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[ZP] Transformation HUD (Kingdom Hearts) Version 1.5

Hello everybody! This is the Transformation HUD

It allows you to change between avis, bodies, outfits, huds, objects, weapons, alphas, shapes... WHATEVER! Just by clicking a button.

The box includes the HUD itself (With normal and 3 more buttons plus 2 fast attachments buttons to be able to put things really fast like a translator or a weapon...), the addon for the particle and sound effects, and two notecard, one that shows how to make it work with the RLV and other one with the list of prices of the custom huds.

Yes, you can request me any HUD with the number of transformation buttons or attachments as you want, particles and sound effects.

* Also is very important to have a RLV compatible viewer like Firestorm to make the HUD work, otherwise it won't.

Update 1.5 -> On this update I lowered the script count on ALL the huds, added the fast attachments buttons, changed the look of the hud and made it able to hide and show.

- This HUD was based on Kingdom Hearts so it has the fusion effects from Kingdom Hearts 2.

I hope you enjoy my product and if you have any question you can contact me ^^



Kingdom Hearts Hud Elements - Kingdom Hearts Hud Png, Transparent Png

Kingdom Hearts Hud Elements - Kingdom Hearts Hud Png, Transparent Png

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    Rainmeter: Kingdom Hearts 2 HUD

    -Credit goes to LuckyWilbury for creating the original skin.
    -I do not own or claim to own Kingdom Hearts 2, its characters, or any assets involved.

    Hello everyone, and welcome. Here I bring you a modified version of LuckyWilbury's KH2 HUD skin for Rainmeter.
    After remembering that I downloaded the skin a long time ago, I wanted to reuse it. However, after looking at it closely, it wasn't very close to the original HUD found in the game, so I learned how to modify Rainmeter skins and this is the result.

    -This display has been tested on a 1920x1080 screen with a 125% Display (this is important to note, as if set to 100% with the same 1920x1080 screen, will make things smaller)
    -I recommend changing the extention of the file from ".rmskin" to ".zip" when you finish downloading the skin, I just think it's easier to install skins that way (also I've never used the .rmskin installation method).

    Here's a list of changes made to the skin:
    -The 3 characters have a Specifics Box where the values measured by the gauges are displayed in numbers (like in the Pause Menu) when hovered over
    -Several graphical changes, like the HP & MP bars either having a font change or a complete overhaul for the sake of being closer to the original
    -All bars now have 3 layers, the 1st is the back of the bar, the 2nd is the bar itself, and the 3rd is the edges of the bar, creating the illusion that the bars are filling up instead of being above the bar.
    -Kinda transparent circles have been added to all 3 character's gauges to reseamble the game's HUD better
    -Commands (Shortcuts):
    +Command Menu now has the proper font
    +Commands don't have the exact font used in the game but it's very close (might change it later)
    +Command Menu now plays the Pause Menu sound when clicked on
    +Commands now play Select and Confirm sounds when hovered over and clicked on respectively
    -Sora (Battery, WIFI & Drives):
    +When the battery % hits 10% or below, the Low HP sound will loop until the AC adapter is connected and Sora's icon will gain a shade of red (Want to make it have the actual Low HP icon but I couldn't find it), but when the battery hits above 10%, the HP bar and Sora will go back to normal.
    +The charging symbol has been made smaller and moved to Sora's icon bubble
    +When the AC adapter is connected, Sora will shout "Heal!" and the Curaga sound will play, trying to make it seem as if he's casting AutoLife on himself
    +The HP bar is now 2 bars instead of 1, one is a standard bar and the other is a radial bar, creating the illusion of a single bar like in the game.
    +When there's no WIFI, the WIFI bar becomes violet-ish, just like when you run out of MP in-game.
    +The Drive meter C icon has been modified to reseamble the numbers in the game (The other letters haven't been modified yet)
    -Donald (Upload and Download speeds)
    +Specifics Box details the upload and download speeds, which autoscale depending on their amount ([B, kB, MB]/s)
    -Goofy (RAM and CPU)
    +RAM has been changed to Free RAM to better reseamble the game (The more Free RAM, the more HP)
    +Specifics Box details the used RAM (opposite of the actual bar) and CPU
    -Minimap (Time & Date)
    +The Time & Date have been adapted into a Minimap as the Play Time and Munny are styled in the Pause Menu

    Note that this isn't the final version, there's still some changes to be made, like:
    -Sora's Low HP Icon needs to be changed to the one in-game (Need to find the image)
    -The other Drive letters need to be modified
    -The font in the Commands need to be changed to the actual font in the game (Need to find/make the font)
    -Drive gauge displaying the specific amount of space available and used for each Drive when hovered over needs to be added

    There are also some optional changes I might make, if possible or if I feel like it, like:
    -Goofy shouting "SOMEBODY COME QUICK!" when the RAM in use hits above 90% (Need to find the sound file)
    -Clicking on Sora to change the look of the 3 characters, with their own sound effects (when applicable), those changes being:
    +Pride Lands
    +Timeless River
    +Halloween Town
    +Christmas Town
    +Space Paranoids
    +Roxas (with Xion as Donald and Axel as Goofy)
    -Clicking on the Drive Letter changing Sora's Drive Form (Since there are only 5 Drive slots available, only 5 forms will be chosen, those being the original 5):
    +C for Normal Form
    +D for Valor Form
    +E for Wisdom Form
    +F for Master Form
    +G for Final Form
    -Clicking on the Minimap to change the Date & Time to Weather and Temperature
    -Have a .gif version of the Low HP bar to make it glow red like in-game

    If there are any problems, please, feel free to let me know, I'll try to reply as soon as possible (although that's not a guarantee, just saying).

    Anyway, thanks for checking the skin out, and enjoy. :)

    © 2018 - 2021 Hirokou13

    Kingdom Hearts 3 PC [Mod] KH1 Sora vs Dark Riku - Grand Hall
    Ez az elem el lett távolítva a közösségből, mert sérti a Steam közösségi és tartalmi irányelveit. Csak te láthatod. Ha úgy gondolod, tévedésből lett eltávolítva, lépj kapcsolatba a Steam Támogatással.
    Ez az elem összeférhetetlen a(z) Garry's Mod játékkal. Nézd meg az útmutató oldalt okokért, melyek miatt alkalmatlan lehet a(z) Garry's Mod játékhoz.
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    Kingdom Hearts HUD (BETA)
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    Hud kingdom hearts

    KH13 continues to analyze every nook and cranny of any news, photos, and videos of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Today, we delve into the HUD, or heads-up display. It is also equally referred to as a 'status bar'.

    As we noted before, the classic command menu makes a return from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom HeartsII. While it doesn't look as artful as Kingdom Hearts II's default style, Kingdom Hearts III is still in development and nothing is truly finalized until it ships.


    While the command menu is interesting, the magic and health meters have much to say.


    To note, the character profiles show a much more serious Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Could this show us that Kingdom Hearts III is much more serious in tone than the previous numbered titles? It is also fun to note that, when hit, the characters still wince in pain. When Donald and Goofy are hit, their respective meters bobble up and down with a flashing red light accompanying it.

    Next, if you'll note the 'EX' gauge, it is still unclear what it pertains to, as it at least doesn't deplete when Sora is shown changing his Keyblade into dual guns, or summoning the attraction flows. However, recent images show the gauge's name was changed from 'EX' to 'Focus'.


    The reason for the name change, or what that meter reflects, has yet to be discussed by Tetsuya Nomura or anyone working on Kingdom Hearts III.

    Nothing is written in stone for the HUD, and anything could change between now and Kingdom Hearts III's release. Still, it is fun to speculate. What do you think the Focus gauge triggers in the game? Do you think the more serious profile pictures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, hint at a more serious game? Please sound off in the comments below!

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - 10 MUST HAVE Mod's That will Change Your Experience!


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