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Symbols of Magic and Their Meaning


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Symbols of magic list

Magic comes in many different shapes and forms depending on which ancient religion or culture choose to look at. However, magic is always enchanting, beautiful, powerful, and potentially horrible too. It also involves various complex systems of symbols, runes, and sigils, each requiring writing or reading in one manner or another.

The end result of all those magical traditions is a rich collection of magical symbols from all over the world that fantasy authors today can work and have fun with. There are literally thousands of such symbols across all ancient cultures and religions so covering all of them in a single article is impossible. However, we can go over some of the most famous symbols of magic and their meanings.

Symbols of magic

What Do Magic Symbols Do?

Without going into whether magic is real or not, what are magic symbols supposed to do? There are various types of magic symbols based not only on the culture and religion they come from but also on their intended purposes.

Generally speaking, we can group most magic symbols into three groups:

  • Magic symbols for reading. One such example are most Nordic runes as well as runes from other cultures. Such magic symbols are meant to function as a magical code that allows for the magic user to not only communicate with others like them, but with various powers and forces in the universe too. Runic magic symbols can help the magic user find out the future, commune with the dead, learn of events that have happened thousands of years ago, or talk to the gods themselves.
  • Magic symbols for protection. Many other magic symbols are used to manifest protection spells around the caster. This is arguably the largest of the three groups as here we can even add the countless protective symbols and trinkets such as a pouch of herbs and garlic, good luck charms like the rabbit’s foot, and other such symbols that people of all cultures and societies have used for millennia.
  • Magic symbols for “active” magic. Last but not least are the magic symbols that the user can use to cast an “active” spell into the world. A popular example are the various demonic sigils that a magic user can cast to summon demons into the material world. An even more common group are the various symbols for casting curses onto others. Not all such symbols are “evil” of course – there are plenty of symbols that even members of the major world religions still use to this day to cast blessings onto others.

The 15 Most Popular Magic Symbols and Their Meaning

1. The Pentagram

Sumerian pentagram

The major symbol of the Wiccan faith, the pentagram has had various other meanings over the years. It was used to represent the five wounds of Jesus in Christianity and it has even older origins in ancient Greece and Babylonia.

As a magic symbol, the pentagram has been attributed a connection to the five Neoplatonic elements, it’s been used as a dark magic symbol as a representation of the goat, and it’s also been used by Éliphas Lévi as an occult symbol of the microcosm of humanity.

2. The Eye of Horus

eye of horus

As one of the most popular symbols in ancient Egyptian religion and culture, the Eye of Horus is also a common magical symbol. It is said to grant protective powers over those it has been blessed upon. It also has reviving powers and was even given to the deceased Osiris by Horus to help sustain the fallen god in the afterlife.

3. The Eye of Ra

eye of ra

A common symbol in Alchemy as well as in ancient Egypt, the eye of Ra is said to be an entirely separate entity from the god Ra. The symbol was Ra’s greatest weapon as it encompassed the power of the sun, and it could be used to strike down all of Ra’s enemies. The symbol was also said to be a goddess in and of itself. Depending on the source it was either Wadjet, Mut, Bastet, Hathor, or Sekhmet.

4. The Horned God

Horned god symbol

This symbol is drawn as a circle with a crescent moon or a pair of horns on top of it. One of the biggest symbols of masculine energy, the Horned God could be used to bestow incredible strength and courage into the target of the spell. At the same time, it’s also used as a symbol of fertility or a spell cast to ensure a successful hunt.

5. The Hexagram

Hexagram tattoo meaning

Hexagram is rich in religious meaning and symbolism and can be found in religious symbols such as the Seal of Solomon and the  Star of David, the. As a magic symbol, however, it’s actually viewed as two separate but combined symbols – the upright triangle is the female symbol of water, and the reversed triangle is the male symbol of fire.

As both of these elements are common in nature and in spell casting, the Hexagram is a popular and potent magic symbol. In Christianity, the Hexagram symbolizes the Heaven and the Earth, and is common in churches’ stained glass windows.

6. Celtic Shield Knot

Types of celtic shield knots

The Celtic Shield knot symbol is a popular Irish symbol that’s often used for amulets and pendants. It has a complex design that resembles four interconnected axe blades around a small round shield. It’s viewed as both a symbol of eternity – due to its flowing and never-ending design – as well as a defensive rune that can grant protection to the wearer of the amulet or the subject of the spell.

7. The Ankh

Ankh symbol

Another popular sign from ancient Egypt, the Ankh is the symbol of life, both male and female fertility, eternity, and much more. As a magical symbol, the Ankh can be used to bring good health, protect people from diseases, extend a person’s life and stop them from aging, as well as keep them safe from the various evil forces in the world.

8. Besom

Besom symbol

The Besom symbol, or the Broom symbol, is a simple but popular and powerful symbol. One of its meanings is the union between the male and female as the handle is meant to represent the man while the bristles stand for the woman.

As a magic symbol, the Besom can be used in various ways:

  • When used in sweeping motions it can remove negative spirits and forces from your home.
  • When placed under someone’s bed, this symbol can grant them a sound sleep and good dreams.
  • It can also be placed on the front door of a home to keep evil forces at bay.

9. Witch’s Knot

Witches knot

A female magic symbol with an intertwined design, the Witch’s Knot is typically used as a rune of protection. It’s especially potent if it’s drawn against male witchcraft/wizardry. According to various sources, the Witch’s Knot has also been used for weather spells to create magic circles, as well as for love spells. The symbol has also been found carved into doors to ward off against evildoers and evil spells.

10. Earth, Wind, Earth, and Fire

Alchemy symbols four elements

The four symbols of the elements are popular in alchemy as well in various cultures and mythic traditions. They are typically drawn as triangles: Upright and stricken-through triangle for Air, Reversed triangle for Water, Upright triangle for Fire, and Reversed and stricken-through triangle for Earth.

These four symbols can be used separately or together for all types of spells whether it’s spells that affect/use any of the four elements or spells that target various emotional and personality traits associated with these elements.

11. Spiral

spiral magic symbol

The Spiral symbolizes the life cycle, centering, self-development, and – obviously – fertility. It’s one of the oldest magical symbols and can be found in writings as old as 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia. Talismans and trinkets cast with the Spiral symbol are said to help people to continue growing and living healthy and peaceful lives.

12. The Harp

Harp symbol

The Harp symbolizes healing, love, peace, joy, and devotion. The musical instrument itself was created by Pythagoras on the Island of Crete. The Harp’s very creator believed that its tones and music can heal people.

Since then, the Harp has been associated with various deities in the Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Celtic pantheons as well as other religions. The symbol is also prominently featured in the Bible. As a magic symbol, the Harp has been used in spells aimed to bring love, peace, and devotion to their recipients.

13. Witch’s Foot

Witches foot

An interesting symbol of power, the Witch’s Foot looks like a snowflake made out of three straight lines, although it has a couple of other designs too. The middle line is supposed to represent the upper and the lower worlds while the other two lines are meant to represent the four directions of the world.

The symbol is called Witch’s Foot as it’s believed that when witches met, the witches walked barefoot and left this symbol on the ground with each step. As a magic symbol, the Witch’s Foot is used in spells that are meant to grant the recipient magical and physical power.

14. The Chalice


The Chalice is a symbol of fertility, unity, and divinity. This symbol is frequently used in various Wiccan rituals, and it also represents the female goddess of the Wiccan faith. It’s used to drink to the spirits and symbolizes the womb of the goddess.

The Chalice is usually made of silver or wood, but it can also be made of any other naturally occurring metal. Its base represents the material world while its stem symbolizes the connection between humans and spirits.

15. Owl of Wisdom

Owl of wisdom

This is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and the unmasking of truth. Originally, the Owl of Wisdom was associated with the goddess Athena from the ancient Greek mythology. Celts and various West African tribes also used similar symbols and revered the owl as a wise animal.

As a magic symbol, the Owl of Wisdom is used to grant one the ability to look inside the human soul, to see some otherwise unseeable truths, or to peek into the future. It can also be used as a symbol of healing and comfort.

Wrapping Up

Many symbols of magic also hold other meanings, and some have evolved over time to acquire new meanings. These symbols continue to be viewed as protection symbols and are kept close to keep harm and evil at bay.


25 Witchcraft Symbols Everyone Should Know About

Magic involves connecting with the natural energies of the universe and producing change as a result. Energy is what joins everything together, and manipulating it can create fantastical changes. Magic is an art form, really, and these symbols are critical to mastering the power of magic through dedication and practice.

Magic symbols aren’t only used for spell casting. They can also help reduce negative energy and create positive energy. Although you might have seen some of these symbols before, you might not know their history or their meaning. Here is a list of important magical symbols and what they represent:

The Triple Goddess

This symbol represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. This sign is associated with feminine energy, mystery, and psychic abilities.

Magic Symbols: The Triple Goddess

The Horned God

This symbol is meant to signify night and day in order to portray the duel nature of The Horned God, who is the male part of Wicca’s theological system. It is associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting, and the life cycle.

Magic Symbols: The Horned God

The Pentagram

This symbol appears frequently in horror movies because it protects against evil. It represents the five elements — earth, air, fire, water, and the spirit. It has origins in ancient Greece and Babylon. However, it is also a major symbol in the Wiccan faith and is used in Wiccan rituals.

Magic Symbols: The Pentagram

Sun Rise & Set

Sunrise is the best time to cast spells for purification, business success, study, employment, breaking addictions of all kinds, travel, releasing guilt and jealousy, healing diseases, and the conscious mind. Sunset is the best time to cast spells for weight-loss, banishing misery and pain, and transforming negative habits.

Magic Symbols: Sun Rise & Set

The Quarters / The Elementals

This symbol represents the four elements of nature, which are the basics for casting any spells. It can also symbolizes the four different directions, with north being linked to air, east to earth, south to fire, and west to water.

Magic Symbols: The Quarters/TheElementals

The Sabbats

This symbol represents the eight festivals celebrated by Wiccans — Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon. They are separated by approximately even intervals throughout the wheel of the year, which represents the journey of the human soul.

Magic Symbols: The Sabbats

Lunar Spiral

This spiral symbol is a feminine symbol associated with lifecycles, fertility, and childbirth. It can also represent intuition and other womanly traits.

Magic Symbols: Lunar Spiral

The Chalice

This symbol represents the Goddess, the womb, and the female reproductive organs. It also represents feminine qualities like intuition, subconsciousness, psychic ability, and gestation. The chalice’s base represents the material world.

Magic Symbols: The Chalice

The Athame

This magic symbol represents the element of Fire. Since it is a masculine principal, it is usually seen alongside the feminine chalice to represent procreation and creativity.

Magic Symbols: The Athame

The Wand

This symbol represents the element of Air. It is used during spell castings to bestow blessings, charge objects, and ‘draw down the moon’ during a ritual.

Magic Symbols: The Wand

Earth Elemental

This symbol represents abundance, prosperity, and fertility. It is commonly associated with the colors brown and green.

Magic Symbols: Earth Elemental

Air Elemental

This symbol represents communication, wisdom, and the mind. It is also commonly associated with the colors yellow and white.

Magic Symbols: Air Elemental

Fire Elemental

Fire is a strong, masculine element. Its symbol represents strong will, energy, transformation, and change.

Magic Symbols: Fire Elemental

Water Elemental

Water is a feminine element. It symbolizes the womb, purity, and washing away negative aspects from one’s world.

Magic Symbols: Water Elemental

The Sun

This symbol, in the shape of a circle, represents wholeness, unity, and infinity.

Magic Symbols: The Sun

The Moon

A crescent moon represents femininity and creativity. That is why this symbol is commonly linked to the creative power of the Mother Goddess.

Magic Symbols: The Moon

The Crone

This symbol represents the Triple Goddess’ three natures — Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It also represents the three main aspects of life — birth, growth, and death.

Magic Symbols: The Crone

The Lord Of Shadows

This symbol of The Lord Of Shadows represents reflection and rebirth.

Magic Symbols: The Lord Of Shadows

The Pentacle

This is one of the most famous symbols that you have probably seen in horror movies before. Placing a circle around a pentagram represents the connection and reciprocal relationship between the five elements — air, fire, earth, water, and spirit.

Magic Symbols: The Pentacle

Moon Rise & Set

The rising moon represents change, new beginnings, and youth. Meanwhile, the setting moon represents endings, death, and the cleansing of the soul.

Magic Symbols: Moon Rise & Set

Cosmic Lemniscate (Infinity)

This symbol represents reincarnation and the endless cycle of the soul.

Magic Symbols: Cosmic Lemniscate (Infinity)


Cauldrons represent the womb of the Mother Goddess. It also represents divine inspiration, infinite sustenance, and abundance.

Solar Cross

This symbol represents the movements of the sun, marked by the solstices. It is a charm for good luck and protection.

Magic Symbols: Solar Cross

The Bread

Although this symbol looks self-explanatory, it has a deep meaning. Bread is the product of grain, which symbolizes continued life. It can represent both mortality and the desire to survive.

Magic Symbols: The Bread

The Bolline (Work Knife)

This symbol represents the harvest, because the tool is used for cutting cords, wands herbs, and candles. It is never used against flesh.

Magic Symbols: The Bolline (Work Knife)

The Besom

This symbol is considered masculine in nature because of its phallic shape. It offers protection from evil spirits and negative energies. It also offers cleansing and purification. This symbol keeps evil forces at bay.

Magic Symbols: The Besom


This symbol is associated with the element of air. It is used for spells that have to do with communication, wisdom, and the mind.

Magic Symbols: Incense


This symbol represents renewal and hope. It symbolizes a fresh start.

Magic Symbols: Winter


Since Spring is the season when flowers begin to bloom, this symbol represents fertility, birth, renewal, and growth.

Magic Symbols: Spring


This symbol represents harvest, abundance, and bounty since summer is the time when crops are growing and forests are full.

Magic Symbols: Summer


This symbol represents harvest, balance, transformation, or a change in attitude.

Magic Symbols: Autumn

(Moon) Phases

Each phase of the moon has a different type of energy. You should cast spells for new beginnings during the new moon, cast spells for creativity and growth during the waxing moon, cast spells for harvest and sexuality during the full moon, cast spells for releasing and cleansing during the waning moon, and cast spells for peace and rest during the dark moon.

Magic Symbols: (Moon) Phases

The Witch’s Foot

This is a symbol of power. It looks like a snowflake with three straight lies. The middle line represents the upper and lower worlds. The other lines represent the four directions of the world.

The Witch’s Knot

This magic symbol has been used for love spells and weather spells. It can also be carved into the front door to ward off evil spirits. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Magic Symbols And Sigils In Witchcraft - Episode 36 - Symbols For Protection, Growth, And Magick

Historical Symbols and Modern Sigils— Symbols for Protection, Growth and Magic - Episode 36

Full Episode 36 Video Available On YouTube And On All Podcasting Apps.

In this episode, The Rebel Crows dive into magical symbols and sigils, their history and their uses.

Symbols and Sigils are pictures that have the ability to represent our intention within a spell or magical working. 

When viewed, they bypass the conscious mind and have direct access to the much more powerful subconscious, where they can imprint in a larger, more universe-connected way.

Working with archetypes or making up your own mystical and mysterious Sigils, (whose meaning is known only to you) can drastically increase your magical work and spells.

Athena gives a fascinating array of different symbols used throughout history in different contexts and Anja gives a step-by-step on how to make your own sigil for personal use. 

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Top 3 magical symbols which can change your life

Magic symbols can be found all over the world. The earliest known grimoire, or magical text, was found in Mesopotamia and was dated between the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Some individual magical symbols date back as early as 10,000 BC. There are magical symbols in both Eastern and Western cultures. Magical symbols represent a force from nature that offers protection to those using them. They help people feel protected and strong when used against evil forces such as demons and evil eyes. People have used magic to help explain forces of nature they did not understand. Magical symbols were created to protect man from forces of nature he did not understand and protection in wars and other conflicts. These symbols can be worn as an amulet or talisman, drawn on paper, or carved into objects. People carry their magical symbols with them in order to stay out of harm’s way. Here are some common magical symbols.

Magic Symbols


Symbol of fertility, lifecycle, centering, development

Spirals are found all over nature. From shells to our DNA, the spiral is an intricate part of our planet. It is one of the earliest magical symbols dating back to 10,000 BC in Mesopotamia. The spiral represents the beginning, the middle, and the end. It represents the life cycle and the desire to find our way to enlightenment. It is a powerful feminine magical symbol used by many cultures. Spirals on talisman help us to continue growing and strive for inner peace.



Symbol of peace, healing, love, devotion, joy.

The harp was one of the first musical instruments. It was made by Pythagoras on the island of Crete. Pythagoras found that the tones of the harp helped people heal. Music has the ability to heal the mind and body. It is a very powerful magical symbol. Music can stir people’s souls and has the ability to calm, anger, or create happiness in people. In ancient Crete, the harp was used in military marches. In Celtic cultures, the harp symbolizes the bridge of love between the earth and heaven. In Nordic cultures, the harp is a symbol of ascension. In the Bible, the harp is a symbol of joy, love, and devotion. This is a strong symbol that reminds people of the power of music and poetry to lift us and take us to different levels and times.


Witch’s Foot

Symbol of power

The witch’s foot is a three-lined symbol similar to a snowflake. The middle line represents below and above while the other lines represent directions. Using this symbol enables a person to get the power of heaven, earth, and the cardinal directions all at once. It can be used to travel between worlds or to summon a spirit. The witch’s foot symbol got its name from witches long ago who would alter their feet with this image. When they wanted to hold a secret meeting they would walk without shoes and leave this symbol on their footprint for other witches to follow.

Witch Feet

Owl of Wisdom

Symbol of inner knowledge, unmasking, wisdom

The Owl was associated with Athena in ancient Greece. Athena was the goddess of the night and wisdom. The owl helped Athena see the whole truth by revealing truths that were unseen to Athena. Some West African nations believe that witches will have more powerful magic if they use certain pieces of an owl in their incantations. Celts believe that an owl has the ability to see into a human soul. They also believe that owls wings provide healing and comfort to those who see them out.

Owl of Wisdom

The owl can travel between earth and heaven and is considered a bridging spirit. They have keen eyesight and are at home in the darkness. An owl totem would bring the wearer wisdom and the ability to tell if someone is lying to them. It also provides inner knowledge to the wearer.


Symbol of vengeance, protection

Wormwood is a leafy plant found in Europe. It can be carried in a magic bag for protection against accidents, psychic attacks, and wandering spirits. Wormwood can be used to induce visions and send black magic. Wormwood can also be used to summon spirits if used with mugwort and in magic pertaining to love. If someone inhales wormwood smoke they become psychic.


Some believe that wormwood grew in the path of the serpent that was banished from the Garden of Eden and so it is good protection against snake bites. If a person goes into a dark forest in Russia they should take some wormwood with them to keep away Rusalki, Russian water spirits.

Wormwood can be used in smudge sticks, amulets, and incense to heighten psychic awareness, protect your home, and reverse negativity.

Witch Bells

Symbol of protection.

Witch bells are associated with the air element. They are small bells used in casting. The witch bells are used to summon and signal spirits. They can also be used to banish spirits and demons that are unwanted. Passing witch bells over a cursed object can dispel the curse. The bells can also dispel extra energy. Witch bells can also be hung on the front door to keep away unwanted spirits.

Witch Bells


Symbol of protection, good fortune, love, positive change, strength, and power.

Shells are associated with the water element and the moon. They are considered to be between worlds since they are found on the sand by the ocean. Seashells are associated with the goddess Aphrodite and are used in love spells. Since shells were used as currency in many cultures they are also useful in money spells. Shells hung in a house or around a person’s neck provide protection. Seashells can also be used in divination.


Depending on the shell, they can be worn as an amulet to produce different results. Clam, oyster, and conch shells are good for love spells. Cone shells are used for protection. Scallops are used for travel spells. Cowries and tooth shells bring financial gain. Whelks will bring positive change. Limpets give power, courage, and strength. Screw shells, augers, and cerith shells are used for male fertility and ailments. Keyhole limpets are good for finding a way out of a situation. Tulip shells are used to find out fate and destiny. Tusk shells bring strength for battle.

Some witches write spells in the shells and then cast them by the sea. When the tide comes in the shells are carried out into the water and the spell is cast.


Symbol of healing, power, energy, moon

Wands are associated with the power of the person who is using them. They are associated with the air and fire elements. Wands bring about a transformation. Most wands are made out of wood but some are made of metal or ivory. They are used to subtly and gently direct energy. Wands can be used to draw symbols on the ground and in the air. The wand itself can be used for healing or it can be used to give a plant healing powers.

Some people choose to inscribe runes onto their wands to bring extra energy. There are many different rune inscriptions including Uruz which brings about fulfillment, good fortune, and happiness. Raidho helps to clear a person’s mind and help them find the truth. Isa promotes inner strength, quiet, stillness, and peace. Sowelu provides guidance, change, and renewal. And the rune Dagaz promotes white light, love, awakening, and attraction.


Engravings are also used to promote power. Blackthorn is the preferred wood for wands but Hazel, Oak, Birch, and Almond wood can also be used. Talisman and crystals help intensify the power of the wand. A wand is used only by one witch. They can send healing powers great distances with a wand.

Wands were left in tombs in Egypt in order for the soul of the departed to use them. Shamans have used wands in magical ceremonies. In the Bible, Moses had a hazel wand and the God Mercury was also depicted with a wand.

Wands are used for bestowing blessings, healing, charging of objects, spell casting and the drawing down of the moon.

Witch circle

Symbol of completion, cycles, transformation, protection.

The witch circle is a representation of the circle required to begin any ritual. It is a perfect circle. These circles can be drawn on the ground with salt, chalk, or a cord or in the air. There are elaborate circles in magic texts and simple circles. Sometimes it is depicted with a pentagram inside. The pentagram represents the elements including spirit, air, earth, water, and fire. Pentangles have been used in Wiccan rituals as a symbol of protection.

The witch circle was used as a protective barrier when a spell was cast. In modern times it is believed that the witch circle helps concentrate energy. It is believed that a witch should trace over the circle three times from east to west. Circles can be marked with the four cardinal directions which can represent the elements, the archangels, and others.

Witch circle

In Wiccan traditions, the circles are usually about nine feet and have different colored candles in each quarter. The north section has a green candle representing Earth. The south has a red candle representing Fire. The east candle is yellow for Air and the west candle is blue for Water. Energy is raised in the circle with a cone of power. The energy will weaken if the circle is crossed or broken. The only break in the circle will be on the East side where a door is created. Once the spell is done the door is closed with a counter-clockwise motion. This closing is called releasing the circle.


Symbol of goddess, fertility, unity

The chalice is a representation of the water element and the goddess in Wiccan rituals. It is used to offer a drink to the spirits and is used in certain rituals. Sometimes the chalice is empty and at other times it can hold ale, water, or wine. It is traditionally silver and made of metal although it can be made of any natural elements such as wood. The chalice is a symbol of the womb of the goddess. The rim and opening represent the energy coming in. The base represents the material world and the stem is the connection between man and spirit.


The chalice is used to symbolize unity when it is passed around the coven. This ritual is similar to the Christian communion which features wine being shared. The chalice is used in many different Wiccan rituals including the Great Rite, the Small Rite, and the cake and ale ceremony. In the Great Rite, the chalice is used with the wand to create a male, female bond.


Symbols and protection spells

Tumblr lrlnnkuOYZ1qav15fo5 250.gif

One of the most obvious characteristics of witches, is their ability to cast spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these. Although majority of the spells are spoken in the native language of the witch, some spells require the use of other languages, such as Latin.

The Binding Ceremony

The Binding Ceremony.jpg

A binding ceremony is a powerful ritual that is able to bind the magic of a witch, to their coven, by suppressing their individual power.

Incantation:Fire, Earth, Metal, Air, Water and Blood. By these elements, we bind the circle, and follow in the steps of our ancestors; who pledged themselves to fight against the forces of darkness. When evil assails us, when fear weakens us, when descent threatens us, in the circle we will find our power. We come to this place alone, but leave bound as one. With this oath, our journey begins together. Do you accept the circle?

All: I accept.


Materials and Requirements: Bonfire and members of The Circle.

Mother Earth Cleansing Ritual

To destroy the dark magic within a witch is to call it out and rid them of it's power before it takes over, which means they have to die. It requires the cosmic power of Mother Earth's four elements to drown and bury the power which is not as powerful enough to kill Cassie Blake.

Requirements/Ingredients: Coffin, the symbol of Mother Earth, athame, elderberry tree branch, the witch with dark magic, Soil in order for the spell to work , the witch with dark magic must be willing to participate. The ritual is to be set in the woods and the coffin will act as their altar. A cloth with the symbol of mother earth on it should be placed on top of the coffin. The elderberry tree branch needs to be inside it. The dark witch

would need to focus their energy and mind on the middle of the Mother Earth symbol where as the other witch shall scatter soil around the symbol while reciting the incantation "I call on you Mother Earth, element of the physical, may you purge her clean". Afterwards, the blood of the dark witch should be spilled onto the middle of the symbol, where the lines connect. The coffin is to be then opened, revealing the elderberry tree branch. Snap the branch in half after the dark witch hands you the branch, this shall cause the dark witch to be rendered unconscious. By this time, place the witch's body in the coffin and close it. Place the cloth above it in the position where the witch's head should be. Using the athame, plunge it onto the coffin (hitting the middle of the Symbol). Raise your own power and call upon the power of Mother Earth to bury the coffin. The buried witch will die and her Dark Magic will die with her.

A isolating spell: No one in, no one out.

Witch Cruid Spell


This spell was used by the the witch hunters to destroy the bound Circle but the witch hunters failed. Take a small glass bottle and say the Incantation, "let light rise out of darkness," while holding a match over it, in order to activate its capabilities. Then, place a mandrake root, a personal item of the witch to be killed, and a few drops of his/her blood into the bottle. In order to kill them, one must only light a match and drop it inside. The victim will then be burned from the inside out.

Incantation:"Let light rise out of darkness".

Killing A Dark Witch Spell

Make a circle around the dark witch with the Dark Colocasia Root and then burn it with a match. This spell was used by the witch hunter Eben to kill John Blackwell but the plan was foiled.

Incantation: "Tenebras Dissipare. Omne Aevum."

Requirements And Materials: Dark Colocasia Root, Matches.

Commanding Spells

Depending upon the size of a spell, some witches are able to cast magic by simply willing for something to happen.

Faye Chamberlain first demonstrated this action by commanding the skies to rain down on her, however, as she demanded the sky to pour harder, she accidentally conjured a monsoon. Faye also demonstrated this action when she attempted to unlock her locker, by commanding it to open, also by commanding the door from the room on the boatyard were she was being held prisoner to unlock and open.

Aside from Faye Chamberlain, Cassie Blake and Charles Meade also demonstrated this power as Cassie commanded her curtains to open and close, and Charles forced Ethan Conant to temporarily drown.

Defensive Spells

Multiple spells that are able to defend the attack of a witch.

Burning Eye Spell

Able to burn the eyes of the assailant.

Incantation:"Burning star, blood red eye."

Deviltry Spells

Multiple spells that deal with the influence of Demons.

Demonic Exorcism

Able to break the influence of a Demonic Possession.

Incantation:"Consummatum est. Diabolo fuge. Diabolo fuge!"

Materials and Requirements: Vial of Consecrated Water, a special tree Branch to burn, three Candles, sage.

Freedom Spell

Able to unleash Demons from a mystical prison.

Incantation:"Incipio Serpus Malum."

Materials and Requirements: Herbs burnt into ashes forming a circle around the prison, a complete circle to cast the spell.

Freedom Reversal Spell

Able to reverse the effects of a Freedom Spell.

Incantation:"Kleidaria Klodanum."

Materials and Requirements: Demon suitcase opened.

Suppression Sigil Spell

Able to suppress the actions and powers of a Demon.

Materials and Requirements: A knife to carve the sigil into the wrist of the Demon.

Suppression Sigil Reversal Spell

Able to reverse the effects of a Suppression Sigil Spell.

Incantation: "Rongaire Balorum Eunarach Vicit Romnia."

Materials and Requirements: A magical potion that is created by the spell maker's Blood.

Demon Resurrection Spell

Incantation:"Agite Tenebrae Abyssi"

Requirements and Materials: Blood, a hole in the ground to call up the Demons.

To Bring Out Demons From Someone

This spell draws the Demons from the possessed and into the spellcaster.

Incantation:"Exire Daemonem Voco"

Elemental Spells

Spells that effect the elements of nature.

Water Levitation Spell

Able to suspend water droplets in mid-air.

Incantation:"A drop of water, as light as air."

Fire Spells

Multiple spells that are able to create and/or extinguish fires and/or heat.

To Light A Candle

Incantation:"Air around me, grant me fire."

To Extinguish Fire

Incantation:"No air for fire."

To Conjure Heat

Incantation:"Fire without flame, bring me heat."

To Super Heat An Object

Incantation:"Heat of the sun, burn like fire."

To Summon Flames And Keep Foes Away

Incantation: "Flames, burn back the path."

To Set A Fire

Incantation:"From air to fire, water to stone, join together and burn to the bone."

To Control Fire And Use It To Kill Enemies

Incantation: "Ignes Dissipare et Vallum"

Requirements and Materials:"A medallion to channel dark magic. You must also be a witch of dark magic to summon its true power."

Locator Spells

Multiple spells that are able to locate unfound objects and persons.

Crystal Locator Spell

Incantation:"Thrughain Adhar Thruagort Isham."

Materials and Requirements: A map, four candles, Crystal.

Blood Tracking Spell

Incantation:"Cibè àit tu air an aimsir fhàistineach tusa."

Materials and Requirements: Spell caster’s blood, victim.

Book of Shadows Tracking Spell

Incantation:"Umbra Libre Invenio."

Materials and Requirements: Crystal.

Miscellaneous Spells

A group of random spells.

Unlocking Spell

This spell unlocks any locks and doors that are focused on.

Incantation: Lock, unlock.

Electrical Surge Spell

Incantation:"Imphatus Bannacd."

Requirements and Materials: Crush a Light Bulb

Change the Color of Clothes Spell

will change the color of the clothing to the desired color.

Incantation:"Stitch, thread, and seam change from (current color) to (preferred color)."

Requirements and Materials:A piece of clothing

Animation Spell:

Will animate an inanimate object to make it move or appear as if it were alive.

Incantation:"Take flight and dive."

Requirment and Materials: A unanimated object.

Resurrection Spell

Incantation: "Sorem est."

Requirments and Materials: Crystal, a fresh dead Corpse.

Memory Spell

Touch the object, focus on memory and read the spell out loud. Only witches with dark magic can truely use this spell to it's full effect.

Incantation:"Corpore intin, comsera en praterum."

Requirements and Materials: Something that was in place and time to remember.

Expanding Lungs:

Put your hands on the witch or human that is choking.


Conjuration of The Lemon and Pins:

This spell is used to see if the witch that has cast this spell has good or bad luck.

Incantation:"Scongiuraezinae al Limone Appuntato un Spille"

Note: If the witch receives a lemon that has pins of colors (except black) he/she has good fortune.If there are black pins, the witch has brought bad luck.

To Bind Magic to the Balcoin Medallion

Witches have to form a circle around the fire and hold hands. Then they have to focus on the fire, breathe deeply and slowly.

Incantation:"Air we breathe, and fire we feel. By this circle, bind air and fire to metal, and ignite its power."

Requirements and Materials: The Balcoin medallion, a circle around a fire.

Hypnosis Spell:

This spell was used by the Witch Hunter Eben to kill John Blackwell by bewitching Cassie Blake. The caster must drop liquified linden root into the eyes and mouth of the victim.

Incantation:"Supinus Timeo."

Requirments and Materials: Linden Root.

Hypnosis Reversal Spell

Used to reverse a hypnosis spell. Brings back the will of someone that has been hypnotized or bewitched.

Incantation:"By our power, restore his/her will."

Requirements: The entire circle. However, stronger witches may be able to cast this by themselves.

To Show Hidden Things

Incantation:"Hic Tamen Non Hic Ostendo."

A Spell For Invoking Dark power To Kill Witches

This spell kills all witches without Balcoin Blood. By burning them from the inside out.

Incantation:"Ego vocare te tenebras magicae, exsurge hunc crystallo."

Protection spell (novel)

Incantation: "Sky and sea, keep harm from me. Earth and fire, bring my desire."

Spells and Rituals from the novels

For an Untrue Lover

Stand in the light of the full moon. Take a strand of the lover’s hair and tie knots in it while saying:

Incantation:"No peace find. No friend keep. No lover bind. No harvest reap. No repose take. No hunger feed. No thirst slake. No sorrow speed. No debt pay. Rue the day. You wronged me."

A Tree/Apple Spell to Find and Bring Someone to You

Take an apple and split it in half. Take two sewing needles and put one needle through the eye of the second needle. Bind the needles together with thread. Then put the needles in the apple and close it up again. Tie it with thread so it stays closed. Tie the apple back on the tree and say a few words to tell the tree what you want it to do. Something like:

Incantation:"Friendly tree, friendly tree bring my special friend to me."

Alternate version:"Bud and blossom, leaf and tree. 'Find him, bind him, now to me. Shoot and seedling, root and bough, Threads of love entwine us now."

To Hold Evil Harmless

Bury the evil object in good moist loam or sand, well covered. The healing powers of the earth will battle with the poison. If the object be not too corrupt it will be purified.

A Talisman for Strength

Take a smooth and shapely rock. Carve on one side the rising sun and a crescent moon, horns up. On the reverse side carve the words:

Incantation: "Strength of stone, be in my bone. Power of light, sustain my fight."

To Cast Out Fear and Malignant Emotion

Incantation: "Sun by day and moon by night let all dark thoughts be put to flight."

The Girl’s Celebration Ritual on The Night of Hecate

The Night of Hecate celebrates all of the phases in a woman’s life, Maiden, Mother and Crone, making it a perfect night for the girl’s ritual. Held at a crossroads in honor of Hecate goddess of crossroads and transformation, the girls enter the circle and sit around it. Each takes a candle and lights it saying a virtue or aspect of womanhood that they’d like to celebrate. The candle is then set in the center of the circle. Each girl’s candle once set in the center creates a circle of candles. The white and last candle goes in the center of candles. The girls than show the candles to the elements and get their blessing. The ceremony is to celebrate and affirm what girls are.

Faye uses a Red Cinnamon Candle to celebrate Passion

Suzan uses an Orange Peach Candle to celebrate Beauty

Deborah uses a Yellow Lemon Candle to celebrate Courage

Melanie uses a Green Pine Candle to celebrate Wisdom

Cassie uses a Blue Bayberry Candle to celebrate Inspiration

Laurel uses a Purple Hyacinth Candle to celebrate Compassion

Diana uses a White Vanilla Candle to celebrate Purity.

Divination Rituals to discover a lover

Peel an apple in one long spiral. Throw the peel over your shoulder; if it doesn’t break it forms the initial of your true love.

Throw a Hazelnut in the fire and say a pair of names. If it pops they’re meant for each other, if not they’re doomed. Incantation:"If he loves me pop and fly, if he hates me burn and die."

To conjure a gorgeous delivery man

Cassie and Suzan light pink and red candles around Faye’s living room. Then incense composed of ginger root, cardamom and neroli oil. Faye places red crystals around the room including garnets, carnelians, fire opals and pink tourmalines. Faye wears extra Star Rubies, and Suzan wears a Carnelian necklace. Faye orders 6 pizzas and then waits for the delivery men to arrive. As each arrives the girls invite the boys they like in. Intoxicated by their surroundings the boys are helpless to leave, becoming slaves to the girls.

Spells and Ritual Facts

• Spells misused can rebound on the person who cast it threefold.

• The Master Tools: A Crystal Skull , Leather Garter, Silver Diadem and Silver Bracelet

• A circle is cast by going around it with a dagger, water, incense and a lit candle, representing the four elements earth, water, air and fire.

• Trees are attuned to things like love and friendship making them good for working spells of that nature.

• Red and Orange crystals can be overwhelming and shouldn’t be worn all the time.

• Milk of Roses consists of rosewater and oil of sweet Almonds

• November 17th The Night of Hecate is a night for fortune telling and Prophecies.

Spell Titles in Diana’s Book of Shadows:

• A charm to cure a sickly child.

• To make hens lay.

• For protection against fire and water.

• To overcome a bad habit.

• To find treasure.

• To change your luck.

• To turn aside evil.

• A spell against contagious diseases.

• To cause dreams.




☀✪ Pagan Symbols: The Meaning Behind Wicca, Sigils of Power \u0026 Protection

Protection Spells

"The cover design is very pretty. The book gives an introduction on spell crafting and then covers spells for body and spirit, house and home, family and friends and out and about. The last section covers rituals and protective objects. Very comprehensive with some really interesting spells."

The Kitchen Witch

"The key to any good spell book is to be able to find exactly what I'm looking for quickly.  The author makes it easy for me to find purification spells, cord magic and much more with the full index in the back. I would highly recommend adding this book to your standard witchy library. I believe you won't be disappointed."

Confessions of a Modern Witch

"This is a fun book, as well as educational, and offers something for just about any life situation."

New Spirit Journal

"If she loves astrology and magic, she'll be obsessed with this new spell book from Arin Murphy-Hiscock that focuses on clearing negative energy, protecting your space, and harnessing power."

Marie Claire

"Arin Murphy-Hiscock has a truly impressive body of work on spell craft and witchery. Chances are least one of her books is an integral part of your personal library. The Way of the Hedge Witch: Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home and The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More not only grace the shelves of many readers but the aesthetically-pleasing covers pop up all over Instagram. Her books are truly objects of beauty and knowledge."

Luna Luna

"The newly released Protection Spells by Arin Murphy-Hiscock addresses one of the most important areas of Magic today. Without adequate protection, Witches and other Psychic practitioners leave themselves open to unnecessary harm and chaos. This book contains over 100 different spells for defense and protection, so there is something here for just about everyone."


"Strikingly beautiful… you will not be disappointed."

Pagan Pages

“Filled with everything you need to begin the art of spellcrafing … timely and exceptionally relevant.”

The Magickal Pen

“Helpful… The information is solid and while it is geared toward beginners, any experienced Witch will find the information useful for more advanced workings.”


“A nice reference… very accessible.”

Facing North


You will also like:

The Ancient Symbols Once Used To Ward Away Witches

It’s almost Halloween – time to dip into the past and explore the ways we once protected hearth and home from demons. Our expert, archaeologist James Wright, leads the way 


King James VI of Scotland, Daemonologie, 1597

An image from The Wonderful Discoveries of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower, printed in London, 1618


In a curious passage from his 1597 witch-hunting manual, James VI of Scotland (later James I of England) expressed the widespread fear in early modern Europe that the Devil could take possession of a building. 

The reality of supernatural evil was almost universally acknowledged during the 16th and 17th centuries. Demons, evil spirits and witches were genuinely believed to be stalking the land, intent on wickedness. 

This turbulent time witnessed social, political, economic and religious upheaval. So difficult were the problems that people began to look towards external, supernatural factors as being responsible for their troubles. Witch trials became distressingly common, with the alleged malefactors accused of using black magic in a variety of perceived crimes. Statistics from the law courts show that the majority of those accused were marginalised women, living on the edge of society. 

An extension of these fears was that folk from all sectors of society sought to ward away the threat of evil from their property. Through careful archaeological survey, researchers have been able to find traces of this ritual protection in historic buildings.

Medieval graffito of a pentangle from St James the Great Church, Aslackby, Lincolnshire


One of the ways in which owners, occupants and visitors to buildings sought to ward off evil was by carving protective symbols, as graffiti, into the structure’s fabric. In doing so, they sometimes turned to ancient folk beliefs and pseudo-theology for inspiration. 

The notion that the five-pointed star, or pentangle, had protective powers stretched back into the medieval period. In Christian numerology the number five represented the five wounds of Christ. The 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight contains a passage in which the eponymous hero dons gear that depicts pentangles, in order to offer spiritual protection against the supernatural Green Knight. 

The endless-line design of the pentangle may have been linked to a folk belief that demons were not especially bright creatures. It was thought that a demon would always follow a line to find out where it went; by creating a line with no end an evil spirit could be trapped, spinning on the walls for all time. 

It's not just pentangles that are found scratched onto the walls – chequerboards, mesh patterns, peltas (a type of knotwork design) and circles were also co-opted in the fight against evil.

Ritual protection marks adjacent to a window at St Mary’s, Warwick, Warwickshire


James VI gave us a pointer as to where we might start to look for physical clues relating to ritual protection marks in historic buildings. He noted that evil spirits entered structures 'by whatsoever opening the air may enter in at'. At a time when the majority of buildings were timber-framed, draughts were common and it was believed that the spirits travelled into buildings on this free-flowing air. Doors, windows and fireplaces were considered particularly vulnerable portals. 

Surveys of historic buildings have turned up countless examples of ritual protection marks. They appear in virtually every type of structure, including churches, castles, cottages, mills and barns. When statistically mapping these marks, it is usual to find them in clusters close to the portals, indicating that real concern about the vulnerability of these liminal spaces. Equally, dark, dangerous or rarely used places, such as attics and staircases, also yield evidence for the markings.

In churches, ritual protection marks can sometimes be positively dated to the medieval period. Pre-existing medieval inscriptions were often covered by limewash during the Reformation, which kept them preserved intact beneath. The context of the medieval graffiti is therefore sealed by the post-medieval limewash, enabling us to be able to date it. In a similar way, later building work can block in older graffiti. If we know the date of the two different phases, when the older graffiti is revealed during conservation or remodelling work, we can get an idea of the time that it was originally created through the archaeological relationship of the two phases. 

Burn mark on a timber at Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire


Alongside the inscribed marks, mysterious-looking tear-shaped burn marks can sometimes be found on exposed timbers. At one time it was thought these were the result of carelessly unattended candles or tapers. But experimental archaeology has proven that only a very meticulous process can lead to the creation of such marks. This involved holding the taper, very still, at a 45-degree angle for up to 20 minutes – suggestive of deliberate human behaviour. 

Burn marks are often found in association with other ritual protection marks. They may also be linked to protection against lightning and conflagration, or may be related to prayer, purification and healing. One of the problems of interpreting such marks is that there are few contemporary written sources explaining their functions. 

Consequently, we have used exclusively archaeological techniques to record, map and understand how and why they came to be made. This is done by shining the raking light of a torch over the walls, photographing the findings and then carefully recording the results.

Marks incised with a carpenter’s rase knife during the early 17th century at Knole, Kent


During the 18th and 19th centuries, the secularised processes of scientific enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution led to a decline in ritual protection marks. Their purposes were gradually forgotten, but it has become apparent to archaeologists that very few medieval or early modern buildings are lacking in such features. As they have been rediscovered, curators of historic buildings have brought them to the attention of visitors – and they are proving to be very popular.

One such discovery is the scratched and burned ritual protection marks on a beam beneath the floor of the King’s Tower at Knole in Kent. The marks were made using a carpenter’s rase knife during the period of construction. Research has shown that the timber had been felled in the winter of 1605 and laid in the building the following year. Intriguingly, the building was being remodelled as royal accommodation for James I – the witch-hunting king – at a time when his life had been threatened from the Gunpowder Plot. The latter was widely blamed on Catholics in league with the Devil – perhaps the carpenters at Knole wished to ensure the king’s future ritual protection from evil?


There are some excellent websites on this subject, including Medieval Graffiti,Raking Light and English Medieval Graffiti. There is also an article and lecture on the ritual protection marks at Knole freely available via Gresham College.

Good reads
Medieval Graffiti: The Lost Voices of England’s Churches by Matthew Champion 
Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft by Brian Hoggard
Physical Evidence for Ritual Acts, Sorcery and Witchcraft in Christian Britain: A Feeling for Magic edited by Ronald Hutton

Where to visit
Ritual protection marks are visible in a large number of historic properties open to the public. Among those are Berry Pomeroy Castle (Devon), St Albans Cathedral (Hertfordshire), Gainsborough Old Hall (Lincolnshire), Little Moreton Hall (Cheshire) and York Minster (North Yorkshire). Be sure to take a torch with you – historic graffiti can be difficult to see without casting the shadows created by a raking light.


James Wright is a buildings archaeologist who runs the Triskele Heritage consultancy. He has two decades of professional experience of ferreting around in people’s cellars, hunting through their attics and digging up their gardens. He hopes to find meaningful truths about how ordinary and extraordinary folk lived their lives in the medieval and early modern periods.

James has previously published books looking at the archaeology of medieval castles and great houses, as well as numerous articles on historic graffiti. He is currently working on a new book, investigating, interrogating and explaining common myths relating to medieval buildings.

Among his lectures for The Arts Society are How to Deflect Your Demons – the ritual protection of hearth and home and Historic Graffiti – the hopes, fears and desires of a nation.

James led the historic building survey at Knole for many years and was an integral member of the team that won the 2018 Best Archaeological Project at the British Archaeological Awards.


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