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The six most common skills found on CIA Agent resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

7 Essential CIA Agent Skills For Your Resume And Career

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Provide excellent customer service to Best Buy customers while maintaining a high quality level of computer repairs.
  • Assist on sales floor re: home networking, customer service, and computer sales.
  • Resolved unsatisfactory customer service issues and complaints; investigated root cause; identified and implemented action plans to prevent recurrences.
  • Maintain awareness of company metrics and strive to achieve set objectives while upholding company policies and providing excellent customer service.
  • Maintained excellent customer service skills to communicate client needs effectively and provide quality service to enhance customer satisfaction.

13,028 Customer Service Jobs

Troubleshooting is the process of analyzing and fixing any kind of problem in a system or a machine. Troubleshooting is the detailed yet quick search in the system for the main source of an issue and solving it.

Here's how troubleshoot is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Follow standard and procedures to install, monitor, upgrade hardware/software and troubleshoot all computer-related devices.
  • Entered commands and observed system functionality to verify correct operations and troubleshoot errors.
  • Install and troubleshoot media streaming devices, including network connected/controllable devices.
  • Respond to customer concerns and troubleshoot existing technology not functioning properly.
  • Provided technical expertise to troubleshoot networking setup and repair utilizing advanced diagnostics.

447 Troubleshoot Jobs

A laptop is a small and portable personal computer, carrying all the basic specifications and accessories of a standard desktop computer such as display screen, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and storage device.

Here's how laptops is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Specialized in Repairing Toshiba Laptops.
  • General work includes; Troubleshooting customer's laptops and PC.
  • Provided upgrades to laptops as specified by client and also ensure manufacturer specifications allowed upgrades desired.
  • Performed on-site warranty and non-warranty repairs of computers and laptops with high efficiency and no degradation of quality.
  • Contacted customers if extra information was necessary for repair of laptops.

36 Laptops Jobs

Here's how computer software is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Answered user inquiries regarding computer software and hardware operation.
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding computer software/hardware operations to resolve problems.
  • Operate computer software and machinery in processing of applicant payments.
  • Gained proficiency in a wide array of computer software programs and program issues.
  • Created images of computer software for network installs on workstations.

48 Computer Software Jobs

Here's how virus removal is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Well-versed in computers, experience in computer repair, virus removal and troubleshooting.
  • Perform Troubleshooting measures and implement virus removal tools to ensure compatibility and keep devices running at peak performance.
  • Performed virus removals using various software.
  • Performed computer repair and virus removal.
  • Trained Agents on computer hardware and software theory, along with virus removal and data backup as per Geek Squad SOP.

Windows is a chain of operating systems that controls a computer and is developed by Microsoft. Every version of Windows consists of GUI (graphical user interface), with a desktop that allows the user to open their files.

Here's how windows is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Trained entire store for Windows Vista launch.
  • Reloaded Windows * removed virus * sent computer to repair facility if under the manufacture warranty
  • Developed a deep understanding of the Windows operating systems to effectively determine And repair damaged components.
  • Hold one-on-one technology training session with customers on Windows operating systems and other computer applications.
  • Leveraged extensive experience in multiple operating environment including mainframe connectivity and security, Windows workstation and server

648 Windows Jobs

The arrangement of anything is called a setup. While in computer language, setup means installing hardware or software. Setup can include many computer programs like device drivers or plugins.

Here's how setup is used on cia agent resumes:
  • Diagnose problems with customer computers *Provide basic computer repair *Setup customer computers to run optimally
  • Recommended and setup wireless networks to residential and business clients.
  • Trained staff and customers in computer-system setup and operations.
  • Maintained proficiency in software/hardware maintenance and setup.
  • Coordinated and implemented inventory management and networking setup

114 Setup Jobs

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Online Courses For CIA Agents

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a cia agent is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since cia agents benefit from having skills like customer service, troubleshoot, and laptops, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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Active Directory on Windows Server 2016




Learn how to deploy and manage all aspects of Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS and many more technologies...

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Active Directory Administration for Helpdesk Technicians




Manage Active Directory & Group Policy on Windows Server 2016 with the Active Directory Users & Computers console / GPMC...

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Azure Active Directory And Azure AD Domain Services




Learn how Azure Active Directory, On-Premises Active directory and Azure AD Domain Services integrate with each other...

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Windows Server 2019: Active Directory, GPO, R. Server Access




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Learn How to Fix Wi-Fi, Computer, and Networking problems!




Troubleshooting tips that help you understand how to approach technology problems and tools for fixing them successfully...

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TOTAL: Active Directory with Windows Server 2016




Identity, Access, and Authentication with Microsoft AD and Identity with Windows Server 2016...

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PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators




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How to automate active directory labs for pentesting




How to automate active directory based demo labs for pentesting, hacking and training requirements...

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Identify & Define the Problem with Business Analysis




Use business analysis techniques to identify a business pain point, find its root cause, and sell the value of fixing it...

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LDAP Directory Services: Concepts, Setup and Configuration




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Advanced Windows Performance Troubleshooting




The proven Way to Fix Any Slow Windows Computer...

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Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course




How to provide great customer support using Zendesk, a course for beginners...

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How to Build a Custom Gaming PC




The complete guide to designing and building your own custom PC...

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Customer Service




How to Approach New Customers and Maintain Existing Ones...

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[2021] Customer Service 2.0: Learn Digital Customer Service




Used by Chase, Intel, & more! Learn soft skills, social media customer service, diagnosing user problems, & more...

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Virtual Agent Development in Dialogflow ES for Software Devs


Welcome to "CCAI Virtual Agent Development in Dialogflow ES for Software Developers", the third course in the "Customer Experiences with Contact Center AI" series. In this course, learn to use additional features of Dialogflow ES for your virtual agent, create a Firestore instance to store customer data, and implement cloud functions that access the data. With the ability to read and write customer data, learner's virtual agents are conversationally dynamic and able to defer contact center volum...

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Managing Customer Service


Become indispensable to any organization by understanding how to identify and meet customer needs...

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Windows Server 2016 Active Directory DNS DHCP File Server




Learn how to build a Windows Server 2016 network from scratch! + Super bonus: "Home Folder and User Copy"...

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Most Common Skills For CIA Agents

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Customer Service









Computer Software



Virus Removal








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Geek Squad Cia Interview Guide

Download Geek Squad Cia Interview Guide free and unlimited.

Geek Squad Mission Complete - Best Buy. Store Pickup. Return Exchange Promise. Check Your Order Status. Visit our Help Center. Geek Squad employees are really what they really want is a technical person to sell their warranties and service protection plan. They might give you a scenario where a customer comes in with a 3 year old Windows XP System that they want to upgrade and will ask how you will handle. Geek Squad Manuals - Leaked Alternate 12 Pack Free eBooks. Geek Review: Spellbreak. Pigar Mahdar. September 22, 2020. 9 min read. The battle royale genre has evolved quite considerably in the last three years. Back in 2017, there were only a handful of games, including Fortnite and PUBG. Since then, there have been more and more entries, including those from big players, giving us Call of Duty: Warzone. Interview Archives How much does best buy pay their geek squad? — TechExams. Geek Squad Cia Interview Guide. Cause we need more stuff added to our plate! : GeekSquad. Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent Interview Questions Glassdoor. Anonymous Geek Squad insider writes: The Geek Squad troubleshooting guide looks to be pretty out of date. I’ve been a CIA for the last six months, and at no time was this manual ever available. After Paris Attacks, Law Enforcement Officials Renew Geek Squad Interview Questions? AnandTech Forums.

Home Latest Reviews Earther Science io9 Field Guide Video. A Brief Interview. Save. As promised earlier today, I interviewed Fabio at the Geek Squad event yesterday. Here s some highlights.

The national average salary for a Geek Squad, Consultation Agent is $28702 in United States. Filter by The Geek Squad City Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA ) Geek Squad Geek Squad Consultant Agent Interview Questions. Geek Squad Manuals - Leaked Alternate 12 Pack This is TWELVE of the leaked geek squad handbooks. Each of them are pretty interesting. Alternate pack of 12 manuals: CIA Interview Guide CIA Technical Guide Customer Satisfaction Index FAQ Data Backup Checklist Digital Camcorder Training Double Agent Handbook Double Agent Job Description Media. Chuck is an American action-comedy / spy-drama television series created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an average computer-whiz-next-door named Chuck Bartowski, played by Zachary Levi, who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend now working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The S5E guide for DMs and players brings superheroes to D D s 5th Edition, offering up new classes, ancestries and cultures, along with powers. The Kickstarter is live now, and Geek Native has an interview with the lead writer, Eugene Marshall, that digs into the ethics of superheroes on the blog. Sigil Entertainment Group has hundreds of backers, are thousands over their campaign goal and about three weeks left on the clock for their S5E Kickstarter.

Tell me about yourself? What critical component of this position At Geek Squad makes the work challenging? What experience do you have At Geek Squad. Make no mistake, BEYOND is a violent and action-packed blockbuster. Fighting off a SWAT team as Aiden, then thrown into a midnight chase atop a speeding train as Jodie, followed by a race through. Best Buy hiring Geek Squad Senior Agent - Repair Services. List of 3412 Geek Squad Employees - Find Emails & Phones. Geek squad agent cia Interview Questions Glassdoor.

Fabio on Technology: A Brief Interview - Gizmodo.

The Geek Squad Mar 13, 2020 Featured Article A Global Legal Hackathon is a place for young women lawyers to learn the importance of using legal tech By Mariah Rossi; Edited by Kevin Livingston The Global Legal Hackathon held a worldwide collaboration and commenced on International Women BEYOND: Two Souls Hands-On Preview - No Guardian Angel. Geek Squad employees are known as Agents and are assigned titles similar to those used by intelligence agencies – Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA), Deputy . The national average salary for a Geek Squad Agent is $35,392 in Canada. Filter by location to see Geek Squad Agent salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 8 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Geek Squad Agent employees. Geeks: Smart, harmless, authentic, exploited? - Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is still a fun and irreverent strategy RPG, despite its technical issues. With great localisation and that Disgaea madness you know and love, there’s still plenty. Geek Interview: Analysing The DNA Of Rainbow Six Extraction. Just hit 10 years sleeper after working for BBY for about 5 years beginning as a senior in high school and throughout college, the majority of the time as a full-time Geek Squad Agent. COA, CIA, Cadet, CIA Sr., Agent number 10XXX. Robert Stephens, Chief Tech Officer Best Buy/Geek Squad. Are Geek Squad agents spying for the FBI? - SF Chronicle. Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy. The company was founded in 1966 as Sound of Music and rebranded as Best Buy in 1983. The headquarters are in Richfield Minnesota. Best Buy operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Subsidiaries at Best Buy are Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad, Magnolia Home Theater, and Pacific Sales. 15 Feb 2006 I know there's different ranks in the geek squad, but can anyone share how An in-store tech (called a CIA) makes about $11.05/hr without A+. #2 QUESTIONS does the geek squads kids pays their gasoline?what happe. Get Super Squad free on Steam and the Epic Games Store. A: Answer. Yes, Geek Squad 24x7 Support may be purchased no matter where the computer was purchased. Geek Squad offers 1, 2, and 3 year plans which cover 3 computers, and include Webroot, Trend Micro, or Kaspersky Internet Security, also covering up to 3 computers. Answered 4 years ago by GSAgent. Helpful ( 18) Unhelpful ( 0) Answer this question. Get most of our popular TV and home theater services for $49.99 2 with a Total Tech Support™ membership. You ll have support for all your home theater products and tech, no matter where or when you bought them. You ll also get exclusive savings on in-home services, repairs and many Protection Plans. $199.99.

In an interview, the 50-year-old director revealed that the studio weren’t strict when it came to killing off DC characters, “They said I could keep all the characters or do away with them all. I could do a completely new squad – which I considered – and they said, ‘You can kill anyone.’ Warner Bros. was pretty much on board. A Y Combinator Startup Tries To Take On The Geek Squad. Geek Squad Manager Interview Questions Glassdoor. General Counsel around the Globe - GC Grapevine.

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Now that technology, sci-fi, comics and gaming are mass consumer experiences, Nugent said, geek communities are fracturing. But in 2010, letting your geek flag fly has become a source of pride. June 2, 2021. 6 min read. John Cena is a lot of things. He’s a wrestler, an actor, and a disappearing act all at once, but the 44-year-old is finally ready to be seen, as the villainous Toretto sibling in the latest instalment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. The wrestler-turned-actor is not the first heavyweight champ to turn his charm. Lifting it upward reveals the heart of the sculpture, where the watch can be stored, while the stand comes adorned with figures from the Tune Squad. As with all of Kross Studio’s themed collectible sets, the Space Jam Tourbillon Watch will be available in very limited quantities, with only 10 of them to spare for the most hardcore of collectors. Best Buy’s Geek Squad. You might have heard of it. It’s known for offering technical services for those who aren’t technical. Our guest, Hector Garcia mentioned how working for Geek Squad was a great education for how he’d eventually price his services. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny review Kross Studio s Space Jam Tourbillon Watch Costs US$100,000. Shame on the Geek Squad and A E (Sears). I called for service over month ago and was told I needed parts for my washing machine. Parts was ordered, but when the repair person came (A E, Best Buy 3 Rd party service) to add the parts I was told because it is a stackable washer and gas dryer, and because we did not have Bust Buy install them originally we had to have them uninstall. Interview tomorrow for an in-store ARA position. Had a couple. Interview. Applied- emailed for interview-phone interview. The interviewer seemed very impatient when I was asked to share my work experience. She was trying to be lazy to ask ME to tell her how my job is related to geek squad, and how the position The upstart Eden, offering on-demand, mobile tech support and business maintenance, is taking on Geek Squad. Search and apply for the latest Process improvement consultant jobs in Mishawaka, IN. Verified employers. Competitive salary. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Job email alerts. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.158.000+ postings in Mishawaka, IN and other big cities Geek Squad Consultation Agent Salary, Jobs EcityWorks. Reveal contacts of top Geek Squad managers and employees. . Robert Yuravich, CIA, Florida, USA, [email protected] . Cindy Baunach, Guidance Engineer, Kentucky, USA, [email protected] . Blog · Knowledge

LEAKED: 6 More Geek Squad Manuals – Consumerist.

Geek squad cia Interview Questions Glassdoor. 21 Apr 2021 Read Free Geek Squad Cia Interview Guide This unique guide features the startup stories of regular people launching side businesses that . Geek squad cia interview guide is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly. Our books collection spans in multiple locations, allowing you to get the most less latency time to download any of our books like this one. Merely said, the geek squad cia interview guide is universally compatible with any devices 100 geek squad agent cia interview questions. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 3 companies. EP159: Hector Garcia - How To Improve Your Marketing. Robert Stephens - Fast Company. 21 Feb 2018 . Interview Questions for Geek Squad, Consultation Agent.Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure.What are the potentials 9 Jan 2020 Floor Lead Repair Agent (CIA) - Geek Squad City job Contacts Client with quote for repair and answer questions regarding cost, product Whether they are conducting surveillance, identifying leads, interviewing subjec. Geek Interview: Analysing The DNA Of Rainbow Six Extraction With Alicia Fortier. Jake Su. June 13, 2021. 7 min read. When it comes to intellectual properties, there’s something to be said about the creation of new ones rather than regurgitating sequels or spin-off. But what if you can do both, with certain liberties taken of course? That’s. By News Team on June 25, 2021. Bad Fox Studios has announced the launch of their Free to Play game Super Squad into Early Access today on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Squad

Application. I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Best Buy (Burnaby, BC) in May 2020. Interview. Phone interview with the department lead, answering questions about past experience and providing information about the company goals and needs.

Geek Native - The S5E guide for DMs and players brings. The relationship between Geek Squad agents and the FBI came to light after a federal grand jury in 2014 indicted California physician Mark Rettenmaier in connection with possessing child pornography. LEAKED: Geek Squad s Troubleshooting Manual – Consumerist. 61 Geek Squad Interview Questions Answers - Global Guideline. GEEK SQUAD - IT Services Computer Repair - Washington Floor Lead Repair Agent (CIA) - Geek Squad City job in Brooks. Now, saving the day for thousands of PC and Mac users alike, comes The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Any Computer Glitch. You re not a dummy or an idiot, but you do need help. In plain English and with a humorous flair, The Geek Squad Guide demystifies the most widely used hardware and software, offers quick fixes to common glitches, and provides. I interviewed at Geek Squad (Branson, MO) in Sep 2020. Interview. I received a phone call about two days after submitting the application for an in-person interview. The meeting was one on one with the geek squad manager. The manager was friendly and approachable and asked general availability questions and scenario-based questions. Best Buy Geek Squad, Agent (CIA) Interview Questions. Geek Squad, Consultation Agent Interview Questions - YouTube.

Best Buy Geek Squad Interview Test - General Discussion - Neowin.

Whether rescuing a digital photo album from a broken hard drive, saving a student’s thesis from a coffee-drenched computer or transforming a living room into a personal theater, Geek Squad agents use their expertise to enrich lives through technology. It all starts with our award-winning training program and continues as each agent grows. Warner Gave James Gunn Permission To Kill - Geek Culture. Geek Review: Spellbreak Geek Culture.

Geek Interview: John Cena Wants

The latter also feeds into the gameplay, as ITTA is also a bit of a boss rush game. It sometimes feels at odds with the almost tranquil setting, but there is a reason why you must face the twisted. Geek Squad Cia Interview Guide - Salary: Geek Squad Agent Glassdoor. Now NBC News is citing unnamed officials as suggesting the ISIS geek squad is teaching terrorists how to use encryption and communication platforms like Silent Circle, Telegram and WhatsApp. Best Buy Burnaby Office Glassdoor. But typically it goes phone interview, then you meet with the Supervisor/Leader for the department (in this case the Geek Squad Manager) and then you have a final interview with the GM. I went in at first going for inventory, my boss said you know what you are better suited for PC Sales, then I moved over to CA at GeekSquad. 110 geek squad cia interview questions. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 3 companies. The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Any Computer Glitch: Stephens. TV Home Theater Services: Geek Squad Welcome to the Consumerist Archives. Thanks for visiting As of October 2017, Consumerist is no longer producing new content, but feel free to browse through our archives. Neowinian Senior. 3. 12,637 posts. Location: Southern Colorado. Share. Posted September 17, 2008. Hey, I applied online and had the telephone interview for the geek squad at my local Geek Squad founder and chief inspector. In the following interview, Geek Squad mastermind Robert Stephens discusses the logic behind his first book, The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Any Computer. 141 Best Buy Geek Squad, Agent (CIA) interview questions and 122 interview reviews. Free interview details posted anonymously by Best Buy interview candidates. Our CIA Senior Agent is an expert in the fulfillment of Geek Squad services. They are responsible for training and coaching agents to repair and service in accordance with Geek Squad’s. Get Super Squad free on Steam and the Epic Games Store Kena: Beginner’s Guide Scarlet Nexus Interview with Game Director, Kenji Anabuki Bang-on Balls:. Best Buy Interview: 11 Must Know Questions and Answers. Jan 28, 2011. Quick Stats: Robert Stephens, Chief Tech Officer, Best Buy, and Geek Squad founder. Daily Driver: 2005 Audi A4 (Robert s rating: 7 on a scale of 1 to 10) Other cars: See below.

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Geek Squad

Subsidiary of Best Buy

Geek Squad Inc. is a subsidiary of American and Canadian multinationalconsumer electronics corporation Best Buy, headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. The subsidiary was originally an independent company founded by "Chief Inspector" Robert Stephens on June 16, 1994, and offers various computer-related services and accessories for residential and commercial clients. In 2002, they merged with Best Buy,[1] retaining Stephens as the primary corporate leadership for the subsidiary. The Geek Squad provides services in-store, on-site, and over the Internet via remote access, and also provides 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site support. Geek Squad no longer works solely on computer-related devices. It now diagnoses issues in and repairs all consumer electronics, as well as appliances.[2]

Locations and partnerships[edit]

Geek Squad precincts exist in most Best Buy stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Netherlands. They offer in-store, in-home, online, and remote/over the phone services.[3][4]

Best Buy terminated its partnership with Office Depot in Orlando, Florida, where Geek Squad precincts were located in 10 Office Depot locations.[5] The brand is also located in select FedEx Office locations. In October 2006, it was reported that Geek Squad would be launching in the United Kingdom in a joint 50-50 venture with Carphone Warehouse, where today it exists as both an onsite service and a remote repair service. It is now fully operational with onsite services in Greater London, the Home Counties, the South Coast and North West areas of England, with phone and remote support undertaken from Tulketh Mill in Preston (Lancashire) and repairs completed at a site in Wednesbury (West Midlands). From November 2015 repairs will be completed at a Dixons Carphone repair center based in Newark (East Midlands)[6]

In 2008 Best Buy partnered with online tech support provider SupportSpace to offer remote Virtual Agent services to its clients. SupportSpace was founded in 2006 and provided immediate online tech support services.[7] On July 15, 2013, all Geek Squad business was transferred away from SupportSpace and moved in house to Geek Squad agents.

A 2013 agreement with Atomic Learning, Inc. provides all Geek Squad tech subscribers with access to over 60,000 on-demand tutorial training videos.[8]

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy's collaboration company, Best Buy Europe, that also own Phone House, has since also begun launching Geek Squad in Phone House stores. France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Portugal all have Agents now. It's still in a startup phase in most of the countries.

Total Services[edit]

In 2007, Geek Squad officially added Magnolia Home Theater installation teams as well as Best Buy Mobile Installers to the Geek Squad brand. The change was titled, "Total Services" and was aimed towards the combination of major Best Buy services into one cohesive unit. Best Buy mobile installers and Magnolia Home Theater installers have now switched from their previous grey and blue uniforms to grey and orange shirts with grey cargo pants. This change removed all "Magnolia Home Theater Installation" branding and was replaced by "Geek Squad Installation Units" instead. This has now allowed Geek Squad to incorporate home theater installation as one of the in home services offered via telephone. Geek Squad is also now an Apple Authorized Service Provider.[9]


Older traditional Geek Squad logo from prior to 2016

Geek Squad employees are known as Agents and are assigned titles similar to those used by intelligence agencies – Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA), Deputy of Counter Intelligence (DCI), Double Agent-Covert (DAC), Covert Agent (CA), Special Agent (SA), Deputy Covert Operations (DCO) and Deputy Field Marshal (DFM), to name a few. Unlike most computer repair facilities, Best Buy US does not require any industry certifications for its in-store technicians. However, Best Buy Canada requires at least A+ Certification to work as a CIA.[10] They also require MECP certification for all technical mobile electronics installers.[11] In-Store positions have long since changed, now only consisting of Consultation Agent (CA), Advanced Repair Agent (ARA), Geek Squad Sr (CIA Sr) and Geek Squad Manager (GSM).

Uniforms and vehicles[edit]

In-store PC agents, and in-home PC field agents, wear a white, short-sleeved, pocketless dress shirt. Agents are required to wear a black clip-on tie with the Geek Squad logo pin. Male agents wear black trousers, white socks and black lace-up shoes that used to have the Geek Squad logo on the sole. Female agents may wear either black trousers, white socks, and black shoes; or, a black skirt with hose and black shoes. White and black are the only colors allowed in Geek Squad uniforms. Agents who have served in an eligible capacity within any branch of Geek Squad for eighteen months, or who have held certain positions prior to 2014 including on-site Double Agents, Special Agents, and Deputies of Counter Intelligence carry a metal police-style badge with their Agent Number engraved on it.[12] In October 2019 the Dress Code Policy for Best Buy was updated, with this update an alternate uniform option was introduced for Geek Squad Agents allowing them to wear the black Geek Squad polo along with jeans and sneakers.[13]

The Minnesota Historical Society added the official uniform to its permanent collection in 2000.[14]

Geek Squad Autotechs and GSIs (Home Theater Installers) wear a grey button-up work shirt or black short sleeved and collared dress shirt with the Geek Squad logo on the front and optional certification patches on the arms. Matching pants or shorts are worn as well as a bright orange undershirt. These agents also have the option of wearing a grey Geek Squad hat and/or black Geeks Squad nylon jacket.

Prior to 2016, Double Agents and Special Agents drove black-and-white Volkswagen New Beetles (dubbed "Geekmobiles") with an orange-and-black company logo on the door. Geekmobiles in California are all-black with white roof and running boards due to a request by the California Highway Patrol that the vehicles no longer resemble the paint scheme of their police vehicles (a violation of California law).[15] In 2016, Geek Squad began phasing out the New Beetles and replacing them with Toyota Prius Cs.[16]

The Double Agent program in the UK ceased in late 2012. All technical support services continued in store or via Mission Control, Tulketh Mill. From here, the Covert or Covert Operations Agent title was established, Agents from Covert Operations are responsible for the technical support of desktop or laptop devices. They provide support for narrow range of approved issues verbally over the phone, or Agents will connect to clients devices remotely and fix any issues if the computer is able to connect to the internet.[citation needed]

Geek Squad City[edit]

Located in Brooks, Kentucky,[17][18] Geek Squad City is the largest Geek Squad computer repair site at 240,000 square feet.[19]


Geek Squad technicians have been caught on numerous occasions searching and copying pornographic content stored on their clients' computers without permission. When asked about the incident, Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens refused to discuss the topic and focused on whether bloggers should be considered true journalists.[20]

At least one former Geek Squad employee had come forward with allegations that the practice of surreptitiously searching for pornography on their clients' computers is not restricted to isolated employees, but is often shared with management.[20]

In 2002, during a spate of legal threats and challenges to competitors with "geek" in their names, Geek Squad attempted to block the trademark registration of New England area competitor Geek Housecalls claiming that it violated their trademarks. When Geek Housecalls refused to budge, Geek Squad filed civil suit. After two years of wrangling, Geek Squad and Geek Housecalls arrived at an out-of-court settlement, the details of which cannot be disclosed according to the terms of the settlement except to state that Geek Housecalls retained its name.[21]

In 2006, Geek Squad was sued for allegedly using unauthorized copies of Winternals' Emergency Repair Disk Commander. The lawsuit filed by Austin-based Winternals claims that employees of Geek Squad have continued using the unlicensed versions of the software after the commercial licensing agreement broke off. Best Buy and Geek Squad were accused of copyright infringement, circumvention of copyright infringement systems, and misappropriation of trade secrets.[22] A settlement was eventually reached, and Winternals created a three-year agreement in place with Best Buy, allowing Geek Squad employees to lawfully use their licensed programs, including the ERD Commander.[23]

In 2007, Best Buy was hit with a civil lawsuit by Sarah Vasquez alleging that Geek Squad technician Hao Kuo Chi had secretly taped her showering with a cellular phone camera he hid behind her sink. Vasquez sought compensation from Best Buy based on claims of negligent misrepresentation and hiring, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional stress. On top of the civil suit, Hao was also facing criminal charges including two counts of invasion of privacy and one count of child molestation. [24]

In 2010, Best Buy issued a trademark infringementcease and desist letter against a priest in Wisconsin for painting "God Squad" on his car.[25]

In 2013, Geek Squad was sued for invasion of privacy and several other civil infractions for allegedly releasing nude images found on a customer's computer.[26] The suit is ongoing. In June 2015, the court denied Best Buy's motions for summary judgment on all claims except the claim for "negligence/wantonness."[27]

On March 7, 2018, NPR reported that "FBI Used Paid Informants On Best Buy's Geek Squad To Flag Child Pornography" according to a document that was released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.[28]


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NCIS Los Angeles 7x05 - Geek Squad

I just got hired today at a new Best Buy store as a Senior CIA Agent (I think that's what the postion is called, my mind was racing during the interview and I was nervous so I'm pretty sure that's what it's called. It's a step above a regular Double Agent if I remember right).

I've never had a job in retail or as a PC tech but I am A+, Network+, and MCP certified on Windows XP. I'll be taking the Vista MCP in the next 30 - 60 days and also plan to add Security+, and possibly iNet+ just for kicks. I also completed the CCNA curriculum but never took the exam due to lack of cash and the fear that I might fail it the first time and lose my money. I'd say that I had a good chance of passing, but it'd take a lot of brushing up to get my CCNA. CCNA is mostly for admins anyway. Regardless. after some extnsive quesioning the hiring staff seemed pretty impressed with my knowledge of networking and PC's and they offered me the job on the spot. I'm 100% confident in my skills as a tech as well as dealing with the public but I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there that's worked for the Geek Squad who can give me any advice on what to expect and that sort of thing. I'm really stoked about the job and can't wait to start. But at the same time, I've never done this type of work professionally before and any words of wisdom you can share would be great and hopefully give me an edge on the other new guys when I do start.

From the way I understood it I'll mostly work the counter and deal with walk-in customers and try to assess what the issue(s) are with their computer and reccomend our various services and software to them. If the day is going slow then they said I would be working the floor as well.

Anything you can share is greatly appreciated.



Geek squad cia

Best Buy Employee Reviews for CIA Agent

Help Desk Analyst

Geek Squad CIA Agent (Former Employee) - Reston, VA - October 8, 2014

 Took responsibilities of maintained user security accounts for windows 2003 including desktop configuration, network connectivity, network access issues and printer connectivity.
 Responsible for managing LAN/WAN installation and arrangement for Network PCs performing connectivity, system setup, daily backup, network virus inoculation, hardware and software trouble shooting.
 Manage Active Directory, duties include reset passwords, create new accounts, and add users to groups.
 Prepare laptops/desktops for users. Process including installing appropriate image and software’s, hard drive encryption, Windows updates, PC peripheral checks, data transfer, and set-up of the workstation.
 Prepare images for various departments using Symantec Ghost. Duties to prepare image include, installing appropriate software’s and updates, removing unwanted programs, uploading the image to server, and installing the image onto a PC/laptop for testing.
 Creative ability to solve unusual or difficult problems when logical methods have failed.

American Dad - Nerd Squad/Brigade (Geek Squad parody)


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