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Introduction: Iridescent Art

To catch a rare glimpse of the optical phenomenon known as iridescence can be both exciting and captivating. The fascinating array of colors is aesthetically pleasing, but can be a bit of an enigma. In this activity, you'll get a chance to capture the essence of iridescence to create a unique art piece! The best part- the materials are relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. No fancy equipment needed!

Step 1: What Is Iridescence?

Outrageous Optics. When any type of wave meets another wave, an interference occurs. The resultant wave formed from the interference can be either positive (constructive) or negative (destructive). Constructive interference produces a larger wave, while destructive interference can diminish or destroy a wave. For light waves, constructive interference gives a brighter light, destructive interference results in no light.

Remember, white light is composed of ROYGBIV, the colors of the rainbow. This can be supported or proven by bending, or refracting, white light through a prism. As white light travels through air to a more dense, transparent object, each individual color leaves the object following a unique wavelength, revealing ROYGBIV.

When white light reflects off a mirrored surface, each color reflects without any interference. Sometimes a very special type of reflectance of white light occurs. When white light strikes a thin, transparent film, some of the light reflects off the top surface of the film and some of the light reflects off the bottom surface. Eventually, the light that is reflected off the bottom surface will meet with the light that reflected off the top of the film. Depending upon the distance light travels and bends through the film, constructive and/or deconstructive interference of ROYGBIV can occur, creating the beautiful light effect known as iridescence.

Iridescence can be found in nature on feathers, beetles, shells, and butterflies. In nature, iridescence is caused by rigid layers of molecules positioned at distances that cause either constructive or deconstructive interference of ROYGBIV.

In this activity we're going to use a clear, non-uniform thin layer of clear nail polish to make iridescent art!

Step 2: Gather Materials

To capture a bit of iridescence, obtain the following materials:

  • Plastic dish pan
  • Clear nail polish
    • I used the Pure Ice brand commonly found at Walmart.
  • Black sandpaper
    • Why black? Black absorbs ROYGBIV. If you are naturally inquisitive, I encourage you to try using a colored sheet of paper to see what happens to the quality of the iridescence. Keep in mind, a red sheet of paper reflects red and absorbs the colors OYGBIV.
    • Why sandpaper? We've experimented with construction paper, card stock, and black copier paper and hands-down, sandpaper reigns supreme. The gritty, abrasive surface of the sandpaper provides a great place for the thin layer of polish to rest on. You can experiment with different grit sizes and types of abrasives to see if you get a different quality.
  • Water
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Step 3: Procedure: Capture the Iridescence

    1. Fill half the plastic bin with tepid water.
    2. Drop one droplet of clear nail polish onto the surface of the water. As the droplet comes in contact with the water, you should notice the thin,iridescent film expand.
    3. Submerge the sandpaper, black surface facing up, then move the paper so that it is directly under the iridescent film. Essentially, the paper is used to scoop up the iridescence.
    4. Slowly lift the sandpaper up, ensuring that the film is resting on the top of the black surface.

    Repeat the process with a cut out of your favorite shape!

    Step 4: Make a Dragon Head Covered in Iridescent Scales!

    Making the dragon head requires the following:

    • Origami paper
      • I wanted my dragon head to be large, so I cut down a piece of black matting paper to a 19in x 19in square. It felt thinner than a piece of poster board, so I figured it would be easier to fold. I found it at Hobby Lobby in Coal Black for $2.19.
    • Adhesive
    • Plenty of scales, in a variety of sizes, cut from the iridescent sand paper
    • Craft materials for eyes. I used glitter foam sheets, but you can use what ever you like. If anyone has an idea on how to create a Sauron-like eye, I'd love to hear it!

    Step 5: Fold the Dragon Head Origami

    There are many tutorials on how to fold a snake/dragon head. I have embedded a video for this step.

    I have also used this to make a loggerhead sea turtle head. The only limit to this fold is your imagination; decoration is the key to transforming this shape into any creature you wish to make. I think it would make a great black panther head, too!

    Step 6: Cover in Scales

    I started at the back of the head and placed the scales down in overlapping rows, like shingles on a roof. I used larger scales at the back of the head and gradually transitioned into smaller scales toward the front/mouth area.

    This part takes patience and a bit of a steady hand, but the end result is worth it. My hands are pretty calloused, so working with hot glue doesn't deter me from using my fingers to apply the scales, but I recommend using tweezers to apply hot glue to the back of your scales.

    For the eyes, I used some scrapes of glitter foam sheets. The sheets can be found at Walmart in the craft section.

    Have fun,

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    Easily Make Tinted Jars with This Simple Painting Glass Jars Idea

    Fine Motor
    Mother's DayToddlersPreschoolersKindergartnersGrade Schoolgifts
    Painting187 Comments

    Learn how to tint mason jars in this easy DIY painting glass jars tutorial! These pretty jars are the perfect DIY crafts to gift or keep!

    Ever seen those pretty, colorful rustic-looking mason jars and immediately wanted one? Me, too!

    I wanted some for a long while, even before this craft, to show off wildflowers or serve as cute organizers. Hey, my paper clips needed a space to hang out!

    How to Tint Glass Mason Jars with Painting for Kids

    As a colorful Mother’s Day gift for Grandma, the boys and I made some tinted mason jars. Tinting glass jars is actually incredibly easy for the kids to do through painting!

    I first did this craft at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. We had so much fun doing this as a girls’ day activity for wedding prep, that I immediately started thinking of ways to turn this into a craft for kids!

    This is one of our 10 non-flower crafts for mom for Mother’s Day. It’s so simple that it’s quickly become a favorite!

    Your kids will love learning how to tint mason jars in this simple craft!

    What You Need to Tint Your Glass Mason Jar With Paintings:

    I love when I have everything in my supply cupboard already!

    Mod Podge would be the only thing I don’t have in stock all the time. This time, I did happen to have some on my shelves.

    But, like I mentioned, school glue works too for this, just add a bit of water to it.

    Easily Tint Glass Mason Jars by Painting for Cute Gifts & Vases

    First, the boys mixed their own colored glue for painting the glass jars.

    I dumped some Mod Podge glue into glass dishes. Then they added food coloring of their choice and stirred it up.

    Get started on your tinting craft: mix Mod Podge and food coloring!

    They got right to painting the glass jars. Paint either the inside or the outside for this craft, it doesn’t matter.

    Henry painted the inside of his first jar.

    We poured a little of the colored glue into the glass jars and swirled it around to cover the entire inside and then let it drip out.

    Your child can also reach inside with a paintbrush to swipe on the color. Just be sure to get all the nooks and crannies!

    Paint the mason jars with colored glue. It's such a creative painting activity for kids!

    George painted the outside of his. To help contain the mess and prevent drips, I stuck a metal tray under the glass.

    He turned the glass jar upside down to paint the bottom of it.

    George wanted to use all three colors of glue on his jar, which is just fine.

    I just made sure to tell him to keep them separate on the jar or all three colors together would probably make brown. He was very careful to paint the colors next to each other and not mix them all together.

    This was excellent fine motor practice!

    Get Creative & Mix Up Your Painting Techniques

    I encouraged them both to get creative and paint their glass jars with multiple colors to see them marble together.

    Create a marble effect on your mason jars by layering multiple colors.

    On their second jars, they each tried painting their jar the other way. George painted the inside of this one, and Henry painted the outside of his glass jar.

    Paint the glass Mason jars with colored glue (inside or out!)

    How to Finish Your DIY Paint Tinted Glass Jars

    I think the tinted glass mason jars look the same, whether they were painted on the inside or out. However, you can feel the glue mixture on the ones that were painted on the outside.

    If you prefer a smooth finish, go with painting the inside.

    I was hesitant to have the kids do it that way, I thought it would be hard for them to reach in with the paintbrushes. But neither of them had problems.

    One thing that helped the boys paint all the nooks and crannies inside was that we used wide mouth glass jars. They were able to stick their hands further into the opening and had more control over paint placement.

    Learn how to tint mason jars with your kids! These pretty jars make great gifts!

    It’s always nice to see them being creative side by side.

    They were even getting along. For the most part.

    They had a little argument over the blue paintbrushes because somehow there ended up being three of them and George thought there should only be one.

    Learning how to tint glass mason jars with painting was super easy!

    The kids painting and learning how to tint glass Mason jars

    Final Step for Paint Tinted Glass Mason Jars

    Let Them Drip

    After the mason jars are painted, they have to drip. It’s most important for the ones that were painted on the inside. So we tipped them over to drip for awhile.

    We flipped them over onto sheets of aluminum foil. This made it easier to clean up later.

    The one good thing about the kids painting the inside of the glass jars is that I could write on the bottom of them with permanent marker the date and their initial so I knew whose was whose.

    We really should have let them drip for a good hour or so, but we were in a rush and it was only a few minutes.

    Hey, we were going to go roast hot dogs and s’mores on an open fire!

    Let excess paint drip off glass Mason jars

    Bake at Lowest Temperature

    Then I popped them in the oven at the lowest temperature I could, 175°F, for about 10 minutes.

    The painted glass jars were still upside down.

    Then I turned them over and baked them for another 20-30 minutes or so.

    Make sure you use oven mitts to flip the jars!

    We gave our tinted mason jars to Grandma for Mother's Day! Who will you gift your colorful tint mason jars to?

    I took them out and we went to roast our hot dogs while they cooled off.

    They turned out so pretty with marbled coloring.

    I can see a few thick spots in the paint. Maybe if I let them drip for a while longer before putting them in the oven, it would be a more even coating.

    They still look pretty awesome though!

    I know that these are DIY vases that Grandma will treasure for years.

    I can just picture them filled with pretty flowers or stuffed with yummy candies. What would you put into your tinted mason jars?

    What are your favorite DIY crafts to gift? We’d love to check out your creativity!

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    1. Iridescent Vibes

    Interior design enthusiasts are always on the lookout for incorporating the hottest trends available. An important one that you shouldn’t miss is the iridescent color trend which is geared towards those who want to fill their home with a cheerful and unique style. Shimmering iridescent accents can complement a wide range of aesthetics and they can be incorporated through various items and elements.

    If you’re interested in learning about iridescent colors and how to decorate with them, this article should offer you some good tips. We’ve looked into this joy-inducing trend and discovered how you can use iridescent elements and add some captivating touches of glitz and glam to your home. The iridescent design trend can help any room to start shining in dazzling ways given how materials will change color in the light.

    2. Oil Vase

    A simple iridescent accent is all it takes to get some of these stylish vibes in your home. This oil vase is a good example as it’s finished with a lustrous surface and has a striking iridescent glass design. The versatile look makes it a suitable choice for lots of interior design styles. Just place it on a coffee table and you can give your fresh flowers some iridescent vibes in no time.

    3. Kitchen Backsplash

    The kitchen is one area that can use some more refined touches of iridescent elements. We like the idea of creating a kitchen backsplash with multicolored glass tiles. Their iridescent look is absolutely stunning making the kitchen brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. At night, the visual impression is even more interesting as the lights can create an atmospheric effect when it hits the iridescent tiles.

    4. Glass Plates

    What better way to make your dessert stand out than by choosing some unique-looking glass plates? These iridescent models offer an irresistible look with the help of a diamond design in rainbows of color. The iridescent style has been designed for long-term usage so you shouldn’t worry about the plates wearing off.

    The size of these plates makes them ideal for desserts, but they can be successfully used for other food items such as sandwiches or appetizers. The iridescent coating makes the plates unsuitable for the microwave and it’s strongly recommended to wash them by hand to preserve their beautiful design.

    5. Prism Light

    Iridescent colors are great for decorating a plain-looking home. Choose a unique lantern like this prism light which makes a flickering candlelight dance in rainbow colors. The resulting effect can improve the aesthetics in any room and can boost the romantic atmosphere on your patio or porch. It can also be used as an electric tea light to spark some iridescent magic into the life of children.

    6. Iridescent Ottoman

    Propping your feet on a cozy ottoman is a great feeling. If you’re looking to get your hands on one lovely seating option such as this, why not choose a more unique design? Instead of a single plain color, this iridescent ottoman takes it a step further adding multicolor style to the room. Its vibrant qualities work well together with similar accents such as pillows and rugs in colorful patterns.

    7. Mineral Agate Print

    Adding some iridescent colors in your home doesn’t necessarily have to involve huge costs. This mineral print won’t break your budget and it can make any wall gorgeous with the help of its iridescent vibes. The colors are incredibly vibrant taking your mind to the look of a seashell. A superb eye-catcher, the print can be combined with metallic accents and some soft textures to bring out its exquisite iridescent beauty.

    8. Floating Shelves

    Your beach home can take advantage of the pastel iridescence effect of these floating shelves. They’re built using high-quality glass and their angled design captures the attention on any wall. The floating shelves have a whimsical look and their structural design can fit nicely in modern homes where there’s a need for a pop of color and a flashier look.

    9. Shower Curtain

    A simple way to make your showers feel more magical is by replacing your old shower curtain with an iridescent one. The material used is water-resistant and the semi-sheer construction qualities make the curtain ideal for bathroom placement. This is a nice solution to make your showers more pleasant thanks to the exciting iridescence of the curtain.

    10. Tablecloth

    If you’re hosting a party, you should choose more colorful options for the tablecloth instead of the usual plain styles. Take a look at this iridescent tablecloth from Amazon which exhibits some eye-catching qualities. There are dense sequins that cover the fabric making the tablecloth sparkle in the light. Various events can benefit from the glittering iridescence effect.

    11. Flatware Set

    Instead of the usual utensils, consider getting a shinier flatware set that will enable you to enjoy some iridescent vibes when dining. The effect is even more remarkable against plain table settings. Similar to plates, polished forks and spoons can add some excitement to any party and decorate the table with a rainbow color finish. Check out this colorful model from Amazon.

    12. Mosaic Shower Tile

    The bathroom looks great when it gets decorated with iridescent colors. This is because most bathrooms will usually make use of a monochromatic color scheme that helps to bring out the look of iridescent materials. If you want to make a bolder statement, check out the amazing look of this iridescent mosaic shower tile. There’s no need for a lot of light to make it shine as even low-light conditions get the pink tile sparkling in a wide spectrum of colors.

    13. Bath Mat

    Another great bathroom accessory is this iridescent bath mat which can enhance any plain white bathroom with some cosmic vibes. The iridescent finish looks lovely, but this bath mat is also functional as its bubbly texture provides adequate traction thanks to non-slip characteristics. This is a translucent beauty that makes any simple bath mat pale in comparison.

    14. Globe Table Lamp

    Given the visual interest created by iridescent materials when the light hits their surface, it makes sense to add some stylish lighting fixtures that show off dazzling rainbow colors. Here is a great example as this globe table lamp is capable of catching the light and transforming it in crisp gleams of iridescence. This could be a superb accessory for any living room.

    15. Shimmering Cocktail Table

    Furniture pieces made of iridescent glass are not easy to find. It takes a significant amount of effort to create a unique piece like this shimmering cocktail table. This is more like an work of art than a functional table. If you wish to add some luxurious vibes in your home, this iridescent glass table is a must.

    Thanks to a light-reactive gloss finish, the cocktail table gleams depending on light conditions and changes hues for a magical effect. Those who are tired of mass-produced furniture and want something unique crafted by the hands of artisans will surely be able to appreciate the one-of-a-kind beauty of this iridescent table.

    16. Pane of Glass

    Iridescent colors can be integrated seamlessly in a room if you choose the right elements. This modern apartment features an elegant pane of iridescent glass that acts as the support for the handrail of the stairs. The vibrant color of the glass is nicely complemented by the geometric wall art, light pendants, and metallic cabinetry from the kitchen.

    17. Iridescent Brick Wall

    Brick wall designs can get quite creative in terms of colors and styles. One of the most unique we’ve seen is this iridescent brick wall which brings some sparkling aesthetics in an otherwise very minimalist bathroom. There’s no need for other large elements or complex designs here as the green iridescent brick wall does all the talking.

    18. Picture Frame

    Adding an iridescent finish for a picture frame seems like a great idea if you want to grab the attention quickly. This is a free-form frame that can accommodate different photographs and the magnetic design allows for both horizontal or vertical placement.

    While fairly subtle, this iridescent picture frame can be enough to bring in a touch of this aesthetic into your home. There’s no need to fill your home with lots of items designed after a specific trend as it will be more difficult to change the look afterward. Sometimes a simple element is more than enough.

    19. Oil Pillar Candle

    Another small yet effective iridescent accessory is this scented candle that offers a smoky and woody blend of flavors while maintaining a unique design. The candle sits in an iridescent glass dish that can easily remind you of the petrol on water look. This is both a superb gift for someone dear or a sophisticated element to incorporate into your home’s décor.

    20. Throw Pillow

    Throw pillows made of holographic materials can easily decorate your home with sparkling iridescent colors. This is a cushion cover that’s capable of creating a rainbow effect which looks particularly stylish when the pillow is paired against other textile layers such as blankets.

    This is a handmade item that’s quite delicate so it needs to be washed with extra care so as to not damage the iridescent material. It’s also recommended to keep these colorful pillows strictly as decorative items because they get easily dirty with normal use.

    21. Natural Quartz Sculpture

    Making natural quartz and cutting it in a cylindrical shape results in some beautiful sculpture that can be easily used as decorative iridescent accents. The magical rainbow effect comes from the combining of raw crystals with gold and titanium.

    While some people believe that this type of crystal has some mystical power to activate positive energy, the most impressive thing about it is the iridescent design. Each piece has a unique look thanks to the manufacturing process that often results in different sizes and shapes.

    22. Iridescent Mirror

    Bringing some cosmic shine into your life is easy if you choose the right accessory. One of our favorites is this iridescent mirror that can be installed on a wall. It has both a creative and functional purpose allowing you to add some enchanting vibes into your home.

    23. Glass Shower Divider

    This emerald bathroom gets an even more elevated look with the help of an iridescent glass shower divider. The colorful glow of the partition has a strong aesthetic purpose, but the divider is also useful to keep you hidden from view when taking a shower. To boost the visual effect even further, it’s important to include some ceiling lights that allow the shower divider to gleam in a wide spectrum of colors and showcase its elegant beauty.

    24. Wall Clock

    Wall clocks are very useful to have in your home as they allow you to check the time at a simple glance. Instead of constantly having to look at a plain clock, why not choose a more stylish model to make this a more pleasant experience? This iridescent wall clock is both functional and stylish thanks to its premium design. The wood frame works nicely together with the iridescent glow making this a superb wall décor timepiece.

    25. Pendant Light

    Designed to mimic the look of a soap bubble, this pendant light is the product of innovative technology and high-quality craftsmanship. The integrated OLED module takes care of your lighting needs while the iridescent film makes it look as the pendant light changes hues every second.

    26. Knife Set

    Vivid-colored knives can make your cooking experience more fun and exciting.This cutlery set is more of a functional item to take into account, but it can be also used as a decorative item for the kitchen. These artistic knives are designed to offer titanium-plated blades that won’t affect the food by causing any discolorations.

    27. Floor Lamp

    By mixing iridescent glass discs with LED bulbs, you can obtain a glowing effect that makes the atmosphere in any room more ethereal and cosmic. This floor lamp achieves just that as it projects light through five glowing arms that shine in both warm and color styles. This is a fairly luxurious item, but it’s understandable to pay a high price for this level of exquisite handmade quality.

    28. Display Piece

    Iridescent colors can be successfully used if you want to focus the attention on a specific item like a vintage accessory or a sculpture. This iridescent furniture piece can be the ideal companion to add visual interest to a particular area and help you showcase your vanity moment.

    29. Iridescent Beauty Box

    Making your house more glamorous is possible if you choose to incorporate some iridescent accessories. One nice example is this beauty box that shines brightly in rainbow colors. Thanks to its generous space available inside the three drawers, this box can hold lots of makeup essentials or jewelry. The top of the iridescent box can accommodate smaller accessories like keys or other tiny objects.

    30. Iridescent Desk Storage

    If you want to add some fresh style to your small home office, the best solution is to go for some colorful accessories that are sure to bring a more personalized touch. This iridescent paper desk set allows you to keep many items neatly organized. Stuff like pencils, notebooks, or paper clips can be housed in more stylish ways thanks to this glam desk set.

    31. Ring Holder

    Those who own a small collection of rings need the right accessory for a proper display. While ring holders can be purchased in a wide range of colors and styles, few are as attractive as this iridescent model.

    Whenever you take a look it, the ring holder appears to be changing colors thanks to the light-reactive properties of its iridescent finish. This makes for a superb display if you wish to bring some glitz to your ring collection.

    32. Acrylic Tray

    Decorative trays offer an excellent method to show off your items. This acrylic model features iridescent scales that can enhance your dinner party with a sparkling pop of color. It serves as a unique way to accent your home with some mesmerizing iridescence.

    33. Iridescent Wall Mural

    Iridescent colors represent the ideal solution to decorate the wall and make it stand out in the room. This wall mural features a cool design and it’s incredibly easy to apply. It could be an essential piece for a total makeover given its crisp and vibrant impression. The best part is that if you decide to remove it, it’s just as simple to peel it off.

    34. Rainbow Tray

    Sometimes the smallest items can make the greatest visual impact. This rainbow tray is a good example as it adds a memorable touch for any desk or table. Its exquisite iridescence makes this common item incredibly beautiful. The tray is simple yet stunning due to its iridescent design, and that’s why it belongs to any modern home.

    35. DIY Iridescent Party Décor

    Great parties require bright and exciting atmospheres. One interesting method to add some more shine to your party is with the help of iridescent decorations. If you’re not afraid of a little DIY work, this project can solve your decorative issues with simple and effective embellishments.

    The iridescent heart pieces can be added to balloons for a unique touch or placed on a wall as a backdrop. There are many creative uses for them and you can enjoy some colorful vibes that will put anyone at the party in a cheerful mood.

    36. Barstool

    If your home bar needs a finishing touch, why not add a pop of iridescence through colorful bar stools? Made from tough steel with an iridescent scale design, these bar stools are sure to breathe new life for your home bar. They can also be used as dining room chairs for those times when you get bored with your usual seating options.

    37. Iridescent-Style Furniture

    Aside from glass pieces, you won’t really find many furniture items that are truly iridescent. In case you love the rainbow colors and want something that fits with the trend, there are still alternatives to glass. Here we have a stylish TV table with an opaque surface that simulates an iridescent look thanks to its shiny polish and dark rainbow hues.

    38. Moon Phase Wall Hanging Piece

    Fans of iridescent décor will be delighted by this elegant moon phase wall hanging piece. This is a handmade stained glass item that requires a lot of work, but the end result is fabulous. Both purple and white iridescent glass types are combined to create a beautiful design. With proper care, this iridescent wall hanging piece can last for a very long time.

    39. Vintage Glassware

    A well-chosen piece of iridescent vintage glassware can rejuvenate the look of any living room. While simple iridescent items can inject a fresh touch of color, when you bring some intricate patterns in the mix, the resulting effect is out of this world. This could be a solid addition for many interior styles, but vintage-styled homes will benefit the most.

    40. Stainless Steel Party Cup

    This iridescent party cup looks absolutely magical and they can provide some futuristic vibes for your dinner party. While they look great in pictures, the party cups look even more fantastic on the table. Try combining them with plain plates and tablecloths to make their iridescent effect stand out even more.

    41. Beaded Curtain

    Mixing iridescent colors with black makes for a very enchanting combination. If you’re looking to bring this lovely effect into your home, consider a beautifully beaded curtain. With multiple strands of iridescent beads that are shaped as raindrops, this is a unique-looking curtain that can take the style of any room to a new level.

    42. Iridescent Planter

    Your indoor garden can become more mesmerizing with the help of iridescent planters. Any collection of succulents or cacti can look amazing thanks to the colorful effect obtained when mixing pink iridescence with natural green from the plants.

    43. Rainbow Coasters

    While many people focus on glasses and mugs when it comes to infusing a creative touch, coasters shouldn’t be forgotten. These are essential accessories for your beverages, and they can accomplish a decorative purpose if you opt for a unique design.

    Check out this great example of iridescent glass coasters that are simply stunning to look at. Their colorful coating is complemented by a pebbly design which is highly resistant to wear and fading.

    Iridizing Glass

    Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m excited to share a fun idea for adding some color to your next gathering – DIY iridescent rainbow vases! My friend Christine from Yellow Owl Workshop used this amazing iridescent vinyl in her booth at the National Stationery Show last year, and I’ve been wanting to use it in a DIY project ever since. But you guys, this project is so quick and easy I’m almost reluctant to even call it a DIY. These iridescent rainbow vases are the perfect way to dress up a table or buffet during a party – go with the full rainbow color spectrum, or just choose a couple of hues that fit your party color palette. Wouldn’t they be especially cute at a baby shower or rainbow-themed birthday party??

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases


    Glass bud vasesor cans in varying sizes

    Iridescent vinyl in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple


    Pencil or bone folder


    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    If you’re using glass bud vases, all you really need to do is measure and cut the vinyl! I wanted all of my vases to have color at different heights, so I measured various lengths in each vinyl color. Then I used my ruler and a bone folder to score the vinyl at the appropriate length and cut along the scored line with scissors. You could also use a pencil to score the vinyl, but since it is transparent I wouldn’t recommend using a pen or permanent marker to draw any lines. Next, remove the protective bottom layer from the vinyl and apply the sticky side to the vase. Work your way slowly around the entire vase and smooth the vinyl down as you go to avoid air bubbles.

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    I also love the idea of repurposing old cans (or even smooth glass jars with straight sides) to make your own vases! I had a bunch of cans around the house from our most recent taco night, so I just removed the labels and spray painted the jars white. The vinyl application is the exact same as the glass bud vases. And if you’re not into painting, you could also wrap the cans with white paper and apply the vinyl over the white paper. So fun and modern!

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    If you don’t have much experience with creating floral arrangements, keep things simple by just using one type of flower! I used a few different kinds of flowers, but used only one type of flower in each individual vase. The tall bud vases work best with long, leggy flowers – like sweet peas (my fave!), tulips, or even a single peony stem. For the cans, I used clusters of carnations and garden roses paired with seeded eucalyptus. Here’s a little floral chart so you can find these beauties at your local flower market!

    DIY Iridescent Rainbow Vases

    Calligraphy by Meant to Be Calligraphy

    For those of you planning rainbow-inspired parties, this DIY is for you! I made these vases with my daughter Sophie one afternoon after school, and she immediately claimed the pink and purple vases as her own. YES! Kid approved = job well done.

    Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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