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COOLO RGB Strip LED Lights for Corsair Lighting Node Pro and for Corsair iCUE Commander PRO, Smart RGB Lighting, Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips (2 x 40cm) (Tips: 12 LEDs Every Strip)

COOLO RGB Strip LED Lights for Corsair Lighting Node Pro and for Corsair iCUE Commander PRO, Smart RGB Lighting, Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips (2 x 40cm) (Tips: 12 LEDs Every Strip)


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Product Details

  • Smart RGB Lightings for CORSAIR iCUE software on two RGB lighting channels, allowing you to customize RGB lighting
  • Individually addressable RGB LED strips. Each RGB LED strip is independently controlled - display different lighting effects and animations on each strip separately, expand your system lighting effects and vivid illumination
  • RGB lightings’ Black FPCB board design and included adhesive backing makes it easy to install behind your motherboard, or on any flat surface inside your case
  • Addressable WS2812b Digital Light Strip, Rainbow RGB LED Strip on Gaming PC case
  • Includes 2 RGB LED light strips, each with 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs, 2 extension cables
Item Weight2.39 ounces (67.76 grams)
Package Dimensions4.7 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches (11.9 x 10.9 x 3.8 cm)
StyleRGB LED Lighting
Color2 X 40cm
MaterialResin, Glass, Metal
Number of Lights12
Voltage5 Volts
Special FeaturesDimmable, IP65 waterproof
Shade MaterialPlastic
Light DirectionAdjustable
Power SourceCorded Electric
Batteries Required?No
Type of BulbLED
Wattage3.6 watts
What is in the boxCOOLO RGB Strip LED... For more details, please check description/product details


COOLO RGB Strip LED Lights for Corsair Lighting Node Pro and for Corsair iCUE Commander PRO, Smart RGB Lighting, Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips (2 x 40cm) (Tips: 12 LEDs Every Strip)

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The CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller brings stunning software-controlled RGB lighting to any PC, with four included RGB LED light strips boasting a total of 40 LEDs of RGB illumination.

Lights, iCUE, Action
Create, customize, and synchronize stunning RGB lighting effects when you connect CORSAIR RGB fans and lighting strips for an amazing system-wide light-show, all with a single controller that fits in the palm of your hand. Powered by CORSAIR iCUE software, the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO helps turn your case into a smart case.

Four 10-LED CORSAIR RGB LED Light Strips Included
Each strip boasts ten individually addressable RGB LEDs to light up your system, with built-in magnets for easy installation.

Light Up Your PC, and Your Fans
Two RGB lighting channels provide independent software control of up to 12 CORSAIR individually addressable RGB LED strips or 12 CORSAIR RGB fans.

Intelligent Control, Unlimited Possibilities
Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software allows you to customize and instantly sync RGB lighting across all your CORSAIR RGB products, including fans, keyboard, LED light strips and more.

Easily Switch Color Profiles
  • Spiral Rainbow
  • Color Pulse
  • Color Shift
  • Rain
  • Rainbow Wave
  • Visor
Easy To Install
Lighting Node PRO connects to your PC using a simple USB 2.0 port, making setup and installation easy.

  • Control Scheme: RGB Lighting
  • RGB Channels: Two
  • Max RGB Devices Per Controller: 12 Fans (via RGB LED hub) or 12 RGB Strips
  • RGB Strip length: 410mm
  • USB Connection: Internal USB 2.0 9-Pin
  • System Requirements: Latest iCUE Software, Windows 10
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Best LED Strip Lights 2021: Add a Little RGB to Your Life

We’ve known about the benefits of LED lighting for years: less electricity and longer life. These things alone have driven many of us to switch purely to LED bulbs and even smart bulbs. But LED lighting doesn’t end with light bulbs: LED strip lights are one of the best ways to enhance everything from your gaming PC to your kitchen cabinets, and they’ve come a long way from the early days of PC lighting. Thanks to Black Friday deals getting underway, you'll probably start to see some of these kits get great discounts so you can deck out more of your home.

Whether you’re looking for simple, efficient lighting to lower your electricity bill or voice controlled disco lights that sync with your music, there’s something for everyone in the world of LED strips. From the basic and tasteful, to over-the-top customizable, these are our favorite LED strip lights – and click here to find them in the UK. If you want to further jazz up your setup, you can add some quality audio with deals on certified refurbished home entertainment devices from eBay.

TL;DR — These are the Best LED Strip Lights

1. Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus

Best LED Strip Lights

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus
Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus

Lumens: 1600 ● Color: Adjustable White and RGB ● Wattage: 19 watts ● Length: 6.7-feet ● Extendable: Yes ● Smart Home: Yes ● Warranty: 2-year

Philips Hue products lead the way in smart lighting, and Philips hasn’t been shy in the LED lightstrip market. The Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus shows just how far Philips’ lighting know-how extends. This lightstrip spans just over 6.5 feet to start, but you can add extra 40-inch extension strips to stretch that up to a total of 33 feet.

The strip has up to 1600 lumens of output, letting you get plenty of brightness, though you can also dim it down as needed. And, not only do you get full RGB color but tunable white lighting as well. You can wake up with a bright white, enjoy some color throughout the day, and settle in for the evening with a warm white. Since this lightstrip is controlled over Bluetooth, you also don’t have to factor in the cost of a Philips Hue Hub like you would with many other products, though you can add one to your setup later on if you want even more smart home integration for the strip.

2. Wyze Light Strip Pro

Best Budget LED Strip Lights

Wyze Light Strip Pro

LEDs: 150 (each color) ● Color: RGB ● Wattage: 24 watts ● Length: 16.4-feet ● Extendable: No ● Smart Home: Yes

The Wyze Light Strip Pro offers a surprising level of control for a more affordable light strip. It may not have as refined a color palette as you’d get from a light strip that provides RGB as well as individual white LEDs for different color temperatures, but it does take some of the fuss out of nailing your ambient lighting by automatically adjusting the color temperature for the time of day. That’s already impressive for a strip as affordable as this, but Wyze ups the ante by also breaking the strip up into 16 segments that can each be controlled separately, letting you get multiple colors going at once across the length of the strip.

You’ll also get convenient control with the Wyze Light Strip Pro. Other budget strips might provide simple Bluetooth control or a basic remote control at this price, but Wyze has a Wi-Fi-connected controller, letting you manage your lights through the Wyze app from home or anywhere in the world you can connect to the internet. You can also control the lights with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

3. Corsair iCUE Lighting Node

Best LED Strip Lights for PC

Corsair iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller
Corsair iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller
LEDs: 10 per strip, 40 total ● Color: RGB ● Length: 410mm ● Extendable: Yes ● Smart Home: No ● Warranty: 2-yearWhen it comes to RGB lighting, Corsair is king of the hill in the gaming PC space. This kit comes with a set of four lighting strips, as well as the Lighting Node Pro RGB Controller, which can also control Corsair’s array of RGB case fans. Most importantly, they integrate with the company’s proprietary iCUE software.

iCUE gives you more control over your case lighting than virtually any other system. Using the software, you’re able to control each individual LED and assign a huge array or presets, effects, and animations. If you’re running other Corsair gear like PC fans or a gaming keyboard, these light strips are also able to sync up for easy matching or even send animations across your devices.

4. Elgato Light Strip

Best LED Strip Lights for Streaming

Elgato Light Strip
Lumens: 2000 ● Wattage: 30 watts ● Color: RGBWW ● Length: 6.6-feet ● Extendable: No ● Smart Home: YesIf you're hoping to get a light strip that can team up with the rest of your lights to make for a more compelling set when you're streaming, then the Elgato Light Strip fits the bill. This light strip hits a powerful 2,000 Lumens, so you can really add some dazzle to your set, and it delivers flick-free lighting to avoid spoiling your footage.

This light strip might not be the simplest to get up and running, as it lacks physical controls, but it's really meant for a more purpose-built setup. That's because it connects with Elgato's Stream Deck platform, so you can quickly make light changes on the fly from your computer, phone, or physical Stream Deck. These smarts will let you easily control the mood of your stream with the simple press of a button.

5. Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Starter Kit

Best Hybrid Desk/Monitor LED Strip Light Kit

Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Kit Starter Kit
Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Kit Starter Kit
LEDs: 27 (450mm strip), 15 (250mm strip) ● Color: RGB ● Length: x2 - 450mm, x2 - 250mm strips ● Extendable: Yes ● Smart Home: No ● Warranty: 2-yearIt was only a matter of time until Corsair offered RGB lighting outside the PC, and they’ve made quite a splash with their innovative LS100 Smart Lighting Starter Kit. Every LS100 lighting strip features a built in diffuser for smooth, flowing RGB lighting. Most importantly, using the software, you can choose to use this kit on the back of a monitor or any custom arrangement you choose, making it a perfect fit (and length!) for the back of a desk.

Using Corsair’s iCUE software, you can easily choose from a wide array of preset lighting effects or create animations all your own. When used as a monitor lighting kit, you can even sample your screen for outstanding bias lighting. These light strips aren’t the brightest because of the built in diffusers, but the level of customization and versatility is hard to beat.

6. Govee WiFi TV LED Backlights

Best LED Strip Lights for Your TV

Govee Wi-Fi TV Backlights Kit with Camera
Govee Wi-Fi TV Backlights Kit with Camera
Wattage: 24 watts ● LEDs: 114 ● Color: RGB ● Length: 12.5-feet ● Television Size: 55-65-inch ● Smart Home: YesBias lighting is cool for many reasons. For one, it's good for your eyes. Having a bright screen in a dark room can be tough on your eyes, so getting some light behind the screen helps. With the Govee Wi-Fi TV LED Backlights, you get some incredible bias lighting for your TV. This light strip doesn't just splash a solid color behind your TV, but actually offers highly dynamic lighting that can add to the visual experience of whatever you're watching.

Govee's 12.5-foot light strip attaches to the back of your TV and uses 114 RGB LEDs in a number of individually controlled zones to make a veritable light show behind your TV. With the included camera attached to your TV and calibrated to your screen, the light strip can react to whatever's displayed, helping a scene's ambiance spread to the whole room. If there's nothing on the screen and you still want a dynamic light show, you can run the Music Sync mode for lighting changes that react to audio. Since the setup connects to Wi-Fi, you also get the typical smart home controls.

7. Maxonar Wi-Fi Enabled LED Strip Lights

Best LED Strip Lights for Your Room

Maxonar Wi-Fi Enabled LED Strip Lights
Maxonar Wi-Fi Enabled LED Strip Lights
LEDs: 600 ● Color: RGB ● Wattage: 40 watts ● Length: 32.8-feet (x2 16.4ft rolls) ● Extendable: No ● IP Rating: IP65 ● Smart Home: Yes ● Warranty: 18-monthLED lighting can enhance the look of any room. This kit from Maxonar comes with two 16.4-foot rolls, each packing twice the LEDs of competing brands for a total of six hundred emitters. It also comes with a full DIY kit to cut, connect, extend these strips to match your dimensions exactly. Whether you’re lighting up a display cabinet or adding mood lighting to an entire room, this kit will deliver the brightness and customizability you need.

Since mood and accent lighting work alongside the other lighting in your room, smart home compatibility is more important than ever. Thankfully, these strips are Wi-Fi enabled and will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and even integrates with online systems such as IFTTT.

8. Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit

Best LED Strip Accent Lighting

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit
Lumens: 100 ● Color: Adjustable White and RGB ● Wattage: 2 watts (per panel) ● Length: 7.75-inches (per panel) ● Extendable: Yes ● Smart Home: Yes ● Warranty: 2-yearThe Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit is a great way to get started with an LED strip accent light particularly because it doesn't confine you to an actual strip. Rather than being just a long row of LEDs that can only really go on a corner or tuck away somewhere, Nanoleaf's shapes are designed to stand out, creating a stylish, light-up piece of art for your walls. The Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit includes seven panels which you can combine together however you like. You can put them in a row, zig-zag, or make a shape.

Nanoleaf's Shapes lights can also combine together across different shapes. So, if you start with the Hexagon Smarter Kit, you can later add on more hexagons, large triangles, and small triangles. The kit includes a controller that can manage up to 500 panels and a power supply that can support 21 hexagon panels. With the hexagons, multiple triangle sizes, and full RGBW lighting, you can really use Nanoleaf's lights to create a unique look in your room.

9. Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip

Best Smart LED Strip Light

Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip
Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip
Lumens: 2,000 ● Color: Adjustable White and RGB ● Wattage: 23 watts (80in strip) ● Length: 40-inches (starter panel) ● Extendable: Yes ● Smart Home: Yes ● Warranty: 2-yearIf you're after an affordable lightstrip that can connect to your smart home for more control from wherever you go or with whichever home automation tools you like, then the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip will be right up your alley. The lightstrip has a Bluetooth-connected controller, but it can connect to a border router using Thread for more control. Conveniently, you can also just change the lights by physically using the controller, a smart usability feature some smart devices lack.

The Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip comes in two parts. The first you'll need is the starter kit, which includes the controller, power supply, and a 40-inch or 80-inch light strip. You can then add on extra strips, stretching the entire strip up to a total of 10 meters in length with extra segments beyond the starter kit. The power supply included in the starter kit can put out 30 watts, which is enough to run the whole system at a dazzling 2,000 lumens. With the strip, you'll get your choice of color and a range of white color temperatures. Plus, if you have other Nanoleaf lights, you can sync them up.

10. Ikea Myrvarv

Best Diffused LED Strip Lights

Ikea Myrvarv

Color: 2700K Dimmable White ● Wattage: 12 watts ● Length: 6.7-feet ● Extendable: No ● Smart Home: Yes

The effect of LED light strips is often best when the strips themselves are hidden from direct line-of-sight. Seeing the individual LEDs themselves can be a bit much. But, if you can’t hide the strips and have them shine from that tucked away location, the Ikea Myrvarv light strip works well out in the open thanks to its implementation of diffusion.

This LED light strip comes built into a two-layer light-diffusing tube. This creates a consistent lighting effect along the length of the strip, rather than feeling like a series of individual lights, plus it makes the lighting gentler to look directly at. The strip uses just 12 watts while putting out 1,200 Lumens total. You’ll get a 6.7-foot strip with dimmable white LEDs glowing at a warm 2700K. While the strips can’t be extended, the Tradfri wireless dimmer driver you need to pair the strips with will let you run multiple strips in parallel.

11. Twinkly Flex

Best Flexible LED Light Strip

Twinkly Flex

Color: RGB ● Length: 6.6-feet ● Smart Home: Yes ● Warranty: 1-year

A lot of light strips will let you set them up in different positions, but they aren’t always pretty when you need to bend them or display them out in the open. The Twinkly Flex solves this by embedding the LED strip in a highly flexible, translucent housing. It also includes hardware to let you attach the strip to your walls.

The flexible housing lets you set up the light strip like it’s your own custom neon light. The strip is 6.6-feet long, so you can make a little decoration out of it, like an abstract shape or something more specific with combined strips. However you set it up, the translucent tubing will let it glow pleasantly and diffusely in contrast to the directional glow of bare LEDs. The strip will let you customize the lighting with different colors and even animations. And, if you have several strips, you can group them together in the app for more precise control.

Where to Get the Best LED Strip Lights in the UK

What To Look for in LED Light Strips

Just as the market for LED light strips has expanded, it’s also become more complicated to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you hope for, be sure to follow these tips.

Don’t worry too much about brand name, instead focus on features and reviews. Most of the LED light strip market is dominated by small brands you’ve probably never heard of before. This can be confusing and a bit intimidating, but try not to worry too much. Instead, focus on the features the light strip offers. Does it have the Bluetooth connectivity you’re looking for? Is it single-color, RGB, or RGBW? Remember, while RGB strips can produce white, only RGBW strips can produce a clean white like true lightbulb. Once you’ve decided that it meets your needs, look carefully over the pictures, and then see what other users have to say in the review section. Those three things will offer you the best insight into whether the company is rebranding a cheap strip or is actually in the business for the long run.

The second thing to look for is the type of lighting the strip actually provides. Don’t rely on the picture alone, especially if you’re purchasing an RGB strip. If you’re searching for white lighting, be sure it has the color temperature you’re looking for. If you’re shopping for RGB, you’ll want to find out how its RGB lighting works. Can you set it in sections or is it whole strip only? Is the lighting static or does it flow? Are their presets and, if there are, can you customize them or create your own? With so many options, don’t be afraid to move on to another listing if these answers aren’t clear.

Third, pay close attention to how you control the lighting. Many low-costs strips use a remote while more expensive often features smartphone apps. While the remotes can work just fine, you’re often more limited in color, brightness, and customization than app-enabled lighting strips. If you do choose an app-integrated strip, be sure it connects the way you intend. Bluetooth light strips offer more fast and easy setup, but smart home integration, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, require Wi-Fi.

Finally, keep in mind how long of a strip you actually need. It’s possible to cut many LED strips to size, so you don’t have to be exact, but if you’re going for RGB, shortening the length could impact what lighting is able to be displayed and how well your strip matches the app. Don’t cut the tail off your rainbow.

Chris Coke is a tech critic that cares way too much about mechanical keyboards. Check him out at IGN,, or PC Perspective. Follow him on Twitter @gamebynight.

Setting Up LS100 RGB Lighting Strips in CORSAIR iCUE 3.34+

How to upgrade your gaming area with awesome controllable RGB lighting

(Pocket-lint) - You've got an amazing gaming machine and a dedicated play space to enjoy it in, but if you've already upgraded your gaming PC to the max, what else can you do to improve your gaming area? Other than adding a beer fridge, a foot massager and a fancy gaming chair of course. 

We've been on the lookout for ways to enhance our gaming experience to make it just that little bit snazzier. Turns out there are a number of pretty awesome bits of kit you can add to your system to make it even more incredible. Some of them are even just software updates too. 


Elgato Light Strip

  • Ultra-bright, dimmable lights with 2,000 lumens
  • 16 million colours and warm to cold white controls
  • 3,500 - 6,500K temperature adjustment
  • Controllable via Steam Deck
  • Flicker free PWM lighting

Elgato is well known for its streaming gear and the Elgato Light Strip fits nicely into this line-up. Designed to help creators make their content stand out from the crowd, it's a simple lighting system which is easy to control and offers not only bright lighting, but a variety of colour and warmth options to brighten up your life. 

This light strip system sticks to any surface and uses Pulse Width Modulation to ensure the LEDs light in such a way that they don't produce a flicker on camera. 

This means controllable, satisfying and eye-pleasing lighting for your video without the hassle and frustration of cheaper lighting strips. Naturally, the system is also controllable with Elgato Control Center from your PC or Mac, as well as from your phone with ease. 

If you have a Stream Deck, it'll work with that too. What more could you want?

Philips Hue Light Sync


A while ago, Philips announced a new update to its smart lighting range that allowed for the creation of "Entertainment Areas" in your home where lights could be synced with your TV if you had the right equipment.

Now, an update to Philips Hue Light Sync means you can easily setup Hue lights to respond to what's happening on your PC or Mac. 

For gamers, this means immersive and reactive lighting which changes according to what's happening in the game you're playing. 


If you already own Philips Hue lights then setup is a breeze. Simply download the Philips Hue Sync tool for your computer, connect it to your Hue bridge, setup and entertainment area to include the right lights and you're away. 

The settings here allow you to do everything from getting the lights to respond to general screen use, games, music and video, as well as adjusting how the lights respond to each. If you have a multi-screen setup you can choose your preferred screen for the app to respond to and even set up keyboard shortcuts for quickly switching between modes. 

This setup works with any colour Philips Hue lights you have in your gaming area, so it's an easy setup to get started with. 

If you don't have any lights currently, we'd recommend purchasing a Philips Hue LightStrip and Bridge kit. This is an excellent way to add back-lighting to your gaming area and really enhance your gaming experience. 


NZXT HUE 2 V2 Ambient RGB lighting kit


  • Customisable RGB lighting strips for PC gaming
  • Software controlled custom lighting options
  • Up to 40 LEDs total
  • Fits various size monitors

If you're the sort of person that loves bright, colourful backlighting for your gaming monitor, then NZXT has the solution for you. 

The NZXT HUE 2 V2 Ambient RGB lighting kit includes right RGB capable LED strips that allow you to backlight your monitor with ease. These strips come in different lengths with up to 10 LEDs per strip. You can also purchase different kits for different sized monitors so HUE 2 caters to everything from 21-inch monitors to 35-inch ultra wides. 

HUE 2 V2 is an upgraded version of a previous kit that's now even easier to install.


The kit comes with cleaning wipes, a handful of LED strips, a control box and power cables.  

The installation process simply requires you to run the strips across the top and sides of the rear of your monitor. Those strips then connect to a control box that plugs into your PC and a power supply.


These sticky-backed RGB strips are, for the most part, a doddle to install. Easy to follow instructions show you where best to fit the varying length strips depending on your monitor size to get the most out of the lighting. We fitted the kit to a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor and used HUE 2 to fill our desk and surroundings with glorious RGB lighting. 

Clever design features mean you can tidy the cables away mostly out of sight, including sticking the control box to the back of the monitor. The newly updated kit also includes 90-degree connection boxes which makes them far easier to install. There's no need to try to bend the cables into awkward angles to get it to fit and the whole thing is essentially a plug-and-play affair. 

Once installed and plugged in, these lights can then be controlled via the CAM software. 

The software gives access to a variety of customisation options which make this kit highly flexible. Lighting options include numerous colour presets that can be customised according to your liking. Including the ability to tweak it over two different channels and set to anything from fixed colours to breathing, fading, pulsing, or waving in a variety of colours that includes rainbow options. 

More intelligent lighting options include setting the lights to change colour according to your PCs stats - adjusting to show temperature changes in your graphics card or CPU, for example.

If you're obsessed with frame rates, but don't want a counter constantly displaying while you game, you can even set the lights to change according to the FPS you're getting. 


The HUE 2 V2 Ambient lighting kit also allows you to sync with music and audio according to levels, bass or gain. If that's not enough, you can also take advantage of settings to respond to in-game goings on. This is also our favourite feature. Known as "Ambient mode" this setting changes the colours along the edges of the monitor to match what's on your screen. That means if there's a bright sunny day in the game world, you get a nice blue hue on the top of your monitor and a green grass glow at the bottom. That ambient lighting then increases or decrease in brightness and colour to match your surroundings. This feature makes for a surprisingly more immersive experience in your favourite games and really lits up the room nicely too. 

The ambient mode works in Windows too, so you can even stream Netflix with a pleasant synchronised backlit view. 

If you want a fully customisable lighting system that won't break the bank, this is it. At around $99.99/£89.99 this is an affordable system that's a great addition to your gaming space. 

Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips


  • Starter kit includes 2 x 450 mm strips and 2 x 250 mm light strips with 84 total RGB LEDs
  • Built-in light diffusers
  • iCue compatible with lighting link syncing across Corsair products
  • Simple installation and expansion

If you're invested in the Corsair RGB ecosystem or even if you just want some awesomely atmospheric RGB lighting for the back of your monitor, the iCue LS100 kit may be the solution for you. 

This kit is different from other monitor backlighting systems on this list in a number of ways. Firstly the strips are not the traditional LED strips you're used to seeing but instead are diffused ambient lighting strips that are crammed full of LED lights. 

These strips fit on the back of your monitor using a mix of 3M stickers and magnets and are (by far) the easiest we've used. Though the installation process is a bit fiddly at first it's easy to adjust the strips and the location of the magnets to ensure a secure fit on the rear of your monitor so they're not constantly falling off. 

Two large 450mm strips run across the top and bottom of your monitor, with two shorter 250mm strips along the sides. These then all loop into a control box that then connects to your gaming machine. 

The kit is also expandable with additional purchases to get it to fit across dual monitor setups and larger monitors too. We tested it out on a 49-inch Samsung super ultra-wide monitor and managed to use the standard starter kit and a 450mm expansion kit to fill our gaming area with fantastic backlighting. 

This lighting kit is also compatible with Corsair's iCue software, meaning you can sync it with other Corsair peripherals, fans, RGB strips and more. Within the software, you can also set the lighting to respond to the lights and colours on your screen (thus syncing with your games) or to visualise audio of music or game sounds. 

Our favourite part of this system is the built-in diffusers which spread the light out and fill your desk, walls and room with a satisfying glow. 

Corsair light syncing 

  • RGB lighting across various gaming peripherals
  • Lighting sync via Corsair iCue software
  • Fully customisable lighting settings
  • Dynamic lighting based on in-game events

If you've seen our guide to building your own gaming PC, then you know that Corsair offers a number of RGB fans and lighting options for your machine. These work as brilliant upgrades to your gaming rig or as part of the build when you're initially putting it all together. 

Like other gaming peripheral manufacturers, Corsair also sells gaming mice, headsets and keyboards that support RGB lighting. Now, with a recent update to the company's software, you can synchronise lighting across all these devices. 

The new Corsair iCue software allows you to create lighting effects that work across each of your devices. Whether that's ensuring all the colours match or watching as lights move across the keyboard and mouse into your case and then back out again. 

There are a variety of different settings and effects available here and we have to say, they're all pretty awesome. Especially if you're a fan of RGB lighting customisation. A mass of customisation options means you can program your setup just the way you like it and even change it depending on what you're doing. 

These updates also include compatibility with certain games, which mean the game can change your lighting to affect your experience as you play.

In Far Cry 5, for example, the lighting initially glow in the colours of the Stars and Stripes when you load up the game, but turn a haze of red when you've been spotted by enemies or are in danger. Subtle or not, this lighting syncing and dynamic adjustment are impressive, incredible and a brilliant upgrade to any gaming setup. 

HP's superb flash sale has loads of deals to check out
HP's superb flash sale has loads of deals to check out By Pocket-lint Promotion ·

We were running the Corsair K95 Platinum, Corsair Glaive mouse and the LL120 RGB fans and RGB lighting strips for testing and the results are certainly spectacular. If you already have Corsair hardware, it's easy enough to download the new software - which replaces the previous Corsair Cue and Corsair Link software and puts all the controls in one place. 

Nanoleaf light panels


  • Customisable RGB lighting panels
  • App-controlled
  • Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT compatible
  • Works with Apple HomeKit

If custom lighting appeals, then Nanoleaf is another excellent option for upgrading your gaming area. Nanoleaf is a fully customisable lighting system which is consists of triangular lighting panels which snap together in various different configurations. The limitations of which are mostly your imagination and the size of your wallet. 

These panels are app-controlled via Apple or Android smartphones but are also compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT meaning there's plenty of flexibility options. This gives you the power not only to customise the lighting the way you want it via your phone, but also to control it with your voice or setup actions for the lights to react in certain ways - turning on at certain hours, turning off when you go to bed, etc. 

Not only can these lighting panels improve your gaming area with enhanced lighting options, but they can also add to your gaming experience too. The Nanoleaf starter kit includes the Rhythm upgrade module which plugs into any of the panels and changes the lighting according to the sounds it picks up - whether that's music playing in the room or gaming sounds blasting out of your speakers. 

You can adjust the colours of the lights easily within the app and even choose from a selection of different shades to cycle through in rhythm mode. The results are pretty spectacular. 

We love how easy this system is to use too. The light triangles have a port on each side where a small cardboard circuit slots into. These then slot together allowing you to create the various shapes. The panels stick to your wall with 3M stickers, so installation and mounting is a breeze. The system comes with an instruction book with suggested shapes, depending on how many panels you've purchased and you can also get suggestions from the app itself. 

You can use the company's own layout generator tool to suggest patterns for your wall if you're stuck for ideas. We'd certainly recommend planning out the shape you want to use first, as the panels aren't easy to take down or move once they're stuck up on the wall.  

You can also purchase various mounting accessories for a more secure fit or even allow for angled mounting, which is a nice addition if you want to go from wall-to-wall. An expansion kit is available to buy if the nine panels in the starter kit aren't enough or you can combine multiple starter kits for a magnificent multi-panel design. 


These light panels offer support 16.7 million colours including a number of whites to mimic sunrise, sunset and brilliant daylight. You can fill them with one colour or choose from a selection of colours. User-submitted colour palettes are also available to easily download within the app and we loved simple designs like the twinkling of stars at night.  

Nanoleaf Canvas


  • Six-inch square touch-sensitive lighting panels
  • Compatible with up to 500 panels
  • Capable of 16.4 million colours 

If you like the look of Nanoleaf light panels, then you'll also get excited by Nanoleaf Canvas. These are the new smart lighting panels from Nanoleaf which offer improved functionality with a slightly different design. 

Canvas is made up of edge-to-edge light squares that, like the original panels, can be connected together to create all sorts of shapes and designs. The difference is you can use up to 500 Canvas panels and potentially fill an entire wall (or more) with brilliant smart lighting. 

Nanoleaf Canvas is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT meaning you can not only set these lights up the way you want them, but you can control them in a variety of different ways too. 

These smart lights are the perfect way to snazz-up your gaming area and add some really cool lighting that makes it stand out. With built-in microphones, Nanoleaf Canvas can also be set to react to sound in the room too, so you can make the lights dance to the sound of your games which really makes for interesting gaming sessions. 

Nanoleaf Canvas is currently available to purchase directly from Nanoleaf here. 

Razer and Nanoleaf Chroma compatibility

  • Razer Synapse compatible 
  • Lighting sync across multiple devices
  • Dynamic lighting across various games

If you're interested in Nanoleaf light panels and you're also a fan of Razer's gaming gear, then there's some good news as recent updates to both companies tech means these devices are now compatible in terms of the light syncing. 

Within the Razer Synapse software, you have the ability to select Nanoleaf as a compatible "module" once that's done you can then sync the lighting within Chroma Studio. This means you can make the Canvas light panels match the lighting on your keyboard, choosing from the various lighting effects and even customising on a panel-by-panel basis. 

You can also opt to sync that lighting with Razer Chroma compatible games (the list of which is constantly growing) for a more immersive and interesting gaming experience. 

Another interesting highlight of this integration is if you have Nanoleaf Canvas panels, you can also customise the touch functionality to carry out actions on your PC - launching programs, skipping/pausing/playing music, activating a button on your keyboard, etc. 

Razer and Philips Hue compatibility

  • Razer Synapse compatible 
  • Lighting sync across multiple devices
  • Dynamic lighting across various games

When Philips Hue Light Sync first arrived, Philips partnered with Razer to tie the lighting into the Razer Chroma ecosystem.

This means if you own Razer gaming mice, headsets or keyboards that are Chroma compatible then you can pair these up with Philips Hue lighting in your gaming area. We did this with the Philips Hue light strip and a number of spotlights and the results were pretty impressive.

Setup is pretty simple too. Firstly you need to add an "entertainment group" within the Philips Hue app, then connect the Philips Hue module within Razer's Synpase 3 software. The software then talks you through pairing with your Philips Hue bridge and then you're pretty much ready to go.

Once it's all setup, you can adjust the lighting to your liking. More importantly, when it's turned on your Razer gear and Philips Hue lighting will respond dynamically depending on what Razer Chroma compatible games you're playing.

Playing Worms W.M.D, for example, the Razer gear we were using turned a nice shade of red when we were blown up by enemy worms while during normal play the main keys were highlighted in different colours to make them easily accessible. 

This system not only allows for a lot of lighting customisation, but allows for brilliant syncing across a number of devices. Razer also offers an RGB lighting system in the form of the Chroma Hardware Development Kit. This can be installed on your desk, inside your gaming machine or on the rear of monitors to offer some more synchronised lighting that's easily customisable within the Synapse software.

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on .

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Light strip corsair

Elgato Launches Light Strip and Wave Panels to Enhance Your Home Studio

FREMONT, Calif., March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elgato, the leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, along with parent company Corsair Gaming, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRSR) (“CORSAIR”), today announced the launch of two new product lines to help creators personalize their home studios and streaming setups – Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels.

Elgato Light Strip offers convenient app-controlled ambient lighting with RGBWW LEDs capable of displaying 16 million colors, with a wide brightness and color temperature range to create the perfect look for your setup. Elgato Wave Panels feature two-layer foam construction to reduce room echo and reverberation, easily mounting to your wall in modular hexagonal panels. Whether it’s lighting up your stream or improving room acoustics, Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels provide new ways to make your space, and your content, your own.

Elgato Light Strip shines with 108 total RGBWW LEDs, including dedicated warm and cold white LEDs to deliver a wider color and temperature range than RGB or RGBW LEDs. With a thin profile that’s flexible for bending and strong tesa® adhesive backing that adheres to most surfaces, it’s easy to fit Elgato Light Strip into your existing workspace or studio. Fully dimmable and capable of outputting up to 2,000 lumens in color temperatures from 3,500-6,500K, Light Strip can be controlled via a free companion app for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Like most Elgato products, deep integration with Elgato Stream Deck enables instant lighting control and advanced audio-visual automation at the tap of a key.

Elgato Wave Panels optimize the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings while enhancing room aesthetics. Dual density foam construction helps reduce echo and reverberation for an excellent broadcast and listening experience. A hexagonal profile and proprietary EasyClick Frames allow Wave Panels to be easily connected together to create unique constellations, while the included tesa® adhesive strips and optional screws plus wall anchors permit easy mounting, removal, and relocation. Available in multiple colors that can be mixed and matched to further personalize your setup, Wave Panels enable you to fine-tune your space for a more professional sound and feel.

With the release of both Elgato Light Strip and Wave Panels, content creators now have more options available to customize and set their studio apart from the rest.

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing

Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels are available immediately from the Elgato and CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels are backed by a two-year warranty and the CORSAIR & Elgato worldwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels, please refer to the Elgato website or contact your local CORSAIR/Elgato sales or PR representative.

Web Pages

For more information on Elgato Light Strip, please visit:

For more information on Elgato Wave Panels, please visit:


The launch video for Elgato Wave Panels can be found at the link below:

Product Images

High-resolution images for Elgato Light Strip can be found at the link below:

High-resolution images for Elgato Wave Panels can be found at the link below:

About CORSAIR & Elgato

CORSAIR (NASDAQ:CRSR) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance gear and technology for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. From award-winning PC components and peripherals, to premium streaming equipment and smart ambient lighting, CORSAIR delivers a full ecosystem of products that work together to enable everyone, from casual gamers to committed professionals, to perform at their very best.

CORSAIR also includes subsidiary brands Elgato, which provides premium studio equipment and accessories for content creators, SCUF Gaming, which builds custom-designed controllers for competitive gamers, and ORIGIN PC, a builder of custom gaming and workstation desktop PCs and laptops.

Copyright © 2021 Corsair Memory, Inc. All rights reserved. CORSAIR, the sails logo, and Vengeance are registered trademarks of CORSAIR in the United States and/or other countries. All other company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks, and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated. Features, pricing, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Source: Corsair Gaming Inc.

Adrian Bedggood
[email protected]

Investor Relations:
Ronald van Veen
[email protected]

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at:

Elgato Light Strip 2Elgato Light StripElgato Wave Panels
How To Install \u0026 Setup Corsair RGB Strips with Lighting Node Pro iCUE

Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lightning Strip Starter Kit

LED strips are a spiffy modding tool for hardcore gaming PCs designed for people who really take their games seriously. The unorthodox lighting effects will imbue your PC case with the right ambience and amplify your multimedia experience. You can lower the brightness of the LED strip according to your needs. The particularly striking effect is colour mixing. You could watch it for ages. The flashy blinking effect creates a more dynamic ambience ambience with a strong and lively feel. If you like your lighting effects really dynamic, you will appreciate that the strip can change colours. The pulsing light effect will make your gaming multimedia experience absolutely perfect. Also worth noting is the option to control the effects from your PC. The strip uses a standard power outlet.

Key Features of the Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lightning Strip Starter Kit LED Strip

  • You can dim or brighten the lights to you liking
  • PC software for enhanced control options
  • Pulsing light effects
  • Soothing colour blending effects
  • Dynamic colour change
  • Lively blinking lights
  • Uses a standard power outlet

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