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Jun Hasegawa capitalizes on 'haafu' look

It’s a cold winter’s day, but Jun Hasegawa greets us, wearing shorts and tank top. It’s been a busy day of fashion shooting, but Hasegawa, 22, is all smiles and happy to chat about life as a model and actress in Japan. “Modeling is fun but much harder work than people think,” she says. “Even when it is snowing, we’ll be in our tank tops and skimpy skirts, pretending we are having so much fun. Then in summer, we’ll be outside wearing knitted caps, scarves, jackets and boots.”

Born in New Hampshire to a Japanese mother and American father, Hasegawa moved to Hawaii at the age of two and grew up there until she was scouted at 14. She has two sisters, April and July (all three daughters are named after months). “My mother met this Japanese man who was starting a production company in Japan. I auditioned and they liked me. So at 15, I came to Japan. For the first year, I was going to auditions for many magazines but I never got a job. I took dancing lessons and attended Yokohama International School. A year later, I went to an audition for a magazine called ViVi. That’s when all the doors started to open.”

Hasegawa still appears regularly in ViVi as well as many other magazines. She does ad campaigns for Shiseido and sports brand FILA, among others. With her exotic looks, Hasegawa has become sought after. Industry observers say the “half” or "haafu" look of models like Hasegawa is now more in demand. “I think nowadays, young girls want something different. Certainly, ViVi is doing better saleswise because it is a more trendy magazine,” says Hasegawa, who says she doesn't mind the term "haafu."

Fashion shows like the Tokyo and Kobe Girls Collection are big events for Hasegawa because it gives her a chance to see her fans who flock to the popular 6-hour shows. She recently took part in the collections in Shanghai, too. “Those long shows are hard work, a bit like model boot camp,” she says with a laugh. “When you see all the girls who buy the magazines you’re in, it makes it all worthwhile. It’s a very cool experience.”

Hasegawa’s latest project is her film acting debut in “Honokaa Boy,” which was filmed in Hawaii. It’s a simple story about a young man named Leo who visits Honokaa and falls in love with the place. He moves there and works as a projectionist at an old theater. “My role is the local girl who Leo falls for. I’m sort of playing myself, I suppose. Sorry to tell you, there are no lovemaking or kissing scenes,” Hasegawa jokes. “Making a movie was a huge learning experience and a good start in the industry for me. I definitely want to do more movies.”

Looking very sleek, Hasegawa says the secret to keeping in shape is to know your limits. “I like to have just as much fun as the next girl, but usually work starts from 6 in the morning. Some girls can party all night, sleep for two hours and still look fresh. I need my beauty sleep. I used to go to the gym and tried yoga, but now I take belly dancing classes. That’s a fun way to keep fit.”

And what sort of man turns her on? “I’m obsessed with Elvis,” she says. “Actually, I like men who make me laugh. My happiest moments are when I am with a guy who can make me laugh so hard. That is a big turn-on.”

Hasegawa knows that there is more to life than modeling and says that in future, she would like to become involved in projects to help less fortunate people in Africa, for example. “I really admire what Angelina Jolie does,” she says.

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Actress Jun Hasegawa has remarried, but her husband’s information is yet to be disclosed.

Jun Hasegawa is an actress who has made appearances in Japanese movies like Spirit, Honokaa Boy, 51: Sekai de Ichiban chiisaku umareta panda, and Nakanai To Kimeta Hi.

She is also an American TV personality and a model. 

Hasegawa has been featured in several magazines like Vogue Japan, Gina, Honey, Humming Birds, etc. 

Quick Facts:

NameJun Hasegawa
BirthdayJune 5
SiblingsApril, July
HusbandUnder Review
ChildrenIvory Hasegawa, Evan Hasegawa
FacebookJun Hasegawa

Who Is Jun Hasegawa Husband?

Most recently, Jun Hasegawa announced her remarriage via Instagram. Sadly, she has not revealed anything about her present husband.

She left her fans in anticipation about her partner after only posting two hands with rings on their ring finger. Following her posts on Instagram, the supportive messages and wishes are in order for these new couples.

This is Jun Hasegawa’s second marriage. Previously, she was married to a Hawaiian native and shares 2 children with him. They held a small wedding in 2011, and after 8 years of togetherness, they divorced in 2019.

Facts To Know About Jun Hasegawa

  1. Jun Hasegawa’s age is 34 years old, born on June 5, 1986. She took birth in New Hampshire, USA.
  2. Similarly, Jun was raised by a Japanese mother and an American father. Apart from her parents, her family consists of 2 sisters named April and July. All three siblings are named after months.
  3. Following her parents’ origin, Hasegawa holds dual citizenship as she belongs to both Asian and American nationality. Furthermore, Jun is of mixed ethnicity.
  4. This mom of 2 lives a balanced life with a focus on yoga and exercise. She stands at a height measuring 5 feet 4.5 inches.
  5. After her split with her former husband, Jun became a single mother of two children, 1 daughter Ivory, and a son, Evan. 
  6. The actress is featured on both Wikipedia and IMDb. It is found that her birth name is Jun Kauluwehi Hasegawa.
  7. At current times, she is engaged as a podcast host. 
  8. At the tender age of 15, Jun started her modeling career in Japan.
Sours: https://www.wiki.ng/en/wiki/who-is-jun-hasegawas-husband-model-announces-remarriage-on-her-instagram-584919
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Bosco Wong reveals more juicy details about his new love interest!

Image: Bosco Wong / Instagram

Dashing Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong has dished more juicy details about his new love interest Jun, a Japanese model.

The pair was spotted on a date, strolling in a supermarket in Sha Tin a few days ago. 

Jun is in Hong Kong for a short vacation. They separated upon seeing reporters.

Bosco came clean about the relationship to reporters the next day, saying that they “are still in the beginning stages”.

He asked for the media to let them “get to know one each other.”

When asked about how far they’ve gotten to know each other, he explained: “We haven’t even had the chance yet. What a bummer. [The reporters] came out too soon!”

According to Asian E-News Portal, he was asked about White Valentine’s Day (March 14), a holiday in Japan where men are supposed to reciprocate a woman’s love.

When questioned if he expressed himself to Jun, Bosco said:

“We are still at the getting-to-know-each-other stage now and if you are showing too much concern. It is scary.

“(Will you visit her in Japan?) We are keeping in contact.”

However, Jun’s cryptic Instagram post hints that she might want him to show his love. 

She shared a photo of oysters on Instagram with the caption, “I love you, Oyster!”

Bosco Wong owns an oyster restaurant. Does that mean anything?

Jun is said to have a close bond with her family, and uploads photos with her brother at times. She also loves outdoor activities such as hiking and going on river cruises.

She also shared photos of her fit figure.

Bosco shared that there is no language barrier between them despite their different nationalities as they communicate in English.

The pair met in 2014 filming a nutritional food product commercial. They did not keep in touch but reunited again earlier this year at another shoot.


This story was originally published in Lollipop.sg. For more stories like this, head to www.lollipop.sg.

Sours: https://www.herworld.com/life/entertainment/bosco-wong-reveals-more-juicy-details-about-new-love-interest/
Japanese Spring \u0026 Summer Fashion show #1

Since breaking up with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in 2012, Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) only confirmed relationship has been with Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) in 2014. Perhaps due to the heavy scrutiny regarding their 9-year age difference, the couple eventually broke up. Bosco’s romantic dry spell, however, may finally have come to an end as he is rumored to be dating Japanese model, Jun.

Yesterday, Bosco was spotted strolling the supermarket with Jun. Upon noticing the presence of reporters, the pair immediately went their separate ways. Appearing at TVB station today, Bosco smiled and said, “We are still in the beginning stages. Let us get to know each other first.” When teased about how far they have gotten to know each other, Bosco explained, “We haven’t even had the chance yet. What a bummer. [The reporters] came out too soon!”

Bosco further explained that Jun was on a short vacation in Hong Kong and had asked him to recommend a hotel for her. Due to recent home renovations, Bosco has also been living at the Grand Hyatt hotel and helped Jun book a room there as well. At the probing of reporters, Bosco explained, “Of course we are sleeping in separate rooms! She also gave me money back for helping her book the room.”

Bosco shared that they do not have a language barrier, as they mainly communicate in English.

The pair met in 2014 while filming for a nutritional food product commercial. Although they did not keep in touch, Bosco and Jun were reunited again earlier this year while filming for the Japanese beauty brand, Yamada Miyura. The 5-feet-7-inch model, who resides in Tokyo, made her debut in 2005. The successful model has been in commercials and photo shoots for many high-end brands, including Toyota and Sony. She has also been featured in fashion magazines such as Fashion News, So-En Fashion Magazine, and Elle Girl.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Sours: https://www.jaynestars.com/news/bosco-wong-spotted-on-date-with-japanese-model-jun/

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