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Nevada Motocross Tracks

Nevada Motocross Tracks & Dirt Bike Tracks NV

Nevada Motocross Tracks offer great dirt bike riding locations. Many motocross tracks in Nevada offer local MX racing events throughout the year. Rider Destinations lists Nevada&#;s top MX tracks including maps, directions, track reviews, and other dirt biking information. Search below to find your next dirt bike track destination.

Amargosa Sand Dunes

Amargosa Valley Sand Dunes / Big Dune The Amargosa Sand Dunes are located about miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. They covers about 5 square miles of sand dunes. Amargosa or Big Dune is a formation of sand dunes, cresting approximately feet. This is a great place for a weekend riding trip. Camping is available on the east and west …Read More »

Black Rock Desert

Black Rock Desert / High Rock Canyon ATV Trails Black Rock Desert & High Rock Canyon is located in northwest Nevada just outside of Gerlach, NV. It offers a combination of desert play areas, narrow canyons, and mountainous terrain. Summer temperatures can exceed well over degrees. Camping is allowed in numerous areas of Black Rock Desert. Location: Gerlach, Nevada Trail …Read More »

Bull Ranch Creek

Bull Ranch Creek is located near Reno, Nevada. These trails consist of desert, sand, forrest, single track, and two track ATV trails. The scenery here is beautiful and the trails are very enjoyable. This is a great place to ride your ATV, UTV, & Dirt Bike. Location: Virdi, NV Trail Type: Desert, Mountains, Single Track, Two Track OHV&#;s: ATV&#;s, UTV&#;s, Dirt Bikes Map/DirectionsRead More »

Logandale OHV Trail System

Logandale OHV Trail System The Logandale OHV Trail System is located about 45 miles north east of Las Vegas, NV near Moapa Valley. The trails consist of over miles of sandy washes, sandstone rock, and dirt roads surrounded by beautiful red rock cliffs and rock canyons. This is a great place to camp and ride your ATV, UTV, & …Read More »

Virginia City Trails

Virginia City OHV Trails The Virginia City Trails are located on the outskirts on Virginia City, Nevada. The trails consist of dirt roads, rocks, and gullies. This is a great place to ride your ATV, UTV, & Dirt Bike. To get there from Reno, head south on I, take exit East Lake Blvd and head east. After about miles, …Read More »

Are you looking for an epic place to take your dirt bike for a ride near Las Vegas? We’ve done the research for you.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in Vegas

This list has been compiled as we didn’t quite find a proper directory of great riding spots. Some other sites were making you pay for this type of information and that didn’t feel right to us. You deserve to get free access to the information you were looking for online.

Chances are that you’re really committed to taking your dirt bike out to a great place. You know – places where you can really open the throttle and not be looking over your shoulder for a state trooper to pull you up.

Because yep – these riding spots are legal. This is provided you have a licence and proper registration. That’s all you need.

Here are the best dirt bike tracks around Vegas that you should check out:

1. Moapa Valley

If you head North East from the strip and past Overton, then you’ll come across the Moapa Valley OHV Park. There you’ll find 25 miles of expansive dirt bike routes which are quite tricky. After all, they are mostly sandy tracks. You may want to swap your rear tyre for something that can better scoop up the sand.

2. Amargosa Big Dune

Another great riding spot near Vegas is the Amargosa Big Dune. Here you’ll find miles of riding areas for those who love the deep sand. You might actually find some great hard-packed terrain as well. Be warned that other users use this area including dune buggies and 4×4 enthusiasts so it’s great to have a spotter just in case.

3. Chief Mountain

Right – we’re going for something a little more hard-packed here. There are 2 dirt bike loops here and we recommend taking both! Unlike most of the Las Vegas motorbike tracks, this one is more hilly and you’ll even encounter some boulders too. If you’re sick of the sand, then this is the place to go.

4. Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway

If you’re a local then you’ve probably heard of this track before. It’s perfect for both dirt bike riding and adventure motorcycles looking for a place to really open the throttle. There are some technical sections but much of the track is open savannah land with some old abandoned mining sites along the way for some interesting photos.

5. Logandale Trail System

We’re finally on to the dirt and rocks here! We’ve certainly left one of the best spots anywhere in Las Vegas to ride a dirt bike until last. You can ride straight from town here and you’ll find yourself with more than 50 miles of trails which are opened to registered and licenced motorcycles, including dual-sports.

6. Motocross Tracks in Las Vegas

If you’re not into the challenging sand riding, then head along to one of the several motocross parks which run open days for riders who are unregistered. These include Boulder City Motocross Park, Sandy Valley Motocross Park and Mesquite Motocross Park. You generally join these MX clubs to hone in on your skills and race on weekends.

Getting Started

Being a typical Las Vegas-style, you pretty much don’t want to go riding at all in Summer as it’s stupidly hot. June, July and August are totally off the cards with Spring and Fall being marginally more comfortable but not totally.

If you’re out of state then it’s best to visit in the winter months. Don’t go too hard at night either as you’ll want to go hard during the day instead. Trust us – Las Vegas is a dirt bike riding haven…provided you love the loose sand!

Bring the big bore 4-stroke, lean back and power through that soft stuff! Any sore bones….well can be sorted at the bar tonight…

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Robbie Maddison's 2008 New Year's Eve jump

50th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix!

50th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix!

Sevenmile Canyon

The Virginia City Grand Prix is scheduled for October For more information call ()

Details   Map   
Permit Update

Sand Mountain

Permits must be purchased online or by calling () Visitors will no longer be able to purchase permits onsite or through the BLM district office. Due to sporadic cell phone coverage, it is highly recommended that visitors purchase the permit prior to entry. For more information contact the Stillwater Field Office at ()

Details   Map   
50th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix

50th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix Hosted By the Virginia City Motorcycle Club The Annual VCGP is scheduled for October near Virginia City, Nevada. Course consists of rugged, technical terrain, hard packed trails and roads, dry creek beds, narrow canyons and hill climbs. Bikes must pass a technical inspection and have a spark arrestor. For more information call ()

54th Annual SCORE Baja

54th Annual SCORE Baja Final Round of the SCORE International Offroad Racing Series! Don't miss the granddaddy of all desert offroad races, the notorious Baja scheduled for November This is a point-to-point race that is about 1, miles long. For registration and race details visit

WORCS Racing - Round 10

WORCS Racing - Round 10 Final Round of the WORCS Racing Series! (Motorcycle Only) Round 10 of the WORCS Series is scheduled for November near Primm, Nevada. Classes range from novice to Pro. Event is open to dirt bikes only! Pre-registration is recommended which can be done online. Sponsorship and vendor opportunities available. Please e-mail [email protected] or call ()


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Dirt bike and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a great source of outdoor enjoyment. And the Las Vegas valley has an abundance of desert-designated riding areas for both new and experienced riders. While operating these vehicles can be exciting, it is important to remember that riding a dirt bike (and ATV) on the street is illegal. This is because they are designed as off-road use only vehicles.

They Are Designed For A Sole Purpose

Dirt bikes and ATVs lack the necessary safety equipment that is required by most street vehicles, such as adequate lighting, signaling, and braking systems. Ergo, they are not created to be ridden or driven on paved surface streets. By attaining excessive speeds on these vehicles in conjunction with reckless handling can result in a serious or even fatal crash. Moreover, riding a dirt bike or an ATV on the road puts you in a dangerous position because you are forced to share the roadway with much larger and more powerful vehicles&#;vehicles that may have a hard time seeing you. In lamens terms, if you own and operate an offroad vehicle, such as a dirt bike or an ATV, proper safety precautions when riding should be taken. These vehicles should not be ridden or driven on paved streets and highways. Just as car drivers are required to share the road with other drivers, dirt bike and ATV riders must share their areas with other pedestrians and bicycle riders. You should exercise extreme caution at all times.

What Is An Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV)?

An off-highway vehicle (OHV) is a motor vehicle that is designed for off-highway, all-terrain use. OHVs include dune buggies, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, and any other vehicle used on public lands for recreational purposes. In most cases, OHV owners must register their vehicles with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Moreover, city and county governments in Nevada designates OHV use in small public streetways to enable access to or from off-road areas only. Likewise, these government entities employ strict age requirements that go above state law.

Safety Equipment & Age Requirements For Nevada OHVs

Any motorized vehicle that fails to retain the standard safety equipment is restricted to off-highway use only. Typical safety equipment includes lights, seatbelts, signal lights, tail-lights, and braking systems. That said, if a vehicle is manufactured and designed as off-road or non-road use, it cannot be driven on Nevada public roads or highways&#;even if it has all required safety equipment. The only exception to this rule is two-wheeled motorcycles as they can be converted to on-road use; no other OHVs can be converted in this manner. The State of Nevada does not require a driver’s license, nor does it have a minimum age requirement, for OHVs that are operated off-highway in Nevada.

See: Motorcycle Accident and Injury Attorney

Dual-Sport Dirt Bike

Dual sport bikes are street-legal dirt bikes that you can ride straight out of your garage to a designated riding area. Dual sport bikes are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, more and more are beginning to make an appearance.

What Makes A Dirt Bike Street Legal?

Street legal dirt bikes must also have functional mirrors, lights and a windshield — along with other equipment conventional vehicles possess.

Call A Las Vegas Dirt Bike Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know owns an OHV and has questions about Nevada law, or requires the help of a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, contact the experienced lawyers at The Injury Firm. We will answer any questions you may have about your rights and obligations under Nevada law. Contact us today at () to schedule your free consultation.

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​​​Get off the pavement and get dirty in the Mojave Desert just south of Las Vegas. Take a thrilling dirt bike ride through the Hidden Valley National Monument and McCullough Mountain Range. This exclusive dirt bike tour includes challenging trails, Roach dry lakebed and some legendary off-road race tracks such as the Las Vegas to Reno, old Mint and Primm races. Due to the challenging nature of this adventure, it is recommended that you have prior dirt bike riding experience.  

Depending on the riding skills of the group on tour each day, the terrain can go from mild to wild! A perennial favorite among dirt bikers, and Top Rated on Viator and Trip Advisor, this dirt bike tour is not to be missed!

All dirt bike riders must have prior experience & be at least 16 years old

We encourage dirt bike riders to bring their own riding gear (in addition to the helmet, gloves, and goggles we provide, Or in place of them).  You have the option of shipping your gear to our location ahead of your tour and we will ship it back to you, at your expense, after your tour.  

We require Helmets, gloves, and goggles to be worn on tour and are complimentary. Dirt Bike gear rental includes jersey, pants, boots, socks,  backpack, chest and knee guards may be available for a $20/person charge.

Please call for questions about Dirt Bike Tour gear availability and/or  to make arrangements if you would like to ship your own gear out for your Dirt Bike Tour.​

Las Vegas Dirt Bike Tour Details:

Your day will begin with complimentary air-conditioned transportation from select Las Vegas Strip hotels.  This guided tour starts from our Jean, Nevada staging area (about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip). 

**Due to the  COVID, guests can self-drive to our staging area in Jean, NV.  At this time our complimentary shuttle will be available under a first come first serve basis (reduced by 50% occupancy) based on group size and travel partners.**

This tour features Honda dirt bikes; however, occasionally alternate dirt bikes may be used when circumstances warrant, or upon request.  We maintain our dirt bikes to the highest standards; your safety is our main concern.  We provide helmets, gloves, goggles, and chilled water, you bring a thirst for adventure!

After a short, thorough hands-on orientation and safety briefing, set out on a thrilling ride through rugged desert and mountain terrain.  Experience a variety of single-track and dual-track trails.  Our expert guides will take you on the most challenging trails as you travel through historic Hidden Valley, enter the McCullough Mountain Range, ride near extinct lava beds and across the Roach dry lake.

This is the only dirt bike tour in Las Vegas; and with over miles of desert trail system, the average ride is approximately 2 to hours, depending on group size and riding abilities.

Your tour ends with air-conditioned transportation back to your pickup location (transportation to/from your pick up location is complimentary and not included in the price of the tour).

Tour duration is approximately 4 to 5 hours (door-to-door).

Dirt Bike Tour

Hidden Valley Primm
$ per person

**Price does not include $10 per person equipment fuel surcharge due at the time of pick up.
**Max capacity weight of  lbs. 

​Complimentary pick up from select Las Vegas Strip hotels begins at:

- a.m.  January through December

​ pm  October through March


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