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Love Struck is a member of the Lost Bots from BotBots.
He likes baseball bats. Bats hit. Um.

In the game of love, Love Struck always swings for the fences... and always strikes out. With an eye for baseball bats in particular, he's always bouncing back from his endless losing streak.


BotBots Official Sticker Book

Love Struck has the power of being a complete softie. Transformers BotBots Official Sticker Book



BotBots-toy LoveStruck.jpg
  • Backpack Bunch (5-pack, 2019)
Part of the second series of BotBots, Love Struck transforms from a tiny robot into a softball.
He is available in the "Lost Bots" blindpacked portion of one of the "Backpack Bunch" themed 5-packs, packaged with Bogus Pocus, Hashtagz, Nope Soap, and Short Edge.
This mold was also used to make Dinger and Goldstruck Out.

This pack is a "recommended minimum buy" for a complete set of Series 2 BotBots.

  • Shed Heads (5-pack, 2019)
Love Struck is also available in one of the "Shed Heads" themed 5-packs, along with Bottocorrect, Brotato, Drillit Yaself, and Tool Bag.
  • Swag Stylers (8-pack, 2019)
Love Struck is also also available in one of the "Swag Stylers" themed 8-packs, packed with Brock Head, Chic Cheeks, Frizzle Fry, Grumpy Clumpy, Nope Soap, Scribby, and Songwave.

This pack is a "recommended minimum buy" for a complete set of Series 2 BotBots. Two strucks, two balls.


  • As revealed in the BotBots Sticker Book, Love Struck was lost from the Jock Squad.
  • His name has been written as both "Love Struck" and "Lovestruck" in official materials. We're going with two words as that's the version used on the instructions packaged with the toy.
  • While his bio says he's a softball, "love" is also a tennis term. Pity, as him being a tennis ball would have made his name amazing.

Lovestruck: The Musical

Lovestruck: The Musical is an American romance jukebox musical television film that premiered on April 21, 2013 on ABC Family.[1] The film is directed by Sanaa Hamri and produced by Gaylyn Fraiche and Salli Newman.[2] It stars Drew Seeley, Chelsea Kane, Sara Paxton, Jane Seymour and Tom Wopat.[3]


Harper Hutton was once a Broadway dance star until a leg injury cut her career short. While she has gone on to be a successful choreographer, Harper still wishes for the stardom denied to her. She has pushed her daughter Mirabella in her place, going so far as to produce an entire show around her. However, Mirabella tells her mother that she has fallen in love with Marco (a known play boy) and is flying to Italy to marry him. Convinced the man is up to no good and will ruin Mirabella's life, Harper prepares to follow Mirabella but when she drinks a "youth potion," she finds herself transformed into her 25-year-old self. Now using the alias of Debbie Hayworth, Harper befriends her daughter to ruin the wedding by trying to seduce her future son in law. When her ex-husband, Ryan, who has not spoken to her since the divorce, recognizes her, she uses the potion on him as well. While at the dinner rehearsal the night before the wedding, harper comes across a green house that is filled with Marco's unfinished wedding vows. As she realizes she may have misjudged Marco, she grabs all the letter to show her daughter before Mirabella confronts Marco of a so called brown eyed mistress (which was harper). As her daughter's wishes for her life, Harper also finds herself with a second chance to rekindle a lost spark with her ex husband after both talked about the real reason for his infidelity.


Musical numbers[edit]


Lovestruck: The Musical (Music from the Original Television Movie)
ReleasedMarch 18, 2013 (2013-03-18)[4]
LabelABC Family

The official soundtrack album, Lovestruck: The Musical (Music from the Original Television Movie), was released digitally on March 18, 2013.[4]

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State of obsessive euphoria often felt by those newly in love

For other uses, see Lovestruck (disambiguation).

Being lovestruck means having mental and physical symptoms associated with falling in love: "Love-struck ... means to be hit by love ... you are hit in your heart by the emotion of love".[1]

While being lovestruck has historically been viewed as a short-lived mental illness brought on by the intense changes associated with romantic love, this view has been out of favor since the humoral model was abandoned, and since the advent of modern scientific psychiatry.


The concept is associated with a set of metaphors attempting to convey the speed and intensity of falling in love by describing it as a physical process of falling or being struck.

Alternately, falling in love is often described with reference to Cupid's arrow. Other sources, such as Tristram Shandy, describe the process by referring to it as the act of being shot with a gun: "I am in love with Mrs Wadman, quoth my uncle Toby – She has left a ball here – added my uncle Toby – pointing to his breast".[2]


The twentieth-century saw the concept of love-sickness reconceptualised by psychoanalysis. As early as 1915, Freud asked rhetorically, "Isn't what we mean by 'falling in love' a kind of sickness and craziness, an illusion, a blindness to what the loved person is really like?"[3] Half a century later, in 1971, Hans Loewald took up the theme, comparing being in analysis "to the passions and conflicts stirred up anew in the state of being in love which, from the point of view of the ordinary order and emotional tenor and discipline of life, feels like an illness, with all its deliciousness and pain".[4]


A 2005 article by Frank Tallis suggested that being utterly romantically lovestruck should be taken more seriously by professionals.[5]

"For love-struck victims, the world appears altered. Replacing the flatness of ordinary experience is a fullness".[6]

According to Tallis, some of the symptom clusters shared with being lovestruck include:

  • Euphoria, that is, abnormally elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, extravagant gift giving
  • Tearfulness
  • Loss of concentration and difficulty sleeping
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stress – high blood pressure, pain in chest and heart, acute insomnia; sometimes brought on by a "crush"
  • Obsessive–compulsive disorder – Preoccupation and hoarding valueless but superstitiously resonant items
  • psychologically created physical symptoms, such as upset stomach, change in appetite, insomnia, dizziness, and confusion.

More substantively, the estimated serotonin levels of people falling in love were observed to drop to levels found in patients with OCD.[7] Brain-scan investigations of individuals who professed to be "truly, madly, deeply" in love showed activity in several structures in common with the neuroanatomy of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), for example, the anterior cingulate cortex and caudate nucleus.[8]


Some who would "disagree with Frank Tallis's fundamental thesis that love should be seen as a mental illness ... concur that at the extreme and under certain circumstances love sickness can drive a person to despair".[9]

They would suggest however that "'disordered love' ... can be understood more clearly in terms of attachment theory".[10]

Literary examples[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

  • Frank Tallis, Love Sick: Love as a Mental Illness (2005)
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All the Birthdays of the Lovestruck Characters


Jan 3: Chadwick Lin | Age: 34

Jan 10: Orion Akatsuki | Age: 28

Jan 10: Antares Fairchild | Age: 28

Jan 11: Neil Dresner | Age: 32

Jan 15: Vanessa Helsing | Age: 22

Jan 19: Jessa Flexand | Age: 28

Jan 23: Duke Vale | Age: 29

Jan 31: Nysa Dawnvale | Age: 23


Feb 1: Onyx Wren | Age 23

Feb 7: Zhora Leonis | Age 27

Feb 10: Madison Lane | Age: 28

Feb 15: Piama | Age 20

Feb 18: Nova | Age: 25

Feb 22: Fiona | Age: 22

Feb 24: Lyris | Age: 21

Feb 29: Nikolai Stirling | Age 28


Mar 5: Julius Harper | Age: 22

Mar 14: Remy Chevalier | Age: 28

Mar 17: Cal North | Age 27

Mar 20: Juliette

Mar 22: TK Yoon | Age: 22

Mar 30: Nathan Cayde | Age 28

Mar 31: Revi Pel | Age 23


Apr 3: Chance Valentine | Age: 27

Apr 5: Cassius Tarkhan | Age: 29

Apr 10: Sofia Martinez | Age: 23

Apr 22: Nahara Byrd | Age: 33

Apr 23: Yoshimitsu Valentine | Age: 28

Apr 25: Zain Blackwood | Age: 29

Apr 28: Milo Starlash | Age: 26

Apr 30: Tyrian Aquila | Age 25


May 1: Cecilia Viscount | Looks 25

May 5: Atlas Molniya | Age 34

May 9: Xenia | Age 37

May 14: Malakai Collins | Age 28

May 17: Leon Kwan | Age 36

May 26: Andi Kim | Age 25

May 30: Donovan Gallagher | Age: 25

May 30: Irving Monroe | Age: 27


Jun 1: Emeril Everbloom | Age 23

Jun 5: Logan Owens | Age 26

Jun 13: Gerald O'Fallon | Age: 27

Jun 21: Antonio Vasquez | Over 500 (Looks 28)

Jun 24: Felix Grant | Age 23


July 2: Zoe Banks | Age 24

Jul 13: Arthur Singh | Age 28

Jul 16: Evina Arwel| Age 25

Jul 18: Lucas Charming | Age 23

Jul 26: Jaxon Silva | Age 27

Jul 31: Darius Ricci | Age 28


Aug 1: Yvette Holte | 29

Aug 8: Jett Slater | 29

Aug 12: Amara | 25 spans

Aug 17: Lavinia Le Guin | Looks 25

Aug 24: Maxime Okun | Age 27

Aug 25: Aurora James | Age: 31

Aug 30: Ezra Wolf | 28


Sep 7: Edgar Morton | Age 25

Sep 9: Clyde Hughes | Age 36

Sep 13: Razi Nassar | Looks 35

Sep 16: Lorelei Linden | Age 35

Sep 18: Emilio Espinoza | Age 34

Sep 22: Alex Cyprin | Age 30

Sep 22: Elliot Graham | Age 24

Sep 28: Roman Tarrenglade | Age 30


Oct 6: Ellis Cooper | Age 27

Oct 10: Arin Langdon | Age 22

Oct 15: Liora Skyheart | Age 35

Oct 18: Serena Zhang | Age 30

Oct 19: Esperanza Gutierrez | Age 27

Oct 27: Vince Moretti | Age 26

Oct 30: JD Davies (Looks 25)


Nov 2: Diego Escalona | Over 500 (Looks 30)

Nov 3: Runa Amberthorne | 27

Nov 5: Renzei Feng | Age 27

Nov 11: Ash Winters | Age 30

Nov 18: Vivienne Tang | Age 26

Nov 21: Sascha Orosco | (Looks 24)

Nov 27: Alanna McKenna | Age 28

Nov 28: Nav Hexan | Age 26


Dec 2: Nora Le Fay | Age 22

Dec 4: Mateo Estrada | Age 35

Dec 7: Lucien Rivercrest | Age 28

Dec 12: Ezekiel Dorian | Age 35

Dec 15: Cliff Conway | Age 27

Dec 17: Sevastian | Age 23

Dec 21: Bram | Age 26

Dec 28: Mackenzie Hunt | Age 27

*Birthdays Unknown:

Astraeus |Old as the beginning (Looks 29)

Cerberus | Age 40 (Looks 22)

Chimera | Age 61 (Looks 25)

Hades | Old as the beginning (Looks 33)

Hydra | Age 152 (Looks 27)

Medusa | Age 230 (Looks 28)

Joaquin Ortega | Age 29


27th day of Frozen Lakes: Helena Klein | Age 30

26th day of River Thaw: Iseul Idreis | Over 400 (Looks 24)

3rd day of Cherry Winds: Altea Bellerose | Age 21 (Says 23)

7th day of Rose Bloom: Alain Richter | Age 30

18th day of Harvest: August Falke | Age 27

10th day of Autumn Rest: Reiner Wolfson | Age 35

30th day of Snowfall: Saerys | Age 26

>Good post of what days these probably mean link <


•Amara | 12 Night of Wanderer | Looks Age 25

•Sevastian | 17 Night of the Betrayer | Looks Age 23

•Xenia | 9th Night of the Seeker | Age 37

•Lyris | 24th Night of the Martyr | Age 21

Roma and Diana learn English Food Names


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