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Cheekh Episode 1 Story Review – Decent Introduction

Ohkay so, the writing of Zanjabeel Asim Shah, direction of Bader Mehmood & production of Big Bang Production; Cheekh is a drama that has promised to raise the issue of not suffering in silence. As the drama will progress, it will become evident whether the team has stayed true to the message or not but the first episode was deliberately & rightly kept light-hearted to give an introduction to the characters as well as an insight into their lives. The first episode of Cheekh was done well but it seemed that the entire cast of Balaa was immediately hired to do the image building in this drama after such a negative drama like Balaa.

The binding factor between all the character happens to be Haya (Azekah Daniel). Haya has 3 brothers Yawar (Aijaz Aslam), Shayan (Emaad Irfani) & Wajih (Bilal Abbas). Yawar is married to Shehwar (Maira Khan) & Shayan is married to Mannat (Saba Qamar).

Haya has 2 best friends Mannat & Nayab (Ushna Shah) & it was Haya who convinced her brother Shayan to get married to her best friend Mannat. Nayab on the other hand comes from a lower middle class family where her father Ramzan (Noor ul Hassan) is a clerk who remarried after his wife passed away & Nayab was probably 10 years old. Nayab’s step mother is going to play the character of Balaa in this drama where she just wants her husband to get Nayab married off to any wealthy man who will later take care of Nayab’s family too. Nayab’s step mother is selfish & typical who has nothing nice to say about Nayab.

Cheekh Episode 1 Story Review - Decent Introduction

Haya, Mannat & Nayab share a very strong bond & their scenes were the most enjoyable aspect of this episode. Mannat takes care of Nayab like her sister that is why she goes out of the way to keep her step mother happy too so that she doesn’t mistreat Nayab much. Haya gets engaged & that’s when we get an insight into her entire family. They all are close knit & very warm & affectionate towards one another. Wajih & Nayab had some sort of chemistry going on which Mannat paid heed to & that is when she decides to convince Wajih of marrying Nayab. Mannat on the other hand is in a long distance relationship with her husband who is in America for his residency. Mannat has a very easy approach on the life where she is always happy & uplifted but I liked the fact that Mannat was also shown to be emotional & a good listener because of which she not only understood Nayab’s hardships but also had Nayab confide in her. Nayab did fancy the idea of being with Wajih but she was hesitent considering the background she comes from but Mannat supports her & tells her that she will do what it takes to change Nayab’s life by getting her married to Wajih.

Cheekh Episode 1 Story Review - Decent Introduction

Wajih being the youngest of all three brothers happens to be everyone’s favourite but he definitely has a personality & private life which no one is too aware of. We got a little glimpse of it when Wajih had a conversation with his friends at Haya’s engagement. Well, Yawar has made some strict rules which he wants everyone in his household to abide by & one of those rules are that the female house help will not go to the quarters of male servants in order to serve them food. Yawar did make it pretty clear once again when he got to know that it happened yet again. He wants the ladies of his family to keep an eye on all the girls who work in their house in order to protect them.

Well, the episode ended on a completely different note which no one saw coming. Nayab was pretty disturbed because her father lost his job & asked her to consider one of the proposals of a man double her age who had a daughter too. Nayab seemed pretty disturbed with the idea that her father could even suggest something like this & that is when she goes inside the house to distance herself from the crowd gathered on one of Haya’s functions. Wajih’s friend who showed up drunk was sent inside the house because Wajih dreaded that Yawar might see him & he’ll get upset. Yawar was shown to be going inside of the house as well & a few moments later Nayab fell off the first floor. Now this is the mystery that the rest of the story will revolve around as to who tried to cross the line with Nayab & what actually happened, was she pushed or she jumped in order to to save herself? I have a feeling that it would be Yawar, which will shake the entire  family up as well as turn Mannat’s life upside down, but let’s see.

The first episode of Cheekh was decent but it did have some clichés too. The sight of yet another drunk guy in ARY drama was definitely off-putting. The editing seemed a bit too choppy & acting a bit forced at times but the overall direction was decent. Saba Qamar looked amazing but she definitely didn’t look like an age fellow of Ushna or Azekah. All the actors did play their part well. Here’s to hoping that Cheekh being Saba Qamar’s drama will turn out to be good because she happens to be the selling point of this drama for me because I don’t really have high hopes with Zanjabeel Asim Shah & the rest of Balaa cast. Please share your thoughts about the very first episode of Cheekh.

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Cheekh (Urdu: چیخ‎; lit: 'Scream') was a 2019 Pakistani crime-drama television series created and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under their production house, Big Bang Entertainment.[1][2] It features Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas in leads while Aijaz Aslam, Maira Khan, Emmad Irfani and Azekah Daniel in supportive roles. The serial began on ARY Digital on January 5, 2019. The show was acclaimed by critics and viewer and it was one of the most successful show of ARY Digital at that time. [3][4][5][6][7]


Mannat (Saba Qamar), Haya (Azekah Daniel), and Nayab (Ushna Shah) are all close friends. Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan), Yawer (Aijaz Aslam), Shayaan (Emmad Irfani), and Haya are siblings. Mannat is married to Shayaan. Her in-laws are shown as quite wealthy. However, Nayab is poor. Her mother died and she lives with her father Ramzaan (Noor-ul-Hassan), greedy step-mother (Saima Qureshi) and her 2 step-sisters. Nayab gets murdered after a rape attempt and physical violence on the night of her friend Haya's engagement. Nayab is rushed to the hospital where she soon dies. As Nayab breathes her last, she indicates in her testimony before Mannat & the police the identity of her assailant by calling him 'Raja' (a nickname which the women in the family jokingly use for Wajih). Mannat - after hearing this, doesn't believes it at first until Wajih confesses it to her face himself. He tells her that on Haya's engagement night, he called Nayab on the terrace and indirectly asking her for sexual favours indicating that he wanted to use her physically and never commit, Nayab rejects him and tells him to stay away from her. Wajih's ego is hurt as no other girl has rejected him before and that now Mannat and everyone else will find out Wajih's true colours, he pushes Nayab from the rooftop. Mannat is shocked and devastated, she goes to the police station and files for F.I.R against him which creates havoc in Mannat's relationship with her In-Laws. Everyone breaks all ties with her forces her to take the case back except Shayan. Wajih falsely accuses Mannat of dating Haya's fiance, which Haya believes. Her fiance, seeing her having no trust in him nor her best friend, breaks off the engagement and parts his way from Haya forever, telling Shayan that Mannat is innocent and he should take her far away from all this. As Mannat hires a lawyer and threatens the family to get Wajih hung to death, Wajih out of fear tells the truth to Yawer and begs him to save Wajih. Yawer, who is infertile and sees Wajih as his son, forgets his sins and promises to protect him no matter what. Mannat is shown to be pregnant and after a long time, smiles and sighs in peace and relief. After a series of court hearings, the case seemed to get into Mannat's hand so wajih uploads a video to the internet in which he lies saying that his sister in law;mannat asked him for sexual favours and after he rejected her, mannat blamed him for killing her friend and is defaming him in revenge. This video goes viral and mannat mocked publicly for having such intentions for her brother in law. As she was seen walking back to her home at night, wajih confronts and drives his car after her. She runs and falls on the ground, crying in pain while wajih sadly stares her helpless body and leaves. When mannat wakes up she finds herself in the hospital, realising that she has suffered a miscarriage. She gets completely hopeless and exhausted as decides to give up. But shayan who was also equally heartbroken, motivates her and she gets back to the court and her target. As wajih sees her back on track and his efforts failing, he starts blackmailing mannat's widow mother who lives alone. He locks her up and tells her stop mannat otherwise she will see her daughters dead body real soon. Mannat's mother out of fear, appears in the court and tells everyone a fake story of mannat being mentally unwell and a psycho since birth. Meaning, that whatever she says about the case is nothing but her own imagination. This results in the judge making the decision in wajih's favour and mannat is sent to the mental hospital. Shayan is heartbroken. When mannat's mother came to visit her and tried to explain that she only did this for her safety and will get her out of this, mannat ignores her completely and her mother leaves with a heavy heart. Wajih also comes and visits her apologizing for his actions and saying that he had to do this in order to save himself. Mannat gets mad at him and is calmed down by the staff in the asylum. A few days later, shayan comes and finally takes her out with him. Turns out, her mother has passed away. Mannat loses her senses and yells with a shivery voice that she was angry at her but didn't ever want this. Shayan and yawer's divorced wife who overheard wajih threatening mannat before and believes her,comfort her. Meanwhile, haya starts noticing red flags in wajih's behaviour and starts getting suspicious of him. A friend of wajih, sharigh who was drunk at the time nayab had fallen down,was accused by wajih in the court of being the rapist, out of revenge, tells hides haya behind the wall and gets wajih to admit everything. Haya is shocked and is shown crying and regretting how she treated mannat. Shayan confronts wajih and they start hitting one another. Wajih losing control over his actions as usual, pushes shayan so hard that he falls on a glass table, causing intense bleeding mannat yelling for help. Wajih runs away and is shown crying in guilt of what he has done. Shayan soon dies in the hospital and mannat, haya, yawer are all shown mourning over his death. The police arrives and mannat tells them that it was just an accident and no one's responsible for it. Wajih confronts her and asks her the next day of why she gave the wrong statement. To which she answers saying that there's no way she will let a small statement make up for the loss of her respect,her child,her mother and her husband! She threatens him saying that as her iddat period will come to an end, she will bring him to a point where he will confess all his crimes himself in the court. Yawer is seen going through a stroke and is now paralyzed. He realises that this is his karma of supporting his brother's wrong doings. Mannat gives a statement in the police station saying that if anything will happen to her, it will be because of wajih. Therefore, wajih can't do anything to her. Taking advantage of this situation, mannat wears shayan's clothes to constantly remind him of what he did, locks him up in the store at night the way he locked her mother. She has also started collecting proofs to present in the court as she has reopened the case. Wajih goes the policeman who had unlawfully helped him previously after he paid him money. He refuses to help him saying that his brother's money was the reason why wajih used to brag and walk carelessly after committing such crimes. Now his brother is helpless. Disappointed, Wajih goes to his lawyer who agrees to take the case once again. Mannat is given permission by the court to present everything herself. She shows all her proofs, presents witnesses and lastly, in an heated argument with wajih where she twists the situation, wajih subconsciously spits the truth. Now no one could help wajih and he before being sentenced to death, is asked to give his last statements. He says that because he was never objected by yawer and given everything he demanded for, even if its wrong, and believe that no matter what he does, he will be backed up and saved, caused him to develop this sick mentality where he is extremely impulsive and selfish to a point where raping and murdering don't feel wrong nor bring him guilt. He is taken to the jail where haya, yawer and sharigh (now haya's husband) tearfully hug him before the police came and took him to he hanged. Mannat is seen smiling and is telling herself that whatever loss she had gone through just to see this day (wajih being hanged) were tests of Allah and if she would've kept quiet like everyone else,she would've lost dignity for herself in her eyes, and is satisfied supporting the oppressed![8]


  • Saba Qamar as Mannat Shayan: Shayan's wife; Wajih, Yawer, and Haya's sister-in-law; Nayab's friend.[1]
  • Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih Taseer: Haya, Yawer, and Shayan's younger brother; Mannat's brother-in-law.[5][9]
  • Aijaz Aslam as Yawer Taseer: Haya, Shayan, and Wajih's elder brother; Shewar's husband.[10]
  • Emmad Irfani as Shayan Taseer: Mannat's husband; Wajih, Haya, and Yawar's brother; Shehwar's brother-in-law.[11]
  • Maira Khan[12] as Shehwar: Yawer's wife; Wajih, Shayaan, and Haya's sister-in-law.[13]
  • Azekah Daniel as Haya Taseer: Mannat and Nayab's friend; Wajih, Yawar, and Shayaan's sister.[14]
  • Ushna Shah as Nayab; Mannat and Haya's friend (Episodes 1–3).[15]
  • Gul-e-Rana as Mannat's mother.
  • Noor-ul-Hassan as Ramzaan: Nayab's father; Shamsa's husband.
  • Saima Qureshi as Shamsa; Nayab's step-mother, Ramzaan's second wife.
  • Nayyar Ejaz as Inspector Aamir Khan.
  • Shabbir Jan as Lawyer.
  • Junaid Akhter as Asad: Haya's ex-fiancé; Mannat and Nayaab's friend.
  • Shehryar Zaidi as Sulaiman; Asad's father. (Episodes 9–11)
  • Birjees Farooqui as Asad's mother. (Episodes 9–10)
  • Asfar Khan as Wajih's driver.


On being asked about why she chose the character of Mannat, Qamar told ARY News, "If I can connect with a character, I do it and If I don’t, I opt out."[16] A Badar Mehmood's directorial and produced by Big Bang Entertainment, who had previously taken initiative against social issues through their serials Aisi Hai Tanhai, Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai, and Meri Guriya. In early October 2018, Qamar posted a video about being a part of the project.[17] Bilal Abbas Khan was chosen for playing the antagonist, along with Azekah Daniel, Aijaz Aslam, Emmad Irfani as supporting cast, while Ushna Shah came in as an extended cameo role.[16] It marks the second on-screen appearance of Khan, Daniel and Shah after Balaa. The first teaser of the drama, which was a narration, features some of the renowned actors and personalities, including Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Sanam Baloch, Sarwat Gilani, Maria Wasti, Sania Saeed, Shaista Lodhi, and Marina Khan.[18][19][20]


The show became a popular serial in Pakistan after airing its first few episodes.[21][22] It started off very well, averaging 6.4 TRPs.[23][24] The first episode gained 7.5, while second episode gained 7.2.[25][26] The role of Qamar and Khan was appreciated by critics. A reviewer from The Express Tribune wrote, "Her (Qamar)'s performance clearly stands out from other cast members, especially her dialogue delivery and outstanding facial expressions".[27] Sheeba Khan of DAWN wrote about Khan's performance as praise-worthy while criticized the story, saying, "I fail to understand why writers insist on making mothers so weak".[28] According to the review of The Nation, it was the third blockbuster serial for Khan after O Rangreza and Balaa.[29] Critics also praised the character of Shayan, portrayed by Emmad Irfani.[30][31] A reviewer from DAWN called him a "New Pakistani Hero".[11]



The title song is Mere Maula, sung and composed by Asrar. The lyrics were written by Sabir Zafar.

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The much-awaited drama serial Cheekh, bringing back the versatile Saba Qamar on screen, started with a bang this week. The makers have promised to depict the message of not suffering in silence through the intense story but what the actual story is about is not yet clear. The first episode was very light hearted and a perfect introduction to the star-studded cast where we were introduced to almost all characters in the play. Nayab, Mannat & Haya are best friends. Haya has three brothers Yawar (Aijaz Aslam), Shayan (Emaad Irfani) & Wajih (Bilal Abbas). Yawar is married to Shehwar (Maira Khan) & Shayan is married to Mannat (Saba Qamar). So Haya & Mannat are Nand Bhabi as well.

Nayab (Ushna Shah) belongs to a lower middle class family and her father Ramzan (Noor-ul-Hassan) remarried another woman after her mother passed away. Nayab’s step mother is greedy in nature and is a typical step mother. She intends to get Nayab married off to a wealthy man who can in the long run support Nayab’s family as well.

For now, the drama seemed to be a sigh of relief in the face of all melodrama especially the scenes between Haya, Mannat & Nayab were very refreshing and pleasant. Mannat is a very happy go-lucky girl who believes in spreading happiness all around. Knowing the circumstances of Nayab’s relations with her step mother, Mannat takes care of Nayab like her own sister and goes the extra way to keep her step mother happy so that she doesn’t mistreat Nayab much and let her go out with her friends. She literally gifted a brand new phone to Nayab’s mother so that she lets her attend Haya’s engagement ceremony. Mannat is also making all efforts to get her brother in law Wajih and Nayab married so that she can drag her friend out of the hardships of her life.

Bilal Abbas plays the villain in "Cheekh"

This episode revolved around Haya’s engagement and dholki, from the preparations to the actual event, giving us an insight into her family which apparently seemed to be very warm and liberal. While everyone was enjoying the event, Nayab was very disturbed mentally because the same day her father had lost his job and presented a proposal of a widowed rich man to her, who was willing to give Nayab’s family a hefty amount of 20 lakh rupees. With her father’s words constantly echoing in her mind, Nayab was distracted and went inside the house to distance herself from the crowd.

One of Wajih’s friend who was shown to be drunk was also sent inside the house a little before Nayab because Wajih was scared that Yawar might see him & he’ll get upset. Yawar was also shown to be going inside of the house as well & a few moments later there was a sudden scream and Nayab fell off the first floor of the house.

The first episode ended on a very mysterious note. Did someone push Nayab? Or did she jump off to save herself from Yawar or that drunk friend of Wajih? What actually happened to Nayab is yet to be revealed and that is what the upcoming episodes will revolve around.

All in all, it was a very decent episode and the characters were introduced smoothly. Saba Qamar was amazing as always and she definitely stole the show with her ace-acting skills as the optimistic Mannat who despite living away from her husband was contented with her life. Bilal Abbas is handsome and dapper as Wajih but there are layers to his character that we're eager to see in the future. The rest of the cast also performed well so far. We have high hopes with the cast and director Badar Mehmood and we assume Cheekh to become one of the block busters this year due to its star-studded cast and engaging storyline.

Cheekh Episode 5 - 2nd February 2019 - ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Cheekh Episode 1 Review: Beginning of an intense and dark tale

Cheekh the new drama serial on aired its very first episode on Saturday and it seems like a start of an intense and very dark story. The play is penned down by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and it is directed by Badar Mehmood. Saba Qamar makes a comeback to television after Baaghi in the play where as Ushna Shah makes an appearance and Bilal Abbas dominates as Wajih.

Well the first half of this episode seems like a happy go lucky story of three friends, played by Haya (Aleyzah), Nayab (Ushna) and Mannat (Saba Qamar). Nayab lives with her father and step mother, an extremely greedy woman who is desperate to marry off Nayab to some aged widower  just because he is rich and offering them money.

Mannat is a happy go lucky nature girl who is always very lively and fun loving. She knows very well how to deal with Nayab’s step mother so she always comes up with expensive gifts for her as well along with Nayab so that she becomes happy and let her meet Nayab. On the other hand Nayab’s step mother is against Nayab’s friendship with Haya and Mannat but she enjoys all her gifts and perks of their friendship.

Mannat is Haya’s Bhabi, married to Shayan (Emad Irfani). Haya has another two more brothers Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) the eldest married to Shehwar (Maira Khan) and  Wajih (Bilal Abba) who is handsome and  shows keen interest in Nayab and Nayab too likes him. Haya has sensed that and she is super happy about this as she wants to bring her best friend home. It seems like Mannat is more empathetic towards Nayab and she really cares for her friend’s happiness. But adversary hits poor Nayab’s house hard as her father gets jobless and he, in that miserable state shares the pic of that aged man with Nayab as a prospect for her marriage.

Nayab shares that proposal picture with her friends who are shocked on the fact that she is being forced to marry a person who is 15 years older than her. Wajih on the other hand seems a carefree guy who also keeps a bad company. His friends are compulsive drunkards.

It is shown that Nayab is bothered about her proposal and goes inside a deserted house, wanting to distance herself from the crowd on Haya’s engagement. Yawar is shown going inside as well and so is Wajih’s friend. Nayab then falls in the middle of the lawn but how does this happen? Did someone push her? Did Wajih’s friend try to assault her or does Yawar has something to do with it?

What happens next and how will this lead to other developments waits to be seen. For now, Cheekh is a fast paced production laced with some fine performances that are evident right from the first episode.

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4.47 out of 5 stars (based on 362 reviews)


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Cheekh Episode 2 - 12th Jan 2019 - ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]


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