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SGC SIM PS5 Madden 22 League has openings


  • Platform:  PS5
  • League Name:  SGC
  • Total Teams:  28
  • Type: casual with some good players
  • Expectations on how much time you have to complete your weekly game: 3 advances per week
  • Rules & Settings: All madden, injuries on, 9 min qtrs

We are a well established league of SIM players. Well run, and strict to enforce SIM game play.


1. We cut the cheese, it's just not allowed in this league


2. Solid, detailed rules, so there are few grey lines. This leads to a more consistent, and fair league. We play on All-Madden settings.


3. Abusing "money plays" is NOT tolerated


4. Be cool to your fellow league-mates, this is a no drama league.


5. Team draft (whole team, not a fantasy draft) at the beginning of each Madden is done by random order. So the veterans can't snag all of the best teams. New guys have the same odds to get a top pick of the best teams.


6. Daddyleagues for online league tracking and Discord used for communication


Discord invite to apply:


Vikings are open as of 8/18

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  • Sours:
    1. Private server games online
    2. Trophy icon free
    3. Domino floating shelves

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    I joined a Fantasy Draft Online franchise, and I have the #3 pick! Fantasy Draft Ep 1

    Find a league

    BWL is back for Madden 22 on PS4. We are a sim Franchice league. Looking for active users with good communication. Sim league, 6 min, Injuries off. We will start the league once it fills up 2257726384

    Need Packers user. 31/32 users, first year week 7, hmu on PS5 @SoMaddRN.

    Legit Online League Franchise heading to Conference Championship Round of the Playoffs heading to season 2 or restarting when new patch comes out for scouting but in any case we are looking owners for Jets Patriots Browns Jaguars Texans Falcons Rams. Since this Madden is so bad on glitches and just broken we have rules to cut down on bad players cheating so if you want to join you must be able to follow instructions and rules starting with text me at (919) 584-2120 with your psn Online Name from there i will text you a link to the rules you are to read if after reading them you still want in you must register for a account on daddy leagues that is free to do.....then you will text me your daddy leagues username so i can add you to our website then ill send you a link to join our groupme where you will change name to the team you took ill then send you a ps4 friends request after you accept i will invite you to the franchise The Patriots have Round 1 19th Pick,, Rams dont have a round 1 Pick,Texans have Round 1 Pick 13th,Browns have round 1 Pick 16th,Falcons have round 1 pick 1,Jaguars have Round 1 Pick 2,Jets have Round 1 Pick 5,

    Madden 22 ps5 fantasy draft on Thursday 10/14. Choosing teams now (12 teams still available) Sim 8min quarters. Long time league with very active members. 24-36 hour advances.

    Hello, we are a regs league that started from Madden 21 and has been running smoothly ever since.In our league we want the members to speak,suggest,vote on polls and more,in that way,WE can make the league better.Our main goal is to have fun,though our members have to read the rules carefully and be respectful! Please note that we are people as well and we cant be online every single minute.We would ne glad to have you. Our rules are not strict or anything and are very specific,we NEED people to follow them so we can preform as a team! NOTE...The league's website is from madden 21 and has nothing to do with our league in madden 22............Join here PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE ARE JUST STARTING TODAY/TOMORROW (as of October the 11th,2021)

    Honestly surprised this hasn’t filled up immediately. [X/S] The Replacements - Only unique league. Fantasy Draft will be scheduled when league fills “The Replacements” is not like every other league. All players above 75-77 have been essentially removed!! Have fun developing players! Free devs to start. This is a really fun concept and a break from the regular ole leagues. Aren’t you guys tired of the same old leagues? Gameplay set to all-madden/simulation (not a “sim” league). Need a lot of slots filled. If you like the idea of my league please upvote! And please share with your friends. This idea stems from a league called “The Rejects” in madden 20/21, so call this the child of those leagues. I got the name “Replacements” from the classic movie, of course. Discord : Daddyleagues:

    Looking for a serious SIM baller 25 years or older. If you enjoy building from the draft and developing your team for the future then our league is for you. We advance M W F at 10 am. Contact me on XBL: buffalo309

    Great competition, No Spamming, Moves at a good speed Most importantly we're fair. This is a competitive league and we play on COMP. If you are a spammer this is not the league for you.(ACTIVE USERS ONLY) Competition is welcome please use the discord link

    Current gen and Next gen Xbox madden 22 sim league, If you want a realistic madden experience and a long term madden franchise this is the franchise for you Check us out @

    Madden 22 XBOX ONE GM league. Fantasy draft, manage, and watch your team play (CPU vs CPU Broadcast)! Money league with payouts starting by making the playoffs. A couple teams left! If interested please join the discord link here:



    Need active users who won’t quit

    Need a bills and raiders user for my week 13 online PS5 franchise, we have a strong core of users that play their games every 48 hours with sim style rules, no quitting is allowed you will be booted, I also have a PS4 league starting up soon too, we have about 5 spots open in there, feel free to text 5049314746 for more info. The PS5 spots will probably be taken in the next day or so

    If your tired of playing against cheesy players or lobby ball then the The Scrub Squad League (TSSL) is the the place for you we strive in making a sim environment where users can play madden and not have to worry about unsim game play. We’ve been running leagues for over 5 years and have built a community of active sim players. If your interested in joining click the link on our page or msg xKING L0Sx on xbox. (SIM PLAY) (ALL MADDEN) (48hr Adv) (7min quarters) Discord link- Daddy leagues link- #NOBSN #48HRsimlg (#PS5) #GROWNFOLKS ** ** If you’re looking for a new madden family that is very active and competitive hit me up. No quitters allowed we have been rocking for over 10 years so a great core of adult professionals who have a passion for the game. Lg rules are below text me if you have what it takes to ball in an elite established league! Commish Mike *202.373.4112* Rules --


    Looking for a serious user we are in Year 1 week 8 they have a ton of cap and lots of draft picks

    You're invited to join my group "Wk7*Adv* Thu12pm ?? Kingz22 East Coast Time (Ps5 Leauge Only)" on GroupMe.

    You're invited to join my group "Wk11Adv*Thur6pm*????*Nwa 22(Ps5) ( East Coas))" on GroupMe.

    We will be starting Thursday Oct 7th. All Madden, PS5, custom coach. Join our Groupme chat Read the rules here: and let us know if you have any questions. Teams available: Patriots, Falcons

    We are in week 3 of the league. We are looking for serious players only who wont rage quit and who will stay active throughout the league. Want this league to run for multiple seasons. Message me at 717-850-6256

    New madden 22 league starting!! Got good comp and looking for more, plenty of teams open but they won’t be for league so hmu if you’re interested! 502-551-7113

    Regs league looking for active members who play there games. In server rewards, real life draft classes, legit league looking to go for multiple years. Text me @ 217-917-5535 if interest hope to see you here.

    XBOX NEXT GEN LEAGUE ONLY! THIS IS A COMPETITIVE LEAGUE SO DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE BAD AT THE GAME. IF YOU QUIT A GAME YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. We'll be rebooting at the scouting update. As of now we are in week 7 of our 3rd season. DO NOT REQUEST TO JOIN IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21. Discord link is below.

    Recruiting for both the PS4 and PS5 Leagues.. Looking for serious users to join a great core of guys that can take the losing with the winning. Users must also be able to follow the rules as best as possible. ** NO QUITTERS PLEASE** IF YOU ARE SERIOUS IN JOINING TEXT ME AT 504.930.2259 TEXT ONLY PLEASE OPEN PS4 TEAMS BELOW EAGLES STEELERS BENGALS TEXANS JETS

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    League madden franchise


    I joined a 32 team Fantasy Draft franchise, today is Draft day!


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