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What is a ZASTAVA M57 Pistol Worth?

A ZASTAVA M57 pistol is currently worth an average price of $395.56 new and $345.85 used . The 12 month average price is $395.56 new and $355.04 used.

The new value of a ZASTAVA M57 pistol has fallen ($11.22) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $395.56 . The used value of a ZASTAVA M57 pistol has fallen ($20.88) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $345.85 .

The demand of new ZASTAVA M57 pistol's has fallen 1 units over the past 12 months. The demand of used ZASTAVA M57 pistol's has risen 5 units over the past 12 months.

Estimated Value

*Using 80% condition for calculating used Values.
*Caliber, Barrel Length, Generations, Sub Models may all affect item price. Make sure your search is specific enough to get the correct value.
Trade In$224.80$257.12
Private Party$345.85$395.56
Sours: https://truegunvalue.com/pistol/zastava-m57/price-historical-value/used/2

The Zastava M57 is a semi-automatic 7.62x25TT pistol from Serbia/Yugoslavia that’s based on the Soviet Tokarev TT33. It uses a longer grip than a typical Tokarev and can fit 9 rounds in the longer magazine. While this is a 1957 variation on a 1930s design, they’re still in production! With a C-prefix on the serial, this pistol likely dates to 1961.


M57 Features

  • Half cock safety & slide lock
  • Drop free, 9 round magazines
  • Single action
  • Lanyard loop on the handgun and on the mags
  • Basic design inspired by the 1911
  • Easily removable hammer block
  • Captured recoil spring & reticulating guide

The biggest main difference you’ll notice on the M57 vs other Tokarev TT33 style handguns is the grip. It’s slightly taller, holding 9 rounds in the single stack magazine instead of 8, and I MUCH prefer it. On a normal TT33, my pinky hands off the bottom, while on this one, it’s got a home. That extra grip surface is appreciated, because surplus 7.62x25TT ammo is spicy stuff and is snappier than a typical 9mm cartridge. Note: you can use the “extended” 9 round mags in the 8 round Tokarev, but not the other way around.

Another interesting difference between a TT33 and the M57 is that it comes with a recoil spring that’s captured. The guide rod can bend in the middle, allowing you to extract it.


Most of the M57s and magazines I’ve seen have been liberally coated (commie coated?) with lots of protecting cosmoline. Expect that the magazines will be sticky. You may need to use solvents and a dental pick to get all of it out. An ultrasonic cleaner will really come in handy.

M57 Issues

Issues I experienced were:

The magazine disconnect was already disabled by some Yugoslavian grunt, so I just smoothed it a bit more so it didn’t scrape against the mags.

Grip panels can sometimes come loose with shooting.

The trigger is awful heavy.


Surplus versions of the M57 are incredibly affordable. If you want a TT33-ish pistol that fires 7.62x25TT, but one that’ll better fit normal sized hands, definitely buy one before they increase in price.

Sours: https://www.huntinggearguy.com/general/zastava-m57-review/
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Zastava M57

Semi-automatic pistol

The Zastava M57 pistol was a standard sidearm of the Yugoslav Army. It is a single-action pistol chambered for the fast and powerful 7.62×25mm Tokarev cartridge. These are very popular surplus weapons in the West, as they are affordable and plentiful. Currently, the M57 and M70 pistols are produced, updated with slide-mounted safeties, While many original M57 handguns have frame-mounted import safeties, As well as a magazine disconnect, making the gun incapable of firing without a magazine.


Adopted in 1957, the M57 was a license-produced copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 had a longer grip to accommodate a larger magazine (holding 9 rounds, versus 8 rounds in the TT). Around 1970[citation needed], Crvena Zastava began production of a similar pistol, the M70A, chambered in 9×19mm Luger. As of 2014, Zastava currently manufactures new production M57s, M70As and M88s. These models are updated with more modern safety features and sell at a retail price of $220–300 USD.

Design details[edit]

The M57 pistol is short-recoil-operated, locked-breech pistol that uses a Browning-type action with swinging link. The trigger is of single-action type. Originally the pistol has no manual safeties except for a half-cock notch on the hammer. Due to BATFE import restrictions, a manual safety was fitted to surplus models imported to the United States. The controls on many of the military surplus M57s are identical to those of the American M1911 pattern US Army pistols, which is a factor in their popularity in the United States; other M57 imports have a trigger safety somewhat like Ruger handguns.

The new manufacture pistols have a manual safety that is mounted on the slide rather than the frame. The new versions of the M57A/M70A also feature a magazine safety that renders the gun unable to fire unless a magazine is inserted into the grip frame. The magazine is single-stack, 9 round capacity. Although the M57 pistol is a TT-30 design, the 8 round magazines of Tokarev pistols manufactured by other nations will not work in the M57 due to them being too short to reach the firing chamber. Its 9-round magazine will however work with other nations' Tokarevs, although it sticks out the bottom slightly. Other (minor) changes include a magazine safety, larger magazine release button, captive recoil spring and M1911 style firing pin and stop.


M57 basic model.

M57A is an upgrade of basic model M57. It has an external safety.

M70 7.65mm Browning compact variant

M70A 9mm version of the M57A

M88 shorter version of M70A.

M88A features an external safety on the slide

As of 2011 M88A are imported in United States by K-VAR/FIME Group.

As of 2012 M57A, M70A and M88A are imported into the U.S. by Century International Arms.

See also[edit]

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