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Minecraft Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming soon and if you’re looking for ideas for costumes then you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll find some awesome Minecraft Costume Ideas that will surely get you noticed at the next party, including some easy DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas you can make at home.

Minecraft costume ideas

Minecraft has been around since 2009 and has become a huge phenomenon. It’s an online game where you can build anything you want. The game allows players to create their own worlds.

The game is free to play and there are lots of different ways to earn money within the game.

Minecraft continues to be popular with kids of all ages!

DIY Minecraft Costume

This article will give you some ideas for costumes that you could use to dress up as a character in the game.

If you’re looking for some cool Minecraft costume ideas, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of options out there. I’m going to share some of my favorite Minecraft costume ideas for kids and adults alike.

Minecraft Costumes for Kids

There are many ways to dress up as a Minecraft character. From hats to shoes, there are plenty of options to choose from below.

There are many ways to dress up as a Minecraft character. From hats to shoes, there are plenty of options to choose from below.

Minecraft Costume Ideas

Choose from Steve, Alex, Creeper or Enderman – all three are currently in stock on Amazon.

I have scoured the internet to bring you some of the very best deals on Minecraft Halloween Costumes as well as some DIY Minecraft Costumes in case you would rather make something yourself.

Amazon has some great Minecraft Costume Accessories that you could use to easily create the perfect Minecraft Halloween Costume.

Minecraft Costume Ideas

Minecraft Masks were so popular that they sold out pretty quickly last year.

DIY Minecraft Costumes

I was happy to find a great Creeper printable that you can use to make your own Minecraft Creeper Mask.

If you prefer Steve or Alex instead, you can use the Minecraft Steve Mask Printable or the Minecraft Alex printable to make your own Minecraft mask.

Lastly, I was finally able to find a Free Printable Enderman Mask for you, if you want that one instead.

You’ll also be able to find a skeleton head, pumpkin head, wither skeleton head and zombie head.

Oh! And you can even make some of your own accessories to go along with your Minecraft costumes.

  • Coal Sword
  • Diamond Sword
  • Vampire Blade
  • Redstone Sword
  • Emerald Sword
  • Iron Axe
  • Emerald Pickaxe
  • Diamond Axe

Find all of these Minecraft printables and instructions for how to make them here.

DIY Minecraft Costumes

How to Make a Minecraft Costume

Download whichever free printable you want to be. Choose from several characters including Creeper, Steve, Alex or Enderman.

Find a cardboard box that is large enough to cover your head.

Glue the printable Minecraft mask pieces to each side of the box until it is completely covered up. You can use any glue you like, but spray adhesive seems to work the easiest and it doesn’t leave any lumps in the paper.

Carefully cut out eye holes. Choose a square so it won’t be as noticeable.

You can also cut out a square for the mouth area to help with breathing and talking.

Wear clothing that resembles the character you are dressing up as and grab a Minecraft accessory, like an axe or a sword, to complete the look.

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Zombie head

A zombie head can be obtained when a zombie is killed by a charged creeper

  • Minecraft versions: 1.17 / 1.16.5 / 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.16
  • ID: zombie_head

Where to find zombie head

Here's where you can find zombie head in Minecraft, i.e. where zombie head in Minecraft.


Get zombie head command

Here is the command that allows you to get zombie head in Minecraft, that is, how to create zombie head in Minecraft.

Zombie head can be summoned using a command in creative mode.. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the number and to whom zombie head will be issued:

  1. get 10 zombie head

  2. zombie head will be given to the player with the nickname MinecraftMax

The command can be written to the command block so that it is executed when a redstone signal is received.


Sours: https://minecraft-max.com/craft/head/12462-zombie-head/
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the 2021 china international service trade fair (service trade fair) will be held in beijing from september 2nd to 7th. meanwhile, the global service trade summit will be held on september 2. president xi jinping will deliver a speech at the global service trade summit via video.

as one of the three major exhibition platforms for china's opening to the outside world, the service trade fair has become a leading event in the field of global service trade, and is a close link between china and the world. people from many countries and the media expressed that they look forward to the 2021 service trade fair that will continue to provide opportunities for all parties to deepen cooperation, build consensus, and promote global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.

"service trade fair has become an important global platform"

this year, the service trade fair will host 5 summit forums, 193 forum meetings and promotion and negotiation activities, as well as 8 side events. more than 10,000 companies from 153 countries and regions have registered to participate in the exhibition, and the world's top 500 and industry-leading companies accounted for 18%, an increase of 9 percentage points from the previous time. the heads of exhibitors and enterprises said that the increase in the attractiveness of the service trade fair stems from china's open cooperation environment and broad development prospects.

tang zhimin, director of the china-asean studies center of the chia university school of management in thailand, said that this year's service trade fair will cover all major areas of service trade, build a platform and provide opportunities for international service trade cooperation, and will inject impetus into the development of global service trade.

"during the service trade fair in 2020, we participated in the winter sports special exhibition, and the response was very good." thomas tajuman, general manager of the czech ski brand alpine china market, said that many european brands have gained more cooperation opportunities through the service trade fair. . "as the beijing winter olympics approach, china's ice and snow sports market will usher in rapid growth. this is a good development opportunity for us."

zvi schiller, chairman of the israel robotics association, said that many professionals and investors are expected to participate in this service trade fair. china has a huge market and strong manufacturing capabilities, and the association is considering establishing a joint r&d center with china.

the panamanian "star" published an article that panama regards the service trade fair as an important boost to the global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era. mark garcia, senior regional consultant of lixin certified public accountants in panama business consulting company, believes that the trade in service is an excellent opportunity to promote cooperation between panama and china in the field of digital economy services. "the service trade fair can allow foreign investors to better understand china, as well as the service trade support and facilitation measures china provides, which will further enhance investors' confidence in long-term investment in china."

"china has become a major trading partner of many countries. the holding of the service trade fair not only conveys to the world china's confidence in opening up to the outside world, but also promotes trade exchanges between china and other economies and builds an important platform for exchanges and cooperation. "brazil business leaders organization china chairman everton monezi said.

wesley douglas, director of the african carbon exchange, is very pleased to see that this year's service trade will include carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as a key issue. “the service trade fair has become an important global platform, and this platform is helpful for solving global problems.” he said that china has provided an important reference for developing countries to practice green development, and african countries have a strong desire for green economic development. , there is an urgent need for related investment and technology introduction. africa and china have great potential for cooperation in these areas.

"digital technology brings hope to the future"

in his speech at the 2020 service trade conference global service trade summit, president xi jinping emphasized that it is necessary to comply with the development trend of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and work together to eliminate the "digital divide" and promote the digitalization of service trade. the theme of this year's service trade fair is "digital opens up the future, service promotes development". visitors will experience various innovative service products and the latest technologies provided by domestic and foreign enterprises through the service trade fair. in particular, new services centered on the digital economy have received widespread attention from the international community.

yukio kajida, a professor at chuo university in japan, said that in the post-epidemic era, the importance of the digital economy has become more and more prominent. governments and enterprises of various countries are actively promoting the development of the digital economy, and china is at the forefront of this field. this year's service trade fair uses "digitalization" as a key word, which will help promote cooperation and exchanges between global companies in the new situation, and further contribute to global technological innovation, economic development and improvement of people's lives. trade in services will become an important force to promote the recovery of the world economy.

everton monezi said that china’s experience in promoting the application of electronic payment technology is worth learning from latin america. latin american countries are starting to revitalize their economies in order to achieve long-term sustainable development. the service trade fair provides a high-level platform for cooperation between latin america and china, allowing more high-quality latin american companies to enter the chinese market and contribute to the recovery of the world economy.

"digital technology brings hope to the future." susanna gutkovska, acting chief representative of the beijing office of the polish national tourism administration, said that this year's "cloud showroom" at the service trade fair provided them with the opportunity to contact and communicate with their chinese partners. an opportunity for chinese tourists to issue invitations. poland's primorsky province and warsaw tourism organization set up booths in the yunshang exhibition hall to attract visitors. the holding of the service trade fair will help the recovery of the global tourism industry.

karl fei, a professor at the business school of aalto university in finland, believes that china has accumulated a lot of experience in the development of the digital economy. for example, the government provides policy support for enterprises, revitalizes the domestic market for digital services, and supports and encourages innovative companies in this field. share and discuss these experiences with all parties at the service trade conference.

"it is of great significance to the recovery of the world economy"

according to data from the ministry of commerce of china, despite the impact of the epidemic, china's total service imports and exports in 2020 will still exceed rmb 4.5 trillion. in the first half of this year, the added value of china's service industry reached 29.6 trillion yuan, accounting for 55.7% of gdp, providing strong support for the high-quality development of service trade. international sources said that under the background of economic globalization, china's economy is open and inclusive, opening its doors to embrace companies from all over the world, and will contribute wisdom and strength to the deepening of global service trade and investment cooperation.

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as the guest country of this year's service and trade fair, ireland has not only set up exhibition areas for investment, food, health, education, etc., it will also show the unique charm of ireland through ethnic dance performances and movies. four institutions including the irish food board, the trade and technology board, the investment development board, and the tourism board will appear together on the stage of the service trade fair for the first time. fenbar cleary, vice president of the irish-china science and technology exchange association, said that china's total service trade imports may reach us$10 trillion in the next 15 years, which contains huge market opportunities.

mohamed farahart, director of the egyptian pyramid politics and strategic research center, said that the service and trade will build a sound framework for international cooperation, create a healthier business and investment environment, help establish a new operating structure and trade network, and promote service trade. , investment and capital flow.

lu yaoqun, director of the institute of governance and sustainable development of the national university of singapore business school, said that the service trade association is an excellent platform to promote the development of free trade and common prosperity between china, asia and the rest of the world. the service trade association once again confirmed china's long-term commitment to the idea of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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  • ;">qiu weigong, chairman of the thai-china business council of thailand, said that trade can drive the development of various relations between the two countries. "china's national-level exhibition platforms such as the canton fair, the service trade fair, and the china international import expo will serve as a benchmark for trade, and the world economy will benefit from it."

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    tang zhimin said that open and inclusive service trade is also an important part of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement. china has used practical actions to create an open and inclusive environment for cooperation through the holding of service trade fairs and china international import expo. "under the current economic situation, china insists on expanding its opening up to the outside world and leading global cooperation. these measures are of great significance to the recovery of the world economy."

    hanat besek, president of the china association for the promotion of trade in kazakhstan, said that china’s opening to the outside world has evolved from the initial policy preferences to the current institutional opening, which not only benefits the chinese people, but also contributes to the economic development of neighboring countries. significant driving effect.

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    Minecraft Creeper Face Paint / Face Painting Tutorial

    DIY Minecraft Costumes- Creeper, Steve and Zombie Costume

    DIY Minecraft Costumes- Creeper, Steve and Zombie Costume

    For the past three years my kids have been asking to be Minecraft for Halloween.  We usually have a family theme each year, so I usually can convince them to do something else.  Well this year we aren’t doing a family theme, so I let them have their Minecraft costumes.  They picked a creeper, Steve and a zombie.  They were easy to make and the best thing about them is they only cost $5 each to make, woohoo!!  The heads are about $20 each so and they aren’t nearly as cool as these ones :).  I ended up making them a mask, a hat and a treat box (since they always seem to want a prop, I figured they might as well have a functional prop).


    This is how I made them:
    I bought lots of foam board at the dollar store.  I used my cutting board and a knife to cut them.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (1)
    For the big, full masks I cut the foam boards into squares that were 10×10 inches.  I cut 4 pieces that size and the top piece 10 x 9 3/4 inches.  For the top piece you have to take off about 1/4″ one side to fit into the top of the square.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (3)
    Using a glue gun, I glued the sides together.  I then put some glue on the inside of the two pieces for extra strength.  Then I used some duct tape (or clear tape) on all of the sides and corners for more strength and structure.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (4)
    Here it is all put together.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (5)
    I them painted them.  I used spray paint and then some acrylic paint to make the faces.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (7)
    I then put vinyl onto the faces and also painted the faces.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (9)

    For the eyes, I cut holes at the eyes and then used a black and blue mesh fabric.  I put it behind the hole inside the head and glued and taped it inside the head.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (10)
    For the shirts I just used regular boys’ shirts.  To save some money, I found some white shirts at the dollar store and used some Rit Dye that I had left over from another project to dye the Steve and Zombie shirts (and because I wanted them to be the perfect blue).

    I cut out some Minecraft shapes with my Silhouette (I used the vinyl for the Creeper head and then use the rest of the vinyl for a stencil), taped them onto the shirt and painted them.  I used a few different colors of blue.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (6)
    And that’s it for the mask costume.  They were really easy to make!  Here is Steve.
    And here is the Creeper.
    Once I had made the masks I realized that at our church’s trunk or treat they don’t allow people to wear masks and without the head of the costume, it’s a pretty boring costume.  So I came up with another way to make them, so instead of being a mask, they are a hat.  I did it all the exact same way but instead of cutting them 10×10, I cut them 7.5 x 7.5 inches (8 x 8 inches for my 10 year old).
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (11)
    And then once the boxes were made, I glued and stapled in a beanie hat (I covered the staples with vinyl).  I also made an Enderman for my husband to wear with the boys.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (13)
    Here is my son being a zombie with the hat version.  For his shirt I cut some slits in it and then sewed some green fabric behind the slits.  I also added some green sleeves.
    As I was making costumes my kids asked if I would make them weapons and props.  Like my son wanted a sword or a pic axe.  I end up making them weapons and then half way through trick or treating I end up holding them, not so fun.  So I decided to make their weapons/props functional, I make them treat “boxes” instead of treat bags.  I made the boxes the same way with the foam board as I did the heads, and I cut them 8 x 8 inches.  For added structure and support (I didn’t want all the weight of the candy to be put onto the bottom piece) I glued in some felt into the middle of them.  The bottom piece is a full piece of felt, so the sides of the fabric are glued to the sides and the bottom of the box.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (14)
    I then painted the boxes.  I made a grass block for the zombie (he wanted rotted flesh but I wasn’t sure how in the world I would do that, so we settled on a grass block).  I made the tools for Steve (it has two swords, a pic axe and a shovel on it all made from vinyl squares).  And I made TNT for the Creeper.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (15)
    These are my favorite part of the costumes.  And when Halloween is over, I’m putting them into the boys’ Minecraft room, on their  Minecraft shelves!
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (16)
    And that’s it for the costumes!!  Aren’t they so much fun??!  The kids like them and are happy, so I’m happy.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (20)
    Here is the hat version.  I love that you get to see their cute faces.
    DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (18)

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    Face minecraft paint zombie


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    Minecraft Steve Full-Face Mask for Adults.

    From October first to Halloween night, the Crafty Costumes Skin Pack is available for free with purchase of a Minecraft item. With creepy costumes like the Mummy Maria and Swamp Monster Samir, you’ll have all the dress up options you would need for the spookiest day of the year! (Only valid on purchases directly from HalloweenCostumes.com.)

    Download Instructions
    1. Go to https://www.minecraft.net/redeem.
    2. Input your 25-digit code in the “Enter Code” box.
    3. Sign in with the Microsoft Account in which you would like to use the item.
    4. Follow the instructions and download the item.
    5. Go to My games and apps, or My library on your device you play Minecraft on, to download the item.
    6. Enjoy your item in Minecraft

    The World Is In Your Hands

    Oh, Steve. He's so competent. He's on top of this brave new world and we can't wait to see what he's going to make. Maybe he'll start his own version of a blocky Taj Mahal. It would be a challenge but we'd love to see it. Maybe he'll focus on simply becoming a good farmer and developing a little village. The thing that's great about Minecraft? When you're running around as Steve you can be as strange as you want to be (You really can't think out of the box, though. This game is all about the box).  If you've been playing this game for a while maybe it's time to take the inspiration to the real world. Steve is ready to take his competence to the streets.

    Product Details

    You'll feel as full of potential as Steve when you're wearing this mask. This might look like a box but it's much more comfortable. The interior has a foam strip to keep the mask in place and your forehead all comfy.The eyes feature mesh sight holes so you can see the brave new world around you. Pair this with a blue t-shirt and one of our Minecraft tools to make sure you're sure to be ready to take on life outside your Minecraft paradise. 

    Even Steven

    No longer will people question your devotion to Minecraft once you show up in this serious Steven costume. You might not be able to punch trees to get lumber to build your own farmstead but you'll still look as competent as our man, Steve. There's no reason to take on real life solo. You can pair up with Alex and combat with Creepers, the Enderman, and even a couple of zombies. Real life is about to get much more interesting!


    StandardOne SizeOne size fits most adultsOne size fits most adults
    Sours: https://www.halloweencostumes.com/adult-minecraft-steve-half-mask.html

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    Introduction: Easy "No Sew" Soft Minecraft Zombie Costume.

     This is a quick and easy project that will take approximately 3 hours or less to complete depending on how detailed you want to make it.
     We purchased the ½” thick green upholstery foam from Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts for $11 a yard. Use a Jo-Ann's printable coupon from (www.joann.com/coupon) when you purchase the foam and it will only be about $6 a yard. The t-shirts we used are plain light blue cotton Fruit of the Loom t-shirts that can be purchased from Target or Wal-Mart for about $4 each.

    Step 1: Materials Needed:

    1. The upholstery foam is green ½ thick and “Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts” sells it in 2.5 yard by 24” lengths/sheets (depending on arm length 2.5 yards is enough for a child’s size costume).
    2. Low temperature hot glue sticks & gun (regular hot glue may be too hot and melt the foam).
    3. A yardstick to use as a straightedge or a fabric cutting board to keep your foam cuts perfectly straight.
    4. Two (2) color-matched cotton light blue t-shirts (one to cut/cover the upper foam arms & one to wear).
    5. One (1) fine point felt-tip light green “sharpie” permanent marker to draw out your grid lines.
    6. One (1) black & at least three (3) shades of green permanent markers or paint pens with large tips (bigger the tips the better) to color in the grid squares on the foam in a random green pattern.
    7. Exacto-Knife or box cutter with new blades (dull blades will tear the foam and keep you from getting a clean straight cut).
    8. (Optional) two (2) small pieces of black vinyl window screening or black nylon stockings to blackout the eye cut-outs from the inside the head.

    Step 2: Getting Started

    Let’s get started on the arms first –
    Measure the child’s or the adult’s arm from the top of the shoulder to finger-tips and add one inch to that measurement. (This will be the length for the foam arms noted below.)

    Choose child or adult size zombie arms and cut the foam using the following measurements:

    “Child” Zombie Arms:
    (4) 4”wide x (Childs arm length)”
    (4) 5”wide x (Childs arm length)”
    (4) 5” x 5” square foam caps.

    “Adult” Zombie Arms:
    (4) 6”wide x (Adult arm length)”
    (4) 7”wide x (Adult arm length)”
    (4) 7” x 7” square foam caps.

    ** Child size measurements were used for the following zombie arm assembly instructions.

    To make each child’s zombie arm: cut two (2) 4” wide and two (2) 5” wide foam strips using the premeasured arm length (four (4) of each size are needed to assemble both arms). This is where you can use the yardstick as a straightedge to make your long straight cuts if you do not have a fabric cutting board.

    TIP: Keep your blade as close to a right angle (90°) as you can while cutting the foam and be sure to use a new razor blade or Exacto-knife to cut the foam on a large flat surface. If you do not use a new blade the foam can tear creating jagged edges that could show later.

    Cut out four (4) 5” squares. These will be used as the top and bottom caps for each child’s zombie arm.
    Now with all the arm parts completely cut out. Take one of the 5” strips of foam, lay it flat on the table and with your “low temperature hot glue” line up and glue the 4” strip on the inside top edge of the 5” strip (not the outside edge). Your goal here is to make a 5”x5”x?” length arm when it’s all glued together NOT a 6”x4”x?” (See photo)

    Step 3: Glue & Grid

    Once you have completely glued the length of the first 4” strip repeat the process by gluing the next 4” strip on the top inside edge of the opposite side of the 5” piece that is still flat on the table. Once the second 4” side of the arm is glued down you can glue the next 5” strip to the top of the two 4” sides working the glue on one side at a time so the edges line up exactly.

    Tip: Run an extra bead of glue on the inside seams to re-enforce the arms.

    Next glue one (1) 5” square to the top and one to the bottom of each arm to cover the open holes. (Do not cut any openings in the arms just yet - it’s difficult to draw straight grid lines on the foam once it’s been cut open.)

    Now that both arms are completely glued together, mark out the grid pattern with the fine point light green felt sharpie marker.

    For the 5” square child’s arms: mark out the grid squares at 1.25” (that will give you exactly 4 across all the way around the arm).

    For the 7” square adult’s arms: mark out the grid squares at 1.75” (that will give you exactly 4 squares across all the way around the arm).

    Tip: To save time you will not need to grid all the way up the arm because it will be covered later with t-shirt material. (See photo)

    *The photo shows a custom fit 6” x 5” x 32” arm size and is only used here as an example so you can see the process.
    Please note that these arms were not the same size all the way around (as specified above). We ended up with 3 squares on the narrow side and 4 squares on the wider side of the arm needing additional calculations to keep all the squares a uniform size.
    Recommendation is to just keep it simple and make your arms square (5x5 or 7x7) and use the supplied arm sizes and square grid measurement sizes.

    Step 4: Grid Pattern

    TIP: What we found to be the easiest and quickest way to draw out the grid lines for the arms and on the head is to put a small dot at the corners/edges of the foam boxes the pre measured distances. Then use your yardstick and light green sharpie pen to connect the dots one side at a time until the entire arm or head is marked with gridlines.
    (The photo is of a scrap piece of foam just to give you an example of how we marked it out).

    Step 5: Cut Arm Openings

    Once the grid patterns have been drawn out; cut the openings for the arms. The arm openings are made by cutting a “U” shape in the side of the arm with the top of the “U” at ¾” from the top of the shoulder, the sides of the “U” ¾” from the sides of the arms and the bottom curved part of the “U” pointing down towards the fingers.
    (See the picture for finished zombie arm with the fabric already glued in place)

    Measure the distance from the child’s armpit to the top of their shoulder and this will be the total length of the “U” shaped cutout. Test fit the arm it should be a snug fit around the arm. When worn the top part of the zombie arm should lay flat, look square and not “bulge” upward when your arm is down at your side. If it bulges upward at the top just remove a little more foam from the bottom of the “U” shaped cutout before you glue the fabric in place.

    Step 6: Cut Hand Openings

    For the hand access have the child put on the arm. Mark where their hand sits inside the arm then be sure and take the foam arm off. Then cut a 3 sided “U” shaped flap your desired size. The hinge should be at the backside of the arm so as not to interfere with the child’s hands. (See photo)

    Step 7: Cut & Hot Glue

    Now you will need to add the t-shirt sleeves for the foam arms. Take your extra t-shirt and cut it in half from armpit to armpit horizontally across the chest and back. Discard the upper section of the shirt (neck / sleeves). This will leave a piece of fabric that looks similar to a tube. Cut down one side of it to make a large rectangle sheet of fabric with a factory seam remaining on one edge. The factory seam that normally sits at the waistline on the cut shirt will become the t-shirt seam on the foam arm sleeves.
    (See photo of finished arm)

    "No sewing is required just hot glue."

    Take the lower part of the shirt material and line up how far down the arm you want the sleeve to go on the zombie arm. Starting on the inside of the arm just under the “U” shape cutout, hot glue the factory seam of the t-shirt to the foam arm one side at a time leaving a slight overlap of fabric at the starting point. Cut off the excess fabric and use it to repeat the process for the second arm.

    Step 8: Trim, Glue & Color

    Trim and glue down any excess fabric being careful to keep the top edge of the arm square and flat as you go. We folded and hot glued the fabric down to itself keeping it tight to the sides and to the top of the foam arms to create crisp square edges. (Similar to a “nurse’s corner” fabric fold)

    Leave enough untrimmed fabric so that it can be tucked and hot glued “into” the opening of the “U” shape arm access. If done correctly no foam should show around the arm opening (See photo of finished arms).

    This is what makes the arms “look like” they are attached to the color matched t-shirt. At this point start coloring in the grid squares with the paint pens or permanent markers in a random pattern.

    TIP: Remember you don’t need to color in everything since the foam is already green!

    Step 9: The Head

    The Foam Head:

    Adult and child foam head cutout sizes and instructions are the same.
    For a 12” x 12” x 12” box pattern you will need to cut (with a new blade):
    (2) 12”x12” foam squares (front and back of head)
    (3) 11”x11” foam squares (top of head, inside support, bottom of head)
    (2) 11”x12” foam squares (sides of head)

    Step 10: Cut & Glue

    This is similar to the arm construction.

    Place one (1) of the 12x12 squares on a flat surface. Then place an 11x12 side at the top inside edge keeping the 12” sides together. Hot glue it down to the “top inside edge” of the 12x12 square. Once cool take the next 11x12 side and glue it exactly opposite of the 11x12 square you just glued down to the 12x12 square taking care to make sure you glue to the “top inside edge”. Once cool you should now have a “U” shaped piece of foam. Take the last 12x12 square and hot glue it to the “top edges of the 11X12 square sides” just like the other 12x12 square. If done right you will now have a 12x12 foam box with an 11x11 opening at both ends.

    Take an 11x11 foam sheet and hot glue it inside of one of the openings flush/even with the top edge to close in the box shape.

    Tip: Run an extra bead of glue on the inside seams to re-enforce the head.

    Step 11: Head Support

    Now it’s time to size the head support –

    Since this foam stretches you will need a slightly smaller circle than the child’s or the adult’s head size. Find a bowl that is slightly smaller than the wearer’s head. Place it upside down and centered on one of the unused 11x11 cut foam squares. Mark the circle with your green sharpie and cut it out with your razor. This piece will become the head support hot glued inside the box you just created.

    Test fit the head with the support inside BEFORE you hot glue it in so you will know how far down to adhere it inside the head. It should be close to 4” down from the top (small children about 5”) but not so far down that the person’s chin protrudes out the bottom opening of the head. Once you have this measurement hot glue the support into place working one side at a time until you have all four sides glued down.

    TIP: If you find that you have cut the head support circle too big and the person’s head hits the top of the foam box create a loop of foam and hot glue it in similar to the picture for the necessary adjustments.

    Creating the bottom opening of the head –

    Your last 11x11 foam square will need to be cut before you glue it in. This will essentially be creating an 11x11 two inch wide frame. Measure in 2” from each side of the 11x11 square and cut the center portion out. Then glue in the bottom frame flush / even with the bottom edges of the head. (See photo)

    Step 12: Grid the Head

    Time to grid pattern off the head before you make the cuts for the eyes-

    Grid the head with 1.5” squares using the same light green sharpie marker you used on the arms. This will give you 8 squares across and 8 down. The square count will make the face very easy to center on the head. (See photo)

    Step 13: Face Template

    Once the grid pattern has been drawn out on the entire head locate a side with the solid 12”x12” foam square. This will be the side used for the face since it will not have seams at the sides.

    Now on the face side count down 4 squares (for small children use 5 down) from the top left front corner and then move over 1 one square to the right; mark that square to be cut out and move over 1 more square to the right and also mark it to be cut out for the left eye. Skip the next two squares to the right. Then mark the next two squares to be cut out for the right eye. Now you should be left with one square on the right side of the head which matches the left.

    Drop down one line of squares and mark the two squares to color in the nose dark green. The nose will line up with the two squares you skipped between the eyes. (See the 8x8 square face template photo)

    Step 14: Cut & Color

    Cut out the marked squares for the eyes. Once the eyes are cut; carefully use a black magic marker to color in the inside edges of your eyes – be sure to stay on the inside edges not the outside front (see photo) this will help give the eyes a dark look.

    *(Optional step) Once the inside edges have been colored in take two small cut squares of vinyl window screening or black nylon stockings and hot glue them inside the head behind each eye cutout. This will black out the eye cutout area the rest of the way yet the person wearing the head can still see out. (See photo)

    Color the grid pattern in any random way you want with green markers or paint pens and you’re done! Typical Minecraft Zombie heads are darker green on the top for “hair” and have a dark green nose but be creative! Again, remember you don’t need to color in everything since the foam is already green!

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