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10 Most Expensive Voltron Toys (With Prices)

The Voltron franchise helped popularize the "mecha" genre in anime, influencing many of the series that continue to be popular today. One particular aspect of Voltron that has kept the series relevant while others have fallen into obscurity is undeniably its extensive toy lines.

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Some of the first Voltron toys were licensed and released by Matchbox way back in 1984. The toy license has changed hands since then, passing from notable companies like Mattel, Bandai, and Toynami. During its run of more than 30 years and counting, the iconic toy line has seen countless iterations, some of which hold substantial value and can fetch a hefty price.

10 30th Anniversary Jumbo Lion Edition ($150)

In 2014, Toynami released several Voltron figures to commemorate the franchise's 30th anniversary. The Jumbo Lion Edition is 24" tall, making it among the largest of the franchise's most valuable figures. Its design and appearance pay homage to the "retro" look of the original Voltron anime from 1984.

The figure also includes spring-loaded firing fists and rolling feet. Though it seems pricey selling for around $150-200, nostalgic fans of the original anime will appreciate the detail that went into this 30th Anniversary Voltron figure.

9 Voltron 84 Classic Legendary Defender - Walmart Exclusive ($200)

The Voltron 84 Classic Legendary Defender is unique in that it's actually a Walmart-exclusive set. The 84 Classic Legendary Defender line is typically sold as the individual Lions; however, Walmart released an "all-in-one" set, which is particularly rare.

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The complete set includes all five Lions and sells for around $200 on public auction sites. Considering the five Lions as an individual set would cost anywhere between $250 - 300, the Walmart exclusive might be a better way to go.

8 Lions of Voltron Legendary Metal Defender Set ($230)

Like the Walmart exclusive set, Dreamworks' toy line released a Lions of Voltronseries featuring diecast versions of all five Lions, based on the 2017 Netflix Voltron: Legendary Defender. They also released a more exclusive "complete set," which sells for $215-230.

The figures are impressively detailed and have the ability to combine, forming an 8" tall Voltron. Another similarity with the Walmart exclusive, the Metal Defender Set typically sells for less than it would cost to buy all five lions individually.

7 LEGO Ideas Voltron 21311 ($250)

Considering the Voltron franchise has spanned more than 30 years, it's no surprise that countless toy companies have thrown their hats in the ring. In 2018, LEGO released a decidedly impressive Voltron LEGO set.

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With over 2,000 pieces, the figure stands more than 15" tall when completely assembled. The five individual Lions can be removed as well and played with separately. The kit also includes Voltron's sword and shield. Sadly, LEGO has marked this set as a "Retired Product," though they often pop up on auction sites for around $250-300.

6 Voltron 30th Anniversary Collectors Set ($300)

In addition to the Jumbo Lion Edition, Toynami also released a 30th Anniversary Collectors Set to honor the franchise. The figure also comes with a stand, which is a particularly welcome addition for collectors.

The Voltron figure is primarily diecast, standing at 11" tall when combined with all five Lions, and features LED light-up eyes. With the included iconic Voltron badge, the figure can also activate its lights and recognizable sound clips. Though the MSRP price is around $200, the figure frequently sells on public auction sites for much more.

5 Voltron 20th Anniversary Lion Force ($300)

Not only is the 20th Anniversary Lion Force figure impressive, but it also comes in a unique "book-style" package, making it a highly sought after collector's item. Like many of the other sets, the 20th-anniversary figure is mostly diecast, with high articulation.

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The Anniversary Edition is 11" tall and includes a detailed sword and shield, making the figure stand out in any collection. Given all the features and meticulous detail, it's understandable that the collector's set goes for more than $300.

4 Soul of Chogokin Gx-88 Armored Fleet Dairugger XV ($350)

Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line of figures are notoriously expensive, but understandably so given the attention to detail and features available. The GX-88 "vehicle"Voltron might sound more obscure to American audiences, as the Armored Fleet Dairugger XV series was heavily edited in the United States to be part of Voltron.

The "fleet" includes the fifteen individual vehicles that combine into three different modes: Air, land, and sea. All the vehicles can be connected to form GX-88 Voltron I standing over 15" tall. The collectible currently retails for about $350.

3 Voltron Ultimate EX ($550)

The Voltron Ultimate EXis another Toynami release that puts a heavy focus on the articulation of the individual Lions. The plastic construction allows for more movement so that the Lions can pose in multiple ways, ideal for collectors.

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When the Lions combine, the Voltron figure stands at an impressive 16" and includes Voltron's iconic sword and shield. The figure is sold out at most retail stores, allowing it to fetch a hefty price on auction sites for more than $550.

2 Soul of Chogokin GX-71 ($600)

Another entry in the Soul of Chogokin line, the GX-71 is fully articulated and includes interchangeable parts allowing collectors to customize different poses. Something unique about this figure is that details are based on the anime; however, it also includes decals from the original Chogokin toy, so fans can choose which version they want.

The package includes a weapon stand modeled after the castles on Planet Arus, which also serves as storage for all the extra pieces. This rare collectible goes for more than $600, with most shipping directly from Japan.

1 Voltron Maquette ($1,250)

The Voltron Maquette is the holy grail for any Voltron collector. It features incredible detail and stands at a whopping 27" tall, dominating its peers in both value and height. The statue consists of almost 106 individual pieces and even includes light-up eyes.

This beautiful "life-like" statue is probably the closest fans will get to the real Voltron. It's a limited edition Sideshow Collectibles piece, with only 1000 models in circulation— so it's no surprise the figure goes for a staggering $1,250.

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Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure: Toys & Games. Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure: Toys & Games. Each figure is made from high quality die cast metal parts for the ultimate collector's experience! 。 Collect all 5 metal defender lions to form an 8" Voltron! 。 15+ points of articulation! 。 The blue Lion of , now available in premium diecast! highly detailed black Lion is fully articulated, made from high quality materials, and when combined with the other Lions from the metal Defender series transforms into the right leg of an 8" scale figure! shouldn't your robots be armored in metal? 。 。 。

Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates
Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

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Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

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Toys 67014 Voltron Blue Lion Die Cast Figure Playmates

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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Metal Defender Blue Lion Die-Cast 5” Action Figure

Voltron: Legendary Defender - Metal Defender Blue Lion Die-Cast 5” Action Figure

Enter the sci-fi realm of Voltron: Legendary Defender, thanks to this Metal Defender Blue Lion Die-Cast 5” Action Figure from Playmates!

Ideal for little fans of the Dreamworks series, this figure features Blue Lion, a well-balanced and confident fighter in damage, armor, and speed, making it have no specific expertise in normal combat. It possesses higher damage rating than the Red Lion or Green Lion, but still average to low stats overall until it is submerged in water, where it gains increased mobility and speed.

This highly-detailed premium diecast figure is not only fully articulated, but also when combined with the other Lions from the Metal Defender series, it transforms into the right leg of an 8" scale Voltron figure! Shouldn't your robots be armoured in metal?

A must for any Voltron fan!

Proudly brought to you by Popcultcha and Cultcha Kids, Australia's largest collectables, and newest Kid-lectables, website. Click here to check out our great range of Playmates toys and products!

Sours: https://www.popcultcha.com.au/voltron-legendary-defender-metal-defender-blue-lion-die-cast-5-action-figure.html
Toy Review: Bandai Tamashii Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Voltron (Golion)

Voltron toys

Voltron is the name of a giant robot in a cartoon television series that features a team of space explorers known as the Voltron Force. The space explorers pilot robot lions who join together to form the giant robot with which they defend their galaxy from evil.

Voltron Force, Activate!

Initially produced as a joint venture between World Events Productions and Toei Animation, the original television series aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985 as "Voltron: Defender of the Universe".

Voltron is one of the best known and popular Super Robots around the world and many versions of the characters have been produced all around the globe.


The Lion Voltron robot toy was also widely released as Lionbot which was essentially a Hong Kong produced bootleg version of the toy, identical to the Godaikin version.

Toynami is the current license-holder and Trendmasters had the license in the mid-to-late '90s.


Updated: 26 June 2020

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Voltron value and price guide

What's your Voltron worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

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