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Top 5 Roblox Jailbreak weapons

Jailbreak is one of the more popular Roblox games, where players can escape prison or be an officer to stop the escapees.

Jailbreak allows players to get their hands on a variety of weapons. The right weapon can be the difference between being caught and getting away with ease in Roblox Jailbreak.

Different weapons can be used by cops and criminals, with different roles depending on what side of the escape the player is on. Make it your goal to get one of these and win every time.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best weapons in Roblox Jailbreak

5) Revolver

Image via Roblox Corporation

The Revolver is one of the best non-automatic weapons in Jailbreak. Roblox players can do some serious damage if they know how to hit their shots. The weapon can be gained for free and has a solid reload speed. One magazine is enough to eliminate another player.

4) Rocket Launcher

Image via Roblox Corporation

The Rocket Launcher would be much higher if this Roblox Jailbreak weapon wasn't so dangerous. As much as it can destroy anyone in its path, that also includes the user. It is mighty expensive, but more than worth it. The price may be off-putting, but the damage it does is insane.

3) Shotgun

Image via Roblox Corporation

The Shotgun in Jailbreak is often considered one of the best short-range weapons within any Roblox game. From a distance, it can be used to take down vehicles. From up close, it will obliterate any other player that gets in your way. The only downside is that it won't take out another player from far away.

2) Sniper

Image via RoPo Playz

Though it has a slow rate of fire, the damage and efficiency of the Sniper in Roblox Jailbreak is too good to pass up. The scope makes it easy to track enemies from afar and surprise them with massive damage. There aren't too many things more satisfying than landing a one shot kill with a sniper while being chased.

1) Uzi

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Image via Roblox Corporation

The Uzi is the number one Roblox Jailbreak weapon. The fire rate will mow down anyone. Most often, players will find themselves in short or mid-range fire fights. The Uzi dominates these. It can be reloaded fast and keep players in the thick of things when they are shooting their way out.



just gonna be killing criminals in midair let me just noscope everyone I'm gonna snipe him down at point-blank range he just got struck by lightning I didn't even have to finish him I have spotted Yoda in front of the jewelry store just hit him 478 now he's mad no he's not he just crashed into me let's see if I can hit this shot on him hey what's up guys nate here back with another



video so today guys we're gonna be doing some




sniper madness in jailbreak roblox jailbreak


and what better way to use the


then it'll as a bush so can we get a like on the video for every kill you think we're gonna get with the


this video I wanna take a keycard from this cop Bank is open all we got to do is get a keycard from this hovering man I'm being swatted this Bush is being swatted and this is open now's when I swipe the cops from far away I'm gonna go ahead and fly out of the map here we go I just hit a cop 459 entering the bang

I'm gonna rush him with my


now like I would use the shotgun but since I'm in a bush I might as well use the


it's not like he's gonna see me coming anyways I'm blending into the green ground so much and this green man hey died I think he went in here and died how much time do we have no no is the cranberry sprite I thought he was a cop he was a criminal I gotta find that cop from earlier so I can snipe him he's right here killed that cop before he could even

think about busting the robbery we're up on a building a cop just jumped on this roof another Bush is gonna try to arrest me no baby how did he die he just was sad well thanks for the pistol he's back he's just hopping around hit him for forty if I jump shot him I'll do more damage look at the snow scope I did one extra image he only dropped the keycard we don't need that cop going down the road he dropped the pistol we already have that we might get the highest bounty

we've ever had with this I just passed two cops one of them jumped out like trying to arrest me we just falling extremely high into the air we're coming down with the roadster we're skydiving down we can get an insane long shot from here there's a banking man on the museum I just hit him for 80 and we just finished him might as well go in here and Rob the snow just gonna parachute right in let me grab the revolver and we've already robbed the full amount and we robbed it that

fast he's back he's on the outside of resting well he won't see me up here I'm all disguised he's looking for me right now Murray Oh buddy scopz about to arrest me from behind gonna have to kill him it's a Tong Tong versus shrub war let's do this one more shot I'll kill him he's got a shield hit him for 38 years can I kill him I'm gonna shine this in his eyes I blinded him he's here looking for me at the criminal base he's got up at I know the hard

things he could do to me with that I don't know if it's a sword over time I thought he was blocking the bullets with his sword flashed into a cop Wow he said out on this hill is that a cop I just left the police station where's she going we're trying to get a shot on him no no he sees us yes found us he's a little scared one more shot should kill him he's going down and I killed them jewelry stir just opened we're down in the basement robbing this I only got a break

sniper madness in jailbreak roblox jailbreak

one more all right we just exited there's a cop and a flying car is if super jump max are these no let me turn this in me and this other bush we're gonna fight him off I'm gonna hide on the roof so their Bush has joined me yeah we're just crouching this is how we hide from the cops a bush is growing on top of the criminal base he's trying to jump away I'm pistol him to death it's a full damage a few moments later we're out of bush form now we're gonna get a

key card from this man he's a watching me it's got his gun thought he was about to steal my car jump out I need to get a pistol from him he's screaming you thinks I'm gonna kill him with the pistol okay I got a key card from him I already got a key card you know I'm gonna hold this grenade in my hand as I pickpocket him they might double the chance that I get a pistol from him just didn't fear he said how many key cards do you need right before it exploded I got the

pistol my character is so glitch after robbing the dinosaur and just all bent forward like I'm using the old man animation so I don't know if they made it tore the bag weighs you down and makes your character look like this when you equip it or if my character is just really weak because it looks like it was struggling to carry this so they did something new with the glass in here before it had some metal rings around it now it's just blue glass now I'll be the time to play some

bluegrass music to accompany this blue glass someone is bombing the outside it's a suno card it's a suno card he's got his taser if I take damage once more I'm gonna die it's gonna be all over no no now he's hitting me what kind of music is he listening to punching me like that kind of violent tunes is he listening to he's got these headphones it was just about to kill me alright so they're doing some weird ritual around me with a crouching on the ground spinning

around they're trying to summon something someone said in the chat they were healing me this is how they heal me alright I gotta leave I don't know what the heck they're about to summon with this ritual but I'm out they're all spinning on the ground all in circle formation and let me turn this in I just got struck by lightning right behind me that could have been me he got struck down their ritual earlier in the jewelry store caused him to get struck down I knew it it was the

ritual I knew you guys were up to no good they were conjuring up a spell to kill him they keep spinning on the ground and getting in my car I don't want to get struck by lightning so we need to get the plasma gun this is the ultimate spawn killing weapon considering it spawns here now this confirms nukes you guys see this bomb in the ground this confirms nukes what if the nuke goes off getting the crap out of here the Bugattis sliding so much in the rain like in a previous update they said

sniper madness in jailbreak roblox jailbreak

your cars are gonna slide around in the rain I did not believe that until now it happens a lot with the Bugatti I'm gonna have this criminal take my key card take it take the key yeah I think some nice you think some nice why not a


we're gonna use a


the complete opposite of how it was designed to use it we're gonna use it like it's an automatic weapon I killed the criminal you came here rushing towards me to support me he thought I was gonna die is that some

criminals by the jewelry store yeah that's one right there just hit him for 80 we're in a


battle I killed him he has a roadster connected to the monster-truck like he was gonna try and deliver the Tesla in the back of the monster truck we drive this no no I just ruined it war he's predicting or who sang a Wars gonna happen in the server soon I'm gonna start this war he's talking about with my plasma gun sang freaky what if you just arrests me I think we killed every

cop around the bank bought this one we just destroyed them and first person right now I really think I'm a cop speaking of which there's a cop in front of me my cop arms are in front of me when driving I'm gonna crash it just want up here to get a jetpack oh my goodness driving in first person is not good when you're on a cliff hello cop blocking you off one more shot and they're dead they're driving in the Camaro it should be pretty easy for me to catch up to them this

is what I in them this cops are starting to hit me with this baton in the passenger seat I'm just going to hit him with the Train all right time for you to die cop he died he just teleported back to me for a second after he died with some weird alien technology everyone started calling the museum the MSM we're gonna rob the MSM sounds like a


street gang I'm in the MSM gang where you only use the revolvers and I'm about to die anyway down from picking up all the stuff in

here oh yeah well I at least I have the revolver snowman cop posted in front of the bank I took him out I'm doing 70 damage up here someone spawned an ambulance up here in case I take damage I'm gonna need that I could get sniped out of nowhere any second they just tried to drive me off it was a cop a cop just tried to drive me off I'm gonna snipe him he's up there I'm reloading he's trying to fly away almost noscoped him i no scoped him for 32 he just died they killed

him this cop had the same idea I had I don't even think he knows I'm climbing up here there could be a lot of cops up here I gotta be ready for them killed the snowman the other cop jumped off in fear they were gonna try to gain control of the tallest building in the city if I jump it's gonna make the range even longer hit him 454 let's see if I don't jump if the damage is less it did one damage less because I didn't jump so you do extra damage whenever you jump when you

snipe people off the tallest building is that a cop in the desert it is I'm gonna try to snipe them I just did the finishing kill on him what about this cop what is this cop wave survival more and more of them keep appearing the bank is open I just had a near-death experience just gonna be killing criminals in midair let me just noscope everyone I'm gonna snipe them down at point-blank range he just got struck by lightning I didn't even have to finish him or hilts a little low what

do I have like some lightening special ability with the


we're gonna get our bounty as high as we can this cop might try to bust he's hiding behind the pillar he's screaming in pain after me shooting him we're gonna rob the museum with the


no no cop arresting I'm gonna climb up here and snipe him he's just camping the museum he's up there he just killed it he just killed that criminal his health might be kind of low now I'm gonna jump in the noscope

Mothe fear you just put a trap on the museum he thinks that's gonna stop us let me jump snipe him art the icon is blocking him he is exactly where the icon is so I don't even see him we jump so I do more damage I'm gonna get a jump shot on him and no smoker I just got the sickest kill on him alright we're placing the dynamite let's go in here and get the revolver you can stand up here that's good to know you don't take any damage here break in the glass only if I

could just put this cone on my head like instead of the fedora it's just the cone and then I could hide the revolver in the cone okay an ambulance is in the museum you just said look what I did rob the full amount we're gonna take this ambulance to escape andro we turned it in okay we're gonna rack up our bounty higher with


I see a cop I just shot him through the tree six and a half hours later I have spotted Yoda in front of the jewelry store just hit him 478 now he's

mad he's mad just crashed into me let's see if I can hit this shot on him

Source : NapkinNate

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SNIPER RIFLE RANGE TEST.. (It Will Blow Your Mind) | Jailbreak
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SNIPER RIFLE RANGE TEST.. (It Will Blow Your Mind) - Jailbreak

Not to be confused with the Rifle.




Cash Icon.png$50,000

Level 5


  • Gun shops
  • Military Base War Room

Old: Behind Bank door (requires a keycard)


Gun Skins update (March 8th, 2020)


The Sniper Rifle, or simply Sniper, is a weapon in Jailbreak that was released during the Gun Skins update. It appears to be a traditional hunting rifle, having an elongated barrel and a one-piece stock. The Sniper also features a scope attachment for better accuracy when shooting at long range; the only weapon in Jailbreak to feature one. Desktop players must press "Q" or right-click to zoom in, mobile players must press and drag the scope button, and Xbox players must hold down Left Trigger (LT). The scope can't see beyond the render distance of the player.

The Sniper is capable of dealing 30-80 damage to players, depending on range. At close range, the gun will typically deal 30-40 damage, in which the player is recommended to switch to a Shotgun; at further distances, the Sniper can deal up to 80 damage, making it incredibly useful for long-range engagements. The further players are from their target, the more damage they will take, going up to a maximum of 80 damage. However, players cannot deal damage beyond distances where shooting a target would deal 80 damage, as the Sniper has a limited range to prevent players from sniping other players from incredibly far-away distances.

Players can obtain the Sniper inside both Gun Shops, the Military Base War Room, and the Police HQ. After entering any of the aforementioned locations, in front of the player will be a rectangle outlined in white. When a player walks into the rectangle, a menu will pop up on your screen. When the Sniper is equipped (if it has already been bought), the Sniper Rifle will be placed in the user's inventory.


The main images for the Sniper Rifle
Screenshot 2020-10-25 134738

The first person view of the Sniper Rifle.

RobloxScreenShot20200731 195811960

The left side of the Sniper.

RobloxScreenShot20200731 195821305

The right side of the Sniper.

A scoped-in view.

RobloxScreenShot20201025 134609348

A player holding the Sniper.

Sniper Spawn Updated

The Sniper Rifle's former spawn location, hidden behind the metal Bank door.


The Sniper scoped in in front of the Cargo Train taken by asimo3089.


A teaser image of the Sniper.


The Sniper Rifle equipped with weapon skins
RobloxScreenShot20201018 202336539

The Sniper Rifle with the Zebra texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202318454

The Sniper Rifle with the Tiger texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202305638

The Sniper Rifle with the Donut texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202339718

The Sniper Rifle with the Rainbow texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202321889

The Sniper Rifle with the Diamond texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202333362

The Sniper Rifle with the Camo texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202259878

The Sniper Rifle with the Money texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202350306

The Sniper Rifle with the Candy Cane texture equipped.

RobloxScreenShot20201018 202403391

The Sniper Rifle with the Scorch texture equipped.


Firing a single shot with the Sniper.
Reloading the Sniper.
Shooting wood material with the Sniper. Shooting metal material with the Sniper.


  • The Sniper is most likely based on the M40 sniper rifle.
  • asimo3089 once said "no snipers ever" in a tweet from 2017, but still this weapon was added years later.
  • The addition of a Sniper Rifle was one of the biggest requests in the Jailbreak community.
  • There is a bug where other players cannot hear the sound of the Sniper when fired.
  • Due to control differences, mobile players couldn't use the scope. This was fixed in the May 2020 update with new GUI, allowing mobile players to use the scope.
  • Around a week before the Gun Skins Update, the Sniper's meshes made by asimo3089 were leaked by FackerPL on Twitter. Soon, this gained more attention by Roblox YouTubers MyUsernamesThis and Kreekcraft. Around the same time, the Chiron, Plasma Pistol, and Revolver also gained a lot of attention.
  • As of the Fall 2020 update, the Sniper Rifle requires Level 5 and $50,000 to purchase.
    • This, the Rocket Launcher, and the Forcefield Launcher are the only items that requires levels and cash to obtain.
  • Before the Fall 2020 update, the Sniper used to spawn behind the metal door at the Bank. Its spawn was removed and is now located at the both Gun Shops, the Military Base, and Police HQ.

Jailbreak sniper




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