirror

In Celtic culture, the meaning of deer was two-fold, split between the feminine and the masculine elements.

The feminine, a female red deer known as Eilid, was believed to have the ability to take on the appearance of a human woman in order to lead people out of this realm and into the world of magic.

The masculine stag known as Damh was symbolic of independence, purification, and pride.

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The meaning of deer tattoos

Apart from the meanings flowing from the myths, legends, and beliefs described above, deer have a set of general meanings in Western cultures and in tattoo art.

There’s an important distinction to be made between does and stags. Doe tattoos generally represent kindness, gentleness, and motherhood.

Stag tattoo meanings, meanwhile, are those of strength and fertility.

deer tattoos

Other associations with the general image of a deer in tattoos include nobility, peace, intelligence, and serenity. Regeneration is also a major symbolic meaning of the deer.

This is because deer shed their antlers every year, only to grow them anew and drop them again next year, and so on.

Interestingly, each year the antlers grow back slightly bigger than they had been the previous year, which can carry the metaphorical meaning of self-improvement with age.

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deer sleeve tattoo

Popular deer tattoo designs

There are practically no limits to how creative you could get with a deer design. Consider the following ideas for inspiration:

  • Tribal deer design – as we’ve already touched on above, deer held a significant role in various cultures, including tribal traditions. Images of deer woven from tribal patterns not only look great, but also pay homage to the cultural history of this animal in tribal contexts. The tribal patterns themselves often have a spiritual significance, so combining them with a powerful spiritual symbol such as the deer is a great way to highlight the meaning of your tattoo.
  • Traditional style – the traditional style of tattooing involves bold black outlines and vibrant, flat colors. Deer images of various levels of realism can be rendered using this style.
  • Geometric deer designs – a more modern take on tattoo styles, geometric tattoos rely on the use of symmetry, straight lines, and geometric shapes to create images and designs, and they’re usually done in black ink only. Many geometric tattoos are based in the notions of sacred geometry – ascribing spiritual meanings to certain shapes and proportions. Since the deer is a sacred animal in many cultures and has a strong spiritual significance, the use of this style can underline the meaning of the tattoo.
  • Doe tattoo – if gentleness and kindness are the virtues you want your deer themed tattoo to focus on, a doe tattoo could be the perfect choice. Doe deer look different to stags in that they are smaller and lighter in color, and do not have antlers. Does are often drawn with proportionately large eyes, which invoke a feeling of gentleness and timidity.
  • Deer skull and antlers tattoo – although the skull might make us immediately think of death and demise, this design is actually usually intended to represent strength, fertility, and virility. In the Celtic tradition, there was a Pagan deity known as Cernunnos whose task it was to protect the forest. Cernunnos was believed to be a man wearing a deer skull with antlers on his head, and was the god of lust and fertility. Many old European cities and bloodlines adopted the image of antlers into their coats of arms to symbolise just that – strength and fertility. In tattoo art, this design is often done in a 3D or at least relatively realistic style, and usually in black ink.

deer tattoos

Deer tattoo sizing and placements

Deer themed designs are likely to be sized from medium to large since a relatively high level of detail is required to render the animal properly.

As such, most deer ink work will be best suited for larger areas of the body, such as arms, legs, or thighs.

Back and chest deer tattoos are highly popular. The shape of the head of a deer with large antlers is perfectly suited for these placements and can be made symmetrical for added aesthetic appeal.

Though not seen very often, minimalistic deer designs are also an option. A black outline of a deer or a schematic drawing of the animal can make for a great-looking smaller tattoo with an elegant, simple look.

These can be placed just about anywhere, though common choices of placement include the back of the neck, shoulder, ankle, ribs, and the top of the hand.

deer tattoos

As with any tattoo, the amount of detail involved in a design is going to be an indication of how large it’s going to be.

Intricate tattoos can’t be scaled down to very small sizes without losing some of the detail – and without compromising the longevity of the tattoo, as small tattoos with too much detail don’t tend to age well and require touch-ups.

Talk through your ideas to a professional tattoo artist and you’re bound to find the perfect design for you.

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deer tattoosdeer tattoosdeer tattoos (2)

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Most people will agree that deer are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, so it’s not too surprising at all that many choose to get deer tattoos. What’s great about deer is that not only do they make for some fantastic tats, there are also dozens of great deer tattoo meanings to choose from. If you were thinking about getting a deer inked on your skin, take a look at the information below to find out all about deer tattoos and deer tattoo meanings.

Deer are an instantly recognizable symbol of the grace and beauty of nature, untouched by humanity. These are the most common deer tattoo meanings because right away outsiders recognize that beauty and grace regardless of whether you meant to use those deer tattoo meanings or not. Of course, you can make those meanings even clearer by making sure your deer has a graceful look to it through its expression and body language.

There are deer species prevalent all around the world often serving as prey for humans, but also serving as a link between humanity and their lost connection with nature. If you are a nature lover and want to get a single image to show that off to the world, then you should love this deer tattoo meaning. To make it clearer, you could add in a bit of a landscape around the deer to show that everything in nature makes you a happier person.

Deer are prevalent in the mythologies of ancient cultures, giving evidence to their significance within the global ecosystem. You will find that there have been hundreds of great deer symbol designs over the centuries, which will give you many more options for your deer tattoo.

In Roman and Greek mythology, Artemis/Diana is the goddess of fertility, chastity, and femininity. She is a huntress who protects women and animals, often depicted alongside a majestic deer or as a deer herself. Although the deer is always antlered, it is a doe, a female. The deer is often imaged with flowers, leaves and other images of nature. A bow and arrow is included to symbolize Artemis. This brings with it many great deer tattoo meanings that are perfect for feminists or those who simply take pride in their womanhood. It’s also one of the most beautiful of all of the deer tattoo designs out there.

The Deer Woman is a figure in Native American legend that exists somewhat like a siren, luring hunters away from the beaten path. She appears in slightly various forms throughout dozens of Native cultures. She sometimes is described like a female centaur. The Deer Woman is an excellent deer tattoo to get if you are the type of person who protects others from harm. It is a more complex design than many of the other deer tattoos mentioned on this page, though, so be prepared to spend a bit more and make sure you choose a very experienced artist to do the work.

The profile of the deer is most commonly used, emphasizing the antlers in order to create a more majestic or regal appearance. To draw a more feminine tone to the image, flowers, chains, lace, or jewelry can be added to the horns as a sort of decoration. The deer is anthropomorphized in this way, creating a more personal connection between the animal and the individual. What’s great about these tats is that you can alter the look of it based on how you want it to appear on your skin and the specific deer tattoo meanings that you want to come across through the design.

Alternatively, the profile of the deer can be rendered around a plaque, indicating that the beast has been conquered and killed by a hunter. The deer head serves as a trophy, a symbol of human triumph over a literal or metaphorical beast. These are extremely deer tattoos and meanings for people who love hunting or those who simply see humans as the dominant species and want to show their pride in that. The deer head itself is usually highly detailed in these designs, and the plaque can be customized as well.

To create a more ominous design, a deer skull is often chosen, emphasizing death and mortality. The deer works well with this theme, recalling the natural processes of death within nature and its eventual inescapability. Flowers, trees, and other natural elements help to enhance this idea and to make the deer tattoo meaning that much clearer to outsiders.

The geometrically designed deer is a commonly used image. The deer is broken down into various shapes, compartmentalizing the aspects of nature that it represents. The image seeks to combine the intelligent design of both the universe itself and the understanding of geometry. This is a great way to use a deer tattoo meaning or two and to show off your creative side. These are often pretty complicated deer tattoo designs, so be sure that you work with an artist who can make the geometric shapes work with the lines of your body.

There are plenty of great animal tattoos out there, but few represent family better than the deer. This is the deer tattoo meaning that many people will choose to use when they take pride in both their immediate families and their ancestry. These tattoos often look great with your family name above the deer, though that’s not totally necessary. You can also get multiple deer in the design to represent different members of your family.

Similarly, the deer can also symbolize love. This is a deer tattoo meaning that can be combined with family or used as a way to show your love for something or someone else. Plenty of people want to find a great love tattoo, and the deer tattoo gives them a unique way to do so. These are great designs to get if you don’t want to get a heart or other common love symbol on your skin.

If you are looking for a tattoo that represents peace and you love deer, then this might be the perfect tattoo design for you. Deer are known for spending time with their fellow deer and leaving everything else alone as it is happiest when it can live in peace. If you find that share those qualities, then you might find this deer tattoo meaning to be perfect for you. Of course, you can also combine it with other meanings, too.

Another great deer tattoo meaning is intelligence, as these animals are known for surprising other animals with their smarts. Their intelligence is actually what makes them top targets for animal hunters since people know that they can be challenged by deer even if it seems like the animals couldn’t know that hunters are around. Whether you feel like your intelligence is one of your best attributes or you simply want to strive to be more intelligent, then this is probably the right deer tattoo meaning to use.

Not only is the deer tattoo meaning important, but you’ll also want to think long and hard about exactly how you want it to be designed. Do you want to get a full-bodied deer? Do you want it to have a lot of detail or do you prefer the silhouette look? Are you going to add in any extra details to make the deer tattoo meaning(s) a bit clearer? These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask yourself and your artist both so you get the perfect design and so you know where you can place it on your body.

And that brings us to the next question: Where are you going to place your deer tattoo? If you are getting a deer head, you might find that it looks great on the middle of your chest or back. If you are getting a deer’s profile, then maybe you want to get it on your arm or wrapping around your ribs. Again, these are the types of things you will want to ask yourself and your artist.

There are so many ways to go as far as deer tattoo meanings and design go, which is always a good thing. If you take your time choosing a meaning or two and a cool design that you like, chances are you will end up being very pleased with your deer tattoo.

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Deer Tattoo Meaning

  • Nobility
  • Rebirth
  • Grace
  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Intelligence
  • Beauty
  • Watchfulness

When we see the deer in the wild, its grace and beauty catches our breath. Its delicate movements and spectacular appearance have not gone unnoticed by our ancestors.

The deer is an important beast for Celtic culture. The Celts consider it leading troops of fairies through the forest. Not only Celts but also Native Americans noticed high intelligence of the deer being searching for the best herbs. They followed it to the prime herb patches and many of these herbs were very useful in medicine. Thus, one of the meanings of the deer tattoo symbolizing its help in search of our inner treasures.

For the Native Americans, deer’s antlers represented sun’s rays. Therefore, the animal itself is strongly associated with the Sun. Antlers also symbolize regeneration, circularity and new life — as they shed and regrow.

Deer as an animal symbol is also special in its ability to represent opposites like femininity and masculinity: the stag is associated with power, spirituality, virility and masculinity; the doe is associated with femininity, fertility, beauty, grace, innocence and protection.

Often other symbols are included in deer tattoo design, and they also have their own special meanings contributing to the main idea. Or it may be one of the most popular deer tattoo design among women — the Bambi tattoo. Though it doesn’t have any special meaning, it looks cute and girly.

Just like many others, tribal deer tattoo design includes not only deer itself, but also other characters. Meaning depends on the elements included in the image. The most popular of them connected to Celtic and Native American culture, thus tribal deer tattoo design has deeper spiritual meaning for the bearer.

The other unique and meaningful design is the deer skull design. As you see from the name, the main part of this design is deer skull. Those tattoos are mostly black-and-white — with no bright colors included. The image is often used by hunters, or as a commemoration of a hunter.

If you look for tattoo design typical for hunters, you may have already seen an image of the deer head with arrows passing through its neck. As the previous design, it symbolizes the life of a hunter, or commemorates a deceased hunter. Or it also can be inked by a deer keeper — to remind that the deer was killed by poachers.

One of the most popular deer tattoo designs is deer antler design. For a really long time, antlers symbolize strength, masculinity and virility: they are also the main feature of the god of lust in Celtic culture, Cernunnos.

Deer head design is surely the most known deer tattoo design. It can be represented in different forms, from the simple drawing of the head, to designs that consist of many various pieces: elements of the nature, birds, bushes and trees, human’s face, hearts, etc. All of them determine the overall tattoo meaning.

If you want a one-size-fits-all deer tattoo design no doubt you should consider deer track tattoo design. It looks great inked on any part of your body at any size; it may also be one track or a few of them. Meanings of this tattoo are pretty obvious — it shows that there is an exact direction in the life for the bearer; that the bearer has some deer’s features or it can be simply inspired by a hunter.

Deer Spirit Animal - Deer Totem \u0026 Power Animal - Deer Symbolism \u0026 Meanings

Deer tattoo

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Deer tattoo design, idea, image

Beautiful , high quality to get a tattoo is a great body decoration . Tattoo deer has long been considered suitable only for men , but in recent years girls also stopped her choice . What is the pectoral bears a drawing, on which part of the body it is best to put it - we consider in this article .Deer at all times caused among the various peoples a sense of respect , hit them with his heroic strength , speed of movement , beauty and grace , so it has a positive image , good promise . Northern nations believed that branched horns are related to the sun's rays , and therefore , the deer symbolizes vitality .Different peoples deer symbolizes various gods or something to do with them. In Norse mythology, a rare , but very respected reindeer - a messenger of the gods or divine forces . The peoples of Mayan god he is the prototype of Tahila - hunting patron . For Christians, the deer is a kind of incarnation of God , his sign ,it is connected with the story of the stag , which was a cross between the horns .

Revival and durability identifies tattoo deer to Celtic peoples . This drawing on the human body means a strong and fair Europe . For the Chinese, the animal is a symbol of abundance that brings wealth.In Japan, the white stag symbolizes long life and a strong mind.

Elegant and refined deer image can be associated with music , poetry and art , because this animal is distinguished by its beauty and grace. Through endurance, alertness and better hearing deer can symbolize such human qualities ,how confident and deliberate caution .

Painted deer often symbolizes virility , self-sufficiency , it looks good on a man's body , giving it the severity . Men choose monochromatic , black tattoo with the image of deer . The female body is more appropriate colored tattoo in the form of this animal , decorated with colored border .Another opportunity to figure more feminine - pririsovat to deer antlers flowers .

Virtually any part of the body is suitable for such a tattoo , it all depends on the size of the sketch . The most common deer is applied to the back , leg or arm . Such a pattern can decorate décolleté in women , to emphasize the broad shoulders in men .Tattoo - a means of personal expression , so it is important that the tattoo was unique , carrying not only the well-known values ​​, but also a certain idea of the individual. As a basis we can take any deer picture , the final sketch of the tattoo depends on the level of skill and the imagination .

Deer tattoo designs and images

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Tattoo meaning stag

Deer Tattoos

Who doesn't recall the classic Disney film Bambi, which chronicles the adventures of a lovable little white-tail deer?But Bambi's journey is only one chapter in the long history of our fascination with these creatures, whose grace and beauty have captured human imagination since the dawn of civilization.

Cave drawings of deer, elk, and other large forest animals have been around since the time when Neanderthalsstill roamed the Earth. Native American tribes spent much of their time studying the behaviour of these beautiful animals in an effort to understand the world around them. Soon these graceful creatures were given an exalted status in Native history and legend.

Some Wiccans and Neo-Pagansbelieve that the changing seasons can be attributed to the relationship between the Horned Celtic God of the forest, Cernunnos, and the Mother Goddess. Cernunnos' death brings about the death of the forests, thus heralding Winter. Spring can only return to the land after Cernunnos is resurrected and impregnates the Mother Goddess, Brighid. Unfortunately, Christians view Cernunnos as Satan because of his prominent antlers, an association that stemmed from the early days of Christianity on the British Isles.

The Meaning of Deer Tattoos

Does and Stags represent different elements.An image of a doe is closely associated with Gentleness, Kindness, and Motherhood, while a Stag is a virile, lustful, and fertile animal. In general, these creatures embody:

  • Nobility
  • Rebirth
  • Benevolence and Kindness
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Family
  • Intelligence
Read more on the meaning of deer tattoos here.

Dear Tattoo Variations

Whether you want an image of a doe-eyed deer or a strong stag, any Deer Tattoo design can be made that embodies unique traits that you identify with. Popular Deer Tattoo variations include:

Tribal Deer Tattoos

The most popular Tribal Deer Tattoo designs have Native American or Celtic features, but these aren't the only design elements in Deer Tattoos. Tribal patterns have spiritual significance in their native regions and, when combined with this majestic animal, Tribal Deer Tattoos embody a variety of meanings depending on the animal depicted. A doe symbolizes Motherly love, Gentleness, and a deep spiritual connection with Nature, while a stag represents Masculine Virility, Fertility, Power, and Strength.

Deer Antler Tattoos and Deer Skull Tattoos

In the Celtic tradition, Cernunnosis a Pagan deity charged with the task of protecting the forest. He's depicted as a man with wild hair wearing deer antlers. Cernunnos is also the god of Lust and Fertility, which may account for why deer antlers have come to symbolize Male Virility and Fertility. As such, the family crests and coat of arms for many old European bloodlines, cities, and countries, like Dotternhausen, Germany, feature this design symbol. Deer Antler and Deer Skull tattoos are for the strong and virile.

Sometimes, choosing the right tattoo design can be a difficult task.There may be countless questions running through your mind, like "What will my new tat will symbolize" and "Where it'll be placed on my body". At the end of the day, the most important thing to note is that the best tattoo is the one you most readily identify with. If you need some inspiration, then visit our design page at and take advantage of our Custom Service.

65 Nobel Deer Tattoo Meaning and Designs – Wild Nature

Herding Up Symbolic Stag Tattoo Ideas

There are lots of reasons to get a tattoo. This article explores symbolic stag tattoo ideas for the purpose of expressing things like: Strength, Power, Awareness and Energy. The stag is a regal creature, and is a symbol of royalty and leadership in many cultures. Read on for more stag meaning for tattoo ideas.

The stag is a symbol of strength in countless cultures, legends and myth throughout history and across the globe. Why? Gee, just take a look at one – in the wilderness or even in a National Geographic mag – these beasts are stunning to behold.

Most notably, their antlers are symbolic of their dominance within the ranks of Nature.

The bigger the rack (antlers) – the more virile they are considered (by both doe and in human archetypal understanding). In their environment – antlers are tools and weapons. In a battle of territory and sexual conquest, size does matter and a massive antler-arrangement goes a long way to insure proper respect. Same holds true with a stag tattoo sporting an awesome fan of antlers. They’re symbolic of age (wisdom), elitism and superiority.

Antlers are also considered a solar feature by many Native perspectives. It’s because antlers resemble expanding rays of the sun. If we add solar symbolism to stag antlers, we get a symbolic mix of: Vitality, Energy, Radiance and Right-Action.

Stag tattoo ideas can also include the recycling nature of all life. Here again, it’s their antlers that point to this aspect. Stags grow antlers in the Spring (symbolic of birth, renewal, the return of life), and fall off in the Fall (symbolic of death, introspection and hibernation). Are you keen about your own personal cycles of being? Do you profoundly feel the rise and fall of Nature and Time? The Stag might help you express these stirrings in a bold way.

symbolic stag meaning and stag tattoo ideas

“Nature’s majesty is unmatched.”


Of course, if you’re a hunter, a Stag tattoo might be common sense. Let’s hope you’re in touch with the ancient history behind hunting, and the fact of the interconnectivity of all life. Maybe a Stag tattoo can galvanize the concept of becoming one with Nature…as in, the hunter and the hunted sharing an infinite bond – a shamanistic sharing of souls.

In both ancient myths and modern urban stories, the stag is featured as a symbol of magical power. You might even recall the famous stag patronus charm conjured by Harry Potter! Much of this deals with the majesty and awe-inspiring presence the stag commands. As a tattoo, the stag might be a perfect symbol of intense power and magic.

In Celtic symbolism, the Stag is held in high regard. A symbol of masculine fortitude and an icon of virile power. In their myths, a white Stag was considered a message of divine importance. Tons of heroes of Celtic legend were lead to (enlightenment?) victory by a white stag.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on potential stag tattoo ideas, and stag meanings. To be sure, the stag is a superior symbol for representing power, dynamism and vitality. I trust this information helps with your soulful tattoo decision-making.

If you found this article helpful or interesting, be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for more thought-provoking information on tattoo ideas and symbolic meanings. Thanks for reading, and happy tattooing!

symbolic stag meaning and stag tattoo ideas

Size matters.
Part of the powerful symbolic stag meaning for tattoo ideas deals with the size of stag antlers. In nature, the bigger the antler, the more likely a stag can rule their herd and win the biggest battles. Symbolically, the stag is a symbol of power and leadership.

symbolic stag meaning and stag tattoo ideas

Timing is key.
Stags are extremely connected to time, cycles and seasons. From antler growth, to mating – the stag is always keen about perfect timing. As a tattoo idea, the stag may suggest a certain time in life. It is a symbol that speaks to the right time for the right action.

symbolic stag meaning and stag tattoo ideas

Magic happens.
In both ancient myths and urban stories, the stag is featured as a symbol of magical power. You might even recall the famous stag patronus charm conjured by Harry Potter! Much of this deals with the majesty and awe-inspiring presence the stag commands. As a tattoo, the stag might be a perfect symbol of intense power and magic.

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In tattoo art, animals represent one of the greatest sources of inspiration for great tattoo designs. Animal tattoos are usually chosen for their symbolic meaning, but they can also express its owner personality.

If you are looking for a symbol of gentleness and beauty, a deer tattoo is the perfect one. The deer is a graceful creature representing purity and beauty. It is the symbol of growth and rebirth, often likened to the tree of life because of its horns branches, which are renewed periodically.

Symbolizing long life, elegance, and goodness, the deer is a lovely animal and a perfect tattoo design for those who prefer positive meanings. Deer tattoos are suitable for both men and women and, depending on preferences, they can also be mixed with various elements, such as skulls or exaggerated features to obtain a darker design.

Discover bellow our selection with the best deer tattoo designs and get inspired!

#1 Space Inspired Deer TattooSpace Inspired Deer Tattoo by koray karagozler Photo: koray karagozler

#2 Blackwork Deer on ForearmOld School Deer Tattoo on Arm by ttaooist_guPhoto: ttaooist_gu

#3 Lovely Deer Couple TattooLovely Deer Couple Tattoo by César Castillo Marquez  Photo: César Castillo Marquez

#4 Double Exposure Deer TattooDouble Exposure Deer Tattoo by TomaszPhoto: Tomasz

#5 Dark Black Chest PieceDark Black Deer Tattoo by Kurt Staudinger Photo: Kurt Staudinger

#6 Geometric Deer on Inner ForearmGeometric Deer Tattoo on Inner Forearm by HanZ  Photo: HanZ

#7 Colorful Deer TattooColorful Deer Tattoo by Edna tattoo Photo: Edna tattoo

#8 Black Deer With FlowersBlack Deer Tattoo With Flowers by Dan Blaszkowski Photo: Dan Blaszkowski

#9 Tradition Black Deer on ForearmTradition Black Deer Tattoo on Forearm by Alicja Andersen  Photo: Alicja Andersen

#10 Black Ink Deer on RibcageBlack Ink Deer Tattoo by mygranen Photo: mygranen

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