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10 of the best kids&#; bookcases and storage for books

Keeping your child’s favourite books neat and orderly can often be tricky, which is where children’s bookcases come in. Store all of their books on specially sized and designed bookcases which feature their favourite characters, shelves at the right height for them or even those which are carts on wheels so they can tow their books with them from room to room.

Below, we have listed a range of children’s book storage options including small bookcases for kids and those decorated in fun and creative designs to kindle young imaginations.

For inspiration on the titles to stock on your new bookshelf, we’ve rounded up the best baby and toddler books and the best interactive books for toddlers and kids. Plus, if you are looking for more ways to keep children’s rooms in order, we’ve also found some of the best toy storage solutions.

What to look for in bookcases for kids

Size – The size of bookcase you need will depend not only on the space you have available, but also on the age of your child. If you want something a younger child or toddler can reach the books from themselves, you’ll want something with smaller height options and easily accessible shelves.

Assembly – There are also wall mounted choices which parents can access and will save on floor space. Independent shelves are also a good way to store books, as multiple units can be mounted together as needed for the optimum amount of storage space.

Temporary solutions – Lighter weight book carts are also a fun way for children to store their favourite books, as they can wheel them along with them from their room to their favourite reading corner in the house. And then don’t require tricky assembly.

Style – You can find everything from traditional, country style bookcases to whimsical unicorn-shaped shelving units, plus options themed to some of kids’ favourite characters, too.

Here’s our pick of the best kids’ bookcases to buy

1. Greenaway Narrow Bookcase, £80

Dimensions: Hcm x W50cm x D12cm

This narrow bookcase is designed for mounting on the wall, meaning it should be a good option for those short on floor space. There is a choice of white, green or pink but it is worth noting that fixings are not included, as the manufacturer recommends buying those most suitable to the type of wall families have at home for the securest fit.

One parent on the Great Little Trading Co. website said it, “looks amazing in my little boy’s room and [it is a] really sturdy, quality product.” Other reviewers agreed, describing it as “solid and easy to put together” and added that it “holds a decent amount of books.”

Available from:Great Little Trading Co.

2. Argos Home Set of 2 Kids Shelving Display Units, £20

Dimensions: H10cm x W60cm x D8cm

These handy shelves are ideal for displaying as well as storing kids’ favourite books in. Coming as a pair with all fixings included, this an economical choice which should save space, too, as the shelves can be wall mounted.

Reviewers on Argos described the “neat shelves” as “easy to install” and said “they look so gorgeous with a few favourite books or Lego models displayed.”

“Great product, easy to put up, good value,” said one reviewer, while another added that they fit “plenty of books for a child’s bedroom.”

Available from:Argos

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3. Frozen Disney Kids Sling Bookcase, £

Dimensions: Hcm x Wcm x L35cm

For little Frozen fans, this Elsa and Anna sling style bookcase would be a lovely addition to their bedroom.

The nursery bookshelf is the perfect size if you’re short on space, with 4 icy-blue fabric sling compartments for books to be slotted into.

Reviewers on Amazon described it as “sturdy” and “easy to assemble”. One parent added that their, “kids have had it for 2 months and it’s still perfect.”

Available from:Amazon and Very

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4. Book Cart, £45

Dimensions: H28cm x Wcm x Dcm (dinosaur), Hcm x Wcm x Dcm (cat), H21cm x Wcm x Dcm (rocket)

If you’re short on space to mount a standing bookshelf, these book carts with rubber trimmed wheels are a great option as they can be pulled along using the attached cord.

They can be easily taken from room to room, and come in 3 fun designs to choose from – a rocket, dinosaur and cat.

Previous buyers seemed impressed with the portable, small bookshelf for kids and rated it an average of out of 5 stars from 60 reviews. Parents said it was, “easy to put together,” and that the “instructions for assembly were very clear.” It was also described as, “fun to pull about,” “well made” and good “value for money”.

Available from:Great Little Trading Co.

5. Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden themed Pink Bookcase, £

Dimensions: x x cm

This magical bookshelf is carved and painted by hand to create an imaginative design which could have jumped right out of a fairy tale book.

It can hold up to 50 books, depending on size and there are attached hooks to anchor it safely to the wall.

“Such a gorgeous and sturdy bookshelf and very easy to put together,” said one parent on Amazon, who added that all the parts were “really well labelled.” “Absolutely wonderful furniture, very well made and painted lovely” said another, while the bookcase was also described as “heavy and sturdy.”

Available from:Amazon and Wayfair

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6. Sunny Rainbow Shelf, £22

Dimensions: H27cm x W58cm x D15cm

This cheerful bookshelf is a more compact choice as it can be wall mounted anywhere needed without taking up any floor space. It could be mounted alone or along with other shelves for further storage.

The rainbow design is bright and sunny and should add a splash of joy to any kids’ bedroom.

Available from:Next

7. Wirrian Bookcase, £

Dimensions: Hcm x W32cm x Dcm

This creative bookshelf would make a lovely feature to a nursery, designed in the shape of a white and pink unicorn. There’s plenty of space for storage with 7 shelves of varying sizes and shapes, plus 3D ears, a horn and tail along with “feet”.

A “restraint kit” is also included to secure the bookcase to the wall and make sure it stays safely in place.

One parent said that their “daughter loves the unicorn book shelf” and added, it was “easy to put together and well labeled.” Other reviewers echoed that the shelves were “easy to assemble” and one added that it even useful for displaying toys.

Available from:Wayfair

8. Argos Home Mia White 3 Shelf Bookcase, £80

Dimensions: H73cm x W86cm x D40cm

This country cottage style bookcase is made from solid wood and features charming touches such as bevelled edging at the base and a cut out heart. Part of Argos’ Mia range, this can also coordinate with other furniture pieces for little ones’ bedrooms.

As well as the 2 large shelves, there’s a a spacious top to provide added surface space.

Previous buyers seemed impressed with the kids’ bookshelf overall. However, a couple of reviews did mention that the instructions could have been clearer, so it may be worth setting aside a little extra time to put it together.

One parent on Argos said, “it was more spacious than I thought it would be and my daughter loves it,” while another added that the shelf “is strong and looks good with a quality finish.”

Available from:Argos

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9. Puzzle Bookshelf, £

Dimensions: H x W x Dcm

If you’re looking for more inventive children’s bookcases, this puzzle style shelving unit may be a good choice. Designed to look like jigsaw pieces slotted together, the wooden bookshelf features 3 relatively spacious shelves.

Reviewers on Wayfair described the bookcase as, “very sturdy, nice design, fits a lot of things – books, games, puzzles” and “great quality in material and colour.”

“I am delighted with this. Perfect condition, easy to put together with clear instructions,” added one parent.

Available from:Wayfair

Personalised Children’s Bookcase, from £

Dimensions: H56cm x W66cm x D35cm (standard), H56cm x W90cm x D35cm (wide)

For a design that feels truly personal, we love the look of these bespoke bookcases that you can add your child’s name to. Each bookcase is handmade to order by an independent seller on Etsy, and can be customised with a wide range of designs including jungle, farm, unicorn, elephant and princess themes available.

Your bookcase comes fully assembled and is designed to tuck in over skirting boards for a neat fit.

Previous buyers seemed extremely pleased with this option describing it as “excellent quality” and “absolutely stunning”.

“I ordered this bookcase for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and I could not be more pleased! It is really good quality and sturdy; the illustrations and the personalised writing are beautiful,” said one parent.

Available from:Etsy

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Bookcases & Shelves

Kids’ Book and Toy Storage

Kids’ bookcases and toy storage units are highly functional pieces of furniture that provide a simple way to keep your child’s book collection and favorite toys organized and easily accessible. At KidKraft, you’ll find a variety of kids’ bookshelves and storage items, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your child’s age, the items you’re looking to organize and the space you have available.

Stylish Storage Options

Add storage and style to your child’s bedroom, book nook or play area with a kids’ bookshelf, kids’ bookcase, toy storage bin or unit with shelves - or a combination of these items. When you shop with us, you’ll find what you need to meet your storage needs and complement the decor of your space.

Choose from a wide range of designs, sizes and even shapes. You’ll find kids’ bookcases that are ideal for all ages and types of books. Whether you need the perfect book storage unit for picture books, early readers, chapter books for kids in upper elementary school or novels for middle-grade readers and teens, we have something for you.

Shop bookcases and storage bins today to get your kids’ books and toys off the floor and organized in a visually appealing way. Be sure to check out the additional types ofstorage items we carry, including fun and functionallockers,toy boxes and benches and even amartial arts belt holder!

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The Best Kids Bookshelves and Book Storage for Kids Who Love to Read

As parents well know, kids books seem to multiply when you’re not looking: baby shower books, birthday present books, picture books from the local bookstore — the list goes on. This is mostly great: There’s not really any such thing as too much reading for a kid, considering how much it advances language acquisition and comprehension skills. But books need space, and they belong in a kids’ bookcase. Which is why having the perfect kids’ bookshelf is so important — to stow the books away and to look good doing it. Book storage that is good-looking and  easily accessible to kids makes the reading area of your kid’s room pleasant and can create positive associations with books and reading. The best kids bookshelves we found not only provide ample space for your kid’s ever-growing collection of books, but are also easy for kids to use and fun to look at.

Cactus Bookcase by Babyletto

This eye-catching cactus bookcase is a fun addition to your kid's playroom or bedroom. Eight open and roomy compartments leave lots of space for books, toys, and tchotchkes. Also, it's a cactus! So, it doubles as scenery for make-believe play. The weight limit is 50 pounds.


Minimo Kids' Bookcase by Nico and Yeye

Modern and streamlined, this 31 inch bookcase holds both picture books or bulky toys or both. It's made from a combination of kiln-dried maple and hardwood-engineered wood, is hand-sanded and hand-painted, and all finishes are GREENGUARD Gold-certified for low chemical emissions. Plus the bookcase comes preassembled, so there's minimal effort on your part.


Owl Book Display by 3 Sprouts

Hoot, hoot owl. The fierce bird is the whimsical face of this bookcase, which is from the brand that has made toy storage smart and simple. It's a combo of manufactured wood and fabric, 24 inches tall, and has front-facing book storage so kids can choose their favorite stories. Given its 10 pound weight limit, this is for picture books only.


Sling Kids' Bookshelf by Kidkraft

For anyone who wants to forgo the cute animal prints: Simple and easy to access, this bookcase has four deep storage pockets, and combines understated canvas shelves with solid wood construction.

Buy Now $

Forest Kids' Bookcase by Tender Leaf Toys

Another standout from the brand that specializes in using sustainable rubber wood for its products: A bookcase that showcases books facing outwards, and has sweet rabbit detailing along the base. There's no stated weight limit.


Bookshelf by Floyd Home

When you buy furniture for kids, you want them to be able to safely use it, but it to also grow with them so you don't have to replace it every two years because it just looks too babyish. Enter Floyd. This bookcase in particular is totally modular and incredibly durable. It features powder coated steel shelves and ash supports. You can keep adding to it, both in height and width, as your kid gets older. And it looks just as at home in the living room as the play room, which is always the goal.


Kids' Book Caddy by Harriet Bee

The key to making kids love books is to make them readily accessible and even simpler to put away. This book caddy, normally $90, does just that. It has a triangular top shelf that keeps book spines facing up, and has a lower shelf that is perfect for toys, arts, and crafts. It's made of manufactured wood and the weight limit is 50 pounds.


Kids' Sling Bookshelf by KidKraft

At 24 inches tall, it's just high enough for kids to reach inside. It's bright, colorful, and easy to kids to manage, with five tiers' worth of book storage and covers facing out. The weight limit is 30 pounds.


Index Wall Shelf by Burrow

Another option if you'd rather invest in something that will last until your kid goes to college: This wall-mounted bookcase can work either horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of the room and your kid's needs. It's milled from solid ash, and is simple to mount. It's 10 inches deep, so there's enough room for a select number of toys, or books, which is clearly the preferred option.


Kids' Bookcase by Babai

The shelves of this bookcase are removable, and fit into the slots that double as funky design statements. The bookcase is made from birch plywood and is inches tall. This is another option that's great for kids, but equally cool for tweens and teens.


Mini Birch Kids' Bookshelf by Oeuf NYC

The Birch Bookshelf isn't just a smart way to store books and toys, but it also stylishly defines the space and creates a focal point in the room. It includes four roomy levels of shelving, plus two compartments with sliding doors to hide the messier toys.


Birch Hardwood Kids' Bookcase Display Stand by ECR4Kids

ECR4Kids furniture is used in schools and libraries, so it's designed to take a beating and last forever. This display bookshelf is designed with safety in mind — it's Greenguard gold-certified and completely non-toxic, and has all rounded edges — but is also attractive, in solid wood. It won't hold your kid's whole book collection, but the books that are in it will get read, since kids see (and get excited about) the covers. There's also a two-sided version and another with a built-in whiteboard.

Buy Now $

Tree Kids' Bookcase by Treeworks

At first glance, this branched tree looks like a sculpture, but a closer look will reveal that you can actually store books and trinkets on each branch for a fun display of your items. It can store up to books and can be attached securely to the wall.


Kids' Bookcase by Bonton by Bohème

Made out of natural rattan, this bohemian-inspired bookshelf is the chicest way to amp up your kid's play space. The design works best for older kids or babies who aren't walking yet, since the rattan is just asking to be climbed or snapped. But it holds a ton of books and looks grown-up enough to use anywhere in the house.


Madison Standalone Kids Bookrack by Pottery Barn Kids

This adorable bookstand fits perfectly in the corner of any room, especially if you don't have space for a larger full-sized bookshelf. It's a great way to keep the picture books that are currently in circulation on display to easily choose from before nighttime reading. Plus, there's extra space at the bottom to stow away any extra items that may be littering the floor.


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